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CHAPTER 13 Over the next six months the firm grew even larger as we picked up almost all of Petersen's clients, as well as several new ones, all Fortune 500 companies.

We interviewed and hired a number of Petersen's clerical and technical staff—those we knew were good steady employees. We now had forty full-time people and we were busy…sometimes I thought too busy. I took Marcie on every trip as I had promised. We traveled to Europe four times and even to South America for a new Brazilian company, a major real estate firm with offices in every Brazilian city of note. We loved Rio. The city was so alive…and the women, not that I even looked at any of them, but I did tell Stewart all about the trip just to get him jealous.

We were back from that trip almost two weeks when Marcie ran into the office. "Jack! You need to go upstairs. It's Bill!" I dropped the phone and ran as fast as I could. Bill's door was open and his secretary knelt next to him as I ran in. "I already called 911," Mary Lou told me. "Hold on, Bill. They'll be here soon. You're going to make it." I held his head in my lap as I tried to encourage him.

He opened his eyes and looked up at me, "I know some things you don't, Jack," he gasped. "This has been coming for a while. I'm not going to make it. I'll be dead before I reach the hospital. Now, be quiet and listen. I'm leaving the firm to you, Jack. You're the obvious choice. Don't worry about Dorothy." He rested for a minute before continuing, "She has more money than she can count.

I know you'll take good care of everybody. It's a big responsibility, but I know you can&hellip." He died in my arms just as the paramedics arrived. I backed away so they could work, but I knew he was gone. Mary Lou confided that he knew his heart was shot. He'd already had what he called "a minor heart attack" shortly before I had come to work with him, but she knew better.

She had a tear in her eye as she walked back to her desk in shock. She sat down and broke down. She cried and cried. Seconds later I joined her. Bill had been like a second father to me. I loved the man and everything he stood for. Word tore through the company like a wild fire through dry grass. Marcie was crying by the time I got back.

We buried Bill three days later. I was feeling guilty about the company so I went to see Dorothy. "I'm so sorry about Bill,' I told her for about the twentieth time. "I feel guilty about his giving the company to me." "That's very sweet of you, Jack, but don't be. It was my idea to give it to you—not his. We both knew he was going to die soon. His heart was holding on by a thread and a thin one at that.

He was good at hiding it in public, but he suffered terribly here with me. It was merciful that he passed. Now, about the business—Jack, I know nothing about business—absolutely nothing. Owning a business is a big responsibility. There are so many employees to consider. I want you to take it and mold it as Bill would have. Don't try to send me any money. I already have more than I could spend in two lifetimes. Now, go home to that beautiful bride of yours." She rose and hugged me.

She parted with a brief kiss on my cheek. It was the start of an extremely difficult time for me. Not only was I expected to bring in hundreds of thousands in revenue, but now I had to run the company, too.

After two harrowing weeks I remembered something Bill had told me several months earlier. He was helping me even after his death. I called Mary Lou to my office. "How much do you earn, Mary Lou?" "You know I'm the executive secretary, right? My salary is $38,500, plus benefits.

Why?" "I need to know how much to offer your replacement." Her mouth dropped, "You're firing me?" "No, I'm promoting you. I remembered something Bill told me once. He said you knew more about running the company than he did. I'd like you to be…Chief Operating Officer or Vice President for Operations—you can pick your own title.

Think a salary of $150,000 would be enough? She sat there at my conference table in shock. It was several minutes before she was able to respond, "Uh, you know I never went to college?" "So what? College doesn't make one intelligent or even capable. You're both. I assume you accept." She nodded. "Good," I continued, "now I want your opinion on this idea." We met for almost an hour. When she left I called for a staff meeting at two that afternoon. "Thanks for coming everybody.

I have some news I want to share with you. I've decided to initiate a profit sharing plan. Last year the firm cleared $450,000. This year with all the expansion I anticipate we'll clear a million seven conservatively, probably closer to two million.

I'll set aside a portion of that for capitalization of the company. We always need new equipment and we may need renovation if we continue to grow. After that I intend to keep thirty percent of the remaining profit.

You will get to share sixty percent as follows: the clericals—all sixteen of you—will share thirty percent of the total. If the post-capitalization total is a million five that means you'll share $270,000, or $16,875 each. The technical sales staff will share seventy percent of the sixty, or $630,000.

That would come to $26,250 for each of you. Technical sales people earn more now, but it is their work that brings revenue to the company. I plan to distribute on December 10th, just in time for Christmas." "Uh, Jack," Stewart interrupted, "That's only 90%." "Right you are, Stewart. The other ten percent will go to our new Chief Operating Officer…Mary Lou Bartlett. Mary Lou will supervise all the day-to-day functions of the company.

That will free me to work and earn like I should. Payroll, I'll send you a memo later today regarding her salary and benefits. She'll move into Bill's office and she'll need a new secretary. Okay, everybody, let's go make yourselves some money!" There was lots of cheering and jumping up and down.

