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I sat in my office at the top of the building. I own the law firm; it has done well over the last few months and is beginning to look at expansion into three other cities. In the past I had managed most of the case work myself however now I'm finding it difficult to keep on top of my current legal dealings and the paperwork. I finally decided that I'm going to have to hire another paralegal. The law firm has several already who deal with everything but with the expansion into other cities I'm going to need one to deal with all the information that will be going specifically through my office.

I sent downstairs and arranged for the job advert to go out, both internally and externally to see what potential there is that can fill the post.


Within a few days my office had received nearly fifty applications. Five of those are from internal, already existing staff so they went to the top of the pile then I picked five others that seem the most promising.

Just before the day of the interviews I'm in the bar with a friend who asked me a favor. One of his poker buddies had a wife who had been at a small law firm for a while and unfortunately her job was gone so she was looking for work. He had suggested that he would put in a good work as he knew my law firm was expanding. I normally wouldn't have bothered and simply apologized but by the sounds of it this woman had quite a bit of experience and I had been fucked out of a job before so I agreed, checked my calendar and decided I can fit one more appointment in at the end of the day.

The next day came and I sat in my office. Dressed in my usual conservative but smart black suit and tie I knew I can cut an imposing figure. I'm more relaxed today and smiling as I interviewed the different individuals putting them at their ease as they discussed their qualities.

There are a couple straight off I didn't like the attitude of and while polite I knew they wouldn't be coming back, a couple aren't suitable despite the weeding out process for what I had in mind and there are a couple of outstanding candidates.

I'm quite tired when I walked to the door to let in the final candidate. I open the door looking round, sitting on one of the chairs nearby is the final lady. " Troian?" I ask with a smile, painting on my professional face again as she stood smiling and walks over to shake my hand. At six foot five inches tall I'm reasonably built compared with most people but this petite woman must have been around five foot two and as a result when I smile down at her I'm instantly distracted by the soft swell of her breasts I see through the unbuttoned top of her blouse, topped off with the hints of a black lace bra cupping them to make them so deliciously tempting looking.

I cough and got my eyes back under control and led her through to my office closing the door behind me softly. As they got to my desk and she sat down I made my way round to my side of the desk and offered her a drink explaining it had been a long day with a laugh. She politely declines and I pick up the file that had been emailed to me with her last minute application. One thing I did note with regret is the wedding ring on her finger while surreptitiously looking her over. I had known of course as his friend had mentioned it was the poker buddies wife but there is always the possibility that she might be unhappy.

Looking at her I can wish she is. Petite the way I like them, curvy but not too much so with an amazing looking rack, her face is gorgeous and when she smiles she is stunning. I admired her curves, emphasised by the blouse and the professional and yet almost naught skirt with stockings she is wearing.

I hadn't remembered to look but I'm sure her shoes would be utterly suitable and yet still heeled and very sexy. Checking the notes again I wrenched my mind away from the myriad of dirty thoughts running through my head that I would love to do to this woman given half a chance and start to run through the questions about my plans for the firm, what her job (if she got it) would entail and what other skills she might be able to bring to the table.

I realized with a shock we had been discussing for almost an hour and that most of the other staff would have gone home. I had intended to keep it short but found myself reluctant to finish the interview. Finally there is nothing left to discuss and I thanked her for coming.

Standing and shaking her hand. She is at least as qualified as two others and it would be a difficult decision. I tried to think dispassionately about it but kept coming back to the very sexy lips she kept smiling at him with. Could he cope with seeing those on a daily basis and not having them wrapped around my currently uncomfortably hard cock.

I walk her to the door and just as I reach for the handle she put her hand on my arm. " Thank you for this chance, I realize it was very last minute and you were very generous to give me the interview.

