Latina TS licks and barebacks guys ass

Latina TS licks and barebacks guys ass
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Dave and June had been married for five years when their marriage problems started. It started when their sex life simply started to dry up, not long after the birth of their son. June simpliy wasn't interested any longer, and the harder Dave tried, the worse things got. That led to fighting and not talking.

Their marriage got cold and distant. But they stuck it out, because they did love each other. By the time they reached ten years of marriage they didn't have much of a marriage left at all. Dave had progressed from jerking off in the bathroom, to internet porn and finally to sleeping with a woman at work. He felt aweful afterwards, but he had little doubt he would do it again.

Not long afterwards he came home from work early one afternoon. He let himself in through the front door and stepped into the living room. He froze.

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His wife was bent over the couch with her pants around her knees, and the neighbor's twenty year old son Jeff was burried balls deep in her pussy.

In horror all he could do was stand and stare as the young stud fucked her long and hard. "Fuck me harder," June ordered, and the boy complied. "Fuck, don't stop. Give it to me!" He had never heard his wife talk like that. She had never wanted to talk like that. Dave felt like puking as a thousand thoughts ran through his head, but he couldn't take his eyes off of them.

After ten minutes Jeff grunted and pumped June full of cum. Almost as soon as his limp cock was out of her pussy, he noticed that they had company. "Oh, shit.uh," Jeff muttered as he pulled his pants back on. He ran for the door, and Dave didn't move to stop him.

"Dave, I'm.II'm sorry," June mumbled. She got to her feet and just stood there, staring at him with her pants around her ankles and Jeff's sum running down her thighs.

"Its." "Has it happened before?" "No, I promise," she said. "I saw him washing his car with his shirt off, and he just looked so young and hot. I asked him over for a glass of lemonaide.I wasn't planning on doing anything but look at him, but I guess he could see it in my eyes." Dave crossed the distance between them, not knowing if he was going to hug her or slap her. Instead he grabbed her and kissed her passionately on the lips. She resisted for a minute, and then melted into him.

"I don't want to lose you," he said softly. He felt her hands unfastening his pants. They fell away and then she pulled his limp cock out of his boxers. June dropped to her knees and took him into her mouth. She said she hated giving blowjobs, and in fact had only given him one since they'd been married.

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But this time she attacked him hungrily. He was lost in the feeling of her hot, moist lips and little darting tongue. When he was about to cum he pushed her gently down onto the couch. He spread her legs and dropped to his knees between them, not even thinking about Jeff or the load he had just dropped there.

Dammy had never tasted cum before, but he had a mouthful when he started eatting her pussy. . The marriage coach had come highly recommended by the interent, but everyone warned that his techniques were unusual. He first conducted seperate interviews with husband and wife, asking lots of personal questions, especially about their sex life. Both Dave and June were honest, even about their affairs and the love making session following her fling with Jeff.

They both credited that love making for saving their faltering marriage. Dr. Brahms told them he would be at their house the next night for supper, followed by an exercise.

They had best send their son to the babysetters, because it might take a while. The next night he showed up at six on the dot.

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Malcolm Brahms was a huge black man who looked more like he should be playing in the NBA than as a marriage coach. But he was soft spoken and pleasant. He was the type of therapist that got people to open up. They made small talk during supper, avoiding all of the main issues. Afterwards they all enjoyed a glass of wine and retired to the living room.


"So this is where it happened?" he asked at last. "The whole affair with the neighbor boy?" "Y-yes," June said, blushing. "Don't be ashamed, it might not have been the right thing to do, but its got you trying to save your marriage," Brahms told her. "I want you to walk me through it. How did things with Jeff go down?" "Well, I saw him washing his car--" "Once you were inside," Brahms said. "Show me. I'll play the part of Jeff, put me where he was." He offered his hand to June, and she nervously led him to the entry way.

"We came in for a drink," she said. "He was standing right there, and I had my back to him." "And he had his shirt off?" he asked, pulling his polo shirt over his head. Beneath it he was a mound of shiny black muscles. June stared at his muscular chest with wide eyes. Jeff was a good looking boy. Dr. Brahms was an addonis. "Turn your back and tell me what happened next." "Well, I was standing her like this, when suddenly he had his body pressed against me," she said.

The doctor stepped forward and did everything as she said it. "He wrapped his arm around waist and started kissing me on the neck." June was suddenly at a lost for words, so Brahms improvised. He slid on massive hand down the front of her pants and started to stroke her unshaved pussy. The other went up her blouse and started carressing her nipples.

"Now wait a damned minute!" Dave yelled and started to get up. "I garuntee that this will work, so sit down and shut up!" Brahms ripped her blouse open, and unsnapped her bra. She spread her legs a little and he slid two big fingers inside of her.

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With the hand that had been playing with her breasts, he unfastened he pants and let them fall to the floor. He guided June to the couch where he bent her over the arm. He removed his hand from her pussy and dropped to his knees behind her. He slipped her panties down around her ankles and spread her ass cheeks. He smiled and nodded at Dave, and then buried his tongue in her asshole.

His fingers went back to her pussy. June shook as she orgasmed. Dave got up from his spot of the couch and moved over next to her. He leaned down and kissed her passionatly on the lips.

At last Brahms got back to his feet and removed his pants. Beneath was a black cock that looked like it was a foot long.

He stepped up and shoved it into June's tight pussy, and she started cumming again.

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June and Dave kept kissing as Dr. Brahms fucked her hard. It seemed to go on forever, but they didn't mind.

She was getting fucked by a huge cock, and he was getting kissed in a way he hadn't since they were dating. Finally Brahms grunted and cummed.


He kept fucking until he'd left every last drop inside of her. When he was done he stepped back and smiled. "You're turn, Dave," he said. June moved into position on the couch, and Dave once again found himself between her legs.Brahms had done a lot more damage than Jeff. Her pussy was red and looked like it was stretched out.

There was cum everywhere in her hair bush. Without hesitation he dove in, licking her clit and fingering her pussy.

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He ate her for nearly an hour, cleaning up every bit of the cum with his tongue. She orgasmed over and over. FInally he dropped his own pants and slid his cock into her swollen pussy.

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Dr. Brahms sat down on the couch next to them, and June leaned over and started to suck his cock.

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And this was only the first session.