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********First couple chapters******* Not a lot of hard core in this one.Story set up and a teaser of what is to come. Your comments will motivate me to post more. All constructive comments appreciated. Don't care about the rating so much because I love this story. Alternate Reality I landed a great college internship during summer quarter at a big company in a very small town, population four thousand!

I was Engaged at the time to my, now, x wife. We were planning the wedding for right after the summer ended. I was excited about the opportunity. The plant was an oil refinery that was built many years ago and the town kinda grew up around it.

Most of the townies worked at the refinery. Everyone knew everyone pretty much. I rented a second floor apartment sight unseen from a woman that was, by my estimate, 40 something. She and her husband lived on the first floor of an old colonial home about five minutes from the plant.

The apartment was unfurnished so I bought some thrift store basics and loaded a u haul trailer for the summer excursion. The town was about 5 hours from where I lived on campus with my fiance. She followed me out there for the first weekend to help me move into the apartment. I think she was a little jealous when she heard I was renting from a woman.

We arrived in town Saturday afternoon and started to unload furniture. The landlady came out to meet us at the truck. We had only talked on the phone. I had not met her in person. She walked toward us wearing sweat yoga pants and a loose t shirt. I would say she was about 5 7 with double d boobs and nice packed ass. She had long blond hair with some obvious grey starting to show. She was pretty much an older version of my fiance I thought to myself.

We introduced ourselves, hi I'm Jack and this is my fiance Donna i said. He said hello, welcome, I'm Sara she said in a friendly voice. She gave us the key and said, if you all need anything, I'll be right down stairs, don't hesitate to knock. The door to the apartment was at the top of a long staircase on the side of the house. At the bottom of the stairs was the side door to Sara's part of the house. As we stepped onto the stairs, Sara shouted through the screen door, yeah just knock on this door her anytime.

We both said Thank You and continued up to the apartment. We opened the door and walked in. The apartment was clean but obviously very dated. Of course compared to campus apartments, it was on par.

Door opened up into the carpeted living room. The kitchen was around the corner from the door and had only a fridge, microwave and an oven. There was room for a small table on the vinyl floor. The bedroom was average size with a closet and an adjoining bathroom. The bathroom only had a shower stall, no tub and a small counter and sink. Of course a toilet in the corner. The walls were wood paneling throughout except the kitchen and bathroom were white plastic paneling.


Like I said, really dated! It took us about an hour to unload the u haul and get the furniture set in place. I only brought the basics, a mattress and box spring, no frame, a small dresser finished the bedroom. In the living room I had a large overstuffed chair a lamp and an odd little piece that folds out from a small chair to a long floor mattress.

In the Kitchen I just brought a small table and two chairs. Donna didn't think I needed anything lavish for sure. She said to me, while we were shopping at the thrift store, You don't need a ton of furniture.

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It's not like you are going to be entertaining anyone, right? You just need to go to work and go home eat and go straight to bed! She might as well have said, no fun for you while you are away! There's a good example of her cutting my nuts off even before the wedding! I just tried to let that pass. At the time, Donna was a little 5 foot 4 hotting with huge tits and a tiny little ass. I couldn't believe it that she was a long distance runner with tits like that!

She was a Sorority girl in college and I was GDI (God Damn Independent). She had absolutely no problems going to all the Frat parties and flirting with hundreds of guys on a regular basis. Of course the same freedom was not afforded to me. What is it they say, the one who accuses of cheating is the cheater! So we got unpacked and settled in a couple hours later.

I plunked down onto the bed and asked her if she wanted to christen the new apartment. She looked at me and laughed and said maybe later, I'm hungry, take me out for dinner. Well I shrugged that off as well and got up to go find a place in this tiny town to eat. We walked down the stairs toward the truck. Sara stopped us at the side door and asked, are you settled in now?

Is everything ok up there? I said yeah it's fine. It will be a great home away from home for the summer. She smiled and said it will be nice to know someone is upstairs for the summer. My husband works at the plant but spends much of his time overseas at the companies other refineries like in Alibaba or some place like that. I said wow, so he's really not home very often huh?

She said, no, but he makes a good living. It just gets so lonely in this small town. I'll bet, i said. Donna squeezes my hand hard after that comment. I then asked, is there somewhere to eat around here? She said well you can go down the road to the right and you'll find a pizza hut, or go to the left and there's a hole in the wall pub.

I said, great, thanks. She said, I was getting ready to make dinner if you want to stay here? Now Donna was squeezing my hand and yanking on my arm. That was my cue, No thanks, maybe some other time, I said.

