Sultry schoolgirl was seduced and shagged by her elder mentor

Sultry schoolgirl was seduced and shagged by her elder mentor
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"Joey! Breakfast is ready. Wake up!" my mom called up to me from the kitchen.

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I was exhausted but knew I had to get up and go to school. I just turned 15 a few weeks ago and today is my first day of high school.

To say I wasn't worried would be a huge lie. I was nervous about the whole thing. I wasn't popular in junior high and didn't expect to be in high school. I have two good friends, Chester and Swe. Chester is a little bit overweight and can't stop stuffing his face with candy. But he was my best friend and we hung out a lot. Swe is from Thailand, and she just moved here in 8th grade. She doesn't talk much, even though she knows English as she studied it a lot in Thailand.

She keeps her answers short and just started to hang with me and Chester last year so we decided to add her to our small group of friends. I guess you could say we're a group of outcasts and that isn't going to be good in high school. I finally got out of bed and had to piss real badly. I went to the bathroom and pulled my shorts down. If being a complete outcast in life wasn't bad enough, I also had an unusual penis. My penis can grow to 11 inches and normally hangs at 7 inches.

I've always thought that people would think it was abnormally large and it would just give them another reason to tease me. So I kept that a secret to the world. No one except me knows about that and that's the way I want to keep it. I finished taking a piss and went on to get dressed and then headed downstairs for breakfast.

"Oh good, you managed to get yourself up. Breakfast is on the table, sweetie." Said mom. "Thanks mom, but I think I'm feeling a little sick…(cough,cough)" "No, no.

You're not pulling that one on me. It's your first day and you're going to school mister. Understand?" "Yes mom." "What are you so worried about anyway? Your friends Chester and Swe will be there, so it's not like you will be by yourself." "There not in all my classes, and I'm not going to know anyone in those classes and I'll probably be made fun of and I heard people actually get physically beat up in high school." I said "Joey.

Don't worry about those things. People aren't really that mean in high school. Those are just scary rumors that people make up. You'll do fine and people will like you. And if anything does happen to go wrong, just go to the counselor or a teacher." "Whatever. But know, when I come home with a black eye, it's your fault." I told my mom.


After breakfast, I headed to bus stop and waited there with a few other kids. One of those kids was Layesha. Layesha was a Junior and I had met her before at this bus stop, and she wasn't the kindest girl I had ever met. She was African-American, and was really beautiful, but what attracted other guys was her enormous breasts.

They were huge and she always allowed them to hang halfway out of her top. She was standing there talking with two other black guys and I couldn't take my eyes off of her amazing chest. Each time she chuckled, her boobs would jiggle in her top as if they just wanted to escape her shirt. I guess I didn't really realize how much I was staring as she glanced over to me and caught me red handed. "What the hell are you staring at, little white boy?" "What…nothing. I was…I was just…uhh…looking for the bus." "No you weren't.

I know what the fuck you were looking at and if you do it again, I'm gonna come over there and slap your bitch face." I just nodded my head in agreement and turned away from them so I wouldn't be tempted to do it again.

All the other kids were laughing at the situation while I was just thinking to myself, what a horrible way to start my first day. Finally the bus arrived and we all stepped on to an already full school bus.

I panicked as I knew it would be extremely difficult to find a seat.

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I settled on sitting with a somewhat familiar face. I sat down next to Rachel Moss, who was my age. She was almost as much of an outcast as me. She had red hair and a terrible set of braces that earned her the nickname of fiery brace face. But she was a really good swimmer, so she had a ton of swimming friends and was very popular around the pool, so she still was cooler than me, but I felt safer sitting next to her than anyone else. "You nervous Joey?" she asked me.

"A little bit, but I'll get over it." I lied "What kind of classes are you taking?" "Uh…just some easy ones. I'm not really smart.

I just hope I find all of my classes." "Oh. I'm sure you'll be fine. I'm worried about my classes. My parents signed me up for all these hard ones and I'm nervous I won't pass them." "I'm sure you'll do fine." I said "And then there's gym class." Rachel said. "So? What's so hard about P.E.?" I asked "Well, it's not that it's difficult, but I'm going to have to change in front of other people and then take a shower with other girls." "You mean, you have to take a shower?" I asked "Yeah.

