Arrombando o cu da putinha

Arrombando o cu da putinha
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The following story was taken from a life experience when I was younger. I was energetic, full of ideas, and curious to explore everything; including forbidden items. I was especially excited about all my travels and was fortunate enough to have traveled to multiple countries in Europe and Asia.

My parents would make plans for us to enjoy short trips to unique places almost every year. This gave me an opportunity to see other cultures, meet with people who have unique life styles and most importantly, appreciate what I already have awesome parents who respect my whims and freedom to live a 'normal' life. One of our exciting trips took us to India. My dad watched an ad on TV and decided that's where we were gonna go for the next family vacation.

He did his usual check on the internet climate, cost of travel, living expense, and acceptance of English as an acceptable language.

We have had a few surprises at places where, oh my god, not a word of English people would understand and it was so very difficult to explore and communicate. In any case, we hopped on the plane and our journey began with our usual one suitcase each and a backpack. We got to the LAX airport on time and managed to get seated on Emirates without a hitch.

Travel experience has taught us to prepare for long flights. I usually have my iPad with books and music pre-downloaded for the long haul. The first few hours of our 22-hr flight was quite smooth. I ignored the stares and occasional intentional brushing of my arm by people who walked on the aisles. I always prefer to sit on aisle seat and my mom likes the window. My dad is usually stuck in the middle. After some time, I realized there was this guy with really big eyes who kept on checking me out a bit more than other starers.

He was wearing almost an afro. I measured him to be either of my age or maybe a year older.


He wore a t-shirt and a jacket but with a heavy gold chain around his neck. While reading a book, I managed to steal a couple of quick peeks as well and I found him staring at me with particular interest at my feet. I felt a bit uncomfortable but did not want to let him know that I was aware of his stare. After a few minutes, I left my seat and headed for the toilet to check myself out and to relieve my bladder.

Airplane toilets were probably made by geniuses cause they are able to fit everything but the shower in a tiny space.

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As soon as I locked the door, the light flickered bright and I started checking out my face. Hair looked a bit disheveled but ok. I don't wear makeup but I do like mascara. My blue eyes looked as attractive as ever. My lips did not look dry but somehow I still licked it with my tongue to give it a wet softer look. Hmm.

I looked okay. The next step was to check out my clothes. I do not like to wear body tight clothes but the t-shirt I was wearing kinda sorta allowed my nipples to make tents due to the cooler cabin temperature. My mom got me on training bra a year before but I wasn't wearing one that day due to the long flight.

My jeans jacket was the most expensive gift I got for my birthday the month before and I thought it looked great on me although Tisha, my BFF, thought she looked better on it.

Lastly, I looked at my feet. My nail polish was still looking bright on my super white feet. I couldn't find a reason why they could be an object of someone's stare but apparently they were. The afro wearing guy was surely staring at them.

Okay, it was time for a quick release. I unbuttoned my jeans, pushed down my underwear and sat on the cold toilet seat. Oh what a relieve it was. And then, of all the weird things I had ever done in my life, I was about to repeat one of the weirdest things I have started doing since I turned 11.

I slowly pushed my left hand down to touch the flow of my warm pee. I don't know why but I feel wonderful touching my flow. I have touched Tisha's flow too. She did not find it weird, as a matter of fact, we both touched each other's flow many times and especially when we were at home. Other than my thumb, I let my other fingers feel the pee all the way up to the second knuckles.

I sometimes use my thumb to touch my sensitive clit but I did not want to do that right now. No point of getting all excited without Tisha around me. A few minutes later, I thought I heard a slight push on the toilet door and thinking someone else may need to use it, I quickly finished my business, washed my fingers with soap, dried them and unlocked the door to get out.

To my surprise, the afro wearing kid was standing right outside. I guess he too needed to release. I gave him a quick smile, said 'excuse me' and then sort of squeezed myself out of the place.

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He smiled back and got in and locked the door. I should have kept walking back to my seat but something made me pause. I looked around, it was quite dark with night lights on only.

