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Xynuudb Chupando piroca no banheiro
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---(Seven)--- The target's name was Gendoran Thriftwind, and Keria was close enough to smell the scent coming off his blonde hair. She'd found him in the loft above his shop--he'd foolishly left the window open. Keria had her legs hooked on one of the rafters and held her upper body out in midair, arms outstretched. She could drop ontop of Gendoran and break his neck, or stab him, or whatever suited her, whenever she wanted, but as eager as she was to get back to Zethriel, she felt as she usually did before a kill.

Keria owed it to her victims to, at the very least, think of them as a person before she killed them. Gendoran emerged naked from the privy and went into another room, but fortunately the white-washed walls ended at the bottom of the rafters. Keria unhooked one leg, so her whole body was held horizontally by nothing but the muscles in her left calf, then used her free leg to leap outward. She grabbed a crossbeam and swung around to land in a crouch atop the far wall.

A large, round bed with blue covers sat in the center of the room, with a dresser and closet on one wall and a door opposite.

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And there were no windows, which was good for Keria, she thought. She expected him to get dressed next, but he just sat on the edge of the bed as though waiting for something.

Keria froze suddenly. Does he know I'm here? But no, that wasn't right. Gendoran was anxious and excited, not resigned or fearful. The answer came only moments later with a knock on the door. "Come in," Gendoran called, making no move to cover himself. The door opened and two identical crimson-haired women walked into the room, wearing nothing but polished black leather boots up to their knees and polished black leather gloves up to their shoulders.

Keria could see a hint of moisture already in their cunts, glinting in the warm yellow glow of the room's lanterns. The dominatrix twins looked at Gendoran and spoke in unison.

"Is our servant ready for his punishment?" "Yes, ma'm." The twins pulled the covers out from under Gendoran, revealing straps sewn into the bed.

There were six: wrists, ankles, belly, and neck. A small phallic protrusion about half the size of an average cock pointed towards the head of the bed from below the belly strap.

"On your knees," commanded one of the twins while the other sat on the bed with her legs spread wide open. Gendoran kneeled and the second twin grabbed his hair and yanked his head down onto her cunt. Keria watched as his tongue went to town on the dominatrix's cunt, eagerly exploring. Meanwhile, the first twin reach under the bed frame and retrieved an ice cube from a small box that must have been a cooler.

While Gendoran lapped her sister's cunt, she fingered herself absently with her free hand, sticking two gloved fingers deep into her and then spreading the juices over the fake cock mounted in the bed. With Gendoran's face buried between the other twin's legs, she massaged his balls a little bit and then without warning, shoved the ice cube all the way into Gendoran's ass until it disappeared.

"Ahhhhhaaaaa!" he yelped into the moaning dominatrix's cunt. His sudden exclamation drove his mouth down harder and she gasped, panting, "Yes, that's it! Make me cum with that tongue! AhhhOHHH!" The twin who's cunt juices lubricated the fake cock grabbed Gendoran's legs and flipped him over. Her sister seized his arms and the forced him down on his back spread eagle, then the one who had his legs yanked him down, forcing the fake cock up Gendoran's ass.

He managed to avoid making a sound except for a sharp intake of breath. His cock stood straight up, stiff as a board and huge. One of the dominatrices patted it while she fastened the belly-strap, saying, "Good boy," while the other tied a blindfold around his head.

"Are you going to fuck me soon?" Gendoran asked, groaning with anticipation. "No questions," said the twin by his head. She reached under the bed and brought out a jaw brace that would hold his jaw open so he couldn't talk but could still use his tongue if they wanted it. With that final touch, Gendoran was rendered completely and utterly helpless.

Perfect, thought Keria, as a plan began to form in her mind. The twins were rubbing lube of some kind on Gendoran's body now, one starting at his face and the other at his feet.

They met at his throbbing cock, licking it faintly around the head. He made an unintelligible vocalization. "I said quiet," one of the twins commanded. She made sure she was obeyed by straddling his face and pressing her cunt down on his mouth.

