Boys taut cute arse gets the stretching of its life

Boys taut cute arse gets the stretching of its life
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We were bored, it was raining, cold and gray outside and it was too early to get out with our friends, so my twin brother and I were roaming around the house poking and snooping in places we normally didn't. We started in a junked-up storage closet and pulled out long forgotten toys and memories.

As we reminisced about our days as children we laughed and teased and told stories of things we did or happened to us. We moved from the junk closet to our parent's room and spent some time looking into drawers and closets for secrets or hidden treasure, but their room was not very interesting.

The only thing we found was mom's rechargeable sex toy, but we had seen that before, so we weren't surprised or shocked. Lium turned it on and chased me around trying to poke me in the ribs with it but I dodged and darted away laughing and squealing when it touched me somewhere. My brother caught me by an arm and forced me to the bed and while I fought to get up he slammed that thing between my legs.

I had jeans on, so it didn't touch me directly and I smacked it away in a hurry while cussing at him "Don't do that you goddamn fuck, that's mom's and I don't even want to think what she and dad do with it." Lium let me up "One day I bet you get your own then you won't object when I shove it up there." "Ha, you're sick.

I'm your sister, never happen." My brother shrugged then put the plastic prick shaped vibrator back where he found it "Let's check out dad's office." I tried to open a bottom drawer on our father's desk, but it was locked. A locked drawer. Nothing in the world got my curiosity up like a drawer I couldn't open on my dad's desk. "Hey, this one is locked, do you see a key?" I asked my brother. He searched through the desk while I snooped on shelves and in the pencil pot.

It was Lium who found it "Here's one, let's try it." The key slipped easily into the slot then turned silently, we heard a soft click when it unlocked. I pulled the drawer open and saw files of papers; the house mortgage, insurances, car loans, bank statements and such boring rubbish. I dug in behind the hanging file folders and fingered a small square object. I pulled out a small wooden box about 3×4×1 inch with two Chinese symbols on it.


The box looked old and expensive. It was made of highly polished Teak with ivory symbol inlays. The lid fit tightly so I had to pry it open with the bottom of the box in my hand and my fingers on the lid.

Lium looked at the lettering "What does that say?" My father is Irish/English. He studied Ancient Chinese History in Hong Kong for years where he met and married my mother, a full blooded Chinese woman. Our mother claimed to have a long line of noble ancestors: war lords, Emperors and wise practitioners of Chinese shamanism.

With that background my twin and I had picked up almost no Chinese language skills in our eighteen years. "Don't know, maybe something about what's inside." The box came open and we saw two small silk bags with draw strings to keep them closed. One green the other red.


I picked up the green bag and saw a fold of rice paper under it. I lifted the paper then unfolded it. Directions of some kind, there were no words, just stick figure pictures. Lium pulled out the red bag "What the fuck are these?" Why was the stupid ass always asking questions I couldn't answer? He opened the bag and dropped a small egg shaped red rock into his hand. It wasn't painted, it was some kind of red mineral, a rock. The color was almost transparent, it looked like you could see into the middle of it, some kind of red opal.

A Chinese symbol was painted on it in gold and black ink. "What the hell, what does the other one look like?" I opened the green bag and looked in.

Another rock, this one was the same size and shape as the other, but it was green, a Jade birds egg. It also had a symbol on it in black and gold but a different shape. I looked at my brother puzzled "What do you think they are?" My own stupid fucking unanswerable question.

"Donno." "Maybe we can look them up on google. Let's try" I told my brother. We took the box and paper with the directions to the computer. The only words anywhere we could find were on the inside of the box lid, it said 'Jiutian Xuannü', "That's where we start" I directed. Lium sat at the computer and typed in Jiutian Xuannu and the screen rolled up with several links for Jiutian Xuannu. He picked the Wikipedia link and a page popped up.

I was looking over his shoulder reading "Huh, Chinese. Goddess of fertility and war. That's a hell of a combination." Lium joked "If you have a war then afterward the country has to make a lot of babies to repopulate. Sounds like a useful combination to me." I smacked my brother on the head "Fucking dork, I hope you never repopulate." I looked at the pictures on the paper they looked hand drawn and seemed to be showing what to do with the stones.

