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Solo jerking ebony amateur with a big black cock
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*Author's note-Everything belongs to me. I know the naughty teacher plot is sorta clliche but I hope you enjoy nonetheless. This part is more about reluctance than complete non consent, chapter 2 shall cover that bit later, but for now, enjoy.* Originally on my account. Of the same name on '.' thoughts Chapter 1 - Getting into Trouble I am a 40 year old psychology professor at your regular run of the mill college.

With graying hair but a body still in good shape. I enjoy my job at the university although it is more of a party school than for actual study, however this fact works to my advantage. These desperate little college girls will do anything to keep their grades up, including sneaking under my desk to give me head during a meeting with mommy and daddy to say their little girl is at the top of the class.

My name is Jonathan Krauss, and this is my story. *** I sift through the papers on my desk. Grading exams is something I hate and love at the same time.

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The time it takes I loath, but seeing those who need "tutoring" later makes the hassel worth it. There is a particular new vixen I have my hopes for.


Ms. Emily Wolfe. Unfortunatly, all of her papers have been A+ material. I could easily downgrade her work, but intelligence is something I find sexy, not to mention the cat and mouse like feel I get from her. Everyday I watch her come in. Enjoying her long toned legs and the swish of her short skirt, her flat stomach and the swell of her gorgeously developed breasts with a fair amount of cleavage showing. I can't help but stare at this beautiful creature with silvery blonde hair and cat green eyes.

She knows how she looks, and she knows how to use it. Finally I come to her paper and start to flip through her work. I have to stop my mouth from flopping open in shock, all her answers are wrong.

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It looks as if she hasn't studied at all. I glance up at her and see her nervously fidgetting, pulling at the hem of hr skirt and staring everywhere but at me. I notice dark circles under her eyes. 'Looks like its my lucky day.' I smile to myself as I write my favorite letter at he top of her paper beside her name. Emily Wolfe. F. It takes all my willpower to hold back my utter giddiness and to not rush through the rest of the papers to give her what I've wanted to so badly.

I feel my cock stirring and I can't supress a smile from spreading across my face. I glance at the clock when I'm finished grading and notice its almost time for class to let out. I chuckle under my breath and grab the only F paper in the stack and stand by the door. I feel all eyes on me, they know when I do this that I will pull someone aside to offer them tutoring. The bell goes off, and my students stand and start filing out.

I notice Emily hanging back. 'She knows who I need.' Each student glances at me as they pass, particularly my conquests from the past. Some of them smile, containing relief in a few and disappointment in others, but I am waiting for Emily who has finally joined the line at the very end.

When she goes to pass me I lightly grip her shoulder and give her the paper. "Ms. Wolfe, I would like to see you in my office at the end of the day." I see tears in her eyes but she nods and mumbles "Yes sir." before I release her shoulder and allow her to pass.

I look at her go, admiring her ass as she hurries away. I glance at my watch, only a few more hours. I smile wickedly and rub myself through my pants. *** My glances at the clock become more frequent as our meeting grows closer.

I so look forward to claiming her that I'm practically twitching with excitement. My cock is already rock hard in anticipation. As I sit in my office I fantasize the things I'm about to do to her, and some things that I can't do. Just then I hear a timid knock on my door. I glance at the clock and smile. "Come in." I pretend to look busy and calm at my desk as Emily walks in. Her face is flushed, and she looks extremly nervous. I smile internally. "Take a seat Ms.

Wolfe." I gesture to the chair across from me. She glides over to the chair opposite mine and sits. She fiddles with the end of her skirt allowng me a better more veiw of her thighs.

I feel my erection grow even stronger and I am suprised that feat is even possible. "Ms.

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Wolfe, do you know why you are here?" She stares at the floor, "Yes sir." "That paper was a very important exam, and to my suprise you failed it completly, your thesis wasn't even remotely correct. Did you even study and research the material?" She shakes her head, "No sir." I sit back in mock horror. "Ms. Wolfe, I am suprised, seeing how intelligent you are and the grades you've had in the past." She finally glances up at me, her green eyes shimmering making them look like liquid emeralds.

"I know sir, I've just been busy, with a new job and helping my family, I know thats no excuse but maybe if you let me retake." I hold my hand up and she goes silent. She looks so nervous. "You know I don't give retakes, reguardless of your personal situation. However, I do occasionally offer tutoring.

