Sunny leone and huzbend xxx

Sunny leone and huzbend xxx
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Beth Pony Girl 2, Saturday There have been several weeks preparation leading up to yesterday when my boyfriend and one of my best girlfriends (Best&hellip.I may need to redefine that), treated me like a real pony while I pulled them around the old western town on a sulky built for two, I was naked. Today is day two of a three day weekend in the old western town. Today I hear the stable door being unlocked, I am naked except for the permanent fixtures attached to my body, Joe (the blacksmith) puts some food and fresh water in my stable and closes the door, it's still very early, only just breaking day out side.

I take the opportunity to eat and drink and freshen up as best I can. I slept peacefully on my bed of hay albeit it broken through the night by the desire to drive myself to orgasm while reminiscing on the previous day's events.

I now run my hands over my naked body feeling the last few remaining welts from the harder whip lashes that struck my body yesterday, the worst being a little broken skin on the delicate side of my left breast. There the end of the whip had finished its travel with a crack after wrapping itself around my upper body, both breasts and across my nipples.

A while passes&hellip. The stable door opens again, Joe is there and so is Sonia (Best friend ??). Joe takes both my hands and locks them behind my back, he then reaches into his apron pocket, pulls out a dirty well used ball gag and pushes it behind my teeth and secures it behind my head. He clips the forked end of the leash to my nipple rings as usual and hands the other end to Sonia and says "she is all yours now, let me know if she gives you any trouble".

Sonia thanks Joe as he leaves. Sonia is dressed in skin tight shiny black Lycra leggings that start on the upper edge of her bikini line and stop just above her ankle boots.

They are laced as tight as possible along the outside of each leg running from the top of the garment to the ankles but there is still a one inch gap down each side and the skin that is showing is deformed by the criss-cross of the lacing. She is obviously not wearing any underwear, her camel toe is well defined. She wears a sexy leather bustier that wraps around her chest just below her breasts, the dual triangular components of the garment take the weight of each of her globes while concealing barely half of the skin, each nipple is just covered and half of the corresponding areolae are clearly visible in her ample cleavage, the straps disappear over her shoulders.

Around her waist she wears a wide red leather belt heavily stitched along each edge and studded with shiny western stars of varying sizes. Hanging from the belt on the right hand side I can see small gun and holster while a ridding crop hangs from a clip on her left hand side. She wears a pair of black stiletto ankle boots with four inch heels. Honestly she looks stunning and here I am naked awaking from a night sleeping in a stall on a bed of hay.

Sonia says "well how did you sleep ?", a question that is not expected to be answered, "just to let you know while you were laying here, alone, in the filth, Matt and I drank nice wine and we fucked all night", "he ate my pussy, I sucked his cock, I fucked him, he fucked me". She continues "before all this started Matt tracked me down and told me his plans, he said it was important that your close friends knew so they wouldn't be worried when you went missing for three weeks, I told Matt at that time that I can and would like to help so that's why I am here this weekend.

As it turns out I am getting a lot more out of this than I expected." She says "Yesterday was a warm up for today, today there are several events organised you will be entering the pony race and best dress pony competition.

So I am here now to prepare you for your day, Matt will be here later. OH!" she adds, "event organisers advise that tomorrow will be a anything goes day, and poor performers today just might be in for big surprizes tomorrow, so you should do your best.

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Then again I will make sure you do your best" Sonia says, "Ok let's get started, get you cleaned up and dressed". She leads me by the leash pulling hard, stretching my nipples, all I can get out past the ball gag is a grunt but she only laughs and keeps pulling me outside to the water trough. As usual I am tied off to the nearby post so I only have limited movement. Now that I am outside I can see up the street, overnight it has been decorated with small red white and blue triangular flags strung together on strings like a car sales yard.


I can see the three major flag poles have large flags flying in the light breeze. Our country flag is in the centre the two outer flags have images of human ponies. The street hand rails have colourful bunting wrapped around in a neat and orderly manner. There are some "people" ponies and general pedestrian activity further up the street, there appears to be a carnival atmosphere in the town. Sonia has picked up the horse brush and dipped it into the trough to get it wet and then starts scrubbing me, hard.