"Look, the girl is wearing the red one around her neck, the guy is wearing the green one." Lium opened the green bag wide and looked in "Hey, there's a string with a sling on it in here. That must be what it hangs with." He took the string, fit the Jade in the sling then put it around his neck. The stone hung down as far as chest. I watched as he bolted straight up, his eyes rolled up then locked on me. Lium took a deep breath, pulled the stone off his neck in one swift move and gasped "Holy shit, what was that!?" "What?

What happened? Are you okay?" "Jesus, what a fucking rush! That felt like the first time I ever hit weed with Greg." He held the crude necklace at arm's length, the rock was dangling on the string below his fist. As it swung in a small arc he mumbled "What the fuck?" He looked at me "Give me that one." I handed my brother the red stone which he slung then put around his neck. When it settled down on his chest he just sat there waiting for something, anything to happen.

Nothing. "Put that one on" he directed then handed me the green stone. I strung it over my neck with the rock resting in my cleavage. The only thing I felt was that it was cool on my skin. "I don't feel anything, maybe you just had a moment of guilt for playing with dad's stuff." "Trade me." My brother and I swapped slings then slipped them over our heads.

When the red one touched my skin where the other had been a solar flare of heat radiated from where it was down my stomach through my groin then concentrated in my womb.

When I felt the girl between my legs get instant hot and wet I ripped the sling off my neck. As soon as it was off I felt normal again, but my mind was trying to process what I felt.

I was shook up, the surge of heat and the feelings that hit me were even stronger than the moment just before I let Adam take my virginity when I was fifteen. I looked at my brother just as he removed the green one from his neck. He studied my face "You too? I got instant hard-on and almost lost a load in my shorts. Damn, what the hell did we find?" I was shaking slightly "I don't know but let's put them back, that was scary." "What was scary?" "If I left that on longer you could have screwed me.

Didn't you feel it?" His eyes drilled into mine "Yeah, I did." We put the stones in the bags, the bags in the box then hid it away again.

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I couldn't leave the secret box alone. For days I wondered what it was, why it was there. My clit got shivers when I remembered how fast I got hot for sex.

I knew without a doubt if we had left the stones around our necks my brother and I would have ended up fucking like crazy on the floor of our father's den. It was Lium who broached the subject with me a week after we found them "Mia, let's take those stones and try them. I was aghast, ready to flee "Hell no, that's totally wrong!" "No, not together," he calmed me, "with someone else." "What do you mean?" "I want you to ask Juno here and get her to put on the red one and I'll wear the green.

Let's find out if those are like some sort of sex drive talismans. Maybe they cast a spell or something so people will have sex." "Did you ever fuck Juno?" "She won't even date me, says I'm not her type.

If she does, then we will know what those rocks are for." What he wanted to do intrigued me "Okay, but I'm going to be here, I want to see what happens." "You want to watch me screw a girl?" "No, I want to see how you two act when wearing them things. If you end up with your dick in her I guess that could be interesting too." I brought Juno home the next Saturday. Mom and dad were at Ikea so we knew they would be gone for three or four hours, mom loves Ikea, most of their shit is made in China so she felt right at home.

I talked to Juno for a while then pulled out the box to show her the pretty old jewelry. On cue Lium came into the room and greeted us as if he just happened to wander in. I showed my friend the old-style jewelry, but I wasn't trying to impress her with the stones, I was helping my brother. Since it was me who showed them to her she couldn't blame Lium for anything that might happen.

After they were lying on the desk in their little string slings I made excuses then left him and Juno alone. Once out of Juno's sight I stopped to listen. I heard Lium say "We think these are old Chinese necklaces, they must be worth a lot of money." "The box is really pretty; can I try one on?" "Sure, take the red one, I'll wear the green." Seconds later I heard the girl gasp then moan softly.

I peeked around the corner and watched. They were staring at each other, both breathing hard, both flushed with warmth. Lium stepped close to Juno and she put her hands on his shoulders, her eyes were locked on his. As the two got closer I noticed the red and green rocks glowing like they had an internal light. Juno stepped into by brother's arms and put her mouth over his, in moments the two were making out, grasping and fondling then started pulling off clothes in a hurry.

Not even a full minute after putting the slings around their necks Juno was pinned up against the den wall panting passion while my brother slammed up and into her with the biggest fucking hard-on I'd ever seen.