The other was grinding her own cunt on different parts of Gendoran's lubed body in turn as she teased his cock with a lick here, then a lick there.

In the rafters, Keria was moving into position, unseen and trying to keep her heaving breathing quiet.

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Despite her considerable will, her body was responding to what she was seeing, and she could feel a little trickle of wetness creeping down toward her thigh. It made her think of all kinds of things she might want Zethriel to do to her. The second dominatrix scooted back so her ass was touching her sister's over Gendoran's neck, and took his cock into her mouth, slowly and carefully, so he wouldn't cum, but deeply enough that it drove him up a wall.

He pulled at his bonds and moaned, but he couldn't move at all. At some unspoken signal, the twins got up off him. This was Keria's chance. She readied the makeshift noose she'd rigged.

As the twin who'd been on his face moved around to straddle him, hovering her cunt just barely out of reach of his cock, Keria shifted so she was braced in midair by her legs again, this time, facing upward. The licking twin was walking around the bed coming closer to where Keria waited. She closed her eyes and listened to the footsteps.

Keria heard the other one impale herself on Gendoran's cock, just as the first walked beneath her. Jerking the noose, Keria let herself fall backwards and reached down to grab the dominatrix around the neck. She yanked the fire-haired woman into the rafters and put her down with a precise blow to the head. It could not have gone more perfectly, thought Keria.

The remaining twin was silenced by the lack of air, and Gendoran's cock was big enough that she could not move far enough back or sideways to get her feet under her. The dominatrix's slippery hands clawed futilely at the rope as she thrashed, probably giving Gendoran the ride of his life, and best of all, Gendoran himself had no idea anything was wrong. Now it was time to have a little fun, Keria decided, stripping off her leathers.

If he had to die she could at least let him go out in style. She climbed over his face, mimicking the twin's voice. "You don't breathe until I cum." With that, Keria pressed her soaked cunt into his mouth and rested her whole weight on his face. Gendoran immediately set to work. His tongue had slightly better reach, but was slow and clumsy compared to Zethriel's.

Keria was in no danger of him holding up his end of the bargain. While she waited for him to realize that he'd already taken the last breath he ever would, Keria watched the dominatrix struggle, bulging eyes staring in astonishment at the harmless-looking girl on Gendoran's face.

Her wild, desperate attempts to get her footing were giving his cock quite the treatment, and just as Keria was thinking that, he went ridgid and came so hard that the dominatrix stopped her struggles for a second.

Gendoran was starting to realize something was wrong, but the restraints held fast and the lube mixed with Keria's cunt juices sealed off any hope of getting air. The dominatrix passed out then, just in time before his cock became soft enough that she could get off it. Gendoran tried one last time to suck air from somewhere, but only succeeded in sucking on Keria's clit and making her even wetter.

Finally he stopped struggling. Keria waited a few more moments to be sure, then climbed off him and checked his pulse to make sure he was dead.

He was. "I'm sorry," she whispered. "May the Unconquered Sun watch over your spirit." Keria pulled her leathers on again and let the first twin down from the rafters, positioning her where Keria had been on Gendoran's face, laying her down across his chest.

She took the noose off the other one and laid her ontop of her sister. With one last check to make sure nothing in the room betrayed her, Keria went back into the other room and out the window. It was still dark--the whole ordeal had taken only fifteen minutes or so. Lucky. And in a corner of the room, where she would have been plainly visible if not for the magic cloaking her, a third fire-haired woman watched the assassin and the lesser-cloaked succubus slip away. She was not identical to the two who lay atop Gendoran's dead body, though one who saw them together would mark them as family, even though they weren't.

As she studied the young girls work with cold eyes, the barest hint of a smile tugged at her lips. ---(Eight)--- An array of runes with a faint golden coloring floated transparently in the center of the room. Zethriel studied the results as he drew each new rune into the matrix.

It was kind of like a puzzle, he thought, only instead of a static set of rules governing the results of each action, it was the nether's whim.