She is a sadistic bitch, she has that evil smile on her face, she makes me wince in pain as the brush scrubs over my tender breasts. She leaves them red and moves down my chest to my crotch and repeats the process scrubbing hard between my legs and up the crease of my butt continuing all the way up my back.

She breaks away there and concentrates on my thighs and lower legs. While I stand there she disappears for a minute or so and comes back with a razor, "Time to get rid of that pussy stubble" she says and moves in with the razor, dips it in the trough and starts shaving three weeks of growth off my pussy.

Her fingers find their way in my slit and pull the lips out to ensure she can remove the hair from around the softer part of my pussy. She is spending more time than necessary executing this tasks, she can see that I am enjoying the feel of her fingers playing so close to my clit, I think the feeling is enhanced by my humiliation of being naked in a public street being shaved by a woman (my friend) who until yesterday had not seen me naked.

I feel my own moisture mixing with the wetness Sonia is adding with her razor. She runs her fingers around my smooth lips but allows me no release. Sonia grabs a towel and begins to wipe my wet face. "Time for hair and makeup" she says, "I am going to remove your gag but you must not speak" she reaches behind my head and unbuckles the gag strap and removes the ball from between my teeth. As I stretch my jaw I ask her why is she humiliating me so, she removes the crop from her belt and strikes me hard on the arse.

"I told you not to speak" she says, "now shut up or you will get more", as I try to reply she strikes my left boob, it instantly leaves a red square on the upper surface. I get the message, I will be silent, there is little I can do with my hands locked behind my back and my body attached to the post by a leash from my nipple rings . Sonia begins brushing my hair, long stokes, laying it flat on my shoulders and back, she has a number of ribbons in the red white and blue that I can see up the street, as she plats my hair she intertwines the colours alternating them is a sensible pattern so when she is finished I have a multi coloured plat to just below my shoulders and then the remaining length of tangled ribbons hang to the small of my back.

She gives the ribbons a firm tug, my only option is to tilt my head back until I am facing the sky she holds it there as she gently runs her other hand from under my stretched chin along my throat down to by breasts, she fondles my nipples, pull lightly on the rings. I love this attention, I am getting that familiar feeling between my legs.

"Makeup time girl" she says as she tilts my head forward to face her. She now stands in front of my naked body, a little too close maybe as she leans to apply a cream foundation ensuring even coverage over all my face and neck I can feel our breasts occasionally touch. I think she does this on purpose, she uses the sponge to complete the cosmetic base. Then comes the eye shadow and eyeliner, I think there is more going on here but without a mirror I am unable to see however I do feel long strokes leaving the outer corner of my eyes wiping upwards to my hair line.

Is she painting something there? She has the lipstick in her hand, fire red, she tells me to help her by pouting my lips in the necessary way. She applies more than I would have thought necessary however when finished she leans in and kisses me lips to lips, her tongue deep in my throat her free hand covers my right breast and squeezes and of course I naturally respond returning her kiss.

As she pulls away I can see a red stain on her lips from the excess. She runs her tongue slowly around her lips seductively spreading the residual colour evenly while she looks me in the eyes and then touches up my lippy with her long nailed fingers. She seems satisfied…………&hellip. she holds up the ball gag in front of my face and says, "we don't need this anymore" as she picks up a new bridle.

The bridle has similar straps to the one I wore yesterday but has two main differences, the first and most obvious is the large feather like structure, three or four thick feathered fans of red strands, standing vertical from the font centre strap, the tip is at least a foot above the head gear.

The other difference is the bit, it is chrome silver and one piece but it has an open ring formed in the centre maybe 2 inches in diameter.

Sonia positions the head gear over my head being careful to feed the newly platted mane through the straps and insert the bit between my teeth. The ring lays flat on my tongue and is not all that intrusive in my mouth. My tongue plays with the ring slipping in and out, feeling the smoothness of the metal. Sonia adjusts the straps but they are not as tight as yesterday, she connects the reins and then demonstrates the operation of the new head gear.

In its current configuration it is a simple bridle, pull left and head turns left, pull right turn right but then she moves to the side of the bridle and unlocks a small clip and rotates the bit a quarter turn, this forces my mouth fully open until the outer edges of the ring are jammed up behind my teeth, I now have a ring gag for a bit, she reactivates the lock and it is now frozen in that position.