If you agree to that, then I will change your grade, depending on how well you perform of course." "What would I have to do Mr. Krauss?" I smile at her, and stand from behind my desk. Her eyes fall to my pants where my erection is completly visable. I walk around to her and pat her head gently. "I think you know what you have to do Emily." She shoots up and backs way from me.

"No! I won't do that for you, you sick fuck!" I smile at her maliciously. "Language Ms. Wolfe." I shake a finger at her and smile devilishly. I turn my back to her. "Well then I guess you will fail my course." I see her faulter out the corner of my eye. "But I." "Everything will go completly down the drain, and believe me, I can make your life hell if you refuse to do this one simple thing for me." "I can't, my grandparents would." I cut her off again whirling around to face her, I see fear in her expression.

"Your grandparents aren't here simple girl! Its just you and me. You don't have to do this, but its your future not mine." I see her start to think, then her eyes light up slightly, but I don't have time to think about it because right then she looks at me and nods, a slight smile spreading across her face.

"Alright. I'll do it." "Good." I beckon her forward. "Come here." She saunters over to me, her hips swaying prettily, I notice all her previous nervousness is gone. 'The quiet ones are always the more sluttier ones.' I smile as she gets close, and put a hand on her shoulder.

Then I push down and force her on her knees. She glances up at me, her eyes watering with pain, but doesn't say anything. My face goes stern. "You know what to do bitch." She hesitantly reaches up and goes for my belt. She unbuckles it with ease and then goes for my fly, freeing my 7 inches from its prison. My pants fall around my knees, as she looks at my member. "Take off your shirt Ms. Wolfe, I want to see those tits of yours." She slowly unbuttons her blouse and removes it.

Her face is flushed with embaressment as her breasts come into full view. 'She didn't wear a bra, quiet ones are slutty ones.' "Very nice Ms. Wolfe." Her cheeks flush even more from my praise. I move my hips forward slightly, pressing my cock to her mouth. She looks up at me, and slowly opens up. I glide in, but she stops me before I hit the back of her throat. She wraps her small hands around my shaft and starts to pump, while she licks and sucks the head. She bobs her head slightly but goes down no farther.

"Suck me Emily. Take me all the way in." She shakes her head. I feel anger start to emerge. 'She thinks she can decide how this goes?' "Damn it, suck me slut!" She shakes her head again. I wrap my fingers in her hair and start to force her down. She starts flailing, trying to get away from me. "N-no! St-st-stooooopp!" I thrust forward hard, cutting off her protests as I force my way down her throat. I feel her gagging around me. My eyes flutter, God it feels fantastic.

I start to thrust in her throat, pulling out once it a while to allow her to breathe. She struggles now and again, but I keep her firmly in my grasp as I face fuck her. I thrust in fast, wanting to make her gag. Her tongue swirls around my cock occasionally and she's sucking in her cheeks making her mouth tighter.

One of her hands goes and cups my balls and I moan and thrust hard.

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"Play with your tits as I fuck you." I growl at her. She hesitantly reaches up and starts playing with her nipples.

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She pinches and pulls them expertly. 'Shes done this before.' She still gags around me as I thrust into her. Her eyes are watering, and her face is completly red. I feel her tongue licking around me as I attack her face. I start to hump faster as I feel my orgasm growing. I look at her and see that one of her hands went down under her skirt.

She's rubbing furiously in time with my thrusting. She starts moaning around my cock, sending wonderful vibrations through me.

My balls start to tighten almost painfully. "When I pull back, keep your mouth open." I grunt at her. She looks at me through half closed eyes, but doesn't acknowledge me any further.

Then my orgasm hits and I pull back quickly. My load shoots across her face and tits. Some goes into her mouth, which she swallows readily. I lean forward wiping my cock across her face and lips. I dip into her mouth letting her get the last few shots of my cum. I walk around to my chair and plop down sighing contentedly. She shakily stands up and faces me, making no move to cover or clean the cum off herself.

I watch as it drips down her belly soaking into the waistband of her skirt. "It wasn't the best, but it suffices I guess." I say as I clean some cum off the tip of my still rockhard member. She stares at the floor. "May I leave now sir?" I smile. "You can if you wish, but only if you want your paper to go up two letter grades." She looks up at me dumbfounded.

"Two? I only get a C? But you said." "A C-," i correct her. "and I said I would grade you upon your performance, and seeing as I had to do most of the work myself, your lucky you're getting that." "Thats not fair!" "Oh but it is fair. However, I think I can give you one more chance, if you would like to try again." "You want me to give you another blow job?" I chuckle. "No. This time I want something else.

