Cute petite teen hungers for a fat dick and receives one

Cute petite teen hungers for a fat dick and receives one
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I am going to start this story, beginning with how I came to know Jack Miller. I was only sixteen years old. I was new in the world of sex, I wanted to try new things, see new things, feel new things, and experience everything I had set my mind to.

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My father worked as a manager and owner of his factory business that he usually spoke nothing of. He would ask me and my mother to never ask about his job. All I was able to catch onto was that it was dirty dirty business.

The kind that was unessessary for his daughter and wife to concern themselves with. But back to the story. My father invited his partner, Jack Miller, over to our house for dinner. It wasn't until then that my sexual fantasies came to life.

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This, is how everything began. "Lacie! Hurry up and get ready, our guest is going to be here soon! and, please, TRY to look decent. We want to make a good impression" I rolled my eyes at my father, hearing him all the way from up in my room even though he was downstairs in the kitchen.

I decided I wanted to wear this new dress that I bought at the mall yesterday with my best friend Alexis.

I had bought it because it made my green eyes pop with it's light, pastel pink color. It flowed down right above my knee and moved like silk in the wind, even though it was a lighter material. It shimmered with each angle i turned to, and made my bust look completely ravishing. I finished my soft makeup and admired the beautiful work I'd done in making myself look absolutely delicious.

As I was walking out of my room I looked at myself in my closet mirror. My black hair ran perfectly down and slightly below my breasts.


I had a soft expression on my face, my skin looked milky and my lips made a cute little pout. I suddenly felt an urge to touch myself. I lowered my hand slowly into my panties to touch my completely shaven pussy lips, I used two fingers to slide in between my clit so that I could feel the soft, wet, and warm feeling that made me shiver in my own skin.

I was holding back so much tension in my tiny little cunt from my clit, to my legs, stomach, and arms. The slightest touch down there was ecstacy. I started to put one finger into my pussy when my father banged loudly on the door, "LACIE, COME DOWN NOW. I'M TIRED OF WAITING. OUR GUEST IS HERE." He said in a very strong voice which nearly scared me half to death.

I quickly pulled my hand out of my lace panties, fixed my hair, and went downstairs to greet my father's partner, Jack Miller. I went to stand next to my mother while my father opened our door, and when he opened the door, I saw the man I instantly knew I wanted to lose my virginity to.

This man wasn't just any typical guy.He was tall, about 6'4, with broad shoulders, a chiseled chin with a bit of a beard. He was a black man that had brilliant light brown eyes and a big sharp smile. He reminded me of an adult Tiger, with the way he walked into our home, the way he gave me a scared feeling yet I was wet in my panties. I wanted to run away but his presence kept me glued to the floor with butterflies in the depths of my stomach.

The instant he looked at me my knees went weak. Through the whole dinner, through everything, I kept looking at his mouth.I imagined what it would feel like to have him lick my little pussy. I would look at his big hands and imagine them touching and feeling everywhere around my body. When he would stand I would admire his long strong legs and instantly want to be wrapped up close to him with his member inside of me. I couldn't focus on anything else during dinner.

I sat quietly and ate a little. My mother talked for hours and as did my father, and although Mr. Miller seemed interested in what either of my parents were saying, he would occassionally slowly glance at me, and stare into my eyes. As I would stare back, I felt the intense lust behind his eyes, behind his entire being.I was ready for him to take me right then and there. "I'm glad you gave us your time and it was such a pleasure having you for dinner, Jack." My mother gently smiled at him "Thank YOU for your wonderful cooking, Linda!" Jack beamed a perfect responce.

My father smiled and shook his hand then it was me who was left with the last salut to this sexual god in my home. I softly spoke up "It was nice meeting you, Mr.


Would you please come again?" He almost unnoticably licked a bit of his lip, holding his mouth in a half smile before he said "Most definetally." And then he turned around, and left. Immediately I went up into my room, determined to masterbate and find out what it's like to orgasm, I flung myself on the bed, rubbed at my pussy with a passion and stopped in defeat.

I knew that while my mind wanted to feel pleasure, I also knew that I wasn't going to find it with my fingers only.

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I needed Jack's tight black arms, and his strong long legs, his scratchy trimmed beard and his deep velvet voice. I wasn't going to stop now. This adrenaline had me light headed but I knew exactly what to do. I waited until my parents fell asleep towards midnight, and snuck into my parent's bedroom. I grabbed my father's cellphone and sneaked quietly downstairs to the guest bedroom.