She comes to the front and looks into my mouth, saliva is starting to build and I find it difficult to swallow. She pokes her fingers into my mouth through the ring and reaches the back of my throat, I give a little gag. She laughs as she wipes her fingers on my right breast. "this will do nicely, you will not be able to deny and male today" she says.

She rotates it back to the original position this allows me to relax my jaw. Sonia continues to outfit me in the breast harness, nipple bells and boots, there is no crotch strap or dildos today. She unlocks my wrists from behind my back and relocks them to each side of my waist belt. She locks a hobbling chain to the ankles of each boot, my feet are now restricted to a pace of about two feet. She is now satisfied and begins to lead me around by the leash, she insists that I raise my feet at each step I take until the upper thigh is parallel to the ground.

This is difficult, just barely possible as the movement is somewhat restricted by the hobble chain, each time I do not get the height exactly right she uses the crop on my upper thigh, each time she hits hard with the small leather end, each time I feel shooting pain followed by the visible raising of a new red welt.

After a few minutes both my thighs are stinging in severe pain and glowing red, she gives a little chuckle indicating that she is enjoying the punishment she is dishing out.

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Eventually she turns me back to the stable. As we approach I see Matt and my other girlfriend Karen. Why, what is she doing here? Does everybody get to see me naked and tethered like this. Sonia stops me close to them, I note Karen's mouth is wide open in what appears to be shock at what she is seeing.

Sonia greets the pair and says "I have been preparing our friend here for today's activities, but she has been a naughty girl" as she runs her hands over my naked body paying particular attention to the red thighs and letting her fingers linger around my pussy lips. She motions Karen over and invites her to feel me like she has been doing. Karen is dressed in a conservative country style dress that flows freely from beneath her breasts to just above her Knees, the upper part of the dress is strapless, elastic gatherings holds it around the crest of her boobs and while the fabric does not show a deep cleavage her ample bosom is still well pronounced.

Karen moves in and addresses me "I heard of your fantasy but never expected all of this, how are you feeling". As I start to respond Sonia whips my rump very hard two or three times and reminds me I am not allowed to speak. Sonia then explains to Karen what is happening and again invites her to feel my body.

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Karen soft hands hesitantly touch my shoulders, she gently runs her hands down my outer arms stopping at my wrist cuffs where she tests the security of the bondage rattling the connection between the cuffs and the waist belt. I can see the amazement in her face.

Her hands become more adventurous her fingers follow my waist band till they meet in the middle and then both hands move up to feel the bells attached to my nipple rings, then onto the nipple piercings, she is actually feeling my nipples, her is another one of my girlfriends who has never seen me naked and is now fondling my nipples. She sees the brand and runs her fingers lightly over the damaged skin, I can see the questioning in her eyes.

Sonia is standing close to my right side watching what is going on, she has her fingers in my cunt playing with the shaven folds, I am getting wet with the attention. Karen is running her fingers under the straps of the breast harness Sonia playing with my pussy and Matt is standing by just watching on. Sonia is taking great delight is showing Karen my body, she is now bragging that she can make me cum and invites Karen to feel my wet pussy.

Karen appears a little uneasy as she gently runs her soft hand over my naked skin, cupping the underside of my breasts until she eventually loosens up and allows her fingers to find my pussy. I now feel two sets of fingers playing with my pussy lips, several are probing, I am not sure exactly who's finger are deep into my hole "god it feels good".

I am unable to stop the climax building, I close my eyes and bend my knees opening them a little trying to encourage more pressure from the invaders.

Eventually as the climax explodes I let out a deep moan from behind the bit strapped within my mouth, my tongue tries hard to sop up the excess saliva but is unsuccessful and again spittle runs out the corners of my mouth and down over my breasts. My legs are now weak and the two women who have been playing with me are now discussing the event as though I was not even there. Sonia shows Karen the crop and then strikes my arse a couple of times saying to me "snap out of it, you've had your orgasm, we have work to do".

