Teen jap beauty gets tight horny cunt smashed in close up

Teen jap beauty gets tight horny cunt smashed in close up
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Rama - Blackshaft 1-03 - Takedown part 2 (Adults Only. [email protected] 2013) Now. Eglin Police Department. Interview Room 06. "No woman was safe." Stephanie said. "And he didn't even try to hide it. In a way I felt sorry for his wife.

She had to have known." Moors' eyes narrowed. "The wife knew about his affairs?" she asked. "She had to have." Stephanie said. "Didn't stop you," Watts said, "from sleeping with him?" Stephanie looked down at the table. "Not my greatest moment." Moors took a note. "You're saying that maybe the wife.?" "She had a reason for getting him," Stephanie shrugged. "But Emma, that's his wife, she wouldn't be able to do this." "Then who?" Watts asked.

"There was a teller, name of Samantha." Stephanie shrugged. "She would talk big. How she knew these big people, how they weren't to be fucked with - her words." "Wrightson slept with her?" Moors asked.

"Yes." "Before you?" Watts asked. "Yes." Stephanie said again. "These people that weren't to be fucked with." Moors shrugged. "Just talk?" "Maybe not." Stephanie said. "She would turn up late, pull a lot of crap that other people would get fired for. She never did. Any disciplinary action would quietly be dropped." "And this was unusual?" Watts asked. "Very." she replied. "It's a bank. Stuff like that has to be seen to be being done.

It was noticed." "And the staff affairs weren't?" Watt asked with a smile. Stephanie looked at him. Fuck you, she thought. Fuck you up the ass.

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Three Weeks Ago. Wayling Bank. Day. The new start was blonde, pretty and 21. Stephanie knew who that prick would be going for next. Samantha-fucking-Lammie. She looked at the tight skirt around the little bitch's hips and the blouse with just enough buttons undone to show off the fuck-me cleavage. Cunt, Stephanie thought. A message popped up her computer as she watched the little cunt leave.

'Store room. Now.' it said. * "Who's my bitch!" Stephanie heard in her ear as she was bent over the photocopier. The black woman stood up behind her and pushed the thick, rubber, strap-on even further inside her. "Who's my fucking bitch?!" Claudia demanded again. "I am!" Stephanie gasped, gripping the machine under her. "That's right." Claudia grinned and began fucking the white woman. Claudia's Apartment. Night. "AAAUUUUHHHHH!" Stephanie, kneeling and face-down, gasped as she clawed at the bed.

Claudia bent over her and Stephanie felt the full, black breasts press against her back. The strap-on the black woman was wearing was buried deep inside her ass. Her ass felt so raw, despite the lube. Her stretched ass. "Shhhhh." Claudia hushed her and reached down between Stephanie's legs. Stephanie felt the fingers gently finding and stroking her clit as that thick rubber, shaft eased back. She closed her eyes and let the orgasm rip through her.

* "Course, that one doesn't count." Claudia told her as they lay side-by-side in bed. She was still wearing her 'cock'. "Huh," the white woman replied, snuggling up to her lover. "It ain't a real black cock." Claudia said.

Stephanie looked at the black woman. "Only a real one counts." "But my ass is--" Claudia put a finger to Stephanie's lips. "Only counts if it real. And you might not be able to handle a real one." Stephanie pulled back. "I could handle a real one!" she said. "Like the ones on the computer?" Claudia lay back, her hands under her head. The 'cock' flopped down onto her belly. "Those big fuckers?" "I could handle one of those!" the white woman protested.

"Nah." Claudia shook her head. "Yes!" Stephanie said back. "This is a stick compared to those fucking branches," the black woman said, nodding to her strap-on. "I." Stephanie started, straddling Claudia. ".Can handle." She grabbed the black 'cock' and pressed it against her pussy lips.

"It!" she finished, sinking down the black shaft. The black woman laid her hands on white thighs on top of her and pushed her own hips up to meet the white slut's pussy. * Flat on the bed, Stephanie gasped as she felt the thicker strap-on stretching her asshole that bit further.

"Mmmmmm." she groaned, her eyes glued to the TV screen that faced the bed. On it a red head was sucking off two black men, first one than the other "Big, black, fucking nigger cock in your ass." Claudia breathed in her ear as she slowly fucked that white asshole under her.