This time I felt her kick my ankle. Ok, she said, enjoy! Once we got in the truck, Donna said in a snide voice, It's so lonely in this little town, It's nice to know someone is up there, blah blah blah. That woman is trouble! she exclaimed. And you! she said, I can't believe you just egged her on. I said, what do you mean? I was just being polite! Yeah, sure you were, she said.

If you even think about have dinner with that old bag some other time as you said, we will be done! Really? I said. Wow, just wow I muttered. That right! I could hear the shears coming for another chunk of my nuts. I was almost looking forward to sending her home tomorrow I thought. She continued, I'm not sure you should stay there, maybe you should find another place?

Holy crap, I said, I already paid first plus security, I'm not going to waste that! True, she said, you just have to steer clear of Sara!

I knew if I appealed to her love of money, she would get reasonable. After dinner we got back to the house and of course, there was Sara at the screen door. She asked, how was dinner? Did you go to the Pub? I replied, no, we went for pizza and a beer, it was good! She continued, yeah, there just aren't many options in this little town. Again, Donna is yanking my arm.

I said, yeah we're going to go up and hang out for a bit and turn in, it was a long day. Ok she said, good night. Once up stairs, Donna starts in again.

Blah, Blah, Blah, small town, not many options! Ugh, she annoys me she said. Well at least you you didn't egg her on this time. I kinda chuckled. Trying to change the subject, I said, hey how about a glass of wine. I brought a bottle of red and a bottle of white, which do you prefer? i asked. You brought two bottles, she said? Who are you going to share the second bottle with? Nobody! i replied quickly.

You better not, she said. Oh my god, I'm thinking, shut the fuck up already! I poured a couple glasses of wine and we sat on the fold out leaning against the big chair. We watched TV for a little while and she began to doze off. After nearly spilling her wine on the carpet, I asked her if she wanted to go to bed. With drowsy eyes she asked, how are we both going to sleep in your little twin bed?

I said with a wink, we will have to snuggle really close I guess. She replied, yeah but no sex tonight, I'm tired and my tummy is upset from the pizza. Yeah, I just kinda shrugged that one off as well. We both fell asleep pretty quickly. I woke in the morning sporting quite the hard-on. She shot me down twice yesterday. I was horny! I started to rub her leg and around her ass. She kinda grunted and twitched.

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I moved my hand upward to arm and around front to brush against her sleepy nipple. She brushed my hand away and said, don't I'm sleeping. I asked her, how long are you going to sleep? Until I wake up, she replied. Why what time is it, she asked? I said, it's almost 9 and I've been laying here for an hour waiting for you to feel my dick pressing against your ass.

She said, What? It's 9 o'clock already? I said, yep! She said, Oh shit, I got a 5 hour drive and I have to be back in time the the Delta ki dinner. She jumped up and bolted for the bathroom. She said, I'm just going to shake and bake honey. I was kinda taken back! Your gonna what? I asked. I'm going to jump in the car and drive back. I will have just enough time to meet my friends before the party. Wait a minute! I said, you are going to leave now?

Yeah, sorry hun, I gotta go. I said, this just sucks! Skip the party or dinner or whatever the fuck it is! I can't she said, I promised Jenny I would meet her.

I can't dog her like that. Oh, but you can dog me like this? I asked. Oh, come on, I will see you next weekend and I'll make it up to you Friday night when you get home. Fuck that! I said, I'm horny now! She walked over to me with a pouty lip and grabbed my shrinking hard-on and said, it looks like your not so horny now. I was livid, I couldn't believe this was even happening!

I left the room, turned on the TV and started making breakfast. She came out of the bedroom and sat in my lap. Oh honey, she said, The week will go fast and I'll see you Friday night.

Good luck on your first day! She planted a kiss on my hesitant lips and stood up. Are you going to walk me out, she asked? Sure, I said, I just can't go down stairs in case Sara is there. She smiled and said, good boy, as she patted me on the head.

I thought to myself, just leave already, I've got business to attend to, I'm still horny. She clomped down the stairs and I heard Sara call out, Oh, are you leaving Donna? She said, Yeah, gotta get back to reality.

I'll be back to check on him though she added. Sara said, well then I will look forward to your next visit, drive careful, ok? Alright, Donna replied, bye. I waved to her from the top of the stairs and Donna waved back.

Sara must have caught a glimpse of her waving at me so she popped out of the side door and said hey there, good morning. Good morning, I said. She asked, are you hungry, I was just making some biscuits and gravy, interested?

I said, that sounds great but I've already eaten, thank you! Oh, ok she said suit yourself. She continued, I am making grilling some steaks this evening, shall I put one on the grill for you, say about 4? I paused and thought, I only have lunch meat and bread in the Kitchen. She cut in quickly, I will not take no for an answer! Ok, that sounds great I replied. 4 it is, see you then.