She suggests to Matt and Karen to move up to the spectator area and get comfortable while she gets me moving for the first couple of events. Best Dressed Pony Sonia looks me up and down and appears relatively satisfied but says she needs to add just a couple of touches for the best dress pony display. She reaches into her shoulder bag and grabs a bottle of roll on body glue then proceeds to roll the glue over my face down my neck and over my boobs. Before the glue can dry she opens a container of multi coloured glitter and sprinkles it onto the glue ensuring she has ample coverage patting it onto my skin paying close attention to spreading it evenly over the upper part of my body, forehead, face and down to my to breasts.

The bells are ringing out as she pats it around my nipples and upper breasts. She sprinkles the leftovers loosely into my hair. She reaches into the bag again and brings out a set of long feathered earrings, they are not for use with pierced ear lobes they have a serrated dog clip on the attaching end. Sonia clips one on each ear and I yelp in pain as the clips bite into my lobe. She gives them each a good tug to set the teeth in place saying "now these should not slip off".

Finally she pulls out a new tail for me, a jet black length of hair that will almost surely touch the ground the other end has the familiar butt plug which she delights in forcing into me dry and with unforgiving force. I do everything I can to relax my muscles to allow entry but she is so rough my body's natural instinct is to resist. FUCK it hurts, I feel like I am splitting but she only laughs.

It slips into place, it is obviously larger than the one I wore yesterday. "Move along" she says, as she leads me up the street without a sulky attached, it feels excitingly, arousingly strange being led by the nipple leash, walking totally naked up the street in front of dressed spectators watching from many vantage points along the way. Often she is not satisfied that my knees are coming up high enough and she whips my arse each time, I struggle getting the pace and form correct with the hobble chain between my boots, there is no let up, my arse must be glowing red by now.

She leads me to the general store and loops the leash around the rail and disappears inside saying "yesterday I saw a nice decoration and thought I would buy it for you today". "Ponies" are obviously fair game at this ranch, as I wait for Sonia to return several people passing take the opportunity to touch me in places that would normally be considered inappropriate. Most just slap my naked arse as they pass but one well-dressed male took the time to jingle my bells and trace the centre of chest all the way to my crotch where he lingered for a few seconds, just long enough to get me wet.

Everybody in the street can see what is happening to me. Sonia returns with a couple of long feathers that almost match the feather assembly standing proud from my head gear. She is holding them by the base, she points the soft end toward my face and tickles my nose and runs it around chin. She says "this is my gift to you today" and without any hesitation she shows me the base of each feather, it's a long 16 gauge piercers needle, and then she drives them one at a time through each of my tits half way between the nipple and my chest from the top to the bottom.

I scream loud, I swear loud in pain and shock, even with the bit between my teeth I can surely be heard up the street. The needles have gone all the way through my tits I feel a little dribble of blood run from the exit point. Sonia looks me in the eyes as she twists the feathers so the face the right way, I can feel every movement deep within my chest, she has that smirk demonstrating how much power she has over me right now, she laughs and tears roll down my face.

She positions the feathers so they stand erect, they are long enough to go past my ears and complete the three feather pattern.

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My tits are stinging, the audience standing by give a little applause of encouragement, I am not sure if the applause is for me and my naked, punctured body or for Sonia. She leads me away as we walk the feathers rock back and forth, I feel every movement deep within my chest.

We continue our walk a little further up the street where a dais has been placed overnight. There is a group of people ponies of various colours and sex. One "filly" that I can see is stunning, her figure perfect, she has been completely shaved from head to toe there is not one hair on her body, she is maybe young twenties.

Except for a few whip marks her well-tanned olive skin is the same colour all over no evidence she has worn clothes for years. She is wearing a head harness similar to mine, her arms are tightly bound behind her back the wrists twisted so they are almost at the back of her neck a short chain locks them to the rear of her head gear.

Her nipples are pierced but they have a common rod threaded horizontally through both nipples, a small padlock at each end so it cannot be removed and several weights clipped to the bar between het tits. The weights drag the nipples down but there is little movement in the firm breasts, they stand erect and proud exaggerated by the way her hands are bound behind her back.

Her cunt has many rings showing on each set of lips but they are locked together by another padlock ensuring there is no access to her hole. Her boots are more than just boots each resembles a foot of a real pony she must stand on her tip toes as they have no heel, the toes are shod with a small horse shoe.