A stirring of air moved the curtains; Keria was back. She took one look at Zethriel, still naked, and in only a few seconds she had her daggerbelt on the floor and the upper half of her leathers tossed aside, as she slid into Zethriel's waiting arms. He breathed a deep sigh of relief. "How'd it go?" he asked.

"It went," she replied simply, almost leaping up to kiss him hungrily. Her naked torso pressing into his felt so warm and soft as her tongue dug into his mouth. Her arms were tight around his neck, locking them together. Keria squirmed sideways and giggled when his rising cock poked her belly-button.

Smiling, Zethriel touched her cheek. "It feels as though we've been apart for days, my love." "I know," she said, smiling and slipping an arm around his waist. "What's that?" Zethriel demonstrated by adding another rune to the swirling array. "It's a Rune Matrix." "Oh! I heard about these. What are you using it for?" He smiled at her. "Nothing. I just wanted to see if I could build one. I have it running in a loop." She grinned and kissed him. Zethriel held her tight with one hand on her neck and an arm around the small of her back, playing with her tongue as his eyes drifted closed.

His semi-hard cock was squeezed upright between them. Gently caressing her sides, Zethriel slid his hands down into Keria's pants to rest on her hips. She wiggled under his hands and he felt her lips smile.

Slowly, he pushed her pants down, sliding his hands over her hips and down her thighs. "You're always so wet," he breathed. Keria giggled. "When you touch me I can't help it. Just thinking about you makes me hot." Grinning, Zethriel left Keria's pants around her ankles and pulled her closer, her warm, soft skin sliding under his hands as he caressed his way up to her torso. "And nothing, my love, makes me want you more than thinking about how much you want me," he rumbled softly.

Trailing his mouth across her chest, his lips found a nipple. Keria let out a little squeak as Zethriel started sucking on it. Wrapping his right arm around the small of her back, he stood up, lifting her clear off the ground and crushing her belly into his chest as his tongue drew quick circles around her nipple. Zethriel let his free hand cup her other breast while she wound her fingers into his hair and gently squeezed his now-hard cock with her thighs.

"Oh, I love you, Zethriel," she breathed. He carried her to the bed and laid her down gently on her back, crawling up and letting his lips hover over hers, just barely touching, before falling hard onto her mouth, embracing her tongue with his own. His hands were everywhere.

Keria let a long, sigh-like moan of satisfaction into Zethriel's mouth as his hands trailed over her skin, touching her sides, sliding over her breasts, her arms, her hips, and back up again. The continuing tension in her loins seemed at odds with the utter relaxation that came with Zethriel's caress. He was still on his knees, bent over to kiss her, and she tried to arch upwards to touch him or else pull him down onto her but she couldn't quite manage it.

Breaking off the kiss, Zethriel crawled backwards, falling onto the bed with a bounce. Somehow, Keria's legs were draped over his shoulders, but she could not remember who had put them there. Zethriel's soft hands kneaded her ass cheeks as he tickled her mound with his nose. She could feel a few drops of her wetness running down her crack, but even with him teasing her so, Keria could do no more than lay back, limp, with a smile on her face that wouldn't go away.

She could feel only Zethriel's breath on her cunt at first, but a tremor ran through her like wildfire when the tip of his tongue slid up her what felt like a bare hairsbreadth away from her desperate lips. She squirmed, trying to get his tongue into her cunt as he did it again.

The third time, he licked right up the middle of her cunt, grazing the soaked skin so gently it almost felt like the sudden knotting-up of her cunt muscles was untriggered. "Quit teasing," she whimpered half-heartedly. Zethriel licked her again, the tip of his tongue just barely parting the folds of her labia and lifting away as it skimmed Keria's clit more lightly than she had thought possible.

Squirming as her insides twisted themselves even tighter, she moaned again. Suddenly, his tongue lashed out like a whip, burrowing through her juices to part her waiting flesh and then sliding up over her clit. Something resembling a shockwave made her whole body thrash violently, but somehow she didn't cum. Zethriel landed several soft kisses on her slit, each one making her body jump like small electric shock. Then, at long last, he slowly but firmly pressed his lips into her wanton cunt and stuck his warm, squirming tongue deep inside her.