Great she said with a smile and turned to go inside. I thought, this woman is not going to mess around. I'm not even here 24 hours and I'm having dinner with her. Is there something to Donna's fears? I wondered. With everything that went on this morning, I must admit I was curious.

Was she just a really friendly woman or did she have ulterior motives? Either way is sounded like a good fantasy for now. I went back in the apartment and sat in the overstuffed chair and thought well if she is going to dinner with a bunch of frat boys, I can go to dinner with the neighbor woman. I began to think about how tonight's dinner might go.

Like I said, I was still pretty horny and I won't be getting any until Friday. I could imagine that I show up for dinner and bring the second bottle of wine to share with her. She would invite me in and tell me that she was just about to start grilling the steaks. This is how the rest of my fantasy went: Oh nice, she said, you brought wine, perfect! Come on out on the back porch and sit with me while I grill the steaks.

She grabbed the plate of steaks, I poured two glasses of wine and followed her thru the back of the house to the porch. We walked down the hall past the back bedroom. I glanced in while whizzing past and caught a glimpse of what I thought was her bedroom.

She noticed I was peeking around and she said she could give a tour of the place later. Hm, does that include the bedroom? I wondered. On the porch, she had two chairs overlooking the large fenced in back yard and a small table across from the grill.

As I sat in the chair and watched her grill the steaks I could get a long look at her figure. She was wearing a red shirt that hugged her curves and accentuated her large double d breasts. The neckline of the shirt was modest but I could see the very top of her cavernous cleavage. We work a pair of pedal pusher cotton pants that were loose but not baggy. Her ass was not small but I would not call her fat by any means.

We made small talk to start. She asked if the apartment was ok and we talked a little about how I met Donna and how long we've been together. I asked her if she had children and she said that her and her husband had kids early and they have already flown the coup. It's just me and Joe here now, well sometimes Joe is here. She added he is getting close to 50 and we have a 5 year plan to retire.

That sounds great, I said, but I wouldn't believe you are even in your 40's! She looked back at me from the grill and said, why thank you my dear and gave me a wink.

As she turned to sit down, she made a point to bend down to pick up a leaf from the deck. Did she do this on purpose I wondered because I could now see straight down her shirt as it stretched away from her chest under the weight of her ample tits. I did feel a little twinge in my cock, I think I was turned on by this. Once the steaks were cooked, we drug it all back into the kitchen and sat down to eat.

These are cooked perfectly, I said, just enough pink and very juicy I added. Why thank you Jack, I pride myself on getting the meat just right! Dang, I thought, that was the perfect reply to my vague innuendo. Did she get my hidden meaning? Was she telling me she's game? Now my cock is definitely becoming aroused. Maybe I am just hearing what I want to hear. Once we finished dinner, I asked if I could help clean up.

Sara said, yeah, but lets do that later. Why don't I show you around the first floor. Come on, she says and she grabs my and and pulls me toward the living room. She said for such an old house, it has a lot of character. The woodwork is very ornate. She said your apartment used to look similar until some idiot started a fire up there and damaged all the interior walls.

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She lead me around to the hall bath and showed me the cast iron tub. Then we moved to the back hallway so she could show me the bedrooms. She showed me the two front bed rooms, one is now an office for her husband and the other just a spare for company she said. We moved back to last bedroom and she walked all across the room as I stayed in the hall looking in. She turned back toward me and said, come in silly, I'm not going to bite you, yet she added.

I walked into the the room and she pointed me toward the bathroom. She said this is where I have my alone time, as she pointed out the large garden tub. It also has a Jacuzzi in it for a relaxing experience. I told her, wow, that sounds great, I am so jealous.

I only have a shower stall upstairs. Well then, I might be convinced to hook up once in a while and she winked at me. We turned to leave the room and I caught a glimpse of her night stand shelf, I could make out a few toys that she keeps by her bedside. Apparently she has alone time there as well, I thought.

I think she saw me look that way and she grabbed my arm to lead me out. He face looked a little red but she didn't say anything. I felt her boobs push against my arm as she hurried me along. We moved out to the living room and found our wine glasses again. I poured the rest of the bottle into the glasses and handed one to her.

She commented that the wine was yummy and she was getting a little tipsy. I sat across the room from her and began to noticed her nipples were becoming hard and struggling to protrude from her confining bra. She must have noticed that I was looking because she started to cross her arms in front of her tits. This only made her nipples protrude more. She tried to make some more small talk about where I was from and what I would be doing at the plant.

