Gay husky football porn The supreme doctor took a view and then

Gay husky football porn The supreme doctor took a view and then
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Having a sister that was a cheerleader was a perk for Denny. And having a big yard was also good since that is where the team would practice when they could not find anywhere else. Denny got home early from work and headed out to the pool to relax and enjoy the quiet. Getting in his laps before anyone got home. He had just gotten out when he heard his phone and the tone for a text being sent to him go off.

He picked up the phone and saw that it was from his Mom. " Will be home late, Pizza is in the fridge for you and Dianne". He texted his Mom back.

" Thanks I will let her know when she gets home from cheerleader practice".

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Denny decided to take a shower after swimming he was supposed to be playing Hockey later and wanted to get the clorine off of him from the pool. He had just gotten out when he heard his sister and the other Cheerleaders come in.

His sister yelled to let him know that he was home. Her voice echoed thru the house since it was empty. He yelled back Ok. He glanced over the rail to see the other girls that were with his sister. He saw Christine and a couple others. He had known Christine for over ten years. She was the Neighbor that lived two houses down from him. He has always had a crush on her for a while but since she was his sisters friend he just put it out of his head. But she was so fucking hot. She was about 5ft and she had long blonde hair.

It went to just below her ass. She had dated the class president but had broken up when she found him with another girl. Still looking over the rail Chris looked up and waved to him.

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He waved back. Denny headed into his room to get his equipment together for later. Heading into his senior year he was hoping to be the starting Goalie for the Hockey team. He had gotten most of the starts in his Junior year but he was also not the only senior Goalie on the team. Even with his door completely closed he could hear the girls downstairs.

He headed downstairs to get some pizza from the fridge. All the girls had now gone down to the basement to practice. He grabbed two slices and tossed them into the toaster oven to heat them up.

He grabbed a soda from the fridge as well. He heard two of the girls coming upstairs. One was Chris and the other was Jenny. She was a really hot Red Head. She was in his History class and he had once went out with her but she preferred the football players. Jenny was a little bit shorter than Chris. Chris said hi to Denny and smiled at him.

He said hi back and smiled to her. He also said hi to Jenny and she just waved to him. Getting his pizza out of the toaster oven he was heading into the living room to eat and watch TV. Chris was looking for something in the fridge and bending over just so Denny could see her nice ass. He almost dropped the pizza that he had on the plate. Jenny headed back down to the basement.

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Chris was still in the kitchen when Denny headed to the living room. He picked up the remote to turn on the tv when Chris walked in to the room. She sat down on the chair next to him.

She was wearing shorts that were really short. Not her Cheerleader uniform. She also had on just a white T Shirt and you could see her nipples sticking right out. Denny tried not to stare but there was no way not to. Trying to watch TV and not stare to much at Chris's Huge tits. She told him that she was planning on cutting her hair and donating it to a charity to make wigs for girls with Cancer.

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Denny told her that wow that is so nice. But he loved her long blonde hair.


He had always wanted to have sex with her and have her hair flowing behind her when he fucked her. Chris got up and sat right next to Denny. She leaned over and whispered in his ear. Denny almost dropped the plate that he had when he heard what she had said. She said if you want to come upstairs I will show you. They both headed upstairs to his room.

He opened the door to his room and Chris walked in first. She sat on his bed and he sat next to her. She asked him if it is ok for her to be in the room. Denny was a little bit nervous at first. He had dreamed out this but didn't think he would ever have it come true. Chris got up and started to take off her shirt.

She was not shy. Her big tits free from the shirt. Denny could feel his cock getting big with his erection. She got in front of him and pulled down his shorts and since he had just gotten out of the shower he had not put on underwear. His cock shot out at her and she grabbed it with one hand and started to stroke it. She then took it into her mouth.

She knew what to do.


It must have been about three minutes when Denny was shooting his load deep into her mouth. She swallowed it all down. Getting up and cleaning the cum off her face she started to take off her shorts so that Denny could lick her pussy.

Denny was so hoping that she didn't have any hair on her pussy. She didn't. She lay down on his bed and he started to lick her pussy. He had done it before so he knew what to do. Chris had her hair down and Denny always wanted to fuck her when her hair was down. Licking her shaved pussy and listening to her moans as she was having orgasm after orgasm.

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His dick was now hard once again. Chris seeing his cock fully erect told him to stick his cock in her pussy. He got up and started to rub his cock against her clit and she was moaning again. He then put it in her cunt. He then pulled out of her cunt and started to grab a condom so that she would not get pregnant. He opened the package and put on the condom and once again stuck his cock in her. She was moaning and he was enjoying the moment.

One that he only thought happened in his dreams. He pulled out and she decided to ride his cock. So he laid on his bed and she took his cock and put it against her clit and then sat down and took his whole cock all the way into her pussy. Denny was about 7 inches fully erect. They tried out at least four different positions.

Denny feeling that he was about to cum asked Chris where she wanted him to cum. She told him that she wanted him to cum in her mouth so she can swallow it again. He pulled out of her pussy and took the condom off and shot his load in her mouth. Chris got up and cleaned off her face and then gave Denny a kiss on the cheek. She then got dressed and headed back to the basement to where the other girls were.

Denny still on his bed could not believe that he had just had sex with Chris. Denny had just gotten up off his bed when he heard a knock on the door. It was once again Chris. She told him she wanted to fuck him some more. She had gone down stairs to tell his sister that she was going home but she just went back upstairs. She once again got fully naked and Denny had yet to put on his clothes she got in front of him and started to suck on his cock.

It didn't take him long to get hard. He reached over to get a condom once again and she told him that she didn't like the feel of them and that she was on the pill so as to not get pregnant. So Denny once again stuck his cock in her pussy.

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Once again they tried a couple of positions and Chris wanted him to cum in her pussy so bad. She once again started to ride his cock in reverse cowboy position and Denny feeling his cock about to send a load of cum in her. He told her he was ready to cum.

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She just kept bouncing up and down on his cock. And then Denny moaned as his load shot deep in her. She got up and licked off the rest of the cum from his dick and swallowed it. Both spent from fucking lay down on his bed. They rested and when both were ok they fucked at least four more times. Everytime he shot his load in her pussy. They had been dating about three months and Denny had been getting used to her with short hair, But she was letting it grow to be as long as it was before.

They would wait until there was no one home in his or her house and have sex every chance that they could. All the time Denny would shoot his load in her pussy.


Chris would not let him fuck her with a condom on anyway. One afternoon she told Denny that she was not feeling to well.

She made an appointment with her Doctor. She felt it was just the flu since she was on the pill. But it was not the flu.

Chris was pregnant.Her and Denny were going to wait until after graduation to get married. Their daughter was born with blue eyes and blonde hair just like her Mom.