His lips worked on her clit as his tongue undulated in and out, over and over at a pace that was just slow enough that she thought if the thrust had come a microsecond sooner, she would have cum. After what could have been a few minutes or a few hours, when she thought she was about to get delirious again, Zethriel's desire seemed to finally win out over his control and he started lapping unrestrained, his tongue intent on licking up every last bit of her juice.

In only seconds the knot in her exploded and her whimpers of pleasure turned into shouts and gasps. Zethriel seemed lost in her, and kept going with no sign of slowing. His tongue was hard, fast, and eager, and Keria convulsed again, and again, and again. Zethriel's tongue wouldn't let her come down from one orgasm and made her have another and another as if the one before it hadn't happened.

It all blurred together until Keria couldn't tell if she'd just had another orgasm or was about to have one. Each wave of pleasure made her body thrash and forced a gasp out of her as every last sensation was eroded away until nothing remained but pure orgasmic bliss. Zethriel's tongue went on and on until even the waves blended together. Keria closed her eyes and let time slip away.

Zethriel didn't know or care how long he was at it. He was enjoying himself to much, watching Keria pant and feeling the convulsions caused by his wriggling tongue. His cock was rock hard beneath him, but he didn't care. All he cared about was how much pleasure he could make his lover feel. When he had her in pure ecstasy like this was the only time he ever felt worthy of her. Always, the thought that Keria loved him was like a burning star in the murkiness of his other thoughts.

He would not take it for granted, he thought vehemently. He would have gone on eating her out forever, if he didn't know that eventually the pleasure would be replaced with exhaustion. Already her continuous succession of orgasms were weakening. Zethriel slowed himself and, after a few gentle kisses, lifted his mouth off Keria's cunt reluctantly.

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She rolled onto her side, panting. Eyes still closed, her hand stretched feebly towards him. Zethriel layed down and spooned up behind her, his cock forcing its way through her thighs to poke out as if it were her's.

He lifted her leg a little, and pushed his straining cock into her sopping cunt, the tight flesh parting wetly as he slid in, careful not to push to fast, as the smallest twitch would probably have set him off. Also, he wanted Keria's next orgasm to be as strong as her first, and it would be a while before that could happen.

Once inside her, with her cunt twitching around his cock, he draped his arm over her, pulling her closer and gently stroking her cheek as he kissed her just below her ear. "I love you beyond expression," he whispered, and she smiled. ---(Nine)--- Keria lay dazed, her whole body tingling.

The way she felt, she would not be surprised if her skin was glowing. Zethriel's throbbing cock, buried deep, felt as much a part of her as anything else. Spooning as they were, it filled her perfectly, even putting a gentle pressure on the roof of her cunt right at that one spot that made her wetter than the bath.

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Lacing her fingers with Zethriel's under her chin, she pulled his arm around her tighter and moaned a long, soft moan that was more of a vocalized sigh.

With his warm chest pressed into her back and his whole body cradling hers, Keria smiled, thinking she had finally gotten what she'd always wanted, and it was everything she had imagined and more. They lay together like that for most of the rest of the morning. Keria was astonished that he could stay hard that long without cumming or growing uncomfortable, but if anything, he was half-asleep when tension began to build in her loins again and her wetness started trickling down onto the bed.

Zethriel seemed to notice, squeezing her hand and kissing her neck. She shivered, not at his touch of course, but at the way it made every part of her that wasn't touching him feel. Even the tiny motion made her gasp as Zethriel's cock moved slightly against her insides.

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Against that one special spot in the roof of her cunt. She twisted her neck to get her lips on his and he met her kiss hungrily. Drawing his hand away from hers, Zethriel ran a finger lightly over each of her nipples.

As she tried to wrap her tongue around his, he slid his hand down, feeling the soft skin of her belly until his palm rested on her mound right where his cock pressed from inside her. He began to rub slow circles, gently massaging her flesh against his cock from the outside.

