Big tit milf casting xxx Finally after fairly the long running

Big tit milf casting xxx Finally  after fairly the long running
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The Adventures of Charles and I Chapter 2 After our camping trip and the session with my sister Charles and I spent a lot of time jacking-off together or sucking each others cock.

We were looking forward too my sister "making" us eat her pussy again and maybe letting us fuck her. Mr. Jones had been hurt in a fire so he was not able to have sex with us either. We did visit him at least every other day; he liked to watch us suck each other which we did when his wife was gone.

He even showed us the video he had made on our camping trip; I loved the part where he fucked my ass with his 9 inch monster cock. Charles and I were looking for someone else to join us until M. J.; as we had started calling Mr. Jones; was well. We were afraid to approach anybody we knew so we were having a rough time. Charles came to my house on a Saturday morning and told me that he thought he had found someone to join us in our quest for sex.

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It turned out to be a girl who lived behind Charles house and he had been spying on for awhile. She would leave her shade up at night as she was getting ready for bed; Charles had gotten a telescope to watch the moon but was watching her.

She liked to stand in front of the window naked and do exercises; Charles had been watching her for about 3 weeks; he told me about her and I had even seen her a couple of times. Seems she caught Charles watching and instead of being mad she liked it. She had come to his house that morning while his parents were gone and told him that she liked to be watched.

She told him that she had seen him and me jacking-off and even sucking each other and she was wondering if we would like to try a girl. A prayer answered; now we were not going to have to wait on my sister; we had a girl that wanted to fuck. Sara had just moved in with her dad and step-mom and when she noticed Charles and me she started making plans to get to know us because she liked sex with 2 guys at once. Her step-dad and her step-brother had been having sex with her since she was 9, she had just turned 14.

They liked too both use her at the same time and she had learned to like it. She had tried sex with just one partner and was not satisfied with it but she didn't want to get into gangbangs either. Charles and I were the perfect answer for her and her for us. Charles parents were going to be away until Sunday afternoon so we had his house all to ourselves.

GP as Gloria liked to be called {stands for good pussy; her idea} was waiting for us on his front porch. I told mo that I was going over to his house and we were out the door. When I saw GP I was surprised at how she looked; she has black hair that was fairly long and beautiful blue eyes, she is 5'1" tall and a little overweight at about 120 pounds.

Her boobs are a nice size without being overly large. I had seen her at night thru the telescope but I didn't really know how she looked; I think I fell in love with her immediately. We went inside and Charles got us a beer; we went into the den to watch a porno that belonged to his dad.

GP was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and she looked super sexy; she sat in a chair and said that she had watched us suck each others cocks in the yard where we thought nobody could see us. Charles asked if she liked watching and she answered yes she did. I asked if she liked to suck cocks too.

Her answer again was yes and that she was looking forward to sucking us. I became very bold and said we should get naked; GP stood and removed her top and pulled her shorts off. She was totally nude in front of us; as I mentioned before her tits weren't big but her nipples were huge; looking at her naked body gave me an instant hard-on. I quickly removed my clothes as did Charles. GP looked at our little cocks and smiled; she said that they were just the perfect size for sucking and ass fucking.

She told us that we could eat her pussy but that we couldn't fuck her until we got some rubbers because she didn't want to get pregnant. I was fascinated with her very hairy genital area; I could barely make out the slit of her pussy thru the thick black hair.

I asked GP to sit in an arm chair and put her legs over the arms so I could eat her pussy. She got in position and I got on my knees and spread her pussies lips then started licking and sucking on her fabulous, sweet tasting vagina. The smell of GP's pussy was enough to cause a major erection; she just smelled like sex. I was just inhaling the fragrance from GP's pussy when she put her hands on my head and pulled my face into her open cunt and she told me to lick her hole.

I inserted my tongue as far as I could inside her love tunnel then started sucking the girl juices from deep inside her. The thought ran thru my mind that I would like to suck her pussy after she was fucked. I thought that the combination of her female excretions mixed with fresh cum would be the perfect blend of sexual taste. GP liked to have her pussy sucked and tongue fucked where as my sister wanted us to lick and suck her clitoris GP preferred most of the action in and around her love tunnel.