She told me about her husbands job and said that he is gone 3 weeks at a time typically. So I asked her if she had been renting the apartment out for a while now. She said that it has been a while since it had been rented. The last woman that rented it was in there for a couple years until she moved this past winter.

She said her and I became very good friends. She worked at the plant but she came over for dinner almost every day. I said, oh really? She said yeah, we still keep in touch but I miss her a lot. It was great to have someone to talk to and do things with.

I could see her face get a little red when she said that. I wonder what she was thinking about? At the same time I saw her cross her legs and roll her eyes. I was imagining that they were lovers and she was getting a little hot down below remembering the things they would do!

Or was it just the wine. She reached to take a sip of wine and dribbled a bit onto her shirt. She said, aw shit, as she tried to wipe the wine from her tits. These damn things are just always getting in the way! I said that is a matter of opinion. She looked up and me and winked. She got up and said I have to go wash this red wine out or it will stain. I started to get up to leave and she ordered me, nope, your not going anywhere yet. I started to say something and she cut me off, a!

sit down. He hurried off to her bedroom and I heard the water begin to run. It ran for a couple minutes and I thought, that's a lot of water for a little stain. When the water stopped I heard her say I'm coming. Hm I thought, if only. She reappears in the living room but she has changed her clothes. Now she was wearing a silky pajama pants ankle high and a half length silky red robe. It was obvious that she had released the double d's from their captor. They were still perky for a 40 something woman.

I wondered if they were naturals. She said I hope you don't find this too forward, I just figured why slop up another shirt. Besides, I was just tired of wearing that bra she giggled. Oh yeah, I thought, now her nipples were at full attention. Even though she kept the robe closed tightly and wrapped her arms around the front, there was not way she could cover all those curves. She walked into the kitchen and came out with another bottle of wine.

More wine she asked? I really shouldn't I said as she poured me another full glass. Good, she said, where were we? Oh yeah, I was telling you about Lisa. She started telling me more about her, where she moved to, what she was doing now, and then she said she was pretty hot to. She was tall and slender with dark hair. A really nice figure she said but not nearly as gifted as me for tits.

In fact, I don't think she ever wore a bra around me. She kinda looked into the distance as she described her and began to cross her legs again. She looked at me and said, you would probably hit it off with her to with a wink.

All the silky material sliding around on her nipples and her thighs was starting to make me feel pretty warm. I could feel my cock begin to push against my cotton shorts. I tried to adjust my sitting position to contain the evidence but the friction just made it stiffen a little more. I could see her glance down at my crotch here and there. She told me about some of the fun times they had, drinking and talking about other people in town. I was getting a bit buzzed myself at this point and I was probably looking more often at her silk covered tits.

I think she like the attention because she began to let the robe loosen up a bit as she talked. I could now make out the full curve of her tits and cleavage. Her rock hard nipples were hidden just behind the edge of the robe. Fuck, I thought, I just want to reach in and grab a handful! A second later she stopped talking and was looking at me looking at her tits. When I realized this, I looked up and away but I knew I was busted! She ask, you like looking at my tits don't you?

Fuck, I thought, what do I say now? She continued without my answer, I thought you might like this robe, I caught you looking at my tits out on the porch. My face was the color of her scarlet robe now. I've been checking out your junk for a while now watching it grow. She pulled her robe open to expose the fullness of her tits and said, between the wine and you I've been getting moist all night. She started rubbing her tits and said I had to spill some wine on my shirt so I could change my wet underwear.

My cock was now rock hard and tenting up my shorts. I told Sara, I have to admit, you really turn me on as if you didn't notice. Your tits are amazing! She leaned back and pinched her nipples a bit and said. Well I've shown you mine, now you have to show me yours. Ah, decision time. Do I go for it and show her my junk?

I know where that's gonna lead. I reached down and adjusted my cock so it was n't pinched in my shorts. She said, that's it boy, let it out, let's see what your packin in there. I thought about the Frat dinner and I reached down to unzip my shorts and release my captive cock. I could see her watching with great interest as I pulled my member out from my boxers. Her eyes lit up and she said, that is a beautiful cock you got there.

Do you mind if I get a closer look. I just smiled as she moved over and keeled between my legs. She reached up and ran her fingers over the head and down the shaft very gently. my cock pulsed with her attention. I could feel her tits pressing against my inner thighs.

She look up at me with a smile and began to stroke the length of cock and said, I like this cock very much, can I taste it. I grabbed the base and pointed it toward her.