Each circle sent fire into her body, and when he extended a finger to brush her clit, she gasped as her muscles knotted and then burst. As her cunt spasmed around his cock, she felt her lover go rigid and hot cum bathe her insides. Surprised at how quickly she had cum, Keria let her head fall back onto Zethriel's arm. She was panting and her juices had gathered in an almost embarrassingly large pool under their hips.

When she had recovered enough of her wits--and breath--she said, "It's a good thing sex doesn't stain." The pair of them chuckled softly.

She turned herself in his arms so she was facing him and brushed his lips with hers. One of her legs slid between his. "Gods, you're beautiful," he rumbled. Keria smiled, realizing it was the first time he had ever remarked on her looks. "I think it's incredibly sexy how you never make a sound but shake like crazy when you cum," she replied, and promptly blushed. Zethriel blushed too, and they both realized the absurdity of it at the same time and burst out laughing. "We're a strange pair." "I'd hope so.

If we were normal, we'd be looking elsewhere by now." Their smiles froze and faded away, and for a second, each saw their own expression in the other's face. "I love you," they said in unison, and didn't even laugh. Telak Cloudcrawler stared at the bundle in his hands, still unsure as to exactly what he was doing. His feet carried him through the streets of Silvermoon under the afternoon sun. He could swear people were watching him, but he told himself sternly that it was only his imagination.

Telak had a talent for never seeming out of place. "I must be mad," he muttered under his breath for what must have been the hundredth time.

It had all seemed so simple. Telak shook his head. Never trust a Nameless, no matter how intoxicating she might be.

With a start, he again realized just what it was she had talked him into doing, and added another, "I must be mad." Tightening his grip on the bundle, Telak quickened his step. That evening, Zethriel sat down across from Keria at the small table in her room, smiling at the miniature feast he'd had Kalrah bring them.

Juicy lion-steak, outlander fruit, crisped potato strips, and chilled sweetwater. A triad of miniature crystal lanterns floated silently just over their heads. They had even dressed for the occasion, if you could call it that.

Zethriel was still bare-chested, wearing only his black silk shorts, and Keria wore only a sheer, green silk longvest.

It was enough for them. Zethriel picked out the best-looking tellariberrie and fed it to Keria across the table. Her tongue brushed his fingertips as she took it from him. Smiling and without taking his eyes off her, Zethriel ripped a bite out of his steak and chewed absently. "What would you have done?" Keria wondered. "I mean, what were you planning on doing as a newly trained Warlock before we met up?" "I don't know. I had a vague idea about traveling the southern lands," he told her, "I did want to learn the common tongue the rest of the Horde uses." Zethriel paused a moment.

"I thought myself devoid of any great aspiration, but as it turns out I do have one." Keria opened her mouth as though to ask what, but before the word came out she smiled, reading the obvious answer in Zethriel's face.

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"That's sweet." "It's true," he said. "I don't care where life takes us, as long as we're together. The only thing I aspire to is to be worthy of the love you feel for me." She looked at him, eyes drinking him in. "You are, my love. You're thoughtful, kind, clever, gentle, and selfless." "I'm very glad you think so," he replied, grinning. "I don't know how right you are, but I'm glad you think so, my love.

I'm fairly sure I'm not selfless, in any case." "You are when it counts, I think," she giggled. "You definitely are in bed." Zethriel chuckled, nodding. "The way I see it, I might as well be using my hand if I'm more concerned with myself than with you." He said it like it was common sense. Keria grinned and bit off the last of her steak, thinking how lucky she was that the man she loved loved her back just as much.

"You'd be amazed how rare that school of thought is." Zethriel shrugged, smiling over his glass. They finished up the meal and went to take turns relieving themselves. Keria went first, and after Zethriel emerged she slid her arms around him and kissed him, long, hard, and tenderly. "Hey," he whispered suddenly.

"Would you like to dance with me?" "Dance?" He nodded. "I've seen dances but I've never danced before. It'd be nice to try it." She kissed him again.