"Black fucker opening you up." The redhead slowly licked up one cock, from the balls to the tip. "Nnnnnnnhhh." Stephanie moaned as bit the bed under her.

She felt Claudia's hands on hers, the black woman's legs pinning hers down. And that black cock gently pushing in and out of her ass. Red turned and sucked the other man's balls into her mouth. "Yeah, you a dirty, white bitch." Claudia told her. "Big, nigger cocks fucking you." "Yeaaaahhhhh." she gasped. "Riding your white ass." One of the men grabbed Red's head, pulling her back. He pushed his massive black cock into her mouth. He groaned as he slowly began to fuck her lips.

"MMMMmmmmmmm." she moaned as the pleasure rose up inside her, feeling that 'cock' in her ass and watching that big nigger face-fuck the redhead. "Insiiiide meee." "Wanna feel a big, black inisde you?" Claudia moaned in her ear, sinking her own 'cock' back in.

"You wanna feel that fucker inside you?" "Uuuuuhhh, God." "You want those black fuckers inside you, bitch?" Claudia breathed again. "Yeeeeesssss." Stephanie groaned and climaxed yet again.!!! Two Weeks Ago. The Club Noire. Night. The club was hot. Claudia had told Stephanie to dress 'sexy'. She had. A black mini-skirt and top that plunged down to reveal her cleavage. One slip and she would be topless.

Claudia was dressed just as hot, in tight, blue leather trousers and a bikini top that complimented those fine, dark breasts. "I've never heard of this place," Stephanie said as Claudia pushed her way to the bar. "It's a private club." the black woman told her and ordered.

"I'm a member." Stephanie looked around her and realised for the first time that there wasn't a white man in the place. All the men were black. The women were an even collection of black, white, asian, blonde, brunette. But the men were all black The music was pounding as the lights went down a little more and she saw huge screen blink into life.

Black figures on white backgrounds filled them and started fucking! "Hot, ain't it?" Claudia smiled, pushing Stephanie's drink into her hand, then quickly stroked the white woman's left breast.

A spotlight lit up a stage to one side were a white blonde who looked no more than mid-twenties was dancing. She was dressed in nothing but a tiny, bikini that glistened in the light. "Keep watching." Claudia told Stephanie. Out of the darkness behind the blonde a figure stepped onto the stage - a tall, muscular, black and male. Who was naked! Stephanie felt herself flush as she stared at the cock between his legs.

She felt Claudia slide behind her, and press against her. A hand slid down the front of her skirt and Stephanie let herself rest against her female, black lover. The blonde started to gyrate against the black man, rubbing her small, white ass against his huge, black cock. Stephanie felt fingers reach her pussy lips. She wasn't wearing underwear, as Claudia had asked her too.

The black man had began to dry-hump the blonde, pulling her back by the hair and playfully slapping her ass. ".uuuuhhh." Stephanie moaned as the fingers gently rubbed. The blonde got down on her knees and grasped the black cock. She slowly started working it. "You like that, don't you?" Claudia whispered. The cock was growing. "He's so big." Stephanie gasped.

.Getting harder. "You're so wet, right now." Claudia breathed and tenderly kissed Stephanie's neck.

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The blonde began licking the black cock, getting really hard. And long. And thick. "Oh, my God!" Stephanie gasped, in shock at what she was seeing - a live sex show! The black man pushed the blonde's head back and pushed the head of his hug, cock towards her lips. "He's gonna fuck her right there," Claudia whispered. The blonde accepted his cock, slowly sucking on it to cheers and whoops of delight from the crowd.

".oooohhhh." Stephanie groaned as the mixture of a sex show and those fingers now pushing into her seemed to excite her. The black man just stood there, hand on his hips as the blonde gave him a slow blowjob, licking up his hard cock. ".mmmmm." Stephanie moaned. .Kissing his big, full, black balls. "Fuuuhk." Stephanie groaned as the fingers found her clit. The blonde slowly stood up, then smiling at the crowd, eased her bikini bottoms down then off, and kicked them into the crowd. A huge cheer sounded as she knelt down.

The screens suddenly changed. Every one of them showed the action on the stage from different angles, in wide-shot and close-up. "That big, black cock's gonna nail that sweet, white pussy," Claudia to Stephanie.