She has a proud smile on her face her master is a male dressed in a fine country style suit he rests his hand on her naked shoulder, occasionally she tilts her head towards him in a sign of tender love. There are two naked male ponies close by, they wear similar pony harnesses and head gear as I do. Each has a mistress in control, they both have erections that any male would be proud of, the base of each penis has a ring which appears to be way too small constricting the blood flow helping to maintain the erect shaft, the pony closest to me has two heavy silver balls hanging from a leather strap wrapped tightly around his own balls.

The other pony's mistress is playing with his cock massaging the tip with gentle but firm strokes. The judges are looking over all the ponies standing before them, when the two judges come to me they study the head gear and look for the ranch brand, "4L's" apparently one cannot be entered in any of the competitions without that brand being displayed either by brand or tattoo.

They study me like they are buying a horse, they touch my body all over, pull my mouth open and peer inside, Sonia whips my arse and tells me to stand still, she is just showing off to other pony masters demonstrating the control she has over me right now. One judge plays with the bells hanging from my nipple rings and then touches the feathers stabbed into my breasts, I wince in pain, Sonia whips my bare arse again telling me to stop complaining. The judge shows the other judge how the feather is free to slide up and down, he accidently pulls it up too far and the needle comes right out of my breast and while it feels good to have it removed he then tries to reinsert it in the same hole.

I should not have to tell you how much it hurts as he takes several attempts to get it right, by the time it is back in position I have tears running down my face.

Sonia just laughs and says to the Judges "she loves the pain" and she reaches for my cunt and brings back wet fingers to show them the truth, I realise I am actually excited……&hellip. she just might be right. The judges move away and a few minutes announce the winner in two categories, one male and one female.

I did not win, Sonia is pissed off and she whips my arse a couple of times. She moves over to talk to the mistress who is playing with her pony's cock.

After a brief exchange Sonia reaches down and takes over masturbating him, his mistress is running her hands all over his body and nibbling on his neck. It is obvious with the two women paying that type of attention to him he is about to cum, Sonia pumps harder, her fingers are focusing on the smooth head and as he begins to shoot his load she covers the end of his member with her hand to catch as much of the cum as she can, I can see she is having trouble catching and holding it all as it runs out between her fingers.

Sonia lifts her hand up and rubs it in my face, the cum mixes with the glued glitter as she spreads it all over my eyes and nose and she pushes her fingers into my mouth wiping the last of it off on my lips.

"Now you have a reason to not win" she says with spite. Some of my vision is hindered as the cum sticks to my eyelashes, I sense the salty taste in the corner of my mouth as my tongue struggles with the extra saliva generated by natural instincts of my body. Sonia leads me a short distance up the street to where Matt and Karen are, they are hand in hand sitting at one of the many small tables on the wooded walkway, they both have a wine and appear fully engrossed by all that is going on.

From the dirt street Sonia proceeds to show me to Karen and explain how useless I was by losing the best dressed. Now my other friend can see me covered in cum, this is humiliating. Karen reaches over the railing and extracts both feathers embedded in my tits. She says, "These must be painful, I don't think she needs them any more". Sonia says it is time to get ready for the race and leads me away down the street past many other naked, semi-naked and even fully covered people ponies, some have sulkies and others ae like me, just being led by their owners.

The Race Eventually we reach the stables again where Joe is waiting. He discusses the race with Sonia and then brings out a light weight sulky, it only has one arm and barely a frame with a canvas seat. Joe brings the sulky behind me and says to Sonia "these have to go" as he pulls my tail and butt plug out and removes my ankle chains.

Now that's a relief I feel almost empty and my legs free to move. Joe feeds the single arm of the sulky between my legs from behind so I am straddling the arm, he clips one end of a small chain onto the ring at the front of the arm and the other end of the chain is attached to the front centre ring on my waist belt. He fiddles with the chain until the arm is pulled hard up into my crotch, I can do little to relieve the pressure as it splits my pussy lips, this appears to be a weird way to run a race, even as I stand there I can feel sensations as it rubs the inner folds of my cunt.