"I'd love to." Zethriel stepped back, and his hands suddenly glowed with a golden light. In the air around them, the light seemed to coalesce, forming several shapes vaguely resembling harps, longflutes, and other things.

A moment later the light was gone from Zethriel's hands, but the floating, ethereal instruments remained. Keria tried to examine them, but then Zethriel was holding her again, staring down at her with those deep emerald eyes, and the instruments ceased being important.

Gradually, music emerged from the air, building up to a slow but powerful composition of soft, haunting tones and smooth riffs. It wasn't like anything Keria had ever heard before. "So beautiful," she murmured.

They swayed in a leisurely circle in time with the haunting melody, sometimes kissing, sometimes leaning their foreheads together, sometimes just looking at one another.

Every once in a while the music would change slightly so as not to get stale, but always it was gentle yet powerful and always haunting. Almost without meaning to, Keria danced a little closer with each change as the hours slipped by. Well into the night, when she had gotten Zethriel fairly hard, he reached his hand under her vest and between her legs from behind. One finger slid along her cunt, tenderly massaging her in time with their step. She sighed into his chest and then kissed him again.

They danced forever and that wasn't long enough. As his magic gave them music, he held her and swayed. Even with his finger brushing her cunt, he didn't care if they never stopped.

Keria felt so unbelievably warm and soft in his arms, as always. A part of him. If she wasn't in his arms Zethriel was not himself. Not complete. Eventually, with moonlight slanting in through the window, Keria pulled him to the bed. Zethriel ended up on top for a change, once he'd shucked his shorts and Keria had let the vest fall from her shoulders. With his usual care, his cock split the wet lips of her cunt.

She trembled as he slid into her warm confines. Pressing her into the cushions with his weight, Zethriel slid his arms under hers and kissed her, thrusting with a smooth rolling of his hips in time with the music. She flung her arms around his back, running her hands through his hair as her legs came up around his ass.

Zethriel went on with the rocking, his cock coming out about halfway before sliding back into Keria's waiting depths, moving with the beat. As the tension built, Zethriel picked up the pace. Keria moaned and squeezed him tighter each time his cock plowed through her wet flesh. His cock strained, ready to burst, but he took his mind away for a moment and the feeling subsided to something controllable. Zethriel held it back only a little longer; Keria's moans became punctuated by gasps and suddenly her cunt spasmed, clenching his cock.

He thrust into her extra hard one last time and went over the edge with her. The feeling built up, rising through him. Everywhere his skin touched her he seemed to shake with sensation. Zethriel's whole body burned with it as it overtook him. "Oh, I love you," he moaned as his cock erupted, filling her with his cum.

He clung to her and she to him, gasping and shaking. A nimbus of heat seemed to cradle them. Zethriel clutched her to him, breathing her in and sighing. Lifting his head, Zethriel's lips skittered over Keria's as he looked into her eyes. The afterglow was long in fading. Very slowly, he rolled off her. Her head came to rest on his shoulder as he nuzzled her neck. She snuggled up to him, draping a leg over one of his.

Stroking Keria's hair, Zethriel pulled the covers over them and sank into the bed. ---(Ten)--- The next morning, Zethriel woke on his side with Keria curled against his chest and the late morning sun glaring in through the curtains, making the cloth seem to glow. He was hard again, his cock squeezed between her thighs. Keria's arms were crossed over her chest, holding Zethriel's hand to her heart.

Bracing himself up on his other arm, Zethriel watched her sleep, gently brushing a stray hair off her face and lightly caressing her cheek with the back of his middle and index finger. Keria let out something that could only be described as a purr and her hands tightened on his. With a flicker of arcane power, the taps on the tub across the room turned on and began to fill it. In the mean time, he let his head fall back onto the pillow behind Keria's.


She was beginning to stir, but only to tug his arm as though she sought to wrap herself in it like a blanket. Zethriel moved his hand under her's, delicately pinching one nipple, then the other, while lightly kissing her neck. At last, her eyes fluttered open with a yawn. Zethriel smiled at her. "Good morning, my love." Keria turned in his arms, rolling him onto his back. Ontop of him, with elbows on either side of his neck, she rested her chin on her knuckles and smiled back.