I then realized that the toilet opposite to mine was empty. If he wanted to, he could have used that instead of waiting for me to come out. I stepped back and for no apparent reason leaned towards the toilet door he was using. I didn't hear anything. I waited. I only heard what sounded like heavy breathing. I stepped forward and poked my head further in to see if anyone was watching me.

Coast was clear. Most people were sleeping or watching something on the screen in front of them. I stepped back and again tried to listen to what was going on in the toilet. Why wasn't he peeing? Then I heard a little grunting sound or so I thought. More heavy breathing followed. I was not dumb. I could figure out that either he was trying to take a dump and having a hard time or was masterbating.

I have never seen a guy masterbate in real life. They obviously have it easy. Grab the penis and slide your hand up and down.

Do it for a few minutes and voila, you are done. We have it different. Application of the right amount of pressure and at the right location(s) matters big time.

You have to do it right and not randomly rub around. Tisha and I have experimented and found our happy spots. We talked and envied about boys. They have everything easy. There was the grunt sound again and then it sounded like a very relaxed exhale. How loud was he I wondered cause locking the door also turns on an exhaust fan. I could hear him over all that sound. Wow. Then the famous blasting sound of the flush jolted me back to reality.

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I better not be around when he comes out. I softly treaded back to my seat and tried to look occupied with my iPad. I could hear him get out of the toilet and walk back towards his seat. As soon as he reached my seat area, he stopped. From the corner of my eye I could tell that he was reaching for something near the floor. He just happened to pick up my seat-belt buckle and slightly tapped on my shoulder.

I looked up and he smiled and whispered that I should remain belted when seated. I appreciated and thanked him. I grabbed the buckle end and pulled out the other end from underneath me and clicked them locked. He then asked me what I was reading. I showed him my iPad and he immediately said he read the story but did not like it. I asked why cause it was liked by many of my classmates and it was about teenagers who are wanderers and explorers. The answer he gave me surprised the heck out of me.

He said "…it's a story which does not address the basic young people's requirement… no sexual encounters!" Although we were whispering I still quickly checked if my parents heard what we were talking about. Nope, they are out cold.

Dad wearing his Emirates blindfold and earplugs while mom rested her head on my dad's shoulder and was sound asleep as well. Thank god! The afro wearing guy's statement took the boredom out of the flight for me. I got interested and out of reflex, folded my feet underneath me to get a bit more comfortable.

To my surprise, he said, "Oh, please don't do that!" "Don't do what?" I asked. "Don't hide those toes. I just loved watching your toes. They are absolutely beautiful." I think I blushed. I never ever had anyone compliment me on my toes. Eyes, yes. Toes, no. He understood my unexpected smile and continued, "If you don't mind, can you sit the way you were sitting before?" I complied. Put my feet back but to my additional surprise, he just lowered himself to a floor sitting position and touched my toes.

His feel was not uncomfortable but somehow I was feeling embarrassed. He then moved his index finger of his left hand slightly over my toes, feeling the smooth nailpolish and the tip of my toes. Ever so lightly but gently he pushed his fingertip between my big toe and the next one, giving me a tingly feeling all over. His warm hands on my cold feet felt awesome. I wanted him to keep holding my feet a bit longer but his next move took me by surprise again.

He used his right hand to unhook the clip of my sandals and removed them completely. I took a second look at my parents thinking I might get spotted or my heartbeat, which is beating faster and louder at that point, might get heard.

But thank god, no. They were totally out. The kid's abrupt and bold moves were both surprising and comforting. I wanted him to surprise me more.


I had no idea what was happening to me but I wanted more. Needless to mention I was impressed how bold he was. He did not once lift his head to check around if anyone was watching him or not. He just didn't seem to care.

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Was he traveling alone? How could he? He was only a kid, a teenager. His light massaging of my feet was now transforming my heart's beats from fast to slow to smooth and relaxing.