She opened her lips and licked the head, ah she said that is yummie and she took the head into her mouth and began to bob ever so slowly. I saw that she had one hand on my cock and her other hand was down below my thighs. I think she is playing with her pussy I thought. oh fuck, I moaned, her lips felt so good on cock. Her hand began to stroke and I just leand back and enjoyed the sight of my cock disappearing into her wet mouth.

I could feel her tongue moving on my head. My breathing became deeper. I could feel her begin to moan on my cock while her hand went to town on her crotch. He look up at me again and said, I really want you inside me.

My pussy is so wet and I need it so bad. I want to sit on that big cock and have it fill my cunt. All the barriers fell at that moment, I wanted to fuck as bad as she wanted to fuck me. I said, what are you waiting for, step up baby. She said, first, let's get these short out of the way as she yanked them down my legs. She stopped and stared for a moment. Holy shit, you shaved off all your bush. You don't have any hair on your balls at all. I looked at her a little red faced. She immediately put me at ease when she said that is so hot.

I can't wait until my wet cunt is sliding on this smooth cock. She jumped up and peeled off her robe and turned away from me and began to slide her silk pajamas down over her ass. She bent at the waist as she slid them down her thighs.

I could see her lips through the gap in her legs. She reach around and spread her ass apart to show me her clean shaven pussy. I could see the wetness on her lips and ass. She turns her head back to me and says, see I keep mine pretty neat as well. She reaches between her legs with her hand and red nail polish fingers and rubs her lips. She takes her moistened fingers and rubs my cock with her juices. She says, let's get that cock good an wet.

I want to feel our smooth parts slide all over. I want that cock deep inside my cunt. She bent at the knees and put my cock against her wet lips. She slid the head around to get it good and wet and then slid the head into her cunt. I heard hear moan and say, yeah boy, that's nice. Fuck my cunt baby put it all the way in me.

Fill my cunt. Fuck, that's nice. She starts stroking my cock with her cunt. Her hot, wet, slick, smooth, mound sliding down to the base of my shaft and back up. Holy shit, I thought, I'm gonna cum soon. She started moving faster swallowing my cock over and over.

Her breathing quickened and her moans got louder. Her lips started to pulse on my cock. I started to push my hips upward and she let out a gasp. Yeah, she moaned, that it, fuck my cunt boy. push it in me. Our thrusts were meeting in rhythm and I felt my load begin to climb up my shaft.

She was moaning loudly now and I felt my cock explode into her cunt. She kept pumping on my shaft milking all of my cum into her pulsing twat. Fuck, I grunted, I am cumming. She was panting heavily and finally rested her ass on my legs with my cock still deep inside her.

She leaned back against my chest and tried to catch her breath. I came back to reality sitting in the chair stroking my cum soaked cock. Whew, that was a good fantasy. I hope I can contain myself at dinner. I hope I can be discrete with my wandering eyes. She may just be a really nice woman! I got up and cleaned the cum off of my hands and my cock in the bathroom. Now I just have to wait until 4. I looked at the clock and thought, Fuck, I've been jerking my cock for most of the morning now.

I better get a shower. later on, I'm sitting around watching a movie and my phone rings. It's Donna. She says what have you been doing all day, jerking off I'll bet.

If only she new, I thought. I've been watching movies and going over the job description again. Oh, I see, she says. Jack I sorry I ran out of there this morning.

This dinner is really important to Jenny because she really likes this guy in their house and I couldn't leave her high and dry. But I'm thinking about you right now. I just got out of the shower and I am laying naked on the bed. Oh, I said. Yeah, I am rubbing my big tits and squeezing my nipples thinking about that big cock of yours. Yeah I say, playing a little coy. Yeah, I am getting moist down ther and I have to do something about it she replies.

Ok, tell me what your doing about I say as I unzip my shorts and pull out my cock. Oh baby, I am sliding my finger along my wet lips, ooh god that nice. I'm sliding my finger around my clit pulling back its hood and stroking softly.

I want your hard dick inside me she says.

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Go on, i say. Oh honey I wish your dick was here right now. I am going to put my fingers inside me. Her moans are getting quicker. Oh baby, put it in me now. Push it inside me. I started stroking my cock faster. I was getting ready for another cum load today. I could hear her panting faster.

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Oh yeah, that's it, rub my clit with your cock, oh shit I going to cum. I hear the phone jostle around and she is in the back ground moaning. I can hear her cumming. Just a few more pumps and If feel my load fall onto my hand and shorts. I hear her pull the phone back up and say, damn. That was good, I needed that. Me to, I said. Then she said, well hun I've got to go get ready you be good tonight she added.

Oh, I will, I said. Love you, bye. Well at least I got phone sex from her today. I looked at the clock and it was 3 thirty. I better go get another shower and change my clothes.