She also liked us to spend a lot of time licking and sucking her urethra opening and sometime would loose control and a little pee would be mixed with the rest of her secretions.

I had been sucking her pussy for quite a while when I decided to lick her asshole I licked my way to her anus and ran my tongue around her anal opening. GP squealed as I probed her tight asshole and pushed my head back; I asked her why she stopped me didn't it feel good. GP caught her breath and said that yes it felt great and I could lick her ass any time I wanted; it just surprised her when I moved from her pussy to her ass and she wanted to make sure that I wanted to do that.

I assured her that I did and got back to giving her her first rim job. Charles had been sucking on her tits while I concentrated on her ass and pussy; I noticed him moving and looked up to see he had put his cock in GP's mouth.

Since GP had said we could fuck her ass I got in position and worked my cock into her anus. In this position I was facing Charles ass so I spread his cheeks and gave him a rim job; we had both done this before and I knew how much he liked it. Between me licking his asshole and GP sucking his cock Charles soon filled GP's mouth with a large load of his sperm.

After he finished his orgasm Charles moved and I was face to face with GP. Some of the cum from Charles was running from the corner of her mouth so I leaned forward and licked it off.

GP put her arms around me and kissed me pushing her cum coated tongue deep in my mouth. At this moment my cock exploded in her ass sending my cum flooding into her bowels. GP wrapped her legs around my body holding me tightly too her as she experienced her climax. We held on to each other being connected by her tongue deep in my mouth and my cock in her ass with her arms and legs wrapped around me.

Charles, GP and I spent the rest of the day trying different combinations having either a cock, a pussy or a asshole either in our mouth or wrapped around our cocks. Of course GP didn't have a cock but she does have a very talented tongue that she doesn't mind using like a cock around assholes.

I learned that I really enjoyed eating pussy while the lady was being fucked in her ass; and that sucking a cock while the guy was being ass fucked came in as a close second GP and I left Charles house just before dark after agreeing to get together the next day for some more experimenting.

Mom was making dinner when I walked in she asked how my day had gone; how could I tell her that we had a fucking good time. I said that we had met a new friend and had spent the day watching videos and getting to know her.

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Mom was surprised when I said her so she asked about her. I explained that she had just come to live with her dad and was my age and that she was fun to be with. Mom put her arm around my shoulder and kissed me on the cheek and told me I should take a shower before dinner as I smelled funny. I looked at her and could tell that she knew we had been fooling around; then she said that we needed to have a talk after dinner.

After we finished eating mom told Sue to clean up in the kitchen because she and I were going to have a talk. Sue looked at me and smiled; she knew what kind of talk I was in for.

Mom and I went into the den, mom sat in her favorite chair and I sat across from her on the couch, this was the seating we always used when I was in trouble so I was expecting the worst. Mom started with how I was growing into a fine handsome young man and that she was aware of the changes that I was experiencing and how difficult this could be on a person. She said that she was aware of my new found sexuality and that she knew that I was masturbating a lot.

At this I wanted to crawl under the couch and never come out. Mom helped by saying that this was normal and she understood; then she asked if Charles and I were masturbating together or if we were doing other things. I was cool and asked what other things; mom came right out and asked if we were having oral sex. I tried to play dumb and asked what oral sex was; mom asked if we were sucking each others cock. The first thing thru my mind was that my asshole sister told on us; I blurted out before I realized it that Sue told on us didn't she.

This surprised mom and she called Sue to come in and answer a question. Sue walked in and mom asked if she knew that Charles and I were sucking each other and if she did why hadn't she told her.

Sue admitted that she had seen us together and that she was blackmailing us. Mom asked what she was getting from Charles and I; Sue came right out and told our mother that we were eating her pussy and licking her ass. Mom asked if we were any good; Sue said that Charles was good but that I was a natural cunt lapper and that nobody did better licking ass than me.

My mother then said that she would have to experience my talents herself. Oh Shit!


I came in here to be preached at and probably grounded for life but instead I was going to have sex with my mother. Mom wanted to know what went on at Charles house that day so I told her about Gloria. Mom asked if we had fucked her and I told her no because she wouldn't fuck us until we got some rubbers. She then asked if I had ever fucked a girl to which I had to answer that I had never fucked a girl's pussy.

