Babes share a dick in the garage brunette

Babes share a dick in the garage brunette
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"What the hell do you mean I have to kiss her? I don't see that in my script!" "I had the screenwriters put in a love scene, kissing, necking, lovemaking, all the fun stuff." "No, I won't fucking do it, this play wasn't written with intimate scenes, why the last minute changes with gratuitous sex?" I was talking to the director and producer of the off Broadway play we were rehearsing.

I played the title character in the production which started in two days and now they decided to change the ending. "Because gratuitous sex sells. The story ends with the two main characters together anyway, we are just going to show that relationship not let the audience wonder 'did they?" I looked at my co-star Toni; she looked perplexed and a little miffed "What are we going to do?" I asked her.

She turned to Mike the producer, "I didn't sign on for a sex scene, I agree with Dan, we don't need to do it." The director threw up his hands, "What the fuck is wrong with you two!?

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All you gotta do is strip to your underwear, crawl under a blanket and fumble around for a minute. The curtain falls, play over, you're a big hit and on your way to Broadway. Give me a fucking break, you two sound like you're both gay and don't want to touch someone of the opposite sex!" I answered "There's no chemistry, I don't think I'd be convincing with her." He looked at Toni, then me, "What the hell to you mean no chemistry?

Look at her, she's hot, she's sexy, she's a fucking blonde bombshell! Marilyn Monroe would envy her. Don't you have any nuts?" Toni turned red "He's right Jerry, I don't feel anything for him either, not like that." Jerry raised his eyebrows to the spotlights "Oh my fucking Christ, a pair of asexual virgins!


He swiveled his head back and forth looking at her then me "Go home, think about it, talk about it, work it out. I want the fucking fuck scene!" Toni and I left under a cloud of apprehension, the only thing we talked about was doing a love scene with each other. Neither of us had signed on for a sexy part and we didn't want to do one together. Mike was right, Toni was a curvaceous, beautiful blonde and I'm sure that about a billion men would fuck her in a heartbeat but I wasn't one of those billion.

She felt the same way about me, I knew it without asking. We were struggling young actors in New York where struggling young actors carpet the streets. This was the first leading role for both of us and we knew if we pulled this off, if the play was a success, we could be on our way to Broadway, maybe even film.

Everything was going well until the producer decided he wanted an onstage physical encounter with strong sexual overtones. I went with Toni to her little flat to try to figure out what to do. She offered me a beer "If we can't talk Jerry and Mike out of this we have only two choices, do it or quit.

If we quit the understudies will get the roles and we'll be on the fucking street again." "They won't change their minds, Mike was already telling the prop men to put together a bedroom set when we left. It's gonna happen with or without us." "What if one of us stepped out and let our understudy take the part?" she mused, "Could you do a bed scene with Patty?

I think I could do it with Alan." "Yeah, probably, but that's not going to work. First we can't substitute our understudies for us, even if the lights are low, the whole freaking world would know. That would be career suicide even before we have a career. Second, if we proposed something like that, they might just give us the hook and put Patty and Alan on stage for the whole play. I've worked too hard and too long to screw this up because I don't feel right about kissing my co-star." Toni set her bottle on the table "Then you'd better put down the beer and kiss me." We sat on her sofa and went through the lines.

I knew I would have to kiss her eventually but we talked out the scene out first. After working through it Toni and I finally got to the point where we kiss. She stood in front of me and let me pull her close then I put my lips on hers. The kiss was dead. Cold. Lifeless. She pulled her head back "That was worse than my first kiss when I was fourteen." I agreed "We have to do better. If we do that on stage they'll boo us right out of the building.

We have to get over this reluctance to be intimate and be the actors we think we are; we have to act out the scene. We have to become the romantic couple in love no matter what we feel. Start acting." Toni looked up into my face, put her hands on each side of my head and pressed her mouth to mine. She kissed me like she would someone she wanted to have sex with. If any other woman in the world would have kissed me like that my cock would have solidified in seconds but her lips still left me inert even though I returned the kiss with as much fake passion as she gave.

She stepped back, "What do you think?

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Convincing?" I shook my head, "You know how it is, we'll have to rehearse this just like everything else." Toni picked up the script, "It says we will be in our underwear, you in your shorts and T, me in a slip." "I'm sure we can get them to back off that but right now we better practice like its written." Watching a gorgeous 5'8" blonde undress for me usually gets my balls worked up to a fever pitch of lust but I was only mildly intrigued when she dropped her skirt down long shapely legs and stepped out of it.