I was getting more and more comfortable. He then looked straight at my eyes and introduced himself finally as "Jai Shetty." He continued to explain that his last name was not spelled or pronounced "shitty" like many Americans tease him with. I smiled and admitted that I too was thinking on those lines but will try my best to pronouncing it the way it was supposed to be pronounced, with an "e." I then introduced myself as Jenny, short for Jennifer.

Awkwardly we shook hands, more like him grabbing and shaking the fingertips of my right hand. His immediately commented that my toes were softer than my fingertips followed with an explanation that it was probably because toes usually remain covered within socks whereas we use our hands to touch everything around us.

It made sense to me so I just nodded my head in agreement. Jai continued to say that he was traveling to the same city we were headed out to but with his grandma. She was apparently the reason why he was traveling cause someone needed to accompany her back to her homeland.

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She was obviously sleeping at her location which was only a row in front of us but to the right. Out of the blue, he asked me if I had a boyfriend. Abruptly I answered no and then regretted admitting that.

Don't know why though. It was the truth. He said he had quite a few friends who were girls but was not serious with anyone. He said his interest in girls were very specific to how they manicured and pedicured their fingers and toes. I was surprised and blurted out a stupid question "…that's strange cause I thought boys were only after girls for one thing, sex?" Without missing a beat he replied ".oh I am not worried about sex, I can get it anytime I want and once girls find out how well endowed I am, they never stop coming up to me to feel 'it'." I could feel my cheeks blush.

One more time I looked over my shoulder and then checked the status of my parents. Nope, they were still completely out. When I turned my head back to facing Jai, he asked me if I ever saw a real penis. I admitted I didn't. He gave me a brief smile and said ".well, would you like to see mine? Now?" Before I could say anything he got up and stood very close to my seat.

He grabbed my hand without any resistance from me and put it over his crotch and said "…can you feel it? Just grab the first muscle you feel and that's it, that's me." I couldn't believe what was happening but I literally tried to make a light grip feel of what seemed like a large sausage covered by his jeans. I looked at his eyes and he looked straight into mine. He seemed to sense that I was surprised but was enjoying it out of curiosity. He then lowered his head and whispered into my ear to meet him at the back of the aircraft.

My heart was now racing again and without thinking I unbuckled my seat-belt and slowly, with a lot of fear running through my brain, followed him to the back of the plane.

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For the first time he paused, looked around to find out if our movements were being noticed by anyone, and then quickly shoved me into one of the toilets.

The toilets were efficient but there was no way two people could fit into one, or so I thought. He put down the cover and motioned for me to sit on it. I did. He then stretched to put one leg on the side while keeping another between my legs and somehow managed to close the door shut behind him.

He lifted my chin, looked me straight into my eyes and said "anytime you are uncomfortable with anything, just tell me and you can go back to your seat and I will not bother you, period!" I nodded with an appreciation. I felt he was giving me respect and I liked that. My heart was still racing and I felt both of us could hear it when he grabbed his zipper and unzipped his pants in a flash.

My eyes were definitely opened wide and I couldn't wait to see what would come out of his pants. He shoved his hand inside and with a few grunts, pulled out what seemed to be a full length Jimmy Dean sausage. Although I had never seen a penis before I surely did not expect to see something that up close so soon in my life. "Feel it, go ahead. It does not bite," he said.

My hands trembled a bit but curiosity got the better of me and I very lightly touched it with my finger tip, as if I was checking if it was asleep. "Grab it Jenny, hold it properly and you will see your cold hands will love this warm meat" he said. I did. I wrapped my now very cold fingers around it. "Wow! You are right, it is so warm and …and soft, and …it is moving!" I sort of let go and shrieked. "Ha ha, it is not moving, it is growing! That's how dick's react to an unknown touch.

That's how guys get their erection. Don't tell me you didn't know that" he said. "I actually don't have any experience in all this," I said quite innocently which was surely the whole truth.

"Does it hurt when you get an erection, you know, like the muscle stretching and all that?" I asked innocently again. He smiled and nodded with a no. "Guys love erections and especially if they get it because somebody is touching them there" he said.