Juno cried out the shock of his penetration then lifted her legs, wrapped them around his waist then the two began to fuck. She was yelping, he was groaning while their arms, legs and bodies melded and bonded in wild passionate sex. The sound of their groins slapping was like applause to the chaotic uninhibited show I was getting. Lium moved away from the wall carrying his hot lust filled burden to the middle of the room then lowered down until he was on his back, she was sitting on his lap.

Juno unfolded her legs from his waist, put her knees on each side of my brother then started sliding her pussy on his rock solid erection.

She grabbed his chest; her fingernails were creasing his skin while she gulped for fresh air. The stones were glowing even brighter.

I was getting turned on myself. I put a hand under my skirt into my panties and entertained myself while Juno fucked my brother relentlessly. They were both covered with sweat, the sheen on her body made her look wilder, hotter, more wanton. Lium reached up and palmed her swinging tits then when he pinched her nipples Juno exploded. She raised her face to the ceiling which stretched her neck, her thighs began to vibrate and she called out "Oww you son-of-a bitch, fuck me, ravage me!

OH Sweet Heaven this feels good!" She collapsed flat on my brother, eyes closed, chest heaving for air. She was still for a few seconds then pushed up, slid down Lium's body and started sucking his massive boner. She had a strong grip on the shaft while her lips stretched around it's girth. The girl sucked my brother's cock for about a half minute then flopped to her back and invited him back between her thighs.

Lium slid his erection into her then moaned deeply. Juno smiled with satisfaction while he came. Seeing my brother's semen dripping from her pussy set off my own orgasm. Just as I pulled my hand out of my panties I noticed the two rocks looked just like two rocks.

They had stopped glowing. I stayed out of sight while they got dressed. Juno stayed a few more minutes then left. When she did there were no intimate caresses, kisses or tender words. She came to visit, they fucked, she left. She acted like it was routine for her. Lium put the gems away then came looking for me. "Well, I guess we know what the rocks are for" I told him.

"They must be some kind of Chinese sex talismans kind of like a Voodoo love potion.

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Maybe they came down the family to mom from one of her shaman ancestors." "I don't care what they're for or where they came from, that was the most awesome sex I ever had. That girl put a fuck on me like I never had before." "Yeah, I watched. You both got instant turned on. What did it feel like? They both stones were glowing, was it hot on your skin? My brother didn't answer directly but suggested "You need to get some guy over here and try it yourself." Those goddamn necklaces wouldn't leave my mind.

I kept seeing in my mind my brother's big cock push into Juno and wondered if I should try it too. There was a guy, Roger, a friend of Lium who kind of interested me. I liked him but even when I flirted he didn't seem to notice me much. Time to fix that. I told Lium to get him to the house. When I asked him, my brother cracked a mile-wide smile "I'm gonna watch, this could be crazy." Just talking about bringing a guy in to try the sex rocks got my panties wet.

I was sitting in the den holding the old box when Lium and Roger came in "Hey Roger." "Hey." "What are you doing?" "Just hanging with Lium, you?" "Found some cool looking old necklaces in my dad's desk. They are really old Chinese." "Oh yeah, can I see?" Even before I pulled them from the box my heart started thudding. I didn't know if those fuck rocks would work for me, but the thought of screwing Roger caused thrills in my stomach.

Lium faded away, one second, he was there the next he was gone leaving his friend alone with me. I opened the box then lifted the green silk bag and handed it to him. I took the sling out of the red bag and put the stone in it "Like this, it lays in there then you put it around your neck." I watched the green stone as it settled on Rogers chest.

It started to glow slightly and my heart beat a little faster. I slipped the string for the red one over my head and around my neck. In an instant my pussy got hot. I could feel her swelling with need, I itched to get my skirt and panties off.

Roger's eyes held mine prisoner then he reached down to adjust a big long bulge in his jeans, he had a hard-on in seconds and I knew he and I were going to use it very fucking soon. The green rock grew brighter, I could see the red one burning bright in a mirror on the wall. Roger grabbed my wrist and pulled me to him then we started making out as if we were lovers. His tongue jammed into my mouth and I tried to swallow it while my hands worked rapidly to open his pants.