Her hands went to the buttons on her blouse while I peeled to my briefs. In a few moments she and I were facing each other wearing just enough to keep a thin veneer of modesty between us, she stood before me in white lace lingerie and I felt nothing. I reached for her again and locked my lips on hers. This kiss was better, it was more intimate but we kept a wide gap between our bodies. She wasn't even touching her 36C bust on my chest.

We broke the kiss, I stepped back "This isn't going to work," she said gloomily, "its only two more rehearsals until opening night. We have to have passion, we have to do it right. If I have to fuck you to keep this job, I'll do it." I was just as desperate "I think you're right. Let's go to bed and see if this can happen." Toni sighed deeply, slightly downcast, conceded "Yeah, maybe we can find the passion under my blankets." I led the way to her bed then watched her ass as she bent over the bed to fluff a pillow.

She turned to me "You still have your jockeys on, take them off" she stood straight, reached behind her back and unclasped her bra then let it slip off her arms. Her panties followed quickly and in seconds she was nude and watching as I dropped my underwear. Her eyes roamed from my face down my body then settled on my limp prick. I was staring at Toni's body. Even though she has large breasts, they were firm and stood proudly from her chest, the nipples pointing slightly up, toward the ceiling.

Her body curved from her shoulders to a narrow waist then flared into wide hips and long well formed thighs and legs. She had a thatch of medium blonde down for pubic hair and I could see the start of her body slit where it curved between her legs. She was bright red with embarrassment.

"You look fucking nice." She smiled weakly at the crude compliment and replied "You look pretty stud too; I never paid attention before." For the first time ever my cock began to lift and swell because of Toni.

I started to turn away from her, to hide my reaction to her nudity but she put a hand on my arm and stopped me. "No, let me see, we need the mood." The way she said it, the way she was watching my cock expand caused a dose of hormones to spill into my blood.

My heart picked up its beat, my erection grew longer and thicker, levitating against gravity. When it was standing full strength Toni wrapped her fingers around it then put her lips on mine for another kiss. The role playing began. The scene called for us to fall into each others arms with heated passion.

I was to make passes at her then take her to bed. I had to learn how to seduce Toni and make it seem convincing even though she and I had never before had a sexy thought about each other.

Her lips on mine were still torpid, hesitant, unsure; even though she was fingering my hard-on we weren't heating up. She let go of my cock and pulled away from my mouth "Anything?" "Turn out the light and come to bed. Let's just fuck, if we get that out of the way then maybe we won't be so turned off by necking and groping." "Okay, I guess so," she looked at my rigid dick and said with a resigned sigh "well, that looks ready to play the role." She walked across the room to hit the light switch.

As I watched her back and ass my stiff cock twitched. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. I lay on the bed and waited for Toni to come to me. She sat beside me, looked me up and down then pulled open the night stand drawer and grabbed a tube of lube jelly. She squeezed a dollop in her hand then went to work on my erection. "What are you doing with that in your night stand?" I asked. She grinned mischievously "Maybe you and I never had sex but that doesn't mean I'm a nun." She stretched out beside me and trailed her fingers the length of my erection.

With as much enthusiasm as I felt in my heart she said "Let's get this over with." I rolled up and over her, she spread her legs, groped for my cock then guided me to her entrance. As I felt the head of my erection slip into her she moved her hand and rocked her hips, accepting me as I pushed as far as I could into her. I started fucking her. At first it was mechanical, a role to practice, an audition, but after a few strokes I felt her warming, she was getting wet and I was slipping in and out of her with more ease.

The KY had done its job and now her body was reacting to me. Toni looked at me as we fucked "kiss me again." The kiss was softer, more heated; I felt a hint of ardor on her lips.

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She put her hands on my face again, studied my eyes then pulled me down for another kiss. We did a short tongue dance, the tip of hers experimenting with mine. I probed between her teeth again but this time I pulled my cock out of her then drove it deep and fast back into her. Toni's eyes few open in surprise as a gasp pulled the breath from my mouth. She wrapped her arms around me and we started necking with a lot more enthusiasm. For a few moments I forgot I was fucking her to keep a job, it was almost enjoyable.