"Go ahead, grab it again and this time don't let go even if it moves. As a matter of fact, let me show you how guys masterbate" and with that he grabbed my fingers and firmly put them around his penis and with a light motion made my hand pull and push the skin. I almost freaked out when I saw the tip of his penis come out like a turtle's head and duck back in because of my hand motions. He understood my reaction and quickly said "yup, just like girls have clits, we have out dick heads which are the most sensitive part of our bodies.

All the most pleasurable sensations of the body are stored in the head. Once you learn how to give head, you will never lose your guy and as a matter of fact, you cannot get rid of him. We are all suckers for blow jobs." I couldn't believe the Blowjob 101 lesson I just got and my expression could not hold back my surprise.

"You wanna try?" he asked me. "I am not so sure about that. I know how it is done cause I have seen it on the net but I don't think I will be able to do it. I might hurt you cause I have sharp teeth and I know that thing is very sensitive to pain" I blurted out.

He gave a little laugh and said "I can teach you how to do it in seconds and don't worry, you won't hurt me. I actually had to ask a few girls to clamp down with their teeth when they were giving me the head!" "You actually get blowjobs from the girls at your school?" I asked with a very surprised look cause he couldn't be more than a year older than me. How can girls be that daring at that age? I thought these were all done only after you get to college and frat parties.

He again smiled and said "…within a year or so, all these beliefs of yours will change and the reality is, you will be giving many blowjobs than you would want to keep track off before you even graduate high school." Well, I was not gonna be one of them girls but, I also did not want to be the only girl who has never given or tried to give a blowjob. As I started thinking about it, he lifter my chin up, disturbing my direct view of his penis, and said "are you going to be okay if I touch you?" "Touch me?

Like where?" and I could feel I was trying my best to squeeze my legs shut. "Close your eyes. I want to touch your face, your lips, your jawline, your ears, your neck, your collarbone and your nipples, will that be okay? I will stop as soon as you tell me to and will not force you in any way," he said with what seemed to be with a clear conscious. I didn't say anything.

I just closed my eyes but with anticipation and anxiety of the unknown building up inside me. I then felt his touch. His hands were so warm but a bit rough.

He traced a finger over my eyebrows and flowed it down to my jawbone. He pulled it forward to my lips. He pressured me to part my lips and I did. He slid it inside my mouth but just to wet the fingertip. I could feel a shiver down my spine.

He traced the wet tip of his finger down my chin and over my throat to my neck and then to my collarbone. He touched me like a sculptor touches his mold during the final steps of the shape. It was light and gentle but sure. He then pushed his hand further down but kept it over my t-shirt.

He went over my chest mounds and slowed down when he reached the tent tips. He twirled his fingertip around the tent tip my now hard nipple was forcing out.

I kept my eyes closed but now out of embarrassment. I didn't want him to think any little of me or to lose interest in me because I didn't have well developed boobies.

Then ever so lightly, he seemed to cup my boob area and give it a light squeeze. It felt good. I also realized I was getting wet down in my crotch area. I hoped it was not gonna be visible to him.

I still kept my eyes closed but this time hoping that he too had his eyes closed while touching me. "Stand up" he said breaking the silence and jolting me out of my thoughts. I didn't know how to stand up in that little space with him hovering over me. His strong hands went underneath my arm pits and he sort of eased me up a bit and motioned for me to sit over the toilet seat but now on my knees.

I managed to do it. I could feel him lift up my t-shirt very slowly while keeping my eyes locked in a gaze with his eyes. He moved up my shirt far enough where my nipples were in his view. I followed his stare and sure enough, it was right at my nipples. But oh my god, they have grown! I couldn't believe what I was looking at. My own nipples seemed to have grown about quarter of an inch longer! He touched them giving me an electric spark but something which only I could feel and pleasantly enjoy.