I rubbed a palm down the shape of his erection and he moaned into my mouth causing a cascade of vibrations from my mouth to my clit. I almost climaxed just then. He reached under my skirt then urgently stripped my panties down, I kicked them off my feet just as his cock sprang free and straight. I dropped to my knees and inhaled him. Not a full two minutes after handing Roger the green stone I was on my knees sucking him as if starved for protein.

He put his hands on my shoulders and let me blow him for a minute or two then not to gently pulled me up by my hair. Roger turned me around to face the desk, pushed me to lie over it then assaulted my pussy. I felt him slide in as far as I could take him, his nuts bumped my body.

I heard myself call out in rapture then he started banging me hard. I laid on my stomach with my tits mashed on the desk while he pummeled me from behind.

I was turned on like never before, I wanted everything I could get, everything he could do. I pushed up which caused him to pull out. I turned around then pushed him away and made him watch while I took off my clothes. Skirt, blouse and bra. When I was naked I laid across the desk then told him "Get your fucking clothes off and fuck me right." He was naked and over me in an instant.

He slammed deep again then Roger and I fucked, fondled and made out for another few minutes until I couldn't take anymore. I started a chain of orgasms each one stronger than the last while his cock did it work. When I peaked for the fifth time I reached up to hold his arms and cried out "Now Roger, NOW!" I picked up my legs and wrapped them around his thighs trapping him then arched my back willing him to cum. He went stiff, rammed into me then his eyes rolled up and he started gasping, I could feel his erection pulsing, pumping.

I was lying on my back staring at my brother who had been watching from the next room. He smiled and gave me a thumbs up, I didn't even feel embarrassed that he was there. Roger pushed off me, offered me a hand to stand then he and I took off the dull colored rocks and got dressed as casually as if were long married. He kissed me lightly good bye then went to find Lium who had left before Roger saw him.

I had just experienced the most intense sex I had ever enjoyed. From the time I handed Roger the necklace to time he kissed me goodbye was maybe 12 minutes.

It was an awesome 12 minutes, but I didn't hang on to any intimate or tender feelings for Roger. When he left after fucking me it was completely okay that he just walked out. We were done, we didn't need to fake affection for each other or anything. But wow, my knees were weak. Later that day Lium and I talked about what we had done. "Roger never said a word about you, it was like you and him didn't do anything at all." "But we did." "No shit girl, you put on a hell of a show, I almost messed my shorts when you sucked his dick.

You looked like you have practice." I let the comment pass. "You know, first Juno then I let you guys cum in us. She didn't act like it could be a problem and I didn't care, in fact I wanted him to. That Chinese god is the one for fertility, do you think they should only be used when a couple want to have a kid?" Lium looked at me a flash of concern in his eyes "You gonna have a baby now?" "No, I got lucky.

It's the wrong time but I'm pretty sure if a girl wasn't careful she could have a real problem after using those fuck rocks.

But you know, I wouldn't have cared even if I was ripe, I wanted, no I needed Roger to finish in me. Juno must have felt the same thing." Lium and I agreed to leave the talismans alone. We figured out what they were and neither of us was ready to produce offspring but we wanted to know more about them. My brother and I began a systematic search through our father's books on Chinese history and mythology. It took hours of reading over four days until we found a poem that seemed to fit the stones and what they were.

Ten thousand times two the moon will circle the sky; the Earth will exist in chaos On the twenty thousand and one moon Ren and Nuren of one blood will don the magic veil of Jiutian Xuannü The bond of Ren and Nuren will bring Értóng, she who will ascend the highest mountains of Earth Peace will reign, lands will flourish, all creatures will live in harmony for many thousand moons more. "What the hell does that say?" my brother asked me. "I guess the magic veil is the rocks, I don't know what the rest of this says.

Maybe we should ask mom and dad." It was mom who told us how to interpret the ancient poem, she was delighted that her children were finally taking an interest in our heritage. "Ren and Nuren are Chinese for man and woman, Ertong is a girl baby. This is a myth that says that one day a girl will be born who will become an Empress and rule the world in peace and harmony for many many years." "Many thousand moons, that could be like forever, she'd be an old hag for sure by then" my brother smirked.

