Hawt and salacious homosexual sex

Hawt and salacious homosexual sex
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Vengeance 18 Ellie woke up to my gentle licks of her clit at around noon on an absolutely frigid Saturday.


Some girls don't like being woken up by that sort of stimulation, Ellie was not one of them. She started to stir, then remembered she was tied to the bed. Ellie had wanted to try sleeping while bound, and I wasn't one to disagree. We started last night with a nice spread-eagle position, not too tight in case she cramped up, and with a knife nearby in case of a drunkenly pulled fire alarm. Our beds were made up of two three feet tall ladder parts at each end, giving the owner the ability to loft the bed, the frame that the mattress lay on and two rails to add stability.

My bed was at a normal lowered level, but I left the upper set of ladders on and put the rails in either side in the top notch so I could lay a blanket over it to form a canopy. Spread-eagle, not too great for getting my dick into her mouth, perfect for doing whatever I wanted to her body.

I pushed the blankets off the bed and knelt over her stomach, alternating between massaging her breasts, and allowing her to service my fingers. I pulled my wet index and middle finger out of her mouth and slowly ran them down to her breast while working the other hand up to her lips. I started to circle her areola, then rubbed her nipple in increasingly faster vertical strokes. A few moments later I had both of them going, her eyes were shut and she let out a small sigh of pleasure.

Suddenly I stopped and attached a pair of clamps to her warmed up nipples. Her eyes were open in a hurry. I ran a string from the center of the chain, up to the top ladder rung above her head and tightened until she was forced to arch her back slightly to relieve the pressure. Then I tied a tight crotchrope around the appropriate area. Tying a strand of rope to that, I ran the other end to the top rung above her head as well, tightening until she had to lift her hips slightly as well, giving her a tough decision to make…where to relieve the pressure.

Ultimately she chose the more sensitive area, her hips resting on the bed, and her breasts being pulled straight up and slightly back. I tied a rope around each knee, then fastened them to the frame, pulling her knees to the edge of the mattress. This spread her a bit wider and therefore gave me more room to work with around her pussy. Also since she had to shift down to allow for her knees to move outward, it put more pressure on her breasts and pussy, and made the spread-eagle tie overall much tighter.

Her body made a nice 'X' shape with the lower legs of the letter bent down perpendicular to the 'ground.' I sat back to watch her struggle to try and relieve the pressure in both areas at once.

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She failed, of course, and before long, uncomfortable grunts were escaping her lips. I slipped a new toy, a penis-gag into her mouth, and she relaxed slightly, now faced with the delightful feeling, of a cock, albeit a fake one, in her mouth.

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I could see her eyes roll back slightly in concentration and happiness as servicing the piece of plastic inside her took a part of her mind off the pain. Eventually that part returned, and her eyes began to plead with me as her body shifted and fidgeted against the ropes. She watched intently as I reached towards the rope connected to her breasts…and tightened it, pulling at her breasts even more, drawing muffled whimpers from Ellie's mouth.

To add insult to injury, or torture to immobility perhaps, I sat back against the other end of the bed, where Ellie could see me and began softly stroking my cock. In an instant she forgot about the pain, her eyes went wide, and she pulled against the ropes trying to get to me. I kept up the tantalizingly slow hand motions, watching her agony of being oh-so-close, yet unable to do anything.

Finally, I cut the crotchrope loose, giving her a small moment of relief, before I tightened the rope on the clamps some more.


Now, even with her arching her back as much as the binds would allow, her breasts were still being pulled up into the air. After a while, she got tired and started to drift back towards the bed, before the sharp pull of the clamps reminded her and she abruptly rose again. Several minutes later and it was too much, she slumped down towards the bed, the clamps were pulled off her nipples, and she let out a long low moan of pain through the gag.

I took it off and she continued to moan, softly trailing off as the pain subsided. She lay there breathing heavily for a few moments, her eyes shut trying to regain some composure before licks from me on her over-sensitive nipples jarred them open again. She began to whimper as my tongue moved faster and faster moving across each nipple vertically, the way she liked it.

Her increasingly higher gasps let me know without looking that I was getting her pretty horny and very wet. I stopped abruptly and she let out a disappointed sigh. She shifted her upper body around, trying to put some sort of pressure on her nipples, to no avail. I left the room for a moment, to head to the bathroom, and to leave her there wondering for a little while. After freshening up a bit, mostly killing off some morning breath, I returned to the room to find her still twitching in a futile effort to pleasure herself.

I grabbed the large vibrator and started towards the bed. "Oh no, no, no, no," she pleaded, trying to back away from me. I slowly lowered it towards her pussy, and she clamped her eyes shit and let out a squeal when it touched skin. Laying down on the bed, I grinned at her and moved it off to the side, instead lowering my mouth to her pussy.

I started to 'fuck' her with my tongue, trying to keep it as stiff as possible, and trying to reach her g-spot. Every once in a while, I changed up tongue thrusts with licks up and down her pussy lips. She liked that, but her sensitive nipples were still burning with desire, the desire to be licked, to be toyed with, even pinched and rubbed. I reached my hands up and began playing with them to her immense enjoyment.