Mom laughed at that and said we would soon change that; as an after thought she asked if Charles had ever had any pussy, again the answer was no. My sweet darling mother wanted details about what we had done at Charles so I decided to tell give her the details. I started with Charles and me sucking each other then him fucking me in the ass and me doing him. I then went on to explain how Gloria got me to eat her pussy and ass and how much I enjoyed it. Then to make sure there was nothing she didn't know I told her about Sue catching Charles and I and how she got us to eat her.

I also told her how much we both liked to suck a titty. I wanted to tell her about our time with Mr. Jones but decided not too. Mom said she wanted to watch me suck Charles and maybe even watch him fuck my ass.

This was a shock but it also excited me, the thought of my mom watching me with Charles was great. I asked her when she would like to watch us, mom said tomorrow and she wanted Sue to watch too.

I agreed with the condition that Gloria be there also and that everybody had to be naked; mom liked that and said she was looking forward to meeting Gloria. I went to my room and called Charles and told him what was happening and asked if he could handle it.

Charles laughed and said he had always wanted to see my mom naked so he would force himself to handle it. I told him to get hold of Gloria and to be at my house at 9:00 tomorrow morning. I fell asleep and dreamed of cocks and pussies and asses. I woke up at 7 with a tremendous erection; I wanted to jack-off but decide not too. I got out of bed and started to get dressed when the thought hit me that I should just stay naked.

I heard mom in the kitchen so I went to see how she would react to my nakedness. As I entered the kitchen mom had her back to me I said good morning and she turned around and looked at me; when she saw I was naked she smiled and said that I seemed to be ready for the days activities. I told her that Charles and Gloria would be over at 9 and I wanted to be ready. Mom said she was looking forward to meeting Gloria then she untied her robe and took it off; she was now naked like me.

As I mentioned earlier I had seen my mother naked before but those were just short sightings; my mother has a fantastic body and I didn't know how fantastic until now.

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Mom has 34D tits that are sagging as she gets older but they are still beautiful; she still has a slim waist that molds into her rather large hips with a little pot belly her pubic area is completely void of hair so I could see her pussy. By the way my mom is 40 and has had 2 children; she has black hair and green eyes and as I was learning a very cool outlook on sexuality.

About this time my sister walked in; when she saw both of us naked she stopped and asked what was going on. Mom said that she was just going to find out how good I was at eating pussy. Sue asked if she could watch; mom said sure she could.

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My mother leaned her ass on the edge of the table and spread her legs, her pussy opened a little and I could see the pink inside. I leaned forward and ran my tongue into her inviting slit and got the first taste of my own mother's cunt; I have never been so turned on as I was at that moment. I pushed my tongue inside her as far as I could, her pussy tasted so sweet and her juices were flowing into my eager mouth faster than I could swallow.

I have never experienced such pleasure and pure sexual feelings as I did when I sucked my mother's pussy the first time. I lost all control of myself, I stood up and slid my rock hard cock as deep as I could in her hot wet vagina. Mom wrapped her legs around me and pulled me closer so she could whisper in my ear that she loved me and that she wanted my cum in her pussy. That's all it took as I exploded inside her. I lost my virginity inside my own mother and I loved it. I kept my cock pushed inside mom until it got soft and slipped out; I dropped back into the chair and was again looking straight into mom's pussy.

I saw my cum running down toward her asshole and couldn't resist the urge to lean forward and lick it up. I licked her ass then her cummy pussy. I made sure that I cleaned all of my cum from inside and outside of her just fucked pussy.

When I finished cleaning mom's cunt I leaned back in the chair; mom was leaning toward me and was smiling; she said that she was proud of her perverted son and that I could fuck her any time I wanted too. Not to be left out Sue said that she was available too and that she was looking forward to the after fuck clean up. Just then the back door opened and Charles and GP came into the kitchen; mom and I were both naked and Sue was only wearing her panties.

Charles got a big grin on his face and stared at mom, he had always wanted to see her naked and he made sure he got a good look. I introduced GP to mom and my sister; mom suggested that they undress and get comfortable.