Mom looked at Lium sharply "Don't poke fun at these poems or their meaning, some of them have powerful magic." Those damn necklaces hidden away wouldn't leave us alone. It was my brother who brought up the subject of the rocks again. "Hey, I've been thinking. If I use condoms so the girl would be okay those rocks would really spice up my sex life.

If all we have to do is put them on to fuck like crazy this could be wild. I mean most girls will try on a necklace even if they think I am a complete idiot. After they put it on we could get it on." "So, what are you saying? How are you going to get girls to come here with you if they don't know you or like you?" "You're gonna do it for me.

You got some fucking hot friends and most of them come over here with you. If you get them to put on the red necklace for me that would be awesome." "Lium! What the hell? You want me to bring my friends over here so you can screw them?" My brother grinned salaciously "Yeah, and if you want I'll do the same for you. Remember Roger?" I didn't agree to any kind of arrangement with Lium but got out of his range in a hurry, his proposal sent my head into a turmoil of nasty but appealing thoughts.

Shannon was our first collaboration. Mom and dad were off somewhere when I called her to come over. A few minutes after she came in we were in dad's office and I had the Chinese necklaces on the desk. Lium wandered in as if looking for something to do just when I suggested Shannon put on the red necklace.

Lium casually picked up the other and while we talked the two slipped the string slings over their heads. As soon as the stones settled into place on their chests Shannon focused intently on my brother and the rocks started to glow. I eased out of the room while the talismans began to work. It was almost a repeat of the instant hot sex Lium had with Juno.

The two got so hot for each other so fast Lium almost didn't have time to roll the rubber up his erection before she jumped him. Shannon was even more excited than Juno. After a few minutes of wild ass humping and bouncing she grabbed Lium's head and forced his face between her legs. Lium lapped her pussy until she orgasmed then slammed his cock deep into her again.

I think Shannon crested six times but they came so fast it was hard to count. They rolled apart to their backs side by side on the floor panting feverishly. Lium flopped his head toward me and smiled tiredly. I left my hiding spot before my friend saw me.

After Shannon got her clothes on again she found me in my room. She stayed another hour and never said a word about screwing my brother nor did she seem embarrassed or concerned at what they had done. After she left I went to Lium. We talked about how fast he and she were fucking and what he felt.

He told me putting on the condom was one of the hardest things he had ever done, it was like he could feel Nature begging him to cum in Shannon. He also said he came twice without taking a pause for rest. It was obvious that if I used those rocks with some guy I'd have to be careful. It was my turn. I'd been kind of flirty around Sean for months but like a lot of Lium's friends, to him I was just part of my brother's environment, accepted but not really relevant.

I told Lium who I wanted and he got excited as hell "You're going to do this? Are you going to start getting girls over here for me and I get you the guys!?

That's great Mia, we are going to both have a lot of fucking fun." "You mean fun fucking." "Either way both" he smiled. Sean was standing by Lium's bed when he put the sling with the green stone on. I had ventured into the room 'innocently' with them in my hand and showed them to Lium.

He offered one to Sean while I donned the other. The rocks started to glow, the heat from the red one raced down my body to my pussy and Sean's pants swelled instantly.

My brother stepped back and sat at his game console while Sean reached for me. Our lips met, our arms surrounded the other then he and I started ripping and pulling at our clothes. In seconds I was nude and Sean was suckling my nipples.

I heard myself moan when he put a hand between my legs to feel my hot swollen pussy lips. When he pushed two fingers into my body I had my first orgasm, it was a short shiver but I could feel another building fast.

I managed to pull my mouth off his and urged him to ask my brother for a rubber. Sean paused my seduction long enough to grab a package from Lium and hand it to me. I tore open the foil then rolled the latex down his very long, very thick, very hard cock. Just wrapping my hands around him caused another shiver in my womb.

When it was in place I scrambled to the bed on my hands and knees. My conquest got up behind me then pierced my body with his massive cock. When I felt his erection slip toward my womb I started a string of body convulsions while crying out my passion. Sean fucked me for fifteen minutes the entire time I was cramping with orgasmic shocks.

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Just about the time I was going to beg him to stop he rammed up my pussy so hard my head hit the wall and he started gulping for air and grunting it out. I could feel him pulsing the rubber full.