I looked up at him with a disbelief look in my eyes only to see him smile and nod at me. As if he knew everything about my body and how it was reacting. With his thumb and index finger he touched my nipples using both hands and he played with them while they behaved like soft pencil erasers but stiff to the touch. I loved it. I absolutely loved it. A flash of memory went through my brain and I remembered the first time I felt such a sensation was when Tisha sucked my nipples for the first time.

One of those experiment days when we enjoyed discovering our bodies in the safety of our own homes. But this was different. Here was a guy I never knew before in my life who is touching me and giving me unbelievable sensations throughout my body.

Why am I even letting him do this to me? I don't know but I know I am loving it. He does not have a handsome looking face but he was an enchanting smile. He was confident just like my dad. As a matter of fact, he was treating me like he knew everything about me just like my dad.

I realized that I have only allowed my dad to lift me up like Jai did a minute ago.

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Was this okay? I don't know but I like it. "Whoa!" I got startled again and my chain of thoughts broke when suddenly I found him sucking my nipple. Oh my god, when did his mouth move towards my nipple and oh, what a warm mouth he has.

Oh what a magical tongue he has. Oh my god, this is unbelievable! He used his teeth to light nibble on my nipple giving me shivers again. My crotch is surely wet now. What is happening to me? I can't believe this. He stopped. My eyes opened wide and I wanted to ask why? Why did he stop? But then, why did he start? I looked at his eyes. That same smile was lingering on his face. He moved his gaze, as if requesting me to follow it and it landed on his penis.

He nodded his head as if to ask me something? "What is it?" I asked. "Would you like to give it a taste as I tasted you? I don't mind. As a matter of fact, I think you should since it is free without any obligation, no strings attached. I don't know you and you don't know me and we will probably never see each other again. So go ahead. What do you have to lose? You can even brag about it to your friends cause I can assure you that you won't find another guy my age with that size of a dick.

I know I have a big one and I am very proud of it. So go ahead. Give it a lick." My mind was racing. I didn't know what to do. I wished Tisha was here to advise me on this or lick it with me. I wish I could run back to ask mom if it was okay. I wish someone would re-assure me of my actions. I looked back at him with a zillion questions look. Once again, he seemed to understand and read my thoughts. He said "…look I am not forcing you.

This is your opportunity. Take advantage of what you have in front of you and will never regret not trying. If you don't like it, stop. But you should at least try." Where is Tisha when I needed her the most, I wondered.

I moved my head a little but stopped. I don't know why. I looked up again only to see his gesture where he seemed like encouraging me to not stop and go on. I decided to go for it. I grabbed his penis lightly, and brought the tip toward my face for a closure observation.

He broke the silence and said "Jenny, don't kill the momentum. Close your eyes and let me help you. I promise, you won't regret." His voice was so convincing, so reassuring. I don't know why but I took his advice. I closed my eyes. He whispered to open my mouth a little bit and to expect a little salty taste.

I wondered why? He then slowly put the tip of his penis on my lips. Unexpectedly and as if it had a mind of its own, my tongue decided to dart a bit forward to say hi to the guest. The tip of my tongue met the tip of his penis. I expected something solid but I tasted something liquidy and soft and salty. He eased in a bit more and softly whispered "try sucking only the tip like a baby's pacifier." I did or I should say I tried.

Whatever liquidy I initially tasted seemed to have left the scene. I tasted like some soft rubbery something but no apparent taste. Even the saltiness was not available anymore but the size seemed to be growing.

I tried to open my mouth a bit more to accommodate the intruder a bit more. Surely enough, Jai pushed in his penis a bit more. By default my tongue went under the belly his penis tip welcoming Jai to push in a wee bit more. And he knew it what to do. He pushed it in further. I remembered his advice to suck on it like a pacifier. I started doing that. There seemed to be a constant push from Jai to get my mouth to take more of his penis. I welcomed it thinking I must have at least half of it inside my mouth by now.

I opened my eyes to check. Oh my god, the whole thing was still outside. I moved my mouth away in disbelief. He looked at me and asked if I was okay. I then realized that it was only the head that was wet. Till now I was only sucking on the head. I didn't even go beyond it and thought I had half of his penis in my mouth? How is that possible? Jai looked at me and said, if you continue to do that only five more minutes, I can show you how a guy comes and how much a guy can come.