"In front of you." The black man grabbed the blonde by the hair again and pressed the head of his cock down between her buttocks. The screens showed it sink down till he found his target. And pushed. Stephanie gasped as she watched the huge, black phallus slowly push into the small blonde. ".aaaaaaauuuuuuuUUUUUHHHH." the blonde moaned, arching her back as she accepted the massive black cock. ".hhhhhaaaaaaa." Stephanie moaned, watching the stage, imagining that huge cock moving inside the blonde, filling her, spreading her open.

A second hand slid down the front of her skirt and Stephanie felt Claudia grinding herself against her. The black started to fuck the small blonde, going deeper inside her. Stephanie responded to Claudia's moves, meeting them, but not taking her eyes from the action on the stage.

"Ooh, God!" the blonde gasped as the fucking became harder. Stephanie bit her lip, the dry-humping and fingers now probing her pussy working their own magic. The black man was pounding into the white blonde, in time to the music, driving hard and deep inside her willing pussy. "I'm cumming." Stephanie gasped quietly and felt the fingers and grinding become harder.

The blonde started shaking. "Aaaaaahhhhh." she moaned as he eyes rolled upwards. "Bitch jus' CUM!" a shout went up and the room cheered as one screen went into a close up of her face as the blonde gasped out her climax. The words 'CUM-CAM' flashed at the bottom as the music got harder and faster. "Fuhhhk." Stephanie moaned as she watched the blonde's fucking go in time to the music.

Harder. Faster. Deeper. That black stud did not stop, just carried on pounding into her and began slapping her ass to the crowds delight as she rode out the rest of her orgasm. Stephanie let out a sharp gasp as she felt her own orgasm start and hoped she'd managed to keep it quiet. "Hhhaaa. Haaa." she gasped again and looked away from the stage to see one black man smiling at her. Everyone else was watching the sex show, all except him. Her eyes met his and he noddedlooking her up and down.

Suddenly Stephanie felt embarrassed, like a schoolgirl. She tried to move but found Claudia was holding her tightly. "We've been-- "Seen." Claudia said, and Stephanie heard the smile in her voice.

"Good-looking nigga, ain't he?" ".uuuuuuuuhhhhhh." the blonde on stage moaned as the black man inside her continued fucking. "I." Stephanie started as she felt Claudia loosen her grip. Suddenly she was being pulled around and found herself in a kiss with Claudia.

"They got private rooms." Claudia told her. * The Club Noire. Private Room. The bed was round. The light was low. They were naked. Stephanie let her orgasm out loud as the black woman's tongue played with her clit and she felt the finger thrusting inside her.

"UUUUUUUUuuuuhhhhh." the white woman panted as her body bucked. Claudia kissed up the panting woman's body, finally meeting her face-to-face.

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She licked her lips and smiled. "Mmmmm," she moaned. "Delicious." "What is this place?" Stephanie asked. "Private club, told you." "But there were no." she started but let her voice drop. "No what?" Claudia asked. "You know?" "White men?" Stephanie nodded.

"Then it wouldn't be called Noire, would it?" Claudia smiled. "But that girl was white." Stephanie said. The black woman smiled again.

"There were other white women out there." "Private club." Claudia told her, getting up. "Private rules." Stephanie watched her walk towards a wardrobe and open it. Her eyes widened as she saw the array of sex toys hanging inside it. Handcuffs, whips, masks, leashes, dildos and strap-ons of different lengths and thicknesses.

"Now," the black woman smiled. "What am I going to fuck you senseless with?" she purred. * Stephanie was handcuffed, her hands behind her back. She'd had her third orgasm of the night. She lay there panting as she saw Claudia standing next to the bed, still wearing the thick strap-on. The black woman had a remote control in her hand and switched on the large screen on one wall.

The stage in the club filled it and Stephanie saw a naked brunette straddling a equally naked black male, riding him to the encouragement of the crowd. She looked up to see Claudia smiling at her.

"I got an idea." the black woman said. * The Club Noire. Stephanie felt so hot in the gimp mask and felt the dog collar around her throat as she knelt on all-fours. Other than them she was naked. Suddenly the black curtain opened and she saw the high-lit stage ahead. On the screens the black figures were fucking again. Claudia walked ahead quickly ad tugged on the leash. Stephanie crawled out behind her.

and the crowd cheered. She couldn't quite see them, thankfully. They were just figures in the dark. hey were going to watch her get fucked like she had watched that blonde get fucked. Stephanie felt a hand grab her hair and pull her head back. She gasped as she saw the screens change and saw Claudia kneeling behind her, the strap-on just like a proud cock. Stephanie smiled as she saw herself, the gimp mask hiding her face but it was her, about to be publicly fucked. She felt the thick head pressing down between her buttocks and saw the screens change to show every angle.

