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Beautiful ebony girl Skin Diamond
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living dead "Home from war" By Mary Looney Its hard having a military husband, its been three years now that William has been over seas. Lucy our daughter just had her fifth birthday and the only way they get to see each other is through webcam, pictures and letters its hard for me so see the hurt in Williams eyes when he sees how big she's gotten. Lucy asks me every day mommy when is daddy is coming home, how do you explain to a child that you don't know when daddy will come home and when he does come home it may be in a casket.

I hadn't been home long from taking Lucy to her first day of school when I got a knock on the door, it was a uniformed officer with yellow Western Union envelope and also he held a envelope containing a letter from William that he hadn't yet mailed it was a bithday card for Lucy. Hello can I help you I asked, are you Mrs. Berry "yes" I replied with tears starting to wail up in my eyes, I knew exactly why this officer was at my door, my husband was dead. Ma'am I am sorry for your loss I now present you with this letter, your husbands body will be here tomorrow and the funeral will be discussed at your convenience.

Thank you I said through sobs, I cant believe this we just spoke to William two days ago and now he is dead. After closing the front door I slowly made my way to the kitchen table, opening the envelope hot tears still streaming my face I pulled out the card that William had made for Lucy it was pink with a pretty white flower on the front that said daddy's little princess is turning five, on the inside he had glued a picture of him holding her after she was born.

How was I going to tell Lucy that her daddy is gone forever but he will live on in our hearts and memories. Ring ring Ring ring I jumped at the sound of the phone ringing I thought it would be Williams mother calling because she would have just heard about her son and was wanting to make sure I was doing okay, but the name that came up was for the morgue, maybe Martha was already there.

I grabbed a tissue and wiped my runny nose then I answered the phone, hello Martha … Martha? Silence is all I got from the other end of the line then moaning ah okay who is this I demanded, then from the other end the voice whispered "William." that's not funny William died at war so please just tell me who this is or im going to hang up the phone, once again the voice whispered William, I slammed the phone down and broke out in tears again, the back of the phone and the phone battery both were laying on the kitchen floor.

I put the phone back together and dialed Williams mother Martha, hello um I guess that you've heard about William I ah I really don't know how to tell lucy and I was just wondering If she could stay over for the weekend. After picking up lucy I told her that I was taking her to her grandma Martha's house for the weekend, she smiled and giggled.

We headed over to Martha's and I left lucy giggling and happy as a clam. I drove on over to the hospital so I could see Williams body. my stomach started to churn and I suddenly felt sick. I walked up to the nurses desk, I'm here to see my husbands body that was brought in the other day.

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She just looked at me like she had no idea what I was talking about, I took a long deep breath and said it again- I am here to see the body of my husband he's military his name is William Berry could you point me in the direction of someone who can help me please.

Ah Mrs. Berry I am Dr. Ashford I have been expecting you, please come this way and we will go down to the morgue. Its cold in here I blurted out, knowing why it has to be so cold. Yes im sorry for that came the reply from Dr. Ashford. Dr. Ashford pulled the silver handle on the door to the fridge that held Williams body, I could feel the tears starting down my cheeks-my tears were warm on my cold cheeks. Are you okay asked Dr. Ashford.

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Yes I'll be just fine I just really don't want to see William this way I'd rather remember him the way he was …alive.

Yes I do understand your wanting that replied Dr. Ashford. He pulled out the long silver table that William was laying on out of the freezer, I heard a loud click as the table locked in place, Dr. Ashford pulled the blanked from over Williams head so that I could see his handsome face. It was all so surreal seeing him just laying there, he looked peaceful as if he's just asleep.

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Turning to Dr. Ashford I asked him-may I touch him or is that not allowed?


Oh yes go ahead you may I'll just step out so you can have some privacy answered Dr. Ashford. After he stepped out I leaned down close to Williams ear and whispered to him, William I love you so much and so does Lucy, I prayed every night that you would come home but not like this not not dead I wish that I could have just one more night with you… one more night to hold you and tell you again how much I love you just to here you say it back.

I gasped as I took hold of his glacier like hand, William I need you so much you have no idea do you the way that I need you, I leaned in over his face and started crying my tears falling all over Williams face I leaned in closer and kissed his pale blue frozen lips.


Dr. Ashford stepped back into the room and said in a low voice. um Mrs.

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Berry I'm sorry but I have to get him back in the freezer, Yes okay im sorry I replied wiping my tears away. Now I knew that he was gone but I still didn't want to believe that William was gone but I had to pull myself together for Lucy's sake I knew that she was safe and happy and her grandmothers house. The sun felt so good on my skin as I stepped out of the hospital. The drive home really sucked because all I could think of was Williams cold ,blue ,dead face.