Eventually I slowed my tongue thrusts and began moving up towards her clit. I wasted no time, sucking, and licking it immediately. She let out a pleasured moan while my hands continued to quickly work her nipples.

Her breathing turned to heavy gasps as I quickened my pace on her clit, sucking away, enjoying her taste, and her reactions. The heavy gasps quickly turned to soft moans as I brought her up higher still, kissing her clit and torturing her by running my tongue everywhere but.

I pulled back for a moment, continuing the nipple play still, and blew lightly on her wet pussy. She shuddered and spasmed at the sudden chill, and pleadingly moaned for more. I went down, and ever so lightly licked her clit, bringing about a hopeful moan turned to disappointment as I pulled away again.

Another light lick, and the sounds grew less of disappointment, and more of begging. Again and again I went down, each time brushing her clit with my tongue as lightly as I could before pulling away to blow again.

Finally with her body twitching at the torture, I went down for good. Hard into her clit my lips fell, as I sucked it into my mouth, playing around with it with my tongue. She orgasmed, powerfully, and immediately, screaming with delight until it was over, then continuing to scream and moan repeatedly as I continued to lick harder and harder, to put more and more pressure on her nipples.

She came again, not as strong, but a little bit longer. I pulled away and let her calm down, let her relax breathing deeply with her eyes shut. She opened them to find me kneeling over her chest, stroking myself in front of her face. She leaned her head up and extended her tongue but came woefully short and fell back to the pillow. I cupped her breasts together and tit fucked her, some precum providing a little lubrication.

She enjoyed the feeling of my hard, warm cock on her body to some extent, but not like she loved sucking it. Her soft breasts and perfect skin felt very, very nice on my dick, so I kept right on fucking them.

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"Oh, god, please let me suck you," she began to plead to beg, not talk for my benefit, she really wanted me, she needed my cock in her mouth. I continued to thrust away in between her breasts, and between her amazing body and sexy voice, I quickly grew horny. I brought my balls to her mouth, and let her lick around them for a while, prolonging the time before I orgasmed and guaranteeing said orgasm would be that much stronger. My left ball slid out from in between her lips, and I humored her my letting her lick up and down my shaft and taste some of the precum that dribbled off my dick.

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I returned to her tits and continued my assault, harder, faster, getting closer to orgasm. Her begging and pleading simply turned to moans, as she knew I was getting closer, and the chances of my cumming in her mouth were getting slimmer.

Finally a throaty moan brought me over the edge and I shot out two powerful streams putting two broken white lines from the middle of her breasts to each cheek just below her eyes, before dribbling for a few more seconds over her breasts. She greedily licked up what she could reach with her tongue as I slathered my dick in cum in the puddles of off-white on her tan skin.

I allowed her to clean it off me, getting all of it but the traces on her cheeks that her tongue could not reach.

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I freed her legs, and she bent and made attempts to stretch the stiffness out of them. She sat up in bed with her arms still tied wide to either post, they now lie off to her sides rather than above her head, and waited for me.

I threw on a pair of boxers before loosening her hands. Finally she could wipe the cum off her face and savor the taste, which she did immediately with that mischievous smile. She grabbed a pair of my boxers, and I added one strip of bondage tape around her breasts covering her nipples (my RA had issues with her walking around naked) as she headed off to the bathroom.

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My floor was all guys so while she could have gone up or downstairs to a girls bathroom, she saw no need to. A few of the guys on the floor had girlfriends and did the same thing so no one really took offense to it. Fifteen minutes later and no Ellie; strange because she wasn't one of those girls to take forever with self-maintenance. I went down to the bathroom to check things out.

I walked in on quite a scene. Ellie had a scantily clad Hollister bent over the sink with one hand holding a tight grip on her hair, and the other holding one arm immobile.

Hollister's other arm was pinned to the sink under her body. "Apologize," Ellie demanded. Hollister said nothing. "Apologize!" Ellie repeated shoving her harder into the sink, pressing her almost naked body into the bare back of the bran and panty clad Hollister. It was clear that Ellie was enjoying the power she held over this girl.

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Ellie gave a small, almost unnoticeable grind into the skinny Hollister. She started to tear up, whether it was due to the pain in her pinned arm, or the humiliation of having her ass handed to her by Ellie, I knew not. Hollister mumbled something unintelligible. "What? I didn't catch that." "Sorry," she sobbed.


Ellie finally let her go, and a crying Hollister quickly gathered her things and rushed out of the bathroom. Ellie hands went to her head to fix the pony-tail in her hair. I slid my left arm in between her hands and her neck, putting her into a one-handed full nelson. Her arms waved at the elbow uselessly above her head, while my right hand had its way with her body.

"Next time do this," I said kissing her neck and running my hand up and down her stomach, "it's far more effective, and then you can really humiliate her." I slid my hand beneath the boxers and a finger into her easily accessible pussy.

She flinched, still a bit sensitive from before. I watched her gorgeous, barely covered body squirm in the mirror before sliding my fingers out. I spun her around and kissed her on the lips. "See you back at the room."

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