"Mmmmm," the black woman smiled and Stephanie felt the head pushing at her pussy lips. The white woman moaned and the crowd started to cheer.

* Claudia's Apartment. Dawn. "Always knew you were a bad bitch." Claudia told Stephanie as they drank coffee. They had only left the club an hour ago. Stephanie was sitting on the couch as Claudia settled down beside her.

"Only question was how bad?" "Beats karaoke." Stephanie nodded with a smile. "How bad?" the black woman asked again. "What do you have in mind?" Stephanie purred, moving closer to Claudia. "Getting that fuck at the bank." The white woman stopped and looked at Claudia.

"Who, Allan?" "Get him where it hurts." Claudia said. Stephanie blinked. The idea was tempting. "How?" she asked. "When does the security truck come in?" the black woman said. Now. Eglin Police Department. Interview Room 06. "So you're saying it was this 'Samantha'?" Moors asked. "You mentioned the mob, and she liked to talk tough--" "See, we think we know who the insider was." Watts told her.

Stephanie kept her face frozen. "Not all the camera were put out of action." "Oh?" Stephanie smiled weakly. "There was one." Moors added. "Still working." "Recording everything." Watts said. "All in bright technicolour." Moors smiled. "It's even High Definition," Watts smiled now. "Good." Stephanie said. One Week Ago. The guards came through first, rapidly followed up by the suited black men.

Six of them, all wearing suits and latex masks of superheroes, and all were armed with handguns. As the door was slammed shut and bolted, the delivery guards were shoved on the floor and told to lay there.

Screams started but were silenced as five of the robbers walked up and down pointing their guns in the people's faces. "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" one in the mask of the Dark Avenger yelled out. "BE COOL AND YOU WILL ALL BE SAFE!


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The bank was closed for both training and the twice-weekly pick-up of access cash. She watched as various cell phones were slid onto the floor, then picked up and put into a bag.

"NOW WOULD THE BOSS PLEASE STEP FORWARD AND INTRODUCE THEMSELVES!" the 'Dark Avenger' yelled. Stephanie looked round to where Allen Wright had been standing and saw he was. Gone. Bastard. Fucking coward! The door was opened quickly and a seventh, smaller robber walked in with three large holdalls.

This one wearing an Ultimo-Man mask. She looked back and found herself looking down the barrell of a handgun. "I--" she whimpered. "That be you, right now, I guess." the 'Dark Avenger' said. "You go with my man, Miss Dep-uty Manager." The smaller robber grabbed Stephanie by the hair and pulled her through a door to her office. "Please, don't kill me." Stephanie begged. The robber pushed her over the desk and put the gun down next to her.

Stephanie looked at it. "My bitch," the robber said and Stephanie looked back over her shoulder. Claudia! "." Stephanie opened her mouth but Claudia put a gloved hand over it. "Six big, black, fucking niggers out there. With big. black, nigger cocks." she whispered and went back to the door. She whispered something to 'Dark Avenger' who turned back. "You're in charge!" he told someone and stepped into the office.

"You gonna fuckin' talk now, bitch!" he said and slammed the door closed as he strode in. Stephanie looked up at Claudia/Ultimo-man. "This is where you find out what you've been missing." Claudia said, opening the wall safe that held the main safe keys. "That's right." 'Dark Avenger' agreed and Stephanie heard a zip being undone behind her. She looked back and gasped as she saw the real, live, black snake being pulled out behind her.

It looked like one of those big. black cocks she saw on Claudia's computer. * "UUUNNNHHH!" the first cry came and the staff and robbers looked at the door together. "UHHHHHH.!" "FUCK YOU, BITCH!" they heard.

Under the masks the robbers were grinning. "YOU GONNA WISH YOU TALKED NOW!" The staff looked at them, then back at the door. "You fucking bastards." one woman, a young, pretty blonde, muttered at the robbers. She shut up as a robber in Green Gremlin mask put his gun in her face.