If there is anything else I can do to persuade you I am the right candidate for the job you just have to say." She smiles up at me, hair stunning, lips so sexy and yet looking so innocent! I can't resist anymore pushing her up against the door. To hell with the consequences. I lean down kissing her hard, gratified to find her pushing back against me kissing me back. As my tongue explores her mouth I feel her melting into me. My hands roaming over her body, sliding over her stocking covered thighs, up over her hips to grip her back, further up to cup those magnificent breasts and then up into her hair, grabbing her hair to tilt her head back further.

My breath is hot on her neck as I keep her head craned backwards, my lips sliding down below her ear, kissing my way down as my fingers deftly undid the buttons on her blouse. She is making soft little mewling sounds as I kiss her exposed skin, finally her blouse is undone and I quickly slid it off her shoulders dropping it to the floor. Her gorgeous full breasts stood now, framed in the black bra, her soft skin begging to be taken into my mouth which I did, dropping to my knees to bury my face in her tits kissing, nibbling and biting.

Only the vaguest hint of a voice in the back of my mind saying husband stopped me from sinking my teeth in and marking her as mine.

My finger quickly undid the bra releasing her gorgeous full breasts into my willing hands. After a few minutes of playing with them I wanted more and my searching fingers quickly find the zipper to her dress and undoing it swiftly slid it down to join the rest of her clothes in a puddle around her. The black lacy panties matched the bra and soon it matched them by lying on the floor.


I take a step back. She stood demurely by the door as though waiting my next command. Naked apart from the stockings and heels she wore, I had been right about them professional and yet incredibly sexy, she stood staring at me with her glasses on which I found a turn on and I move to sit on the large leather sofa that lay along one wall of the room.

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I beckoned her over with one commanding finger and she quickly came to me. " Kneel." I said indicating the space between my legs. She did quickly and obediently. I slowly unzipped my suit pants reaching inside pulling the throbbing length of my member out. Reaching out with my other I gripped her hair again and guided her mouth down to my hard cock.

Releasing her hair I let her get to work on my shaft.

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Watching her bob up and down fairly gently at first slowly working me deeper into her mouth until I became impatient. I grab a handful of her hair pulling her head down driving my cock to the back of her throat feeling her struggle and gag, seeing the tears appear in her eyes before letting her up to gasp for breathe and then forcing her head down again. I kept doing this until she learned to accommodate my length and girth in her mouth and throat then guiding her head with my hands I fucked her mouth till I eventually blew my load watching her swallow and gulp my thick creamy cum down.

I slide off the sofa lifting her gently spinning her round and laying her so her ass is on the very edge. Looking her in the eye I smile, then kneeling down I begin kissing up the insides of her thighs softly over the stocking covered skin until I reach the tops where the skin is exposed.

My hot breath and soft kisses causes her to shiver as I slowly kiss towards her mound and all around it teasing her.

Finally I run my tongue the full length of her slit; hearing her moan and feeling her hips rise off the sofa towards me. I roughly push her back down then bury my tongue inside her, eagerly finding her clit, tasting her and circling it with my tongue. After a few minutes I switch to licking her with long strokes over the sensitive surface of her button while my hands roam her body, inevitably finding their way to those gorgeous breasts.

As my tongue plunges in and out of her depths raising her higher my fingers find her nipples and begin teasing them, stroking and pulling on them before suddenly twisting hard.

She came in my mouth, gasping as she floods my mouth, her whole body shaking as she explodes convulsively. I slowly raise myself up grabbing her hair; pulling her I position her so she is on her back. Uncaring about the husband now, I straddled her pressing my hard cock between her gorgeous tits. Grabbing a bottle of water from my desk I dribbled some down then started fucking her tits.

I grabbed her hands and made her hold my arms while with one hand I twisted her nipples harshly and the other gripped her hair pulling her head forward so her lips press around the head of my shaft with every thrust.

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Finally I can take no more and standing I move her into position pushing her onto all fours on the sofa while I kneel behind her and slowly rub my hard shaft against her ass to begin with then down and into her slit. Gripping her hips tightly I begin sliding in, it feels so damn tight like I'm not going to fit yet eventually I'm fully embedded inside her. Smiling to myself as I hear her gasp and whisper " oh god, your so big." I begin to slowly slide my cock back and forth, enjoying the sensations of her tight cunt gripping me so incredibly tight.