It is almost delightful as I gently rock back and forth, Joe say to Sonia "this is good that she is getting some enjoyment it will help the sulky work, now hope in the seat and I will adjust the chain." Sonia gets on the seat and Joe plays with the adjustment a little more to ensure the arm is held firm in my pussy. He then give her the reins that are attached to my bridle and passes her a riding whip, a long whippy handle with a long thin leather tawse finished off in a knot.

"Give it a go" Joe says, and the next thing I feel is fire in chest as the whip wraps around my body, the knot striking me hard just below my breasts. "Ha" she says, "Perfect, now let's get going". Joe pulls her up "hold on a minute" he says, he is discussing something quietly behind me that I cannot understand.

"FUCKKKK" my pussy is on fire, "Shit, I almost piss myself" I think it is burning. Then Joe comes to my face and explains the single arm has a couple of small exposed wires running along the top of the arm where it meets my pussy. The wires are connected to a battery on the sulky and Sonia has the switch, when she hits the switch an electrical current jumps through my pussy, any moisture present only makes the effect worse for me, he plays with my clit, "he's an arsehole".

Sonia laughs as she whips me to start moving, she steers me out into the team of ponies moving up and down the street. Pulling the sulky with Sonia's weight included is certainly harder than when I was free this morning. I have to put in extra effort and begin to sweat and pant as we move on, when we are passing Matt and Karen she hits the switch, the unexpected shock makes me yelp and jump a couple of steps executing a stupid little dance, spreading my legs to try and free myself from the current passing through my cunt.

Of course this just doesn't work it only serves to make me look more ridiculous. The bells on my nipple rings ring out loud to alert those who missed the original show I am now the centre of attention, she hits the switch again. I can only wonder what Karen and Matt are thinking.

When we reach the upper end of the street we fall into a line where the race is about to begin. There are about ten ponies lined up, same as before some male and some female but all naked and adorned similar to me, their drivers are seated with whips in hand and ready to go.

As we pull into line one of the judges comes and checks us to be sure we are compliant with the rules, they check simple things like sulky security, "4L's" brand and the driver must produce a receipt indicating entry fee has been paid.

I check out the ponies beside me they are all very athletic in build, the three males that I can see have very lean but muscular bodies and two of them have huge erections pointing in the direction of the street. Surely they must be on Viagra to sustain erections during this treatment. Having said that I am getting a little excited myself observing their bodies. One turns his head to face me and sticks his tongue out between his bit indicating he would like to lick me, I want him to fuck me and fuck me right now, I must try not to get wet between my legs.

Sonia says to me, "you had better do your best, I won't accept another loss". At this point I am not even sure what we are doing, as best I can work out it is a straight run to the end of the street about 100 yards. She holds my reins tight keeping my head straight, I feel like a proud pony, naked, tethered, adorned and ready to compete. The starter fires a gun and I feel whip against my arse followed by another on my upper back, I am pulling hard trying to build speed but she is not satisfied, then I feel the jolt in my cunt again, I am too overcome by adrenalin to feel the pain, I focus on the need for speed.

As we run down the street the crowd is cheering us all on, the noise is deafening I cannot pick out individual voices. I can feel the sulky arm rubbing hard between my legs, I can hear the bells hanging from my tits ring wildly as my DD's bounce around with every jolt from my feet hit the ground.

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I am in full flight and proud of it, naked body pulling hard the occasional whip strikes my back, the bit between my teeth filling with saliva, this is fun, my dream, I am getting aroused but I also need to win. Sonia pulls me to the left but there is a pony beside me, she must be trying to run her off the track, at first I resist the move but she pulls harder and I have no choice to veer left until we are almost clashing, she jolts my cunt again, pain rushes through my lower abdomen, Sonia is not sitting still and this makes it even harder to control the Sulky.

The pony to my left paces towards me in a defensive move and as our bodies almost touch we are forced to slow down. Sonia whips harder and lights my cunt up again. By the time we near the finish line we have lost too many places to regain, we do not win, Sonia is not happy. When we pull up I am struggling to breath, my mouth is wide open sucking in air, chest is heaving, sweat rolls from my brow mixing with the dried cum on my eye lids and salting up my eyes to the extent that my sight is merely a blur.