I looked under my father's contacts for Jack and yipped with joy when I found his number. I dialed it into the phone and waiting for the ring. I started to feel nervous, and unsure about the situation. But it was like a nymph had taken over my body and mind, and was willing me to make this huge leap. Fuck. He answered. "Hello?" He said in his perfect voice.

I remained silent in fear that I might stutter. I swallowed then softly spoke back. "Jack? It's me.Lacie." I said as best as I could, if you could perfect a "fuck me now" tone of voice. "Lacie? Why on earth are you calling me?" I had to think fast. "I was just wondering.if maybe you could come pick me up, so that I can show you something I know you want to see really badly." I could hear his slow and steady breathing over the phone.

It's almost as if I could feel him getting a boner just by being on the other end. "I can do that.Are you sure you won't get in trouble?" he inquired politely. I replied, "You shouldn't worry about that. I'm not afraid to break some rules." I giggled and hung up. Hoping that that had worked I went fast upstairs to put my father's phone back where I found it, I put on some black flats and went back downstairs to watch out the window for his car.

I had waited about twenty five minutes before I saw the headlights of his Hummer gleam in view. He drove somewhat in front of the house next to us to avoid further notice.

He blinked his headlights and I took that as a sign to walk out to his car. I opened the door to feel the cold breeze on my skin, then to be welcomed into the warmth of his car. He said nothing, but stared at me in my cute little dinner dress, with the seatbelt inbetween my adorable perky breasts, and the way they bounced with each road curve or speed bump.

He was very observant, just like me. He took me to his house, opened the door for me, and led me into his two bedroom house. He still had said nothing to me but I knew exactly that he understood my desires, and that he was about to meet them completely. It wasn't until we were in his room, with his big king size bed, complete with a gray and white fur blanket, black pillows, black sheets, he also seemed to keep his living space clean which I liked a lot about him.

He turned to me and started passionately kissing me, he carressed my back and slowly went down to give squeezes to both butt cheeks. I loved the feel of his tounge in between my lips and the warmth of his mouth; which was like chocolate to a child. I was starting to get hypnotized by his movements as I stopped him suddenly and said, "I need your help. I've never done anything like this. Daddy hasn't ever allowed me to see any boys. Is it going to hurt?" My voice squeaked at the end and Jack giggled in amusement.

"No baby girl it's not gonna hurt.I'll go real nice and slow for you sweetheart.

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We can make this special." He lifted me up and layed me on the bed, his eyes couldn't be detached from what was under my dress and in between my legs. He put each of his strong big calloused hands on my legs and spread them wide apart.

He moved my panties out of the way and slowly licked up my tiny cunt, making me coo under my breath in absolute pleasure. He began to work his mouth all over my pussy, making me shake and moan and want more, I grabbed his head and said "Mr.

Miller I want all of you.please.make me feel filled up to the brim!" I bucked my hips into the flicking motion he was doing with his amazing tounge and he grunted strongly.

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He came up to me, unbuckled his belt to pull his large dark dick out through his boxers and pants. It sprang up in view with it's large pinkish purple head that looked like it was about to explode. He put it up to my mouth and said "get it nice and wet for me baby girl." I gently licked the tip of his 9 inch member then took about four inches of it into my mouth, choking on the width of his cock.

He pulled out and went lower to ease himself inside of me. I whimpered slightly and he shushed me, he told me that everything was going to be okay and to hold onto him tight. I could feel the hot sweat on his back and the last thing I saw was his huge cock going up to the entrance of my small pink pussy.


He went further and further into me and the more deep he went, the more i grabbed onto his back and moaned in his ear. I could feel his rock hard dick in my tight, tight little tunnel. I could feel him stretching me farther than I've ever been stretched.

He breathed heavily into my hair and started to keep up his thrusting. He would go out and in, out and in, out and in, hold it for a bit, then keep going with the same pattern, but different sides of my pussy were being pleasured with each part of his penis. After a while of this rhythm he would go really fast, pounding my little girl pussy hard until I was scraming his name, and then soft and slow to make me moan even more. I started to feel a distant tingle in my toes, legs and stomach, I curled my toes and grabbed a fist of sheets as I felt an incredible wave pass over my body, a feeling of pure ecstacy as Jack Miller pounded my cunt with his amazing cock, making me cum sweet sum all over him, to the point where it dripped off of his dick as he would move in and out.

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He looked at me with a twisted face and I knew he was ready. He quickly pulled out after I wasd done, and beat his dick juice all over my tiny tummy, he groaned and puffed and said my name under his breath and I rubbed the back of his head as he orgasmed for me.

He layed on top of me as I felt his heavy mass over come me. We were both sweaty as he looked at me and simply said, "Jesus. Fucking. Christ." And how I met Mr. Jack Miller.