As I hear her breathing deepen I start fucking harder, letting go on the binds I had placed on myself as I hammered in and out of her. I feel her cum twice during my hard, deep fucking of her, in the glass opposite I see the reflection of her tits as they bounced back and forth with each slam of my hips against hers.

One hand digging tightly into her hips dragging her ass back towards me with every thrust, one hand twisted in her hair pulling her head back and up as I lean down driving my body against her, my words guttural and groaning in her ear." You are mine!

You will not tell your husband." I exploded deep inside her, my rod jerking as I thrust a few more times pumping my cum as deep inside her as I can before slowly relaxing letting them both flop down onto the sofa side by side, my shaft inside her as my fingers trace slow teasing patterns over my new possessions soft skin. I knew who had the job but what would later tonight bring.I slide out of her and get up.

I tell Troian to get dressed, give your husband an excuse for not coming home tonight. Go to this hotel and wait for me in room 300. It was dark in her room. As dark as the raised ink of her newest tattoo. Making it all the more dark was the blindfold that pressed against her eyelids, forcing her lids to remain closed.

Yet still she could sense that he was in the room, perhaps close by, perhaps leaning over her nearly naked body. The slow burn of the panic looming just over her horizon was intense. She could hear his breath, slow but deeply husky, as he moved around the room. This game had gotten serious then, and she wasn't sure she knew all the rules. In some animal part of her brain, she savored that thought. But it was hard to keep down the panic that threatened to engulf her. Her brain savagely raped her mind.

The intellect is not always stronger than the emotional mind. But thus far I had not touched her. Torian got dressed, I walked up behind her leaning close whispering in her ear " I will give you an address if you want the job be there at midnight." She is furious; with herself, with me, she barely knew me, and with the situation now seemingly out of her control.

Had she really wanted this? I'm aware of her. All of her. Her desires, passions, hopes, feelings of inadequacy and loss. All of it. And it made her weak and angry. How can I have this intimate knowledge of her without her permission!

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I had no right! Why is she so drawn to me? So much so that she arrived at the address given her at midnight. She is intrigued by me and my innate sensitivities. Torian can have any man she wanted. She is gorgeous. She worked hard to keep herself this way, and it showed. I, on the other hand, is no one's idea of the porcelain statuesque god. I'm ogre, but I'm tall nor as fit as some younger men. I'm a man of business and my time is valuable. I'm no young stud, but my power and strength are undeniable.

But those eyes. I held the weight of the world in them. And I certainly held her with them. So she sought me out again. She found herself drawn to me as I entered the room. It is as if I possessed some power or exuded some rare pheromone. I'm like an arrow drawn to its mark and ready to pierce its skin. I reach out to grasp her hand, and as my fingers touched her wrist it sent shudders down her spine. My smile cold and wicked, and my eyes bore into her touching areas she barely knew existed.

She noted that I inhaled as I did so, deeply, and if I'm breathing her in again. I chatted her up for what seems forever and yet only a moment. She did not recall what either of us said, so enveloped is she by my gaze. She knew she was mine since our early meeting. She is a tigress in bed and she is prepared for bed again. She realized that when I wanted a woman, she knew she was wanted and was always willing to be taken.

The willing prey. I'm a powerful lawyer and business leader, and no authority is given to any one in any situation not of my making. Resilient. Powerful. Lustful. And always in charge. But something about me made her tremble. She knew I was a master manipulator and she let herself go and fall into me. This is dangerous for her, yet it thrills her nonetheless. Her feelings made her nervous to be near me, and incapable of walking away though not showing up would undoubtedly have been the wisest decision for her.

She arrived at the building there were lights on in the top of building. She stepped up to the door and the key fit the lock. She now understood. The denial of her complicity in her current position is false. She knew.

