Young mature gay sex first time The hunk gives in quickly soon

Young mature gay sex first time The hunk gives in quickly  soon
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The next few days of my life were awkward, to say the least. My brain was over run with a thousand questions, would I ever see Colin again? Does he like me?

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Would my brother ever come out of his bloody mood? Things just hadn't been the same since that night, it was all a blur in my head. One minute I was having the best sex (well that's a lie, but top three at least) sex of my life and the next I had two guys fighting in my bedroom. Jack had tore into the room after instantly realising what was happening, he grabbed Colin by the shoulder and practically lifted him off of me.

Jack stopped for a moment, staring at me lying there naked before I grabbed the covers and pulled them over myself.


They wrestled a bit on the floor before Jack pushed Colin backwards and kept pushing until he pushed Colin out the front door. Remembering the situation I grabbed a pair of shorts and pj top from the drawers and threw them on.

Grabbing Colin's boxers I very quickly made my way to Jack's room to find the rest of his clothes. I could hear the boys still arguing at the front door so I quickly found the clothes and made my way to the back door.

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Quietly sneaking out I waited at the corner of the house till I heard the door slam, peaking round the corner as I went, I seen Colin walk towards his car. I jogged after him, not wanting to make a noise incase Jack heard.

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As I got closer I tapped him on the shoulder, his skin was smooth but cold, so cold I could feel the even goose bumps as I slid my hand down his arm. He jumped slightly before turning around. He was particularly red around the eye and it was starting to bruise already, suddenly I felt horrified, this had all been my fault. I made my brother and his best friend in the whole world fall out and for that I felt terribly guilty.

Colin didn't speak when he turned around but flashed a tiny cheeky smile, the one that only the corner of his lip turns up. I held out my hands giving him his clothes, unsure what to say.

instead of taking the clothes he ran his hand down my arm, I shivered at his touch as I took a small step towards him, bringing me a few inches from his chest.

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Feeling the chill of his skin against mine I pulled his boxers out of the pile in my hand and pushed them to him. "You better get dressed" I whispered to him.

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He laughed and pulled his boxers on and took the rest of his clothes and continued to get dressed. My mind was going crazy wondering If I should ask him If we could go to his.

After pulling his T-shirt over his head he turned to face me, smiled and then unlocked his car. I stood watching, unsure what to do. I was disappointed when he got in the car and started the engine.

"You better get inside" he said to me as he drove away. Since then I've not seen or heard from Colin, it's been four days. I went in the house that night and Jack was already in his room. Other than asking for the remote twice, he hadn't spoken to me either. Mum and Dad were back but were completely unaware of the tension in the house. I started to spend most of my time in my room, my memories of that night filled my head over and over again. Tonight was no different, it was evening and starting to get dark out as I lay in bed, remembering the way his skin felt against mine my hands slid to my hips as I let my fingers trace the contours of my hip bones.

They slowly moved down, teasing my knickers out of the way, letting my finger slide in and out of my lips, not giving me any pleasure, just building up my excitement. I let my finger circle the smooth skin around my clit, just brushing by it on its way round, making the circle smaller and smaller until I was massaging my clit.

I felt the relaxing shivers through my body as I arched my hips just as I heard a noise outside my window, a kind of clattering. Too nosey for my own good, I edged my knickers back up and went to the window to open the curtains.

Looking down all I could see was a dark figure, my mind pondered If I should call my father in to the room and tell him someone was outside.

Before I could make a decision Colin stepped out of the darkness letting the porch light Illuminate his face. Wasting no time I put on my pajamas and my dressing down and tiptoed through the house and out the back door. I had to take a deep breath as I watched him just a few metres from me. The light made him look like an angel, an angel dressed in jeans and a plain white T-shirt, the T-shirt strained slightly hinting at but not revealing the muscley chest underneath.

I took the few steps towards him as he done the same, meeting me in the middle. A smile spread across his face as he reached his arm around my back.

"I missed you" he whispered in my ear. That was all the confirmation I needed, I grabbed his hand and walked. Our back garden faced a dark wooded area, many people thought it was scary but growing up next to it soothed any fears I may have had.

I headed towards the woods, Colin following behind me without a word. I quickened my pace, I was getting anxious and time wasn't moving fast enough, we weren't moving fast enough.

About 50 metres or so later we were in the middle of a shaded area, where no-one could see, which was all I needed. There had been only silence except the three words Colin had whispered back in the garden. I reached out to him and automatically he made movement to hug me but that was not my intentions. I grabbed his T-shirt and forcefully pulled it over his head, clutching his skin to bring him closer to me I kissed him hard, almost painfully, needing the skin to skin contact.

The feeling of his tongue darting about my mouth as he sensed my urgency. My hands automatically moved to tug at the zip on his jeans, fidgeting with the button for several seconds and breathing a sigh of relieve when his jeans fell open. I was tempted to go down and taste his dick but I didn't think I could wait. in one quick movement I pulled down both his boxers and his jeans, his dick was already hard by the time my hand reached out to it. Luckily it was a warm night with a hot breeze.

I ran my hand up and down his cock as I shrugged my dressing gown off, letting go when only my hand was in the way of getting naked.


Deciding If I leave Colin alone for 15 seconds I could get what I wanted so much faster, I took a step back. I lifted my pj top up with one hand and pulled my trousers down with the other, in under ten seconds I was naked and back in his arms. I kissed him as passionately as he did me, running my hands all over his body before he grabbed me by the wrists and turned me round, pushing me over on to my hands and knees.

I instinctively pushed my ass up into the air, after my mind running through sleeping with him again for the past few days I was desperate to feel him inside me. He quickly dropped to his knees and without warning thrust his hard pulsing cock deep inside me.

I yelped slightly as I felt it pound as deep as it could go. He did not slow down, he violently pushed harder and harder each time, even though I didn't think that would be possible.

He reached forward and grabbed my long blonde hair, twisting his fingers round before using it to yank my head backwards. Just that movement made me moan and I felt the slight wetness that oozed out of me because of it.

He moved faster, slamming into me as I started to moan. My toes went cold, my knees felt like they were going to give way, my whole body tingled as I shivered before the moans came louder and my whole body heated up as the warmth of the orgasm flowed through me. Colin slowed as I came down from my high, letting me re-gain my senses. Once my breathing returned to a reasonable pace Colin let go of my hair and rubbed my back before rolling me over on to my back and repositioning his dick before pushing it in once again.

it was a hard thrust but didn't hurt this time. His rythmatic pumps sent the shivers down my spine once again. Knowing I had to be quick If I wanted another orgasm before he came, I lifted my hips up to meet his.

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Letting his cock slam into me each time out hips met. His hand reached down and he circled his finger round my clit, that set me off. I bucked my hips up wildly as I screamed my heart out, every inch of my body spasmed as I came, and came and came. As I was coming down from the second orgasm I felt the familiar twitch of his cock as it pulses harder and unleashes streamed of cum to mix with mine. He slowed and gently circled his hips with mine until we had calmed a bit before lying down beside me and pulling me into his arms.

"I've missed you" I whispered _____________________________________________________________________________ What do you think? I have some Ideas for a different direction in the next chapter If people want it!