Sean pulled out of me and I fell to my stomach, he laid his head on my back and petted my ass while we cooled off. It took longer than a minute before I got off the bed, gathered my scattered clothing and left the room. I was walking on a cloud; my body was completely sated but I felt disappointment his semen wasn't dripping from me.

The entire sex session was erotic as hell but the feeling I wanted him to cum inside made me wary. I mean I wanted to play the game but not pay a penalty. Those goddamn jewels were dangerous.

I was standing in the kitchen when Sean left. He looked at me and sort of mentioned "goodbye" as if I were a household decoration again. Didn't bother me at all him being so casual, I felt the same.

So Lium fucked two of my friends, I fucked two of his. We were hooked. Addicted to what those Chinese talismans could do. We sat in my room and made up a hit list, a list of who we wanted to have sex with.

To be fair we kept the sides even and that first list ended up with five names for each. Lium offered me a supply of condoms because in all likelihood our friends wouldn't be carrying any when they came over.

We alternated. I brought a girl home for Lium then he would set me up with someone. My brother and I were banging someone every Saturday and Sunday when our parents were out. On the third Saturday after our pact I invited Mary over then after she left Lium convinced me to get Alicia to the house. That horny fuck got screwed twice that day. Not to be outdone I got him to do the same for me the next day with Mike and Walter. Every time one of us got laid the other sibling was hovering near, watching.

Not a one of our friends objected to a public sex session. Lium came to me and asked me to set him up with Cheyenne. "She says she never had sex" I told him. "Yeah, that's what I hear so let's see if a virgin will get turned on and fuck just like the others." I smiled into my brother's face "You're a fucking asshole. You want to use those Chinese sex toys on a girl, so she will give up her virginity to you?

That's totally wrong, maybe she wants to keep it for getting married or something." He ignored my criticism "Will you do it?" I felt a familiar thrill shiver through my body, hell yeah I would do it. I invited Cheyenne to our house on the pretext of planning a birthday party for April, another friend. (Lium had already fucked April.) Once she was in the house I brought out red the necklace and let her put it on.

My brother who was in his room already wore the green one. Even though they were three rooms apart the stone slung around her neck began to glow. Cheyenne's eyes sparkled crystal clear and began to search, she was looking around as if she were looking for something.

She got off the chair and walked out of the den. Lium came around a corner just as she stepped into the front room.

As soon as they saw each other the rocks brightened to incandescent then Lium held out his hand to her. I was forgotten as the two met in the middle of the room. The girl may have been virgin but the nature of the jewel she was wearing overwhelmed any reluctance or hesitation to having sex for the first time. It took less than a minute of flying clothing and passionate making out for the pair to be naked. Cheyenne went to her back on the sofa, spread her legs wide then my brother put his erection on her vagina.

I was surprised he didn't slam into her, he must have been aware enough to be gentle so the end of his bone slipped slowly into her. She held his sides loosely while Lium took her virginity. I didn't see her grimace, she didn't yelp in pain like I did with Adam.

Cheyenne rolled her hips so Lium could push all the way into her. I thought that maybe she was lying about being pure but when Lium pulled back I saw blood on the shaft of his cock. He just took her virginity but she acted as if she'd done it before. This was different.

Cheyenne was hot for sex but she didn't try to suck my brother's cock, she didn't get him to eat her. Maybe it was her inexperience so they had straight sex but she still got wild and started having orgasms.

She was gasping and moaning, her body jerking with sexual tremors when Lium forced himself to pull out then he came forever on her stomach, his shots covered her from stomach to neck.

Cum dripped from her tits.

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When he was done with my friend he stood and offered her a hand to stand. For the first time he showed some affection for the girl when he hugged her lightly then kissed her before he walked away. Cheyenne picked up his shirt and wiped herself clean then got dressed. When all was said and done she turned to me "Do you think we should buy a cake for April or make one?" After we exhausted the list of names my brother and I started round two with some of them.

No one asked to put on the rocks again but not a single friend refused wear one when offered. No one considered the liaisons as anything but a casual engagement for a few hot minutes. Lium and I graduated high school then the family headed to our grandparent's place near Miami.

We wouldn't be near friends but Lium and I agreed to sneak the Chinese stones with us, just in case. Since my brother and I were used to having sex regularly by using the rocks on our friends our extended vacation began to stretch into forever.