She saw the lust in his eyes. * Stephanie gripped the edge of the desk as she felt the big, thick, black cock pushing deeper inside her pussy.

Her first proper black cock. Big and black and throbbing and much bigger than any other cock she'd ever had. Especially that tiny prick of a manager. That was small but this black fucker. It was so damn big. Claudia was right. She started getting wet as soon as he had yanked her skirt up and ripped the panties aside. "THE KEY, BITCH!" the 'Dark Avenger' demanded.

"NO!" Stephanie grinned, playing along, and felt his strong hands slide along the sides of her hips. The slap on her ass was sharp, and loud enough to be heard outside the room. "AAH!" she yelled as the 'Dark Avenger' started to fuck her. "THE FUCKIN' KEY!" her 'rapist' demanded as Stephanie felt his cock finally sink all the way in.

She could feel his balls against her skin. Thank god she was on the pill. * "FUCK YO--!" They heard another slap silence their Deputy Manager. "What the hell is he doing to her!" another teller wept.

"Same thing you'll get, if you don't shut up." 'Green Gremlin' said, still eyeing the pretty blonde teller. She was blushing, refusing to meet his gaze. "UUH, GHHOD." ".Uuuuuuuhhhh." they heard the deep, male groan and knew just what happened. "Bastards." the blonde shook her head, rocking back and forth slightly. "--od, girl." they heard and looked as the door opened and 'Dark Avenger' strode out proudly, doing up his trousers.

"Who wants the bitch next?" he announced. * Stephanie was gasping as he had pulled out of her and shot his load over her ass. "Just a quick one now," he told her. Her pussy felt so stretched by his thick girth. "Good girl." he said loudly behind her and stepped out. The door slammed closed behind her and Stephanie looked back to see the 'Green Gremlin' standing there. Slowly he was unzipping his trousers and she gazed at the new black cock.

Just as big, and just as thick as the 'Dark Avenger's'. "Oooh, my." she gasped, then slowly started to smile. "TIME TO LEARN SOME FUCKIN' RESPECT!" he declared and stepped forward to the grinning white woman.

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* "NO. NO. NO. NO.!" they heard her cry. * ".PLEASE, DON'T!" Stephanie yelled as she lay back on the desk, her legs spread. "NOOOOOUUUUUHHHH!!!" she cried out as her second black man pushed the fat head of his wonderful cock into her wet, swollen pussy lips. Stephanie lay back and held onto the desk as the black man started thrusting, a wide grin on her face.

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* "STOP!" they heard her cry. "DON'T.!" "UUH!. UUH!. UUH!" "PLLLLLEASSSSSE!!!" Another SLAP! "JUST GETTIN' WARMED UP, BITCH!" They heard her grunts.

They heard her pleading groans for her 'ordeal' to stop. 'Dark Avenger' was watching the staff very carefully. Some wept, some shook their heads, but none of them did a fucking thing.

It was all going to plan. Just like the rest of the jobs. He saw one of the staff. Small, pretty blonde. She was staring at the door like the rest but there was something different in her face. * 'Green Gremlin' was grunting like an animal as he bent over and pounded his cock into Stephanie. She felt him drive deep inside her before slowly pulling back and SLAMMING it in again. "Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck." she muttered as she felt the orgasm building.

Stephanie locked her eyes on his and saw the pure, animal lust in them as he pulled back again. She reach around his neck and pulled him down. "Do me, you big, black motherfucker!" she whispered. * "UUH! UUH! UUH!" Claudia heard the loud male grunts from the office.

She was getting claustrophobic under the mask as she dragged the first bag towards Stephanie's office. Kicking the door open she stopped at the sight of the white bitch, legs and arms locked around her 'rapist', servicing a green masked bull. Stephanie seemed to be whispering to him as he 'raped' her. She dumped the bag into the office and remembered the time. Claudia headed for the safe again. * "Harder. Harder, you black fuck!" 'Green Gremlin' heard her urge him on and suddenly pulled his shiny, wet black cock from the white woman's slippery pussy and broke away from his 'victim'.

He was panting as he looked down at her, her skirt around her waist, the panties torn aside now. Her eyes were full of lust as she licked her lips and pushed a hand down to her pussy. Teasingly she rubbed herself then slowly eased her wet lips apart with her fingers. The 'Gremlin grinned under his mask and headed around the desk, grabbed her hair and pulled her back. The bitch was a good as he had heard.

