Busty babe pussytoying before spoon fucking

Busty babe pussytoying before spoon fucking
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My sister had turned around and looked me in the eyes with thanks and was now going to make me feel how good she did. She glanced down at the tent in my swim suit and back up at me with a devilish look in her eyes. We were taking it slowly, but not slowly enough to where we lost interest. This was all going to lead up to something.


Still facing me, she grasped my hard-on outside my suit, getting a feel for what she would have to encounter. I wrapped my arm around her and embraced her sexy, petite figure as she reached inside my suit.

Her hand wrapped gently around my shaft and I squirted a little precum out underwater.

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She slowly massaged the base of my penis as I grabbed her ass tightly. I asked her if she wanted to go inside and shower off and she agreed. We went inside excitedly, as we both knew we would now see each other naked. We hurriedly ran into the shower and turned the water on.

At first the water was cold and this made my sister's cute nipples poke out through her bathing suit top.

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I couldn't hold myself back any longer, so I ripped off her top and plunged my face into her little titties and sucked on each nipple savagely, yet gently bit them. I could tell she was turned on as she moined, grabbed her tiny tits, and dropped to her knees. I started breathing heavily as she pulled down my shorts. I could see her eyes widen as my girthy friend grew before our eyes.

She took my rock-hard penis and slowly wrapped her lips around the tip of my head. I went crazy, seeing as this was my first blowjob.


The warm, sexy lips of my sister tightly enclosing my erect dick was the best feeling I had ever experienced! Her cute little face looking up at me as she bobbed back and forth on my huge cock that was harder than it ever had been before, her cute little boobs moving as she rocked back and forth, and now she was wanting to make me cum!

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She was holding on so hard, making short, quick motions sucking, and finally I had to give it up to her extreme deep throating. I couldn't believe she was taking my 7 inches all in her mouth and I just blew it.

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I came so hard, I thought I would faint! My sister, sucking and deep throating like a pro, and the warm sensation of her hot mouth eating my sperm up as it rocketed out of my horny rod. She took it all and didn't even gag when I shot it down her throat to what felt like heaven.

I grabbed my dick in my hand and slowly jacked it off to get a little more out, and all of a sudden, my sister now flicked the head of my penis with her tongue and made me go wild again! I flooded her mouth with my hot, sticky man juice and when I finally, slowly pulled all of my 7 inches out, the sperm was leaking out of the sides of her mouth, but she quickly used her finger to put it back in her mouth, leaving none to waste.

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This scene turned me more than anything ever had before, seeing my younger sister swallow my cum like a little slut. After regaining my senses from just blowing my load down my sister's throat, I was still turned on looking at her mostly naked body.

I just had to see what I had earlier gotten my hands on.

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I had her stand up, as I got down on my knees to see what she had to reveal under small bikini barely covering her lower area. I told her to let me see as she slowly started to slide down her pink bikini bottom.This was it.