I don't want Sara to smell the cum on me. I got dressed, grabbed the wine and went down stairs. Sara was in the kitchen preparing the steaks for the grill. She said, come on in you are right on time. I like a man that comes when he's told. Wow, I thought, that was fast, the innuendos are starting already?

I quickly fired back, I aim to please! She looked at me and winked. Oh yeah, she said, we are going to get along just fine. Maybe it was my fantasy earlier. I didn't feel bashful at all.

There wasn't any tension, I was relaxed and ready for anything. In my mind, I had already had her and there was nothing awkward about it. I couldn't explain it but it was like it actually did happen. I walked into the kitchen and looked around. Nothing was the same as I imagined it. It was better than I imagined. I watched her from the breakfast bar at the counter. With her back turned to me I had a chance to check her out. Yeah, the curves were just as I remembered but she was wearing a pair of light jogging shorts that ended just below her ass.

They were light yellow and I could see the outline of her underwear but the string disappeared into the crack of her ass. She was wearing a thong.


Damn, I felt my cock begin to twitch already. Her top was a loose fitting tank that couldn't hardly hide her bra straps. I could see the wide clasp of her heavy duty tity sling. I thought it must be some bra that can contain her double d's. She looked back as I was staring at her ass again and said, oh, you brought wine!

Good thinking Jack, I could use a stiff drink. I quickly broke my stare and said, I thought you might, so I brought a stiff one with me. I think she caught me though because she started to wiggle her ass a little as she was cutting the vegetables. When she turned around, I could see her ample tits pushing the tank top away from her stomach. Her nipples were already poking through her bra. She washed her hands and said, come on, I'll give you a tour of my half of the house.

Yeah, this was a bit different than I imagined. They had remodeled the interior completely. Everything was new and fresh. Quite stylish but comfy. She showed the hall bath, all updated no cast iron tub. There was an office but it was across the hall. Her bedroom was in the back but she pulled me into the master bath and there it was.

A Jacuzzi tub with bath soaps and oils lining the walls. She actually said, this is one of my favorite rooms in the house. I spend a lot of time in here. Yeah, alone time, I muttered. She kinda blushed and I realized that I said that out load. I covered it with a cool smile. She said, well a woman has to have her alone time to she laughed. Of course, I've been getting a lot of that lately she winked again. How about you, she asked, I didn't hear much head board banging going on last night.

Her question kinda surprised me. Now that is blunt I thought. Yeah, well I think the pizza did us in and she had to get home early for a sorority function I told her. Sara said, are you kidding me right now? She left you in a new town all alone, up stairs from a hot cougar like me and she didn't even give you something to remember for a whole week?

I thought about it for a second and said, yep, that about sums it up! That's just not right she said. No doubt I replied. Well don't worry honey your safe here with me. I won't let you go astray. What did I just hear? I thought. Just when I thought all these innuendos were going to get me laid, bam, she hits me with the high road just taunting me with her tits and her ass wiggle.

My dick shrunk down at this point and I knew I had to take a different approach to the dinner. We did grill the steaks, drink the wine and talk for quite a while. But, nothing happened. My fantasy just evaporated as the night went on.

No hard nipples peaking out, no spilled drink, no gaping robe, nothing. She was just a really nice woman with a dirty sense of humor. Yeah and a huge tease. I think she liked the attention from a young stud. We ended the evening and I crawled up my stair case kinda disappointed but kinda glad it didn't go that way. That didn't change the fact that I was horny again! I got ready for bed and laid down ready to meet tomorrows new adventure at the plant. As I laid there I thought I could hear water running in the bathroom so I got up to check the sink, nope, no drips.

I check the shower and found nothing. Where is the water running, I wondered. Just then I realized. My bathroom is directly over her master bath down stairs. She was filling her Jacuzzi tub for some alone time, I thought.

The water ran for about 10 minutes to fill the large tub. When the water stopped, I could actually hear a faint sigh. Holy shit, I can hear her through the air duct. I heard the soft sounds of water wushing and an occasional sigh.

After a minute I could hear a couple moans. Damn, she is, she is having alone time. The moans continue for a few minutes and then get a bit louder and faster. I can start to hear panting faster and then even louder and longer moans and then I heard her say Fuck in a panting voice.!

Then nothing, not a sound. Moments later I hear the sound of water draining from the tub. Dang, I just heard her cum! Now that was hot! I noticed my cock had come alive again and went back to bed to remember my original version of our dinner. It didn't take me long this time to cum all over my clean sheets. In the morning, I walk down the stairs to go to work.