"You want to find out?" he asked. A dare is something I have never back out of in the past and this was not gonna be the first. I nodded my head and closed my eyes again while opening my mouth expecting him to push the head back in its place. He did while whispering "this time don't stop until I tell you to.

I will grab your head from the back to help and guide the motion of your mouth," you will enjoy it. He then put his right palm behind my head and slowly started to push my head towards his penis and then releasing the pressure for me to pull back.

This kept on going for a few minutes and I kept on sucking the tip with anticipation. Oh how I wished Tisha was here to see me and be proud of my actions.

A few minutes later he said "Jenny I am getting there so please don't stop and if possible, try to suck a bit harder." Well I have always been a follower of directions without fail. I sucked and swirled my tongue all around it.


I could feel the tip tighten and get harder. I could feel what I thought were mini vibrations on his penis. And then suddenly he grabbed my head with both hands and held it completely still while he gyrated his hips in fast short motions to quickly insert and take back the head of his penis from my mouth in quick bursts of motion.

After a few seconds, he let go of my head and used his left fist to grab the neck of his penis as if he was going to choke it to death. My eyes had opened wide since he had grabbed my head with both eyes. Excitement building inside me told me to wait, watch and learn. In a swift motion, he aimed his dick toward the toilet sink and let go of the choke hold while keeping a grip on the penis. Holy shit! A jet stream of thick white sperms shot out of his penis head and onto the sink area. Two short bursts followed.

After about ten seconds he let out a gasp making me look up to his face. I could see beads of sweat on his forehead. He was breathing heavy. I looked at the sink area and I realized he almost flooded the place.

I imagined it had to be at least a quarter cup of sperm he plastered the sink area with. "I normally let the girls suck in all that. They suck me dry and try to gulp down everything although most of them will spill or spit some of it out cause they can't handle the volume," he said with a confident smile. So many thoughts were going through my mind, I just couldn't understand. Was this something I was supposed to like? Will I be an outcast if I don't do it or like it?

"How does it taste?" I asked. "How would I know? I never taste my stuff. All I know is that the girls who suck me love it. If you want to find out, you don't you taste it? It's right in front of you? Go for it. It won't kill you, I promise." I reached out with my right hand and touched a glob with my index finger.

A tiny bit got on my finger tip. I looked at his face and slowly brought it over to my mouth. My tongue rushed out to taste it. It tasted little salty.

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It was liquidy but a bit thick. Nothing bad but nothing to fall in love with either. I couldn't understand why girls would find something like this irresistible. But then again, I didn't do it like they did. This was my first time. "Do you like it or hate it?" he asked.

"Neither, but then again, I don't know what I am supposed to feel at this stage. I don't know what I just did. I don't know if it was right or wrong." "Jenny, you were beautiful!" he said with that reassuring smile. "I don't know of any girl who could have done any better on their first try and believe me, I have seen quite a few of them." I felt proud.

But was I supposed to feel proud? Oh I so wished I could just pick up a phone or facetime Tisha to share everything that just happened. Within a minute we both knew we should get back to our seats.

He cleaned up the place with tissues and soon we were both out of the toilet. We could hear snores from different seats. I was about to make a move to head for my seat when he gently grabbed me from the back, twirled me around and flat kissed me on my lips. My eyes opened wide again and before I could resist or say anything he stopped.

Looked at me and said "you are amazingly beautiful even in the dark. Thank you for everything. I really needed to release and you were simply amazing." I smiled. He brought his lips closer to mine and this time I made the move and kissed him.

I slid my tongue into his mouth and let him suck on it for a moment. We reversed the motion and he let me suck on his. We broke off the kiss, smiled and he said ".you are a good kisser and I liked the way you sucked . my tongue and all." I smiled back. We both left for our seats. Yup! This would remain one heck of a memorable flight for me for the rest of my life.