His cock lay lodged between her ass cheeks. Zethriel reached up to brush the hair away from her eyes as he had while she slept. "Today has that feeling, doesn't it," she said. "A day for adventure." "Adventure?" She shrugged, all girlish smile. Her breasts were squashed on his chest and her warm body resting on his made him want to lay there forever, but Keria was right.

He did feel a bit brighter and more energetic than usual. Zethriel's arms went around her as she kissed him. Keria slid her hands into his hair as she played with his tongue. Zethriel lost himself in the heat of their embrace, caressing her back with a gentle touch. Tongues twining languidly, he felt Keria grin suddenly. "Hey, I've an idea," she murmured onto his lips. Zethriel looked at her questioningly, but she only grinned more broadly. Sitting up, Keria turned around and crawled backwards until her cunt was hovering just over his face.

Grinning, Zethriel slid his arms between and around her legs, hands finding a firm grip on her ass as he lifted his head to lick her waiting folds. Keria settled down, letting her weight onto him again. Breathing in her scent, his tongue parted her flesh as his lips worked on her's. Suddenly warm lips touched the head of his cock and he gasped into Keria's cunt. "Now I finally get to taste you, my love," she giggled.

He groaned into her wet folds as his cock was enveloped. Keria's butterfly tongue tickled and teased while he kept his tongue worming its way through her sensitive flesh. Twitching tremors ran through his body as Keria made it feel like five things were happening to his cock at once.

Zethriel moaned into her and she wriggled atop him as his tongue worked in her now-soaked cunt. As he kneaded her ass and licked her out for all he was worth, he felt a finger worming its way into his ass and almost breathed in the very skin of Keria's cunt.

Replying in kind, Zethriel reached down next to his face with one hand and bathed his middle finger in her juices. Once wet, he slid the finger teasingly between her ass cheeks until, with an extra feverant wriggling of his tongue in her cunt, he slid into her up to the second knuckle. It was her turn to gasp, and it felt like she was trying to swallow his cock right off his body. That in turn caused him to moan loudly into her cunt, making her squirm on top of him.

After fingering each other's ass while sucking and licking and tonguing for what could have been a minute or half an hour, Keria stopped suddenly, lifting her cunt off Zethriel's mouth and turning to face him as she straddled his chest.

Both were panting, Zethriel with his cock sticking up harder than it had even been, coated with Keria's spit, and her leaking cunt juices onto his chest. Without thinking, Zethriel's hands slid up her belly to cup her breasts. "Mmm," she moaned, her hands going to his. She looked down at him. "Bring Kalrah over." Wondering what she was up to, Zethriel had the succubus, suddenly visible, come to the bed, his hand waving to vanish her plated armor.

Keria got up off the bed, pulling him to his feet with her. At Keria's instruction, Kalrah lay down on the bed face up, with her head pointing towards the pair of them with her knees drawn up.

Then Keria, without letting go of Zethriel's hand, layed on her back ontop of the succubus, settling her ass over the demon's mouth while leaning back on Kalrah's legs. Kalrah grabbed Zethriel's cock in her hands, pulling him to Keria's soaked cunt.

The demon's tongue was already working its way into Keria's ass. Her juices rand down to drip across Kalrah's face. As Keria grinned at him, Zethriel pushed his throbbing cock into her hot depths, straddling Kalrah's face until he was buried to the hilt. Keria's cunt seized around his shaft and she threw her arms around his neck.

He was right on the edge. They both were. Kalrah's tongue wriggled in Keria's ass and on his balls at the same time as the demon's tail snaked its way up Zethriel's leg and forced itself into his ass. Before a noise could escape him, Keria's mouth came up to meet his. Inside her tight, hot, soaked cunt, his cock strained desperately as her muscles gripped him, rippling involuntarily around his hard shaft.