He grabbed her blouse and ripped it open. * They heard the ripping. "You bas--" one male hostage started and stopped as a gun was pressed against his head. The door opened and another satisfied robber walked out. The 'Dark Avenger' saw the blonde's breathing was getting shallow. The bitch was getting off on what she thought was going on! * Stephanie was lying there, wiping the cum from her exposed breasts. He had came over them, pumping that glorious, shiny, thick shaft that was slick with her juices right over her face.

She had felt the warm, thick seed splatter over her bare skin. "Mmmmmm. she moaned softly and rubbed the warm, black seed into her skin like it was a lotion. The door opened and she saw the next robber, the larger of them all.This one wearing the mask of the 'Hunter'. He was smiling in his eyes as he closed the door. "Bad girl." he said. She smiled, opening her legs. * "UUUUUUUHHHHhhhh." they heard.

The staff were no longer looking at the door anymore. They didn't want to look. The 'Dark Avenger' nodded at the 'Green Gremlin' who nodded back. They both saw blonde teller looking at them with disgust and. There was something else in those pretty eyes. Something of the animal. * "Bend over," he told her and Stephanie did as she was told. She stood up and turned, bending back over the desk. She opened her legs and braced herself to finally get that cock inside her.

She heard his trousers unzip, heard him step forward, then pushed herself back to meet that huge member.

* "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH.!" The staff looked at the office as they heard the scream. * ".HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Claudia heard it as she finished stuffing the second bag full of money. She looked back and smiled. * "HAH!. HAH!." Stephanie was panting hard as she felt her ass stretching beyond anything Claudia had managed to do. He had gone straight for her ass.

"Too much. Too much!" she gasped, her ass feeling like it was about to rip. 'Hunter' pushed her down. He ignored her cries and pushed further into her, his shaft forcing her tight ass-ring open. "HMMM!" "HAAAA!!!" she cried out again, slamming a fist onto the desk. * "AAAAAHHHH!!!!" Claudia pushed the door open and saw the pain-wracked face of Stephanie.

Tears were streaming down her face. She looked at Big Daddy as he slowly pulled back. Claudia dumped the bag down and knelt in front of the white woman. Too big, Stephanie mouthed. "He's too big!" she gasped. The black woman stroked the reddened face and hushed her. "Only the first time, honey." she said and stood up, then held the white woman down. Claudia nodded to the man. "Take her ass, Black Daddy!" she hissed.

* "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" The scream echoed around the bank. The blonde closed her eyes. * Black Daddy gripped Stephanie's waist and drove his hips forward. The white slut screamed as his hard cock forced the last resistance of her asshole out.

He rammed every inch of his monster, black cock into the raw hole. "YEAHHHHH!" he roared. * "The fuck." one of the male staff muttered and made to stand up. 'Green Gremlin' shoved him back. The man stared at the grinning, green face and backed down. * Claudia looked at Stephanie's panting, gasping face.

She saw the tear-stained make-up, the silent, pleading movement of lips. Stephanie felt herself going limp as that huge, black cock rammed in and out of her raw asshole. She grabbed Claudia's hand and held it as the head forced it's way inside her. * All the robbers had spotted the pretty, blonde teller. It was obvious she had just came while her boss was being 'raped'.

Her name badge read 'Sam'. The door opened and the 'Hunter' finally walked out, zipping his trousers up. "Next man in!" 'Dark Avenger' said. Now. Watts seemed to take great pleasure in opening the laptop and switching it on. "This may be difficult to watch," he said as Stephanie watched as he took a disc from the back of the folder and slid it into the slot on the side of the laptop. "It's video of your rape." She watched the small pointer change and turn as the two detectives just kept watching her.

The media player started up and filled the screen. Stephanie watched nervously for a couple of minutes then looked at them. "I was raped and you show me it. I was there!" she said. Watts turned the computer back and he and Moors blinked as they saw the screen filled with the face of a non-descript white blonde as she licked her tongue around the fat head of big, black cock! "You gonna fuck me, Big Daddy?" the blonde teased. "What the fuck--" Moors spat. "Climb on, baby-doll." a deep voice said "I was assaulted!" Stephanie told them.