Sara call out through the screen door. Hey, good luck today. Thanks, I replied. She walked to the door in her terry cotton robe cinched tight in the front.

Damn, a robe I thought. My cock twitched again. She said, thank you for having dinner with me last night. After you had left I thought about how nice it would be to do it again sometime. I winked at her and said, Yes I heard and I walked away. She seemed to have a bit of a puzzled look on her face as I turned.

See you later I yelled. uh Ok, she yelled back. The first few days of the internship went very well. It turns out that this plant hires a few interns each summer. Apparently it is tough to attract good people to such a small town in professional positions.

I was able to meet the other interns on Tuesday. There were three other girls that were hired this summer. They all lived together in a company owned house. Donna didn't want me rooming with other because she thought I might meet some nice little piece or another guy that would be a bad influence on me.

Now that I think about it, that is what happened during last summer internship in Michigan. That, I'm afraid, is another story. The girls decided to have me over for a movie night at their place Wednesday to get to know one another and discuss the internship goals for the company. I agreed to go but thought I would have to cover why I would not be home to answer the phone. I know, I'll tell Donna I went to dinner at my bosses house.

I tried to call Donna but there was no answer. I tried a few more times and again, no answer. Where was she on a Wednesday night. Then it hit me, that was meeting night at the sorority house.

She typically didn't get home until midnight those nights. I would be home before then for sure. I went to girls house and we sat in the living room on big couches watching movies and popping corn. The discussion was light and we all had a lot of fun.

After the second movie it was about 8 we all started talking about where we are from and what our college was like. Debbie said that she was from the same college as I was and lived on the north side of the city. I just lived about 20 minutes away on the west side. Me and her started talking about freshman dorms and the rec center and other college things. She asked me about my fiance as we told the group about it during orientation at the plant. I told her we were going to get married in September after the internship is over.

She said that was awesome. She quickly changed the subject and we started laughing about some of the professors during freshman year. We were having a great time.

After a while the other girls dipped off to bed at about 9. Debbie didn't show any signs of moving so we continued laughing and talking. She stretched up and raised her hands above her head. I couldn't resist noticing her perfect b cup breasts and semi hard nipples poking through her bra and shirt. I said are you getting tired. Nope, she said, this bed is much harder than mine at home. I don't sleep very well on it and my back aches from it. She asked me to rub her back and I agreed.

Oh no, I thought, I am just bound to get in trouble this summer. Debbie was a very pretty girl with very long black hair. her figure was very curvy with maybe a little extra in her ass. A nice round ass I noticed earlier that day at the plant. Yeah, she was wearing a nice flowered skirt down to her ankles. It hugged the curves of her nice round ass. I couldn't detect any rolls around her middle though so I remember thinking, that is just a great pounding ass.

I moved toward her on the couch to reach for her shoulders but she got up and laid down on the carpet with a pillow under her head. Ok, she said, I'm ready for you. Fuck, I thought, damn right she's ready. She was wearing a tight fitting sholderless top and a pair of yoga pants. Once she laid down I could see her ass pointing up at me with the pants fitting tightly around her checks and implying the crevice of her ass.

Nice! I keeled to the side and started rubbing her back. She said, oh no, you have straddle my thighs and push evenly on both sides. I re-positioned myself over her thighs.

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I could feel my cock begin to swell in my shorts. I quickly reach down to adjust my cock upward so it did not push into her.

I tried to keep my distance. I started to rub her lower back and she sighed, that's nice. She asked me to push upward toward her shoulders.

Every time i did I bounced over her bra strap and she would flinch. She reached back with one hand and unfastened her bra. My cock was knocking against my shorts hard now. It was difficult to contain and almost impossible to protect it from brushing against her thighs or her ass. I think she could feel it now and again because should wiggle her legs a bit to sense if it was still there.

I think she was teasing my cock. She then asked me to rub all the way up on her shoulders tapping on the base of her neck with one hand. Oh hell, I thought, I know she's going to feel it now. Please she says.

Alright, her it goes I thought. I start at her lower back and begin to push up to her shoulder blades I feel my cock make contact with her ass. Just then I feel her ass push up against my cock. Oh fuck, I'm thinking that feels great. She moans lightly and and I push down further as I reach higher on her shoulders.

She exhales strongly. She says, that feel awesome. Keep rubbing my shoulders like that and keep pushing your cock against me. I like that a lot. I spread my legs out a bit to push my cock tighter against her all.

It is now buried in her crack. I can feel the bottom with the head. I lean down on my elbows and continue rubbing her shoulders with my hands. I keep rubbing my cock in her ass and she keep pushing right back. She lifts her hips even farther from the carpet and reaches her hand down between her legs. I can feel from the jostling of my balls that she is rubbing her twat.