Breath ragged, Kalrah's tongue and tail working on them both finally tipped them over the edge. Almost screaming into each other's mouths, Keria's cunt suddenly convulsed like a suspension bridge snapping as his cock pulsed violently within her. As the second most powerful orgasm she'd ever had overtook her, Keria's arms clutched at her lover, bringing him to her with all the strength in them. The weight forced Kalrah's knees apart and Keria fell back between them with Zethriel landing ontop of her.

The succubus' tail fell out of Zethriel's ass with a soft pop. "Oh gods, that was good," he mumbled into Keria's hair. "You have no idea," she replied, breathless. Keria's cunt let off a few residual ripples, flexing around Zethriel's cock which was only just starting to go soft. Beneath her, Keria could feel Kalrah trying to grind her cunt on Keria's spine, but at the moment she didn't care.

Once they had caught their breath, Zethriel got up off her and came around to pick her up. She settled into his arms, smiling as she listened to his heartbeat, head on his chest. He waved a hand, but instead of the armor appearing on Kalrah like she expected, manacles of black light snatched the demon's wrists and ankles. The succubus was carried to the wall, where it was pinned with its legs drawn up, the ankle manacles merging with the wrists.


A massive cock coalesced from the black light, three times as thick as Zethriel's and twice as long; the thing was almost as big as Keria's leg. With a flick of Zethriel's fingers, the unglowing cock slammed into Kalrah's cunt, burying itself completely, then proceeding to fuck her soaked flesh mercilessly.

Keria's eyes widened, but the succubus only closed her eyes and mouthed, "yes," over and over. "Even a demon needs release sometimes," he said.

Keria smiled, settling back against his chest. Zethriel stroked her hair for a few minutes, then carried them to the bath. It was already filled. He stepped into the water and went limp, dunking the both of them.

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The hot water seemed to soak into her skin. Keria surfaced slowly, letting her buoyancy lift her out of Zethriel's arms. He surfaced behind her, hands sliding up her sides to cup her breasts, his lips finding her neck. They took turns washing each other, taking their time with it, often pausing to hold each other or kiss at length. Keria had another job today, but her assignment wouldn't be at the dropbox for another quarter of an hour.

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Zethriel's hands were washing her under her arms and down her sides, so she let out a long sigh of contentment and settled back. Once they were clean and dry, Keria picked up her leathers and said, "Let's go out today." "Out where?" Keria shrugged.

"How about the party pier? There's usually something fun going on down there." A moan from Kalrah interrupted his reply. The rug under where the succubus was pinned had gathered a pool of her juices. Zethriel waved a hand and the unglowing manacles and cock vanished, dropping Kalrah on the floor.

A moment later her armor rematerialized. Keria watched the demon with a mild curiosity. Suddenly Zethriel had Keria in his arms and had picked her up off the ground to twirl her around. He smiled at her and she giggled as he set her down. "Sounds good," he said, kissing her.


He went to dress, Keria watching him as he donned his black silks, trimmed in gold. Once Zethriel was dressed, Keria finished getting into her leathers before sliding her arms around him and kissing him.

"Soon as I'm done," she promised him, turning to go. "I love you, Zethriel." "I love you too, Keria." Keria went over the rail and after a moment of freefall with the wind rushing through her hair and the late morning sun caressing her face, her feet hit pavement and she walked along as if she'd been there the whole time.

Nobody gave her a second glance. She was smiling as she made her way to the dropbox, thinking about party pier and her and Zethriel's date. A perfect day. As always, a tiny slip of parchment waited for her with the name of her next target.

Smoothly she retrieved it without drawing attention to herself and. stared at it, eyes not seeing. Gradually, the smile faded as comprehension dawned on her. The world around her blurred, sounds fading to muffled hints, as her heart felt like it was collapsing in on itself.

A single whimpered, "no," escaped her lips and then she was gone, running like she'd never run before. Where she had stood not a moment earlier there was no sign of her but echoing footfalls and that tiny slip of parchment, drifting through the air to alight gently on the polished paving stones.

The bright sunlight caught the ink, making the words written on the thing--the name of the person Keria was supposed to kill--stand out clearly. The words read, "Zethriel Nethergale."