Watt blinked in surprise as he stared at the computer. "That was the disc!" he told Moors as she looked at him. "You sick fucks!" Stephanie leapt up, knocking her chair back. "I'll climb on good, Daddy," the blonde smiled. Stephanie marched to the door. "You two are fucking twisted!" she told them, finding the door locked "Jesus." Moors gasped. "That was the disc!" Watts said again and slammed the laptop closed. "LET ME OUT OF HERE NOW!" Stephanie yelled "Ooooo.

yeah," the blonde's voice came from the closed computer. "So big, Daddy.So, fucking big." Moors grabbed the computer and threw it against the wall. The blonde was silenced. Stephanie looked at the angry detectives. "I said, let me out. Now." she stated angrily. * The sunlight felt good on her face as she stood outside the police station.

Stephanie had gotten her apology from the Captain himself. Fuck those cops, fuck them all. She watched the yellow cab pull up and the dark face inside looked out. "Geller?" the deep voice asked. She stepped forward, recognising it, and got into the back of the cab. As it left the police station behind it, Stephanie smiled.

"They said there was a camera still working." she said. "Not one of yours." the taxi driver told her. "Probably from the bank's real owners." "The mob?" The driver glanced at her in the mirror. "Who else?" Stephanie leaned forward, stunned. "They'll kill me!" she told him. "Those fucks been riding on a big rep for a long time." the black driver said, turning into an alley.


"They might have money, but they got fuck-all power." "They'll still kill me!" Stephanie repeated as the taxi stopped. "They'll see that and kill me!" The driver turned. "They'll be too busy with that dumb white boss of yours." he smiled. "Allan?" "For a money man, he don't know how to cover his own embezzlement." the black man said.

"What?" she asked, confused. He stopped the cab and motioned to her to come up front. Then watched as Stephanie climbed into the front seat. "What do you mean?" "Man was moving a lot of money around. A lot of money." the driver shook his head. "Once the new cops on the case start looking into it, that's what they'll find.

His name authorising a shit-load of cash to be moved off-shore. That and the fact he was leaving quickly, what do you think the mob will figure it as?" The door behind her opened and she looked back to see Claudia slide in. "How'd it go?" the black woman asked.

"They had video." Stephanie said. "Taken care off, right?" Claudia smiled in the mirror. "She's worried about the mob." the black man said.

Claudia smiled again. "They're busy chasing a certain white asshole." "But--" "But he will tell the cops everything he knows." Claudia told her. "The family will go into witness protection. The mob'll be fucked up the ass, and six months down the line the only risk he'll have is getting caught fucking one of the neighbours' wives in wherever the hell they've moved him to." Stephanie sat back and looked at the black man. She saw the muscular torso under the open shirt and thought it through.

Allen was running, Allen's name on the cash being moved. "He's fucked." she said simply.

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"But the camera, the disc. The detectives looked sure." The black man just smiled. "We took care of it. We're everywhere." "We?" Stephanie asked.

"We." Claudia said, behind her. "Who's 'we'?" Stephanie asked again. The driver looked at her. "Blackshaft, baby." "Blackshaft?" "Blackshaft." Claudia smiled.

"They own the Club Noir." "You can switch it, the video?" she asked. He shrugged. "Weren't nothin'." the black man said, reaching for Stephanie.

"Now what do you say?" She smiled as he gently pulled her head down towards his crotch. "Thank you." she said and opened her lips. "Call me Daddy, baby." he grinned. "Black Daddy." Claudia smiled again.

Stephanie felt the bulge in his trousers. "Thank you, Daddy." she said. "Who's Sam?" he asked suddenly. Stephanie looked up. "Sam?" "Sam. One of the tellers. Blonde. Sweet little ass on her. She was getting off on your, eh, 'punishment'." he smiled. "Was she?" Stephanie said, curiously. "Yeah, who is she?" Stephanie smiled. Samantha Lammie. A lazy little bitch, fresh out of collage, who thought she could get by on her looks and ability to cock-tease.

Little cunt got off on her 'rape'? Stephanie knew just the man who could teach her a lesson. "Daddy want to meet her?" she purred. "Not just daddy, baby." he smiled, and pushed Stephanie's head back down towards his crotch as he saw Claudia, in the mirror, sitting in the back, simply smiling. THE END.