Neither of us knew anyone close enough to use the talismans with so we were both getting edgy. I complained to my brother "Man I need to get laid, it's been too long." He agreed wholeheartedly. Mom and dad took our grandparents to dinner, Lium and I deferred to stay on the beach and do some snorkeling and to hunt up some possible sex partners. After watching fish swim for an hour or so I was tired so I left my brother to lie down for a nap. The full moon was rising when I stripped off my wet bikini then lay on the bed nude, enjoying the freedom from clothing as I drifted asleep.

I was dreaming. Some faceless hunk was sliding his erection into me gently while I got hot for him. My heart started thudding, my pussy swelled warm and got wet. I opened my eyes to see Lium sitting on the bed next to me with the green stone around his neck glowing softly in the dim light of my room.

I grabbed for my chest and felt the red jewel lying between my breasts where my brother put it. The stone was illuminated soft red, pulsing lightly seeking permission to work for me.

I felt for the string with thumb and finger of each hand then slipped the ancient necklace over my head. Permission granted.

I didn't shrink from my brother in fear, shock or shame. I reached over and grabbed the long hard bulge in his swimming trunks and smiled into his eyes. Lium stood to shed his trunks while I moved to give him room on my bed. Thirty seconds after waking me up my brother split my thighs with that big fucking erection of his. He thrust into me until our groins slapped then we set a frantic pace of sex while our mouths met and bonded in a feverish flurry of spit swapping and moaning.

When I fucked those other guys with the rocks I got hot, I got wild, I had fantastic climaxes. What I felt as my brother fucked me was by far more exciting and erotic. I could feel every damn inch of him sliding through the lips of my pussy, I could feel the thickness of his hard-on encased in my body.

The head of his cock massaged the walls of my womb when he pushed deep. I looked into his eyes and saw more lust and desire than any other guy I ever fucked. My brother and I were sharing the most intense sex we had ever done. I started convulsing, my climaxes came so fast I was cramping and crying out another even as the one before faded.

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I felt the skin on his back tear when I dug my nails into him, I wrapped my legs around his waist and squeezed him so tight his face turned red. After a series of ever stronger orgasms I arched my back and begged my brother "Cum Lium, oh God cum in me!" He didn't hesitate.

Surges of semen gushed through his erection and flooded my pussy. He was groaning and gasping as he unloaded. My brother heaved a deep breath, looked down on me and managed to say "Pregnant Mia, you have to get pregnant!" Far from being scared or worried I let my passion answer him "Yesss! Do it!" My vaginal muscles were massaging his erection, caressing it, milking it for every sperm cell he could deliver.

I encouraged him with a soft kiss and a final whisper "Do it." We laid on the bed panting, sweating and completely at ease with what we had just done. Even though we had just committed incest, fucking with the unprotected passion and need of newlyweds I felt no shame, no guilt, no concerns.

I flopped my head to see him, he turned eyes on me and said "That was the best sex I've ever had Mia. Jesus, I got so fucking hot for you." As I smiled at him it struck me that we weren't acting like we normally did after screwing with the rocks. We didn't get up and go on as if it didn't happen. I kissed his chin "Yeah, that was the best, you were awesome." Just to make sure he understood me I reached between his legs and put my fingers around his prick.

It was still half swollen with lust and filled my hand nicely. While I fingered his long member it started getting longer and thicker, the green stone began to glow again. I looked down at the red one lying against my left tit, it was growing brighter too.

Lium smiled at me, I squeezed his prick then we started necking and petting until I rolled over his lap and took him into my mouth. The red fertility talisman was burning bright on my skin when my brother split my thighs the second time. I was sizzling hot for him and in the throes of ecstasy the mythical poem came to mind. 'Ren and Nuren of one blood' My brother and I were twins, of one blood, a mixture of our mother and father.

I read words of the poem as it flashed through my head: 'The bond of Ren and Nuren will bring Értóng, she who will ascend the highest mountains of Earth' As my rapture grew, as my brother brought me to ever higher and higher levels of desire and lust I could only think one thing, 'If he doesn't knock me up tonight, we'll keep trying until he does.' I began to climax as the red stone flared bright between my breasts.