She may not have wanted to admit that she allowed herself to be bound by a man she hardly knew, but here she is. Bound to the headboard, and naked but for the new black and red panties she had bought especially for meeting. She has worn them to make herself feel precious, whether or not anything happened between us again.

The panties rode high on her hips, showing off her hot body to its best display. The panties are expensive too, their black lace hand-woven with red silk ribbon. Her pussy, shaved clean for this encounter, gave perfection to the line the panties drew on her moistening pelvic mound.

She gasps when she feels, as much as hears, the rip of the fine lace as it is sliced through by a sharp blade. I had done this, violently cut the last vestige of her modesty from her. It not only released her pussy from its bindings, but something in her heart and mind as well.

She growls through the gag that inhibited her speech. A low guttural sound that seems to come from deep within her. I reach up and gently remove the gag from her mouth. " I want to be able to hear your passion" I hissed at her.

Her first reaction is to scream at me, she despised being this controlled. The gag is gone, "hat are you going to do to me?" She looks at me standing naked. My cock is engorged and straining upwards toward the ceiling. It is huge she thought it was bigger now then yesterday. This is exciting and she knew I could satisfy her again. The most exhilarating part is that I'm hard as stone, and all because of her.

My eyes radiated that hot energy that had drawn her to me yesterday. I wanted her again, badly. I crept up beside the bed lowering myself to my knees. I rose above her as she lay there bound and waiting. I stared into her eyes, my passion and desire for her apparent. He slowly, methodically, work my scrutiny up her arms to view the binding that held her helpless.

She knew from the look in my eyes and the grin on my face that I approved. Slowly, meticulously, I drifted my vision back down along her arms stopping short where they joined her torso. I gently move my face toward her until it is raised just slightly above this sensitive area. I breathe in, taking in her scent from this most intimate of zones.

It made my heart race to smell her musk and to sense how eager she is for my touch again. She actually exuded the scent of lust. It is an animal thing that now bound them.

I nuzzle her at the pits of her arms, growling at the lust she arouses in me. Gently I raise my hands next to her face to place my fingers ever so lightly on the side of her breast. I graze my finger around the curve of her pulsing breast, up and under its full and gracious lobe. I lift her breast, gently cupping it and pressing it against my face. My pulse quickens again, and her breath stuck as she gasps from my ministrations. She feels she has never been this aroused and anxious.

My mouth soon follows behind my hand's exploration as I smell and eagerly mouth the swell of her breast. It is exceedingly warm under the full mound of her upper womanhood, and the scents drive me further into a frenzy. My fingers reach out to her other breast and lightly brush over the nipple, already distended and hard. I softly yet confidently give the stretched nipple a squeeze, causing her to yelp in pain-laced pleasure. As she adjusts to that pressure, I surprise her yet again by taking her other nipple into my mouth and suck it hard.

I did not use my teeth, but the exquisite pressure from my tongue and lips causes her to arch her back and moan. While my tongue continues to circle and caress her inflamed nipple, my hand moves down her belly. She worries when she is with a strange man if I will find fault in what she considers to be " her flaws". But to this man, no flaw or fault can be detected.

So enchanted by the way she fills my senses, all of my senses, that I can not imagine not hiring her. I smile at the feel of her belly, the curves at the sides where her torso became her thighs and eventually led to her deepest secrets.

I know I will reach her core soon enough and so I withdraw. She gasps again as my touch frees itself from her body. Somehow, against all her will, a squeaky " no" escapes from her lips. This sound is so lost and wanton she hardly recognizes it as her voice. " Don't worry my sweet, I'm not going far." I retreat to the side table and found the glass of scotch. It is still cool, and the condensation dripping from the sides of the glass is reminiscent of another scene not far from here.

I see, in this dim light, the sheen that has arisen on her legs from the exertions of her body's climb towards ecstasy.


