Hot Girl Getting Fucked POV

Hot Girl Getting Fucked POV
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Derrick gets sucked by my wife My wife yelped and moaned as derrick pinched her nipples and slapped her breasts. Her nipples got really hard and turned quite red with the pinching and twisting he did to them. I then helped him oil up her torso, her hips, then her ass. We made her bend over and I got to rub the oil into the crack in her ass, then into her asshole itself.

She squealed in excitement as I pushed oil in past her sphincter. Then I pushed two fingers into her as she screamed out in ecstasy and fear. She didn't know how far I would go in stretching her ass. "Oh God!


Fuck me! Fuck me!!" I moved behind her and slid my hard cock in that ass all the way to the hilt. She screamed, but pushed hard back into me.

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Derrick moved around in front of her, pushing his cock into her mouth. He was so big he couldn't get it very far in. Even with her teeth out, her mouth was pretty small. I could get very deep into her throat, but I wasn't so big.

As I plowed into her ass harder and harder, I could look around and see her saggy breasts swaying back and forth with my thrusts. She moaned around Derrick's cock, and I could feel her come about the same time as I did. Derrick came soon after, as sperm bubbled out of her mouth and dribbled on the bed. We collapsed as a threesome on the bed. As I drifted off to sleep, I marveled at what a good fuck she was for a 70 year old. Sucking His cock I bent to take his cock into my mouth.

Its silky head slid across my tongue. I closed my mouth and sucked gently. He tried to push deeper, but he was too big and it wouldn't go, so he settled for rocking it gently back and forth with the bulbous head and the first four or five inches being sucked harder now by my eager tongue and lips.

I sucked him for a long time, savoring his taste and the silky feel of his manhood. He sighed and moaned his pleasure at my efforts, He'd always liked my cocksucking and the fact I would suck him until he came. I would always savor his come in my mouth, and I would swallow it all. He liked that and I liked that.

He was a tasty man. His cock began to jerk and I knew it was coming. He was about to fill by mouth with his delicious spunk. And then he did. Only a little escaped down over my chin.

He seemed to have more come than usual, but I took it in, and swallowed it slowly, savoring the taste.

Then his flaccid cock fell out of my mouth, sated. We both smiled at each other, happy in our mutual act. I think I was the only person who ever really satisfied him. The anthem was coming to an end; he tucked his cock into his pants, pulled his frock back down and headed back to the sanctuary to deliver his sermon. At The Peep Show I went into the peep shows the other night. There were about 4 guys standing around with their cocks out as I walked in so I knew it was going to be a good night.

Being an old guy, I knew I wouldn't get a lot of action but I knew I'd get some. I went into a couple's booth, fed in some quarters, pulled out my cock and began playing with it. In a few minutes I heard someone enter the other side, a quarter drop and the shade between booths went up. I continued stroking myself.

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I looked over and saw another old guy looking at me and playing with himself, except he was craning way over and looking right at my cock, which wasn't so hard, but was kind of fat and ripe for play.

He licked his lips and stared, so I stood up to show more length, and get closer to his level. I turned a little in his direction. He stood and let me see him a little better. He wasn't too big, but seemed to be very hard. We watched each other for a few minutes. Then his quarter ran out, and the shade went down. I heard him leave the booth and was disappointed until I realized he was coming around to my door.

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He stood in the doorway and looked at my cock. I turned his way and gestured my cock toward him. He reached in and took hold of it. I gasped. I loved that first contact with another man.

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He stroked his cock with the other hand until I took over for him. That freed up his other hand to explore my body, waist, chest, back. He pinched my nipples quite hard, giving me a thrill. "I think you liked that", he whispered. I nodded, way short of breath. My hand was exploring his balls, too. He squeezed my balls, pretty hard, enough to elicit a moan.

His hand moved back to that nerve filled area between the balls and the asshole and rubbed for a long time. I got hotter and hotter, till I was moaning and saying, "Oh God!" over and over again, pretty much out of control, but not ready to cum yet. My other hand drifted over his ample ass cheeks, rubbing, squeezing, pinching a little. It then drifted into that area between his balls and his tailbone. He, too, squealed a little as I moved up and down; particularly as my hand passed his asshole.

"You want me to fuck you in the ass?" I whispered in his ear. "Yes," he whispered back. "Turn around, then, and I'll do it here and now." I kept dropping quarters in the machine so as not to alert the attendant, as he slipped his pants down a bit further, turned, and bent way over, hard to do in the small booth.

He reached back & spread his asscheeks. I stroked my cock a couple of times, spit on his ass hole, placed the head of my midsized cock at his hole, and pushed. I slid in easily. Some other guys had been there before me- a lot of them.

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I pumped and pumped hard. He squirmed and seemed to love it. My orgasm built up slowly. I must have pumped my cock into him for at least 10 minutes.

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Just as I could feel my orgasm approaching, I could hear him moaning and feel his asshole throb around my cock. Then I blew my load into him. I pumped him full of my juices- a man enema, kind of. We were both spent. I pulled out of him. He pulled up his pants, which had a mess in them.

With that we left the booth, going our separate ways. Getting My Face Fucked by strangers Two guys held my arms out to my side against the back wall of the restroom building.

The leader pulled his cock out of his pants and advanced on me. I was on my knees, and opened my mouth in anticipation of what was going to happen. My head was against the wall so I could not move away as he placed the head of his cock in my mouth.

He moved it around in there, rubbing it on my tongue and on the roof of my mouth, then he pushed it deeper. I closed my mouth around it and began to suck on it. It tasted good- salty, yet sweet.


I would have gladly sucked it on my own, but they didn't know that, so they held me firmly, as the tattooed man pushed his cock deeper into my mouth His cock moved over my tongue and down into the back of my mouth. He moved it back and forth, going gradually deeper.

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I began to gag on the deeper parts of his thrusts. He didn't care, and neither did I. I very seldom had the opportunity to have a cock forced into the back of my throat and down my throat. I very seldom was forced to gag on a sexy man's cock.

I was now being forcibly throat fucked by a burly man behind a rest area rest room, and I loved it. His was not a thick cock, but it was long, and he had soon pushed it further down my throat than I ever remember having a cock pushed before.

I gagged over and over and he thrust harder and harder. As I got used to the depth he had reached, he would push it deeper. My own cock was rock hard as the man pushed deeper.

His cock was emitting pre-cum now, greasing my throat for the continued invasion of the man's long cock. "You're good man. I'm going to come in a minute, and you are going to swallow it all.

I can see you love it. Are you ready to take it?" I nodded as best I could with him lodged deeply in my throat. He stopped pulling back now, leaving his cock lodged at its fullest depth so far. My throat had accommodated it now, but it was not in my mouth and throat up to the hilt. He began to lean into me and push it deeper, the last inch or so until I could feel his coarse pubic hairs on my nose and lips. I gagged a little more, then accommodated, sucking for all I was worth, hoping he would pop his load into me.

My tongue moved up and down his shaft in the limited confines of my mouth, madly licking the underside of that shaft. Then I felt a throb and pushed my mouth further over his cock.

I sucked even harder. He pushed. Then I felt huge throbs and felt the hot wet feeling in the back of my throat, indicating he was beginning to pump his spunk into me. I came in my own pants, as he continued to fuck my mouth and throat, filling me with his wonderful cream. After I had cleaned his cock off with my grateful tongue, they left me spent by that back wall, and roared off on their cycles.