I pulled into my driveway right next to Williams red Chevy truck he was so proud of that old truck he bought it when me and him first meet he completely restored it. I put my purse and keys on the small table next to the front door, I could hear the annoying beeping sound coming from my answering machine.

Martha had called to see how it went at the hospital and my mother called to talk about taking Lucy to the fair. I wasn't to hungry so I just ate a ham sandwich and locked the front door, shutting off the lights along the way to my bedroom. Thump thump &hellip.thump thump. I woke up startled to loud thumping noises like someone throwing bounce balls at my back door, I reached into my dresser drawer pulling out my pistol William had given me.

Walking slowly down the hall pistol out in front of me I turned into the kitchen and stopped dead in my tracks there was some on standing outside my backdoor oh my god I gasped, I grabbed the phone and dialed 9-1-1 I put the phone to my ear It wasn't ringing my phone wasn't working at all who ever was knocking on my backdoor must have cut the phone line.

Walking slowly towards the door I yelled out I called the police, which was a huge lie and I have a gun I will shoot. But the thumping just continued the man was just standing there swaying back and forth bumping his head on the glass.

I pulled open the curtain pointing the gun at the man, oh shit I mumbled no way I am dreaming this has to be a really fucked up dream, standing outside my backdoor was William pale and naked then he called my name.

please Grace let me in he asked oh god I whispered. Its just a dream its just a dream I kept repeating to myself, so what will it hurt to open the door and let him into our house. I unlocked the backdoor and opened it slowly, still pointing the pistol at him. William why are you here I asked. He stood there swaying back and forth looking blankly at me. He replied in a low whisper I need you Grace.

I just stepped back and he walked in the way he moved so slow and stiff I shut and locked the door behind him, I turned on the kitchen light and turned to look at William he had his back turned to me I could see a bullet hole in his back even then I couldn't help but to stare at his body so masculine so rugged even after death he was a sexy man still though I knew this must just be a really messed up dream brought on by seeing him earlier in the day.

William please turn around and look at me let me see you, William slowly turned to face me. Oh I cried he had a bullet hole through where his heart had been and a big y on his chest I could see the stitches. I put my pistol down on the table and made my way slowly towards him, I paused oh god the smell that was radiating off of William was god awful I turned and puked a little on the floor.

William why are you here? I asked again, my name was the only thing he said. William turned and walked stiffly down the hall towards the bedroom our bedroom, I wasn't real sure what I should do.

I decided to followed William when I got to the room William was standing next to the bed. William started to moan, I was a little thrown off by his moaning William what are you doing I asked.

I walked a little closer and realized that he was touching himself.

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Oh god I said starting to feel my body getting warm and excited by the sight of Williams erection. I walked up to him and the smell didn't bother me anymore all I could think about was how much I wanted him, I slowly took off my gown and he started moaning louder mmmm cried William looking at my naked body my nipples erect.

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He put his hand on top of my head and pushed me to my knees and shoved his stiff member into my mouth, I started puking I couldn't help it he was dead after all and his junks in my mouth. He let go of my head I fell back pushing myself away from him.

I was wet now and ready to make love to my husband. I climbed onto bed laying down on my back, William turned and looked at my naked body and started toward me.

William was over me now the smell coming from his mouth was nauseating he leaned in and kissed my soft red lips I turned my head away as to not puke on myself, he whispered in my ear I love you Grace. I gasped as he slide his hard cold member into my hot wet snatch it took my breath away, he took my breast into his mouth and started to suck and I started to moan it was something I hadn't done in years.

I could feel the cold radiating off of Williams body but my body was hot as could be. He rolled off me and laid flat on his back I knew exactly what to do I climbed on top of him trying not to look at the giant y on his chest, I slide down on his stiff cold member and began to ride my dead husband leaned in and told him that I loved him to.

He grabbed my breast and placed it back in his mouth and began licking my nipple he did this also to my other breast, oh god yes I moaned it was amazing. I felt my self having an orgasm then William started to twitch and I could feel his cold seed shoot up inside me, I rolled off of him he turned to look at me and then the most terrifying thing happened he grabbed me told me he loved me and that Lucy and I were going to join him.

I laughed and thought oh boy I really do need to wake up now, I rolled away from William and he bit my side aaahhhh I screamed jumping up out of bed what the fuck I then realized that I wasn't dreaming at all this was real, William is a zombie and now I will be to soon so will Lucy, we will be together as a family again… one happy family.