She begins breathing heavier now and her hips are moving in a rhythm against my cock. I can feel her begin to shake a bit and she starts panting as quietly as she can. After a few more moments she exhales hard and moves her hips back to the carpet.

She turns her head and says, thank you, that was awesome, I needed that. I got up from he legs and she sat up and said, I should be able to sleep now. Be careful going home. What? Home?

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I thought. Awe fuck me, here I am with blue balls again I'm thinking. She says, oh my, it looks like you will need to take care of that thing on your own. Your girl wouldn't want you doing anything naughty now would she? She shows me out the door and I drive across town with a huge hard-on. LISA's arrival I arrive at the apartment at about 10 15. I can see lights on in the kitchen downstairs. Sara must be up I thought. As I make my way toward the staircase, Sara is at the screen door.

Well where have you been this late on a school night she asks. She must have just gotten out of the tub because she was only wrapped in a towel over her tits and bearly covering her mound below.

Oh, hi Sara, I was with the other interns at the company house going over the jobs ahead of us. I knew this was bullshit and I hoped that she could not detect my guilt. Now that is interesting, she says. My husband told me that the Company hires a few interns every summer and most of them are Women. ah, ah, I stammered yes there are a couple women in the group. aw hell, she gonna bust me out for this.

You are being good now aren't you? she asks. Sure I am, I quickly replied. She looks at me a little skeptical and says good, I don't want you doing anything naughty now. Of course not, I replied. A handsome young man like you has to be careful in this small town. All the single women here get very lonely including the other interns. They may try to take advantage of you while you are here. I know you didn't get laid this weekend and you are probably a little horny. She doesn't even know the half of it, I thought.

You are just going to have to go upstairs and have some alone time to relieve that. uh, yeah, that a good idea I said.

She added, I was just about to take a Jacuzzi bath myself. That sounds great, I said. Oh it will sound great she answered. My eyes widened a bit because I now know that she understood my comment the other morning. She knows I can hear her through the vents. She has probably always known. She is a very friendly woman and fuck, what a tease I thought. Ok, good night she said as she pushed the door shut. Good night I replied.

I went upstairs and got ready for bed. When I turned the sink off from brushing my teeth I could hear the water running again. Sweet, I thought, I get to hear another episode from Sara.

The water stops running and I hear the wurring of the Jacuzzi. The quiet moaning starts and I can hear light splashing in the water. I can hear her mutter oh fuck, yeah, that's it, ahhhh. Now I can even hear her breathing heavy. I'm thinking I can hear much clearer this time.

Does she know I am listening? Is she putting on a show? The moaning gets quicker and she is moaning louder. I can hear her saying. oh fuck yeah, stroke that cock for me boy! Boy? That is what she called me I thought. Is she telling me to stroke my cock while I listen? I can hear the water splashing a lot more now. Whatever she is doing she is doing is hard. oooo my fingers are fucking my pussy, it feels sooo good. I want to hear you cum, stroke that cock boy.

My cock springs up instantly and I start stroking it. oh oh oh god it feels good when I pinch my nipples and rub my clit, I think I am going to cum soon. Are you ready, cum with me I hear. I am pumping my cock and feel a blast boiling in my balls. I hear o o o o o, yeeaahh I'm cumming hard boy, shoot you load, shoot it now, I want your cum. And at that moment my cock begins to explode all over the bathroom floor. Fuck, I grunted loudly. Oh shit, I bet she just heard that.

I don't hear anything after that but the water beginning to drain. My balls feel spent and I feel drained. It will be easy to sleep tonight but it just doesn't satisfy my desire to burry my cock. Jerking off feels great for a little while but it's just not the same. I need to get laid. Friday is only two days away I tell myself. I walk down the stairs the next morning and Sara called out through the screen door. I say jokingly, we have to stop meeting like this, and I wink.

She smiles at me and asks, so were you able to relieve your stress last night? Uh, yeeaah? I say as to question. Good, I thought you might. Yeah, I said, thank for that. Oh honey, that's quite alright, I enjoyed it very much as well.

So will you be home after work tonight? yeah, I should be home regular time tonight. Are you up for dinner she asks? I said, sure, that sounds good.

Good, she says, because lisa is coming to town tonight and I would like you to meet her. Holy crap, I think, another girl to cross paths with while I am already so horny! She will be staying with me for the weekend she added. Yeah, I'll bet they will be have a great time this weekend I thought.

Sounds great I say, and I make my way to the truck. Much more to come if comments motivate me!