Glamorous milf anally riding stepsons cock

Glamorous milf anally riding stepsons cock
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I was Four and he was Five St. H---'s Preparatory.

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Kingston, Jamaica. "Give it back!" he cried out. "But it's mine", she protested. "Nooooo! It doesn't belong to you. Gimme! The little boy screamed crying. "Children. What's going on here" Mrs. Jarrett asked hurrying over. The classroom went quiet and the children turned in their seats to see who would be in trouble. "She took it and it's mine, Mrs. Jarrett she took my leapfrog explorer" he bawled. "Calm down Euvin" the teacher spoke soothingly, as she looked the 5 year old over.

Tears were streaming heavily down his beautiful face, going down his chin and soaking into his clean uniform. "She took it. Please make her give it back, its mine!" he persisted. "Ok ok, let's see. Nadia hand the toy to me". The little girl reluctantly handed over the toy she sincerely believes was hers. "Mmmh", murmured the teacher. "Nadia dear, this belongs to Euvin as is name is printed on the back, see here, she showed the little girl." Now you were wrong to take it, so apologize.

"But ---", she tried to protest. "No buts girl" scolded the teacher. "Now apologize quickly as it is time for your recess" she said handing the toy to the girl to give and apologize to Euvin. "But Mrs.

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Jarrett ---"she continued to protest tears welling up in her eyes. But the teacher flung her a stern look. Head bowed, eyes cast to the floor and the beginning of shameful tears silently rolling down her cheeks she whispered, "I'm sorry.", "Come now Nadia, we can't hear you." "I'm sorry Euvin" she whimpered a little louder as she held out his Leapfrog explorer. And he roughly dragged it from her delicately tiny hands. "Euvin ---!" started the teacher but she was at that moment being urgently called away to the office." Take your recess children and behave.

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I'll be with you shortly." she called to the class as she exited the classroom. Four year old Nadia wiped the tears from her face. She really was sorry. She had truly believed it was her own Leapfrog Explorer. She stared at Euvin as he made his way in front of her to reach his snack pack. She studied his blonde hair and admired his cool shoes. She had liked him since the day she had been moved up to this class. (She had excelled in her class and proven capable to handle a 5 year old schedule) She loved his blonde hair and golden amber eyes.

She thought he was the sweetest looking guy in class and he was oh so cool with his transformers backpack and high tech toys, and he was definitely beautiful she thought.

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Euvin, still very upset at her for what he thought was a failed attempt at trying to steal his Leapfrog Explorer, ignored her as he searched for his bottle of grape juice. Girls he concluded in his mind; they're annoying freaks.

Why couldn't there be just boys, he thought again as he caught sight of her out of the corner of his right eye. "Euvin, I really am sorry" she beseeched tentatively.

He dranked his juice and glanced at her angrily rolling his eyes and then returning his attention to drinking his juice. They were the only ones left in the classroom now as the other kids had gone in the playroom to play. Euvin put away the rest of his juice and turned to walk out the room without so much of acknowledging her apology. She felt even worse now, but she followed behind slowly dragging herself to the playroom.

As Euvin passed the teachers' lounge however, he heard a peculiar sound and his curiosity got the better of him, and since the door was slightly ajar, he peered in. He was slightly taken aback. There was Mrs.

Jarrett with the principal, kissing! He wasn't at all alarmed just mildly surprised to have caught his teacher doing this.


He knew what was happening. His older brother had many girl and he saw most of the things he did with them. He also told him he would be doing these things too. Sickening, he thought, although he couldn't help watching as the principal was now feeling her up. Nadia was getting closer now and he thought he better made sure she was quiet.

Picking up his signal, she silently tip toed towards him and the slightly open door, wondering what he was peeking at. She almost gasped out loud at what she saw but caught herself in time. Together they stared at their educators. Euvin began to feel an unusual stir in his loins. He looked down and noted that his little dick must have risen.

He looked over at Nadia, hoping that she hadn't notice but, he turned to find himself deeply mesmerized by a pair of dark blue eyes. He looked her steadily up and down. Wow he thought, she's very pretty.


Her waist length strawberry blonde ringlets were adorned with pretty hair accessories, her lips look like the red color of ripe strawberries and her eyes were the very color of the ocean, which he found dangerous and mysterious. He couldn't help it. All of a sudden he was leaning over and he slowly gave her a sweet kiss. She blinked once. That felt so good and he leaned over to kiss her sweet lips once again. "Euvin", she panicked, "What are you doing" "Sssh" he quieted her softly. He stared into her eyes again and decided.

There was a cupboard nearby. "Let's go in there" and he took her hand and had them locked in the dark cupboard before she had time to say anything. He looked at her and notices she seemed uncertain. He knew what to do. He had seen his brother do it many times. He step more closely to her and she step away but he kept stepping closer until he had her backup against the wall.

He leaned in to kiss her again. He decided that he liked that very much. He could tell she liked it too although she was a bit panicky, but that didn't stop him from going further. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his hot and throbbing willy. "Kneel down" he manage to whisper. "Kneel' she repeated, looking down at his dick. It was the first one she ever saw. "Yeah" he answered her a bit impatiently, gently pushing on her shoulders, so she knelt down.

'Now suck' he commanded. "Suck that" she questioned appalled. He hissed his teeth and violently pushed his hips towards her mouth. "Open up. Use your tongue bitch!" he demanded using the words he heard his brother often say. 'Yeah, lick it like a lollipop" She started to cry in earnest, but she obediently poked out tongue and licked the warm, stiff meat. "Shit this is awesome" he loudly opined distractively.

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He loved it. Loved it and in no time he was driving his little dick hard on her tongue. He was enjoying that she was crying and the more she did the more his dick throb.

He fucks that little bitch's face. Taking revenge for almost getting away with his toy. With this running through his head he rammed his meaty shaft harder and harder. The little girl looked up at him with her big eyes silently beseeching him to stop.

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Her heavy tears leaking down her chin. He stared at the slut. She was perspiring at the forehead and her breathing was getting heavier, but she still obediently kept her tongue out. Finally, with the back of Nadia's head knocking against the wall, he tightly held her head and exploded his piss down her throat. Startled, she gave a small scream, but he held her head tightly his face in concentration only on this new release he was experiencing. He pulled out his dick and gave it two shakes just like when he was in the can, then released the sobbing girl.

The bitch wouldn't stop crying. Pulling her up. He shook her twice. "Shut the fuck up" he warned her angrily, and she complied. "You a go tell" he asked she shook her head no. He stood straighter as he said "Good cause I wouldn't want to get my friends to hold you down while I do it again" He looked at her again. She was really very pretty. He touch one of her pretty golden curls, "Meet me here tomorrow at recess" he silently demanded more than asked.

She nodded her head yes. He leaned down kissed her again and quickly left the cupbroad.