They both removed their cloths and Sue took off her panties. Mom said we should go to the den. Charles and I were behind the girls so we could watch their naked asses. Charles asked if he was allowed to fuck my mom; I hadn't really thought about that so I asked mom if Charles could fuck her she said certainly he could and I could clean up after him.

Charles was thrilled about fucking mom as it would fulfill his favorite fantasy. When we were all in the den mom produced some rubbers from a drawer and said that they were for GP as she and Sue were both on the pill. GP thanked mom and said she wished she was on the pill too because she liked the feeling of cum inside her. Mom told her that she would see if she could help getting her a prescription.

GP went over and hugged mom and kissed her cheek and said thank you. Mom put her arms around GP and gave her a hug then she kissed GP on the mouth, GP responded to this by putting her arms around mom and returning the kiss. What a thrill watching my mother and GP entwined in a very passionate and sexy embrace.


I had all ready recuperated from my good morning fuck and had an erection but watching this made me even harder. I glanced over at Charles who was having his cock sucked by my sister.

After a couple of minuets mom and GP separated long enough for GP to sit down and spread her legs and for my mother to get on her knees and bury her face in GP's open snatch. I was enjoying watching but I also wanted some action so I got behind mom and started licking her ass; she liked this. I was tongue fucking her asshole as she was eating GP's pussy. Mom must have been really good at cunnilingus because it didn't take long before GP had a strong orgasm.

I heard a noise behind me and turned to see Charles fucking my sister. Sue was sprawled out on the floor with her legs spread as wide as she could get them and Charles was banging away at her pussy. This was the first time Charles fucked any thing other than an asshole or my mouth and he was going at it like a wild man. As hard and as fast as he was fucking it wasn't long before he pumped his load inside my sister's cunt.

After his orgasm Charles collapsed on top of Sue and just lay there totally content. I wanted him to move so I could suck his cum from her sloppy cum filled hole. I waited a few minuets then told him to move; he rolled over beside Sue with his semi-hard cock lying on his belly. I moved over and took his soggy cock in my mouth and sucked the last of his cum from his balls and tasted my sister's pussy juices. I finished with Charles quickly and went after Sues inviting love tunnel.

I licked the cum from her open vagina and where it had run into the crack of her ass which meant I had to lick some from her anus; poor me.

Sue's just fucked pussy sure tasted good and between the 2 of them there was plenty of juice to taste. As we were all recuperating, mom decided that we should have some sort of order for the rest of our orgy so everyone was involved. She said that she was looking forward to fucking Charles but first Sue, GP and her wanted to watch me suck Charles cock. That was fine with me.

To make sure that the ladies got a good view I had Charles stand up; I got on my knees in front of him and took his semi-hard cock fully in my mouth.

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I sucked on him until he was hard then I started licking his cock paying special attention to the head. I would take just the head of his cock in my mouth and suck on it; I knew that Charles liked this from past experience.


When he would get close to cumming I would stop sucking and just hold his cock in my mouth. I managed to suck on him for 15 or 20 minuets before he filled my mouth with his sweet cum. I made sure that the ladies saw that I swallowed every last drop. All the ladies were pleased with my performance, and formed a daisy chain to show their approval of being bi-sexual.

I enjoyed watching my sister eat my mom's pussy while mom ate GP who was doing a fine job on Sue. Charles and I were recovering nicely and were actually getting erections watching the girl, girl, woman lesbian sex being performed for us.

After about 10 minuets mom sat up and said that she needed to be fucked and asked Charles if he would like to help her out. Charles naturally said yes. This was the moment I had been waiting for; I was going to watch my best friend fuck my mother. God! I must be one perverted asshole. It was o k for me to fuck and suck my mother and sister but to want my best friend to fuck them while I watched was weird. Mom lay on the floor and put a cushion under her ass and spread her legs exposing her beautiful wet hole.

Charles lowered his body between mom's legs and slipped his rock hard cock into opening. He let out a moan as he entered a pussy for the first time; mom put her feet on his ass cheeks and pulled him deeper inside her. After he had fully entered her he just lay there not moving; mom put her arms around him and kissed him pushing her tongue into his mouth. I thought that he was going to cum right then but he managed to get control of himself and slowly started fucking my mother.