Our sexual introduction to each other didn't last very long and wasn't at all passionate. We were experimenting, learning how to act, trying to find the 'method'. My balls signaled that the end was near so I pushed up on my arms and looked down on my co-star "are you safe?" She knew what I was asking, "Yeah, take it all the way" she said without enthusiasm.

My nuts clenched tight as I injected the lovely blonde impaled on my dick. We got up, she put on a robe and I stepped back into my pants. We sat in the front room discussing what we'd done as if we had been framing a scene. I told her what I had felt; she shared her emotions with me. I asked "You think we can do the part now?" Toni sighed, "Not yet, we still have to be," she raised her hands and hooked her fingers to pantomime quote marks "totally fucking in love, the audience has to believe that you and I are going to be forever in love and forever hot for each other." "Tell you what; I'm going to stay here tonight and every night if I have to until we find the mood, until we can convince ourselves that we could be forever lovers.

We'll have to screw like lovers to learn how to be lovers." She looked at me, silent, listening to the echo of my words, weighing what I had said. She cast her eyes down and I noticed her blush around the neck. "Okay, if that's what it takes." She stood and offered me her hand.

As she led me to bed I was a little surprised that my cock didn't need a lot of encouragement, it grew steadily, readying to screw her again. The second time Toni and I had sex we were less controlled, less rigid with anxiety. We had broken the ice and sex with her the second time was a lot warmer; the act of fucking wasn't so objectionable to either of us. It was still experimental, like two beginners trying to overcome their inexperience but by the time I climaxed she seemed to almost enjoy it.

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Her lips, arms and body felt a lot more into the role. The next day we acted out the final scene for the director and producer.

Mike was overjoyed, "That was a hell of a lot better than the argument yesterday! I almost believed you wanted to fuck." He paused, "Almost. It still needs some fire when you kiss but you should be able to pull it off, remember this is the last chance to rehearse." If I want a woman to get passionate with me, if I want a wild, exciting night with a member of the opposite sex I do what every hot blooded male does. I set about to seduce her; if she's receptive, she allows herself to be seduced.

As we left the theater that night I made up my mind to date Toni, to ply her with dinner and drinks.


That's how the play was supposed to go, so I needed to do the same in real life. The night before we'd had sex twice and even though the second time was much better, it still wasn't the hot, blazing encounter of two people who had an overwhelming need for the other. "Want to go to dinner?" "You paying?

Can you afford it?" "How about Italian?" I knew she enjoyed a good pasta meal. A quick grin flashed "Sounds good." I offered her wine before dinner, we got a bottle.


As we sipped she quizzed me "How do you think we did today? Mike wasn't full of praise." "He said we did okay, that it was better than the day before." Toni answered "Okay doesn't work in a stage play, 'convincing' does. Are we going to have to rehearse more tonight?" "Forget it right now, I didn't bring you here to talk about fucking your brains out.

Let's have dinner." She shot me a grim grin "If you fucked my brains out maybe Mike would be happy." After two more glasses of wine and a good dinner I took Toni back to her apartment. On the way I bought another bottle of Cabernet. She was feeling the dinner wine but I wanted a little more edge for the evening. She took the bottle into the cramped kitchen to open it, I followed her and while she was prying out the cork I put my arms around her and kissed the back of her neck.

Toni shivered slightly and twitched her ass against my crotch. "Be careful Dan, I could learn to like that." I pressed harder against her ass which pushed her pelvis against the edge of the counter; I moved my hands to her breasts and held them "I think there's a lot we could both learn to like." Toni spun in my arms, open bottle held high, "Get some glasses you lowlife pervert, let's go sit down." She startled me with a tender lingering kiss before I did her bidding.

I filled my glass again which left an empty bottle.

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It had been close to two hours since we got to her apartment and the subject of sex hadn't come up. I was biding my time, waiting until I could make a pass at her. I knew I could fuck her just by saying 'Let's go to bed.' but that wasn't going to work. We needed to feel the lust, to feel natural, to want each other more than anyone else in the world. Toni tipped her wineglass up and sucked down the last few drops "Is there any more?" I held up the empty bottle and shook my head.

She set her glass down, a frown of disappointment clouded her face; at that moment I knew what I should do. I moved close to her, took a sip of my wine then put my mouth over hers to kiss her.