I want to fuck you Emily." Her eyes grow wide. "No!" "Its your GPA Emily, wonder how far it'll bring down your 4.0?" "If.if I do this, you'll give me an A for sure? No games?" "Yes Emily. No games." She stares at me then closes her eyes. "Ok. I will fuck you." I smile and go to her. "Bend over the desk." She does so and I come up behind her. I tap her feet apart with the toe of my shoe, and then I flip her skirt up onto her back.

Her pussy greets me. 'She must not believe in underwear.' Her pussy is smooth, waxed is my guess, and its nice and swollen and very pink. She is already very wet. The episode before must of turned her on a lot. I run my hand gently up her slit and she shivers slightly. "Have you had sex before Emily?" I don't want to deflower her, that could cause problems for me. She nods and I relax as I push a finger inside her. She is very tight as I slowly pump my finger. Her pussy clenches around me and my smile grows wider.

'I knew there was a reason I liked this girl.' I push two fingers inside and swirl them around causing her to moan. I reach up and fondle one of her huge tits. She arches her back, pushing more of her breast into my hand. My cock is straining to get inside her tight little cunt now. I straighten up and pull my fingers out of her.

Her pussy is dripping as I grab my cock and position it over her hole. I rub it against her before I start pushing in slowly. I've never had a pussy like Emily's, its tight, warm and so very wet. I thrust into her hard, going balls deep. I hear her gasp and I chuckle. She starts bucking her hips against me involuntarily. I see the beginings of tears in her eyes. I thrust into her again hard and I am recieved with another sharp gasp.

Then I start a rythme. I few slow soft thrusts, then a hard fast thrust then back to the slow thrusts. I feel precum ooze from my dick everytime I make Emily gasp.

"Say my name Emily." I purr as I thrust inside her wonderful cunt. "Mr.Mr Krauss." she forces out. I smack her ass and hear her yelp. "You know what I mean Emily." She looks back at me her face flushed. I see indignition in her eyes and I lose my temper. I slap her ass again and begin riding her hard.

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I drive myself into her, my office is filled with the sound of skin furiously slaping together. I grunt as I push into her tight little pussy. She loses her balance and her hands slip forward making her fall, the side of her face making a sharp smacking sound against the wood of my desk. I see the tears start streaming down her face, but I keep fucking her. I grab her hair and yank her head back. "Now. Say my name Emily." I hear her sobbing and I pull her hair hard and thrust forward at the same time.

"Jonathan!" I feel my cock twitch as she says my name. "JonathanJonathanJonathan! J-jonathan!" I fuck her hard, listening to her as she keeps saying my name and gasping. I feel my balls tightening again as I slam into her.

Her cries sound wonderful to my ears.


I grip her waist hard with my free hand, hard enough to make bruises, while my other continues pulling her hair. I am unaware of the footsteps outside my door as I screw Emily. At last I can't take it anymore and I drive deep inside Emily and cum. Emily's cries get louder as I feel her orgasm with me. Tears stream down her face as her body is wracked with its unwanted release.

I moan and milk my cock inside her spasming pussy. "What the fucking hell do you think you're doing?!" My head shoots up, and I see a man and his wife in my door.

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They are both staring at me in horror as I stand paralyzed. I feel Emily stuggle beneath me and I pull out of her, my cock still shooting cum. She runs over to the man. "Grandpa!" 'Oh shit.' *** Earlier in the day she called her grandparents so we could all have a meeting together. She knew they would be coming when I made my offer. Vindictive bitch. I was taken to court. After Emily made her plea, some of my other conquests started coming forward as well.

I was screwed. I was fired, and can no longer teach. Emily and a few others filed restraining orders against me, all of which were approved.I was sued for all I was worth, I now have nothing but a shabby apartment and a job as a cart pusher. Its been 5 months since then, and right now I'm sitting at a little coffee shop, wondering what to do now that my life is over.

Just then I hear a familar laugh and I look around. Its Emily and a group of friends. Looks like they just come from the mall. I watch as they walk down the street, and I feel anger boiling inside me. I don't think I just stand and start to follow after them. I follow them from a distance so they don't see me.

Then a plan starts forming in the back of my mind. Revenge. *Feedback is appreciated.

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I hope you enjoyed it, and part 2 should be together when I post this.*