Strangely enough my cunt is extremely wet and wanting attention, if only I could reach, the best I can do is slide slightly on the sulky arm, it's not enough.

The other race ponies are also panting, the race has taken its toll on the males, their cocks are now flaccid but I still want one, my naked body is begging to be fucked right now. Sonia gives my arse a touch with the whip and we move off away back up the street, I am weak however have no choice but to comply. We are only at walking pace as we reach the Saloon area where Matt and Karen are sitting at an outside table.

Sonia pulls me up near them and proceeds to complain how lazy I was, how I was useless, how I need a lot more training and fitness development. 'I don't care what she says, all I want right now is a fuck'. Sonia reverses the sulky towards the hand rail and loops the reins over the wooden beam.

Karen comes down with a glass of wine and gives me a drink, it is difficult to get the liquid past the bit but I manage not to spill a drop. 'Thanks Karen', I think to myself, I will thank her properly later. Sonia moves up to me and makes me kneel down, she has to loosen the front chain on the sulky to allow me to get fully down on my knees and once there she proceeds to tie by ankles with the reins to the sulky arm which prevents me from standing and has the tendency to hold my head fully up and a little back.

When she is satisfied I am secure she comes to my head gear which is now at crotch level and turns the bit through a quarter turn and locks it there. My mouth is now held fully open, a naked woman, kneeling in bondage with mouth at crotch level and locked open one can only guess what this means. Karen strokes my hair gently brushing a few loose strands from my eyes, she touches my face with concern and is about to speak when Sonia calls her away.

They all sit at the table having a few drinks while I continue to kneel naked in a dirty, dusty street watching all types of people in all types of clothes, bondage gear and full nakedness pass by. My pussy is wet. A male pony is being driven past, his erect cock standing proud from his body.

Sonia jumps up from the table and stops the lady driver, they talk for a few seconds and then the driver turns the pony in a large arc until he is facing me, she gently manoeuvres him to up to my face, Sonia guides his cock through the ring in the bit and into my mouth as the pony is forced to move closer.

Sonia takes her whip and whips my arse telling me to give him the best head he has ever had and not stop until he has cum in my mouth. I feel his cock at the back of my throat and I start gagging a little. I am moving my head back and forth, my tongue playing with his knob as it goes past, his thighs are bumping against by boobs making the nipple bells ring. The rocking motion is rubbing the sulky arm against my cunt, this is actually feeling good, his manhood is hard and huge in my mouth as I become more comfortable with the gaging sensation.

I am now able to get him deep in my throat, pump after pump he is getting deeper and deeper until I feel my nose pushed hard against his pelvis, the ring on my bit is hitting a steel ring at the base of his cock, his balls are slapping my chin.

I feel him begin to convulse, I can feel him tense and then I can taste the warm liquid begin spraying from his cock, some of it goes down my throat but as he retracts a lot of it fills my mouth and runs out the corners, it is too much to contain.

Eventually he pulls completely out, his driver making him reverse away and I am unable to control the cum running out my mouth, all control is lost when you mouth is locked open.

Sonia is there looking at me, she is complaining that I didn't swallow it all, she pulls her crop off her belt and whips the top of my tits saying "I am only trying to clear the excess away from your tits, next time it will be the same, swallow it all".

I am thinking next time?? Sure enough very soon there is a next time another male pony guided in by Sonia, this one sprays it all over my face she is not happy.

Gozando de pasiva culona del RealPlaza

A passer-by sees the action and asks her if he can have a go, now I am giving head to an unknown pedestrian, he is rougher than the ponies as his hands are free. He unzips his fly, pulls his cock out and then pulls my head hard into his crotch. He was only half hard at the start but now I feel his manhood growing, firming up, pushing the limits of the back of my throat.

He has hold of the straps on my head gear and won't let me pull away, I am struggling to breathe. I need him to cum to relieve my agony so with what little movement I have I focus on his pleasure, my tongue works hard on his stem. It takes a while but eventually I can feel him tensing, just a couple more pumps and he is cumming, I have no choice but to swallow it all he is holding his cock deep in my throat.

When he finishes spewing his load he pulls out he wipes his cock over my face cleaning it before he puts it back in his pants. Sonia returns to the table with Matt and Karen, I can hear them talking but cannot make out what is being said.