The high school has a policy about it. I'm kinda scared about it." "Shit. I didn't know you had to take a shower. Now people are going to find out." I said "Find out what?" asked Rachel "Oh, nothing. That sucks that they make you shower." "Yeah I know, but my mom said that you get used to it after a while, but I'm still nervous." Said Rachel The bus pulled up to the school and everyone stood up and exited the bus.

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I stood in awe of the huge building in front of me that was now my school. I quickly regained focus and thought about where my first class was and headed there.

I managed to find my way around the school with some help from teachers and I made it through my first three classes. Next was P.E. and I remembered what Rachel had told me. I decided not to worry about it and told myself that Rachel was just lying and it wasn't really mandatory to take a shower.

I went down to the gym locker room and claimed a locker to change at. I switched from my school clothes to my gym clothes without removing my boxers and headed out of the locker room. Our first day, we played basketball which I wasn't very good at because I was only 5'10 and 140 pounds.

I got pushed around a lot and got my shot blocked several times. After 40 minutes of playing ball, we all headed back into the locker room all sweaty and smelling like shit. The P.E. teacher gathered us around in the locker room and read off of a piece of paper.


He went on to read us the rule of taking showers and how we all had to or we couldn't leave the locker room and couldn't go to our other classes. After he was done reading, everyone began to strip down so they could hit the showers. I slowly went over to the towel bag and grabbed myself one.

I didn't know what to do as I really didn't want to take a shower naked in front of everyone. So I came up with the idea of showering in my boxers and just drying them off as best I could after.

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I was more willing to go through the rest of the school day with wet underwear than to take a shower naked. I started walking towards the showers in my underwear, when the teacher yelled at me to take off my boxers. He said I couldn't wear those in there but gave me no reason why. But he was blocking the way to the showers and everyone behind me was starting to yell at me too. I stepped out of the way and went back to my locker.

I stood there and gave up.

I figured that there was no way I was going to get out of this and I pulled down my boxers. I wrapped the towel around me and headed back towards the shower with no interruption from the teacher this time. I walked into the shower room and saw about 25 guys naked taking showers. It was a large rectangular shaped room with a bunch of shower faucets spaced out on the wall.

I was the last one in and there was only one shower head open and it was the last one on the right side. It was actually fortunate for me as it was in the corner and I could stand and hide my penis from anyone's sight. I walked to the shower head and hung my towel on a hook nearby and slowly shuffled my way to the shower handle making sure I hid my front from people's view. I turned the shower on and began to wash myself. I made sure I held my dick up with one of my hands so it wasn't hanging down.

You could see my penis between my legs from behind if I let it hang, so I held on to it to keep it out of sight. There was a lot of chatter going on and I peeked over my shoulder to see what was going on.

I saw a bunch of kids turned towards each other having normal conversations with their cocks just hanging out in the open. I realized that I looked strange huddled over in the corner as if I had something to hide, which I did. Eventually, the other kids noticed my strangeness as well. "Hey kid. What are you hiding over there?" asked some jock. "Yeah, what the fuck are you doing dude?

Are you in timeout or something?" someone else asked due to the way I was huddled in the corner. "Ha ha. It's probably because he's got a little dick. Ha ha." "Oh, so that's it huh.

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You got a small dick kid." Then one of the kids walked over towards me, as everyone else was encouraging him. He placed his hands on my shoulders and twisted me around forcefully. I took my hand off of my penis and I was now facing my entire gym class and my 7 inch soft cock was hanging free out in the open. All of the other boys were stunned and speechless as they all stared at my cock.

Finally someone spoke up.

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"Holy shit dude. Why the hell were you hiding that?" one kid said. "I thought people would think I was weird." I replied.

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They all went back to their showers and were having conversations about how big my penis was. I didn't really mind it as they didn't think I was a freak, they thought it was cool, so I was relieved. I also could take a shower now in comfort and didn't worry about hiding my cock. The rest of the day went pretty good and I successfully completed my first day of high school. I was a little concerned that so many people saw my penis, but I figured it wasn't a big deal as everyone was naked in the shower and I was just another person.