Awesome looking schoolgirl giving hot blowjob pigtails and school uniform

Awesome looking schoolgirl giving hot blowjob  pigtails and school uniform
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WHAT I REALLY WANT What I really want is to go to sort of a bondage palace in New York or Chicago.

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I want to walk in, negotiate the conditions of my spanking, and pay the price, several hundred dollars I would guess.

A scantily clad young woman would then take me back to a locker room where I would take off my clothes (she would watch as I got naked) and store them away.

Another scantily clad, more mature woman would then lead me back to a big dungeon sort of room. I would then be handcuffed to a frame in the middle of the room with my arms up and spread. My legs would then be spread and shackled to the frame. I would stand there with my cock and balls swinging free, other people looking at me.

I would be ashamed of how I looked naked, but could do nothing to cover myself. Approximately half of the others would also be naked, both men and women.

They would be tied up in some fashion having pain administered to them- some with paddles, some with whips, and some with clamps. Some would be moaning in pain or pleasure, some crying out in pain, some crying out or screaming with more pain. They would be of both genders, of a variety of ages. I would neither be the oldest, nor the saggiest person in the room. The other half of the people in the room would be administering the pain. They would be scantily clad, both male and female, some mature, but none of them over about 45.

I would have some time to watch other people getting their punishment and/or their pleasure, hopefully both. Watching for awhile would be part of my arrangement with the front desk. Most of the men would have hard-ons, even the ones being whipped or having mousetraps attached to their nipples or cocks. One, older than me, with a large hard cock, would be coming as he was being fucked in the ass by a young looking stud in a mask.

His cum would rope out on the floor as he screamed his release, the stud pounding his ass till he hollered his own release, filling the old man's ass with his cum. In a back corner of the room a white haired old lady would have three bikini clad women working her over. She would be shackled spread-eagled like myself while a very young girl would be finger fucking her with what looked like three fingers. A mature woman in a black leather bikini would be pinching and twisting her nipples till she cried out in pain.

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A most voluptuous young woman would be behind her paddling her already red ass with a large wooden paddle. As she reached the point of no return her cries of pain would turn into cries of pleasure as she came hard, the pinching of her nipples would turn to hard slaps to her sagging tits, and the paddling of her crimson butt would continue until her cries of release stopped. Over to my near left, a well built young woman would be strapped to a metal table, her legs in stirrups, her large tits topped with nipples pulled deeply into a sucking machine.

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Her cunt would be being invaded with a massive dildo shoved in and out by a machine, which seemed to pick up speed as I watched. She would cry out in anticipation as her climax approached.

She would shudder and holler, "Oh Christ! Make me cum! Oh God!!! Do Me!! Oh fuck! Suck my nipples harder!! Fuck the hell out of me, you bastard!!" With that, she would come with great gushes as the dildo slammed in and out of her at maximum speed.

I would be really hard at this point. "You ready for your spanking, stud?" This would be delivered in a soft, sexy voice. The speaker would come into my view, a statuesque redhead, wearing a black leather bikini. She carried a large, stiff, black leather paddle, which she would set down on a table. She would pick up a cock ring and place it around my cock and balls, pulling it very tight, making my cock, if anything, harder.

She would then slap my cock and balls around a few times, making me grit my teeth in pain and cry out. "Get used to that, stud, I'm only starting," she would say. She would move around behind me, where she would give me a solid smack on my right ass cheek with her hand. She would then give me a solid smack on my left cheek. Then she would spank my right cheek harder, then the left. She would alternate left and right cheek for some minutes.

Mirrors would have been set up so that I could see my ass clearly. And I would now be able to see it redden under the spanking the redhead was giving me. "Do you want it harder, stud?" she would ask. "Yes," I would say.

She would then take my balls in her right hand and began to squeeze, looking me in the eye. "Does that hurt?" she would ask. "No," I would answer.

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This would go on with her squeezing my balls harder and harder, till I'd never felt such pain in my life, and tears came into my eyes. "Oh God, that hurts," I'd cry. She'd let go, then, slapping my cock and balls hard, as she would pick up the wicked looking paddle and move around behind me. Whack! She hit me with the paddle on both cheeks.

It would hurt, but she would hit me again, then again, picking up speed and hitting my ass harder with the leather paddle.


I would cry out in pain as I really began to feel the hurt and heat in my ass cheeks. As I glanced into the mirrors, I would see that my ass had turned a bright crimson color. Yet the paddling would continue. The pain would become unbearable, yet I'd bear it, and bear more.


Then she'd stop. "Are you done, stud? Or can you take some more?" "Give me some more," I cried through my tears, "And make me come though my pain" That's what I wanted to hear, stud." A cute young girl, not over about 12 years old would come into my view, kneel in front of me and take my rigid cock into her small mouth.

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Then I'd feel the paddle hit my ass harder than it ever had till now. Then it would hit again, and again, till I cried out in total pain and now would fear that I couldn't stand it any more.

But she wouldn't stop. The little girl would suck my cock even deeper into her warm mouth as the paddling continued. In the mirror I could see my red ass bounce off the paddle driving my cock deeper into the little girl's mouth. Her warm mouth and tongue would feel really good. As the pain in my ass became total, my orgasm would begin deep inside and began to boil up into my cock. I would be able see those others in the dungeon watch as my body exploded and as I screamed out my release.

I would jerk my body forward away from the painful paddle and toward the girl's warm mouth. I would scream again as my jism spurted into the little mouth that swallowed as fast as it could.

Those around me would smile as I jerked out of control, spasming again and again. My hard cock would be deep in the little girl's mouth, only a little bit of cum escaping her mouth and dribbling down her chin.

My ass would be on fire. A couple of people would applaud as I was let down from the shackles.

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An old guy, being led to a frame by his hard cock would say, "Great orgasm, man". The redhead and the little girl would lead me to the locker room where they helped me get back into my clothes.


The little girl would let me feel up her small breasts before I left. I had never been into very young girls, but my time with her might convince me to rethink that. I would limp back to my hotel room and sleep off my huge orgasm, dreaming of soothing oil being rubbed into my ass by a loving older woman.