A middle aged woman wearing a loose ankle length dress steps down from the side walk area and turns to stand in front of me. She lifts the front of her dress and drops it over my head then moves her crotch toward my face, she is not wearing any underwear.

She positions her pussy in my face pushing backward until my head is bent back, my mouth open to her inner folds, she tells me to lick. I do the best I can given the situation but she is complaining to Sonia, then my pussy lights up with pain, Sonia has hit the battery switch and holds it on for a few seconds. The pain in my cunt is incredible, I try dancing on my knees to get away but she is too heavy on my head, I can barely move, I am coughing and spluttering screaming in pain into her cunt as the current in my own cunt continues, surely it must be on fire.

It obviously has the desired effect on her as she climaxes and sprays hers juices over my face Sonia lets the switch go and the pain subsides. As the woman's convulsions also subside, she rubs her open pussy up and down my face from my chin over my nose forward to my eyes.

I can taste her juices as she passes over my open mouth. Finally she backs off letting her dress follow her and returning me to the open air. This type of treatment is repeated several times over the next hour or so, Sonia only laughs but Karen is more sympathetic she often brings me a drink.

By lunch these games have finished, I am an absolute mess, covered in sticky juices from the top of my head to my knees. I lost count on how many deep throats I had given, how many men have spewed their sperm on my naked body, how many women have straddled my face. Sonia unties my ankles and gets me back on my feet then drives me back to the stable area. As she hands the reins to Joe she says to me "now I am going back to fuck Matt, sweat dreams Beth".

Joe says, "we are not finished yet, we have something else in store for you" as he leads me around behind the stable. When we round the corner I see a small uncovered western type wagon, wooden wheels, loose hay on the deck and a sign that says 'Hay Rides" but this is not what is most interesting. The wagon has two arms similar to the sulky arms but much longer, in between the arms two ponies are being attached in tandem, Joe manoeuvers me to be the third pony in the group, I am placed between the front and rear pony, our bodies are close, very close.

The leader of our naked group has her hands cuffed to her neck ring, only her elbows stick out to the side, the sulky is attached to all of our waist bands at three connecting rings on each side.

Joe connects all of our bridles together and stands back to check his handy work. "not quite there yet" he says and moves back in, he unlocks my hands from my waits belt and pulls them around the woman in front and locks them together then with a small piece of leather he ties them off to her neck ring so they remain at nipple height.

The palms of my hands now rest comfortably on her boobs, I take the opportunity to have a feel of her firmness. Joe does the same with the rear pony locking his hands in front of me, this makes him move as close to me as possible, he plays with my nipple rings and I can feel his manhood growing between my legs. I am so "fucking horny" right now I just want to lay down and be fucked by 100 men and women, my cunt is dripping wet but there is nothing I can do to rub the sensitive folds, nothing I can do to get some release.

Joe has handed the reins to a woman who begins to drive us back up the street every now and then she stops and we feel some people get on the wagon, there must be half a dozen on the wagon by now and it is getting very difficult to pull along, she uses the whip but the male pony is the one that bears the brunt of her lashes. He pulls hard and in doing so pushes hard against my back, our sweaty bodies are in full contact.

He doesn't think I am putting in enough effort so he pinches my nipples hard and pushes my back with his head, I get the message and repeat this treatment to the front pony, she squeals and pulls harder. All of our bodies are now rubbing together and the wagon is moving at a reasonable walking pace, I can feel his erect cock bouncing between my legs, my hands are like a bra on the leaders tits, if only I could reach my clit. The hay ride goes on like this for a couple of hours, up and down the street, people getting on and off, I am in such a continual state of arousal I do not even notice how tired I am getting.

Eventually the afternoon comes to an end and we are returned to the corral, unhitched one at a time and locked in our respective stables. I am just so horny I forget my exhaustion, my hands roam over my body, one is focused between my legs playing with the folds of my genitals, gently putting pressure on my clit fingers digging deep within. I quickly bring myself to an orgasm which blows my mind, this is followed by a group of fantastic replays. Exhausted I collapse into a deep sleep. To be continued Beth on Sunday