Her lips parted slightly and when they did I let the wine in my mouth dribble into hers. She eagerly sucked the drops from me, swallowed them down then put her arms around me and held tight as we began to make out. It unnerved me a little that she reacted so hotly. While our mouths mated I put my glass down and moved my hand to cover a large firm breast. Toni moaned softly and slipped her long tongue over my teeth.

We started dueling with tongue tips while I caressed the nipple under her blouse. She twisted around to lie back on the sofa, pulling me down so that I ended up lying with her, our bodies rubbing together from feet to lips.

She pulled one knee up over my thigh and pressed her groin against my cock which was quickly becoming an erection. Toni broke the heated kiss and pulled her head back to look at me, her blue eyes glinted with a mixture of surprise and delight "Damn, that felt good" she uttered then let me kiss her again.

We necked and petted on that couch for 20 minutes. The longer we stayed in each others arms, the more adventurous we got.

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By the time we got up to go to bed we were already half way undressed. My erection was the target of her lust while I stroked her cunt. It was when I slipped my finger under her panties and into her hot wet slit that she invited me to bed. We weren't play acting this time. I was hot for her, she was hot for me, we pulled our clothes off in a hurry of necking and grasping. Toni fell onto her bed and I got between her spread legs.

She grabbed my cock and guided me, she was hot, tender and slick; we didn't need the artificial lube. We didn't fuck, we didn't just have sex, I made love to her and she made love to me.

The longer we coupled the more natural and fluid we got. We were acting on instinct, I sensed what she wanted, she knew how to please me. Since I had cum with her twice the night before my balls weren't in a rush to finish their job so we humped, twisted and screwed all over her bed for thirty minutes.

Our excitement intensified as our bellies slapped together, her pussy swelled with heat as my cock slid through her cunt lips, in and out of the steaming hot tunnel of her sex. Toni got wilder and more passionate as I fucked her relentlessly.

My heart was pounding in my throat, my breath ragged and harsh when she hit her limit. She gasped a deep breath then began to wail her pleasure into the air next to my ear. She started heaving and rocking her hips, banging against my pelvis which set me off. I fired hot bullets into her while her orgasm raped her senses.

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I fell to her side, Toni rolled to face me and put her hands over her face as if to hide, she was bright red, with embarrassment or exertion I couldn't tell. "Oh my god," she wheezed, "I didn't expect that to happen." "Well, it isn't in the script, if that's what you mean." Toni moved her hands from her face and put them on my chest. "I don't think we were acting this time.

I wanted you to do this, I wanted to feel you again only with passion, not like last night," she smiled slowly, her deep blue eyes glittering, "and I got exactly that; you got me off big time." She put her soft moist lips on mine and moaned quietly as I caressed her clit causing a minor aftershock to ripple through her, "I liked it" she murmured.

We got out of bed and went to get something cold to drink. We were sitting at her table nursing iced tea when she asked "Dan, do you think we can pull off the scene tomorrow?" "I think so, but we have to be sure; maybe we should rehearse again." She pulled her robe tighter around her nakedness, batted her eyes flirtingly and asked me with a challenge, "If I don't want too?" The next day after a long night of very intimate rehearsal, Toni and I prepared for opening night.

About a half hour before the curtain went up Jerry the producer came to the dressing room and announced that they had changed the last scene again.

Toni and I wouldn't have to get into bed and mess around, we just needed to clutch to each other until the curtain came down, the bedroom scene was out. After he left the room Toni looked at me and turned bright red. She flustered with words, "We only need to hug? Nothing more?

We didn't have to do what we did?" She turned to her makeup mirror and began to giggle like a school girl with a hand over her mouth, watching me with amused eyes in the mirror. I didn't know what to think. The play was a hit with the audience and critics. Toni and I worked that theater for ten months before it shut down. For those months she gave up her flat and lived with me, not because we needed to be close to rehearse but we could save money and we found out that sex with each other was good, we lived as lovers.

After the theater run she got a major role on Broadway and I moved to California to work in film. A lot of people know that she and I started together in an off Broadway play but nobody knows we fucked like newlyweds during that time.

We had to keep that a secret because her fans know her name is a stage name, adopted even before Toni and I left home and went to acting school. You see, my reluctant co-star, my stage play lover for those months is my younger sister.

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