Huge cumshot on hot fitness blonde

Huge cumshot on hot fitness blonde
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. Ok my name is Nathan, however, my friends call me Nat. This is my story. My love of fucking my sister began about when I was 16. I had been jacking off back in my room since I was in 6th grade. Back then at the age of 12 I already had a 6-inch penis. First off I was born with only one testicle. My dad knew that I would soon have to be taking showers at school along with the other guys, so he sat me down and back in his bed room he told me how normal men or boys were born with two testicles, however, I was born with only one (the other did not descend).

He opened a draw in his dresser and pulled out a tape and put it in his VCR. It was a porn I was so nervous yet curious why my dad had this tape. On the screen was 1 woman with large ass tits probably 36 DD and two guys one with about a 9-inch cock and really droopy balls and the other guy had about a 7-inch dick with his balls real tight to his body.

Both men had balls about the size of eggs. My father said, "Look at how that guy has two testicles and a really long penis…most men are lucky to have both. I just wanted to show you this video before you start school this year and take showers with other guys." "Okay dad I understand." I said as I started t get a hard on while watching the woman's tits shake as the guys fucked her at the same time in the ass and pussy.

"Now get ready for bed, school starts tomorrow and you should get a good nights sleep." As I left I looked back and noticed that my dad had begun to rub at a bulge in his pants I looked down and noticed I too had a bulge.

I went to bedroom and got undressed. Me and my sister Sarah (at the time she was in 5th grade) have always shared a room. And we both sleep naked. We don't mind since our family is pretty open about nudity in the house when we are alone.

Sometimes while mom is in the middle of laundry we all go about our everyday routines totally naked; for example, eat dinner, watch TV, and whatever else we may do; we do it all totally naked. Upon occasion dad and me would both get hard on's watching my mom walk around naked. But who could blame us. Mom is a perfect 10!! She was a 36D/24/30. And nipples the size of half dollars and she liked to keep her mound shaved so that it was in the shape of a heart.

She looks like a porn girl but just not as sluttish. I tried to hide my hard on but Sarah would always notice and ask in a low whisper, "Nat, why is your penis hard?" I would tell her its because I like what I am watching, as I pretended to watch TV, as I was really watching mom.

But this night after dad showed me the porno I laid in bed picturing mom and the woman and the two men on the TV. My dick was still hard so I thought about my dad rubbing his bulge. So I reached under the covers grasping my cock and slowly started stroking my shaft.

Feeling what was left of my cut foreskin rolling up my shaft over my head and back down. It felt wonderful especially as I reached my dicks head. I kept this up thinking about all the nudity I had seen. Sometime during my masturbating, Sarah came in and got undressed and under the covers of her bed and tried going to sleep. I did not notice that I had been going at it for sometime now and had been making a lot of rustling noises with my sheets.


Sarah sat up and yelled, "Nat what are you doing? Go to bed!" It scared me cause I did not know she had come in. my dick went soft instantly. I laid there thinking about her forming body she had just started to grow tits she had a nice start, hers were very round like moms, just did not stick out as far. As I thought about her I slowly started stroking my cock, I thought about mom's heart shaped pubic hair.

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All of a sudden there was a cold breeze against my testical and cum started shooting out of all over my bed. It was all over my hand and sheets and on my stomach. I rolled over to find Sarah standing there with her mouth wide open holding my blanket in her hand that she had just pulled off of me. I was a little embarrassed but also a little turned on that my sister just saw me cum. I tried pulling the blanket back to cover myself, but she was just frozen fixated on my cock.

With a locked grip on my blanket. I looked at her pussy and found that it was a little wet.

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"Nat what was that you just did?" "Umm I just cummed Sarah, may I clean up?" I stood up and stepped around her, as I did my dick slide along her leg leaving a little cum on it. As I reached for a towel on the floor I turned around and saw Sarah scoop up a finger of my fresh cum and stick it into her mouth. "Your cum taste very good Nat" my mouth dropped open.


She kneeled down and licked the rest off the bed. "Nat, that really taste good, will you cum some more so I can taste it again?" I picked up a finger full off my belly and tasted it I must admit I do taste good. Sarah came over and knelt in front of me. She scooped up the rest of my cum and swallowed it.

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She then grasped my cock in her hand "I always wondered what your penis was for Nat, instead of having a pussy like I do?' "Well its so I can cum in woman where ever they want me to, and to make babies" She licked the last drop of cum off the end of my dick. "Nat would you feed me more cum in my mouth?" I looked into her deep blue eyes, then down at her creamy budding tits. How could a guy resist.

I reached down grasped my cock in my right hand, I slowly started stroking it. For some reason it would get hard to fast, I guess cause I see my sister naked so much. "Sarah I have an idea, lay on my bed and I will cum into your mouth." She went over and laid on my bed, with her head on my pillow.

I got on my bed and straddled her chest so that my dick laid right between her soft tits. With her head rest on my pillow the head of my cock was just inches away from her face. I started stroking my cock again this time staring into my sister's eyes and feeling her soft tits against my ball, hand and cock; I was hard in no time.

"You okay Sarah?" "Yeah I am great Nat, but my beaver feels funny, tingling you might say." I continued stroking my cock occasionally the head would brush against her smooth moist lips. This sent shutters down my spine.

I think she thought I was doing it as a game. Cause as my dick would come closer to her face and since I was sitting on her arms, she would stick her tongue out and lick the end of my cock.

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This really got to me cause she would gently lick the underside of my cock in the process. Bout the fifth time she did that I felt my testical draw up close. I am close to Cumming again Sarah, she opened her mouth. I reached down and pulled her head up so that the head of my cock was just inside her mouth. One blast of her hot breath sent me over the edge. I closed my eyes as my cum erupted into my sisters little mouth.

My hips started bucking as spurt after spurt landed on her tongue. "Aaaaauuuuuuuuugggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" As I came down from my climax I pushed my cock into her mouth further. She close her lips around it and sucked hard with a smile as I drew my cock back out of her cum filled mouth. She swirled my cum around in her mouth for awhile like mouth wash then open her mouth and showed me my cum.

then she swallowed it. Every last drop. Except for the one dribbling down her chin. "Nat sometime I want to do that again" "any time you want I will" If you liked this I will write a follow up this is my first story thanks for reading