He glanced up at me and winked, he was in heaven and he showed it. I wanted him to hurry up and cum because I was looking forward to sucking his cum from my mom's cunt.

But at the same time I wanted him give mom a good fucking. GP came over and sat beside me and whispered in my ear that she wanted me to fuck her; I said I would get a rubber but she said no because she wanted to feel my cum in her pussy. I liked that as I didn't like rubbers at all.

GP told me to lie on the floor and let her get on top; since I had only been fucked once before I liked this and did as she asked. GP got on top and slid my cock into her vagina; her pussy was much tighter than my mom's and it felt more like she was gripping my cock in her hand only much better. She slowly started raising and lowering herself on my cock; damn it felt good. GP was good at this kind of fucking because this was the way her step-dad and step-brother usually fucked her.

Gloria was fucking me faster bringing me closer to cumming; she was secreting a lot more juice and I could feel it running over my balls and into the crack of my ass. She was lying on my chest and kissing my neck as we both reached a wonderful orgasm. As she reached the peak of her orgasm a strange sound escaped her lips and she gave me the sexiest deepest kiss I have ever had. With all the actions she was going thru I deposited a massive load deep inside her wanting vagina. It took several minuets before we recuperated from our erotic high.

Gloria told me that my cum felt so good in her pussy, that she had always liked the feeling she got after she was fucked and full of cum. I told her that I was willing to fill her with cum any time she wanted as long as I could suck it out later. She said that was o k and asked if it was later now as she straddled my face and lowered her just fucked pussy to my eagerly waiting mouth. My cum mixed with her juices had a taste that is indescribable; I sucked as hard as I could getting every drop I could from inside her vagina.

I pushed my tongue as far as I could into her and licked the juices from around the opening of her pussy. Maybe it was because this was only the second time I had cleaned a pussy after I fucked it that she tasted so good. As I was getting the last little bit from her I felt a mouth on my cock; I couldn't see who it was because GP was still sitting on my face. I figured that it had to be my sister. GP finally removed her cunt from my face and I saw that it was my sister who was sucking on my cock; Sue was doing things I never thought she would do.

After she sucked all the juices from my cock she started licking my balls and then followed the trail of juices down the crack of my ass and then she put her tongue inside my asshole.

Sue continued licking my ass and balls for a while then all at once she moved up and gave me a deep tongue down the throat kiss; I could taste my cum and GP's pussy on her tongue. This coming from my sister caused an instant erection; I couldn't believe that I was capable of this fast recovery but I was hard. Sue had her hand on my cock so she knew the effect she had on me.

Sue got on top of me and guided my cock into her [as she called it her nasty pussy] wanting pussy. If this is what a nasty pussy is like then I love them. Sue was somewhere between mom and GP as far as the tightness was concerned but she was very comfortable to my cock. Sue also was able to control the muscles in her vagina and would switch from tight to loose which felt great too me.

Don't misunderstand my mom was great and Gloria was fantastic but my sister was the best I ever had; maybe because she was my sister, I don't know, she was great and fantastic and the best all in one. Sue rode my cock like it was the last one on earth and caused feelings that have never been duplicated.

We seemed to be the perfect match as she felt the same about me. After I ejaculated in her she wasted no time putting her cunt over my mouth and taking my cock in her mouth.

It seemed so natural for us to clean each others sex organs after we fucked. I fell in love with my sister that night. Charles had finished with my mother a while back and as bad as I wanted to clean her pussy I had been busy with GP and Sue so Charles had to perform this duty himself; which he didn't mind.

Charles is probably as weird as I am. He told me later that fucking my mother then eating her pussy was the highlight of his life. Charles and I both agreed that eating a well fucked pussy was better than sucking a cock only because you got the benefit of both pussy and dick.

All five of us were pretty well worn out at this time so we decided to have something to eat beside each other and rest for awhile. Mom and Sue went to make some sandwiches leaving Charles, GP and me in the den. Charles and I were both exhausted, so like all good men do after sex, we went to sleep.

End of chapter 2