I'm well aware that the languid drips from her pussy, awash in the juices of her arousal, will be there as well. " Would you like a cool sip to quench your thirst my dear?" I ask? " I know it won't sate your hunger, but perhaps we can wet your lips to match the rest of you" I chuckle menacingly.

" Y-y-yes please" Torian manages to squeak out. I lean down towards her as I took a sip from the wine glass. This sip I held in my mouth as I lean down over her. I brought my mouth to hers, both of them slightly parting their lips to allow the cool sweet nectar to flow between us. It gurgles among them, dripping a bit down the sides of her mouth.

This last I gladly lap up with my tongue, darting it in and out and around her hungry mouth. " A bit better my sweet?" I tease. To which she can only trill, " m-o-o-o-rrre." I obliged. I set down the glass and went back to play.

I straddled her, slowly allowing my hard cock to push up against her soaking wet clit. She shudders nearing an instantaneous release she can not withstand. I continue my slide over her though and onto the bed beside her. I begin to reach out for her supine and helpless body. This time I brought my mouth and my tongue down directly on that most sensitive of lines, just along the side of her thigh as it cleaves into her pubic mound.

The scent and taste from this very erogenous zone immediately overtakes the flavor of the wine filling me once again with longing for her. But it is a feint, and I switch my moves quickly back to her long and supple legs. Her long legs are supple and beautiful. She wore a modest yet erotic skirt to her interview yesterday. Perhaps it is just the nearly perfect shape and tone of her legs that made her clothes look that way.

I will always remember, the shine of the sex sweat on her legs. I will consume it with all the desire I feel throughout my body. My hands and my mouth moves over her legs, darting from one to another and back again, feeling, tasting, licking, wondering and wandering in her beauty and eroticism.

I will spend days to come simply exploring her thighs.

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That will deny the calling I feel from closer to her middle. Her pheromones are strong too, and I know I can not wait much longer. So slowly, so gradual, I inch my way softly back towards her now wet and pulsing vulva.

I know that the taste I will find there will be as rich as butter and as sweet as honey. And yet I did not rush to indulge my oral hunger. I first move the slightly roughened pads of my fingers across her outer lips. They glide smoothly across, so wet is she and her pussy shaved to a slick finish. I use my skilled fingertips to lightly spread her lips and pull them back from her clit.

Her clit itself is now engorged and raised up to meet my touch. Deftly I pull back the hood pressing gentle circles onto her aroused clitoris. She arches her back as if in spasm of pain, though I know well there is no negativity in her response.

Her cry is only muffled by the shock of its own intensity. Finally, and with a slow, reckless, hopeless acceleration, I devour her pussy with my mouth.

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I'm nearly engulfed by her sex, licking and sucking, probing and reaching, desperately trying to consume her very soul. She writhes beneath me, her legs and thighs wrapping around my neck, back and shoulders, trying to pull my entire being into her. The sounds made by both of them fill the room with desire and lust. And I went on. Just when she thought she can take no more and might well explode, she did. In a miasma of ecstasy and orgasm that flexes every muscle in her body and every fiber of her being.

Her cries can no longer be suppressed and she did not care who hears her. She is barely still in the room in fact, so transcended is she by the sheer force of her climax.

It seems to go on and on and on some more. Her back arching, pulling muscles and straining ligaments she will no doubt feel for days to come. She came and came until she thought she will burst from the satisfaction. The waves pour over here, unending as those at the shoreline.

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Until finally, mercifully, the tide recedes and she lays back, spent as never before. She sighs, groans through her lingering pleasure, and met my gaze with eyes that said barely more than her body has already expressed. I'm pleased by her response to my caresses.

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Slowly I rose over her, reaching again for the blindfold used before to such perfect effect. I again reach it around her head and secure it, blocking her vision from me. She continues to hear me moving around the room, shuffling, breathing, grunting through unknown exertion. Until after a few minutes, my movements cease and my breathing stilled. " See you at the office tomorrow?" I whisper with a smile as I cut open the silk bonds and turn to leave the room.