The entire group came over to congratulate Mary Lou. There was tremendous energy in the firm. Everyone had an extra spring in their step knowing that they were in reality working for themselves. Marcie and I had moved into our new house a few months earlier. We hired a mover to do the job on a Saturday. It was simple and straightforward. We didn't have much to move. It was done in three hours.

Now we were in the market for some new furniture. I left that to Marcie. My idea of furniture was anything in any condition in any color so long as it was comfortable. That was the only condition I had for her—don't buy anything unless it's comfortable.

She hired a decorator and had her meet with me one afternoon. "I hate ornate," I told her. "So don't get any wild ideas. If I see any ornate stuff in here I'll can your butt and send it back. Other than that I leave it to Marcie. Oh yeah—it better be comfortable. Do we understand each other?" She nodded; I never saw any really fancy stuff in the house so I guess she really did.

CHAPTER 14 We took to eating in my office at my table every day for lunch. It was there that I showed Marcie my idea. It was just a simple line drawing. She looked at it, looked at me, back at the drawing and jumped into my arms. We invited Mom to visit the next weekend.

We sat in the kitchen at our new table. It was an oval with cushioned arm chairs on rollers which made it very convenient when I wanted a soda or beer from the fridge. I sat between them and showed Mom the drawing. I explained how her apartment would work. It would be built behind the garage with its own entrances—exterior and garage--and bathroom, and even a small kitchen although we would invite her to eat with us every day. There would be a hallway that would run into the mudroom behind the kitchen.

The room was big enough to have several chairs and a TV as well as her bedroom furniture and it could be divided into two smaller rooms if she wanted. "Did Marcie show you the garage, Mom?" I pulled her to her feet and walked her out. I raised the doors to show her the three car garage. "The new Porsche is mine, and the BMW SUV is Marcie's, so the Honda Civic must be…yours.

We really want you to come and live with us and I won't lie to you. We hope you'll be willing to help out with the children, especially if I take Marcie on a work trip. Most of them are only for a few days and she's a huge help to me." "You really want ME here with you…two honeymooners and the mother-in-law?

Sounds like a recipe for disaster." "Don't worry, Mom. Our bedroom is on the other side of the house. The only change I see is that I won't be able to walk around in my underwear any more." "Jack!

You never walk around here in your underwear. Most of the time you're not wearing anything!" Marcie and Mom broke out laughing while I turned red. She was right; I was almost always naked or close to it around the house. Mom agreed and we made the move in another two weeks. She left virtually all her old furniture there, donating what she could to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

She also donated her old clothes and her heavy winter snow wear. It got cold where we live, but not like it did in Salem and it rarely snowed more than an inch or two. I met with several contractors and gave the work to one—not the cheapest, but the one with the best references. One of our employees had used him for an addition and was totally satisfied. He began just before Mom drove down in her new Civic. The job took more than a month and he made several key suggestions. He recommended having a small crawl space under the room rather than put it on a concrete slab.

"It'll be much easier to deal with any plumbing problems that pop up in the future. There shouldn't be any, but who knows? We've had a few small earthquakes here and if the slab cracked you could have one hell of a bill fixing the plumbing." He also suggested installing ramps from the garage and mud room in case she became more seriously disabled in the future. Mom moved in about a month after the work was completed. She and Marcie had bought new furniture and carpets.

She also got new sheets, blankets, and towels.


Her kitchen, in the larger living room, was a simple galley with the sink and dishwasher on an island with a breakfast bar, but was more than adequate for her needs. She had a full range and oven as well as a refrigerator and microwave. Her rooms were smaller than her prior apartment, but more comfortable and she was here with us where we knew she would be safe and well cared for.

The obvious problem was that she had left all her friends behind. We encouraged her to join some clubs or participate in some activities, but she was reluctant. Finally, Marcie and I decided to take matters into our own hands. My mother-in-law was 48, having given birth to Marcie when only 23.

She was still a young and vibrant woman. We had an employee, Ben, who ran our mail room. He was a shy and introverted bachelor of 50. I asked him to see me in my office one morning.

"You wanted to see me, Mr. Anderson," he asked nervously. "Ben…how many times have I asked you to call me 'Jack'? I need a favor, but don't feel you have to agree to it. It's personal, not business.

You probably heard that Marcie's mother now lives with us. She knows nobody in the area. She's good looking and only 48—think of an older Marcie. I'd like to invite you to dinner Saturday night. Maybe you'll be able to talk with her about some of the things a single person can do around here." "I don't know, Mr. Anderson…er, Jack. I'm kind of shy, especially around women. I think I'd be nervous around you and Mrs.

Anderson." "Ben, you'll be fine. You interact with all the people here without a problem. I'd really appreciate it if you can find your way to come." "Uh…OK…what time?" "We'll have dinner at seven, but why don't you come at six?

Informal…I'll be wearing a golf shirt and slacks…probably sneakers or sandals if it's warm enough, and, thank you, Ben." He left and I followed him out the door to speak with Marcie. She looked up at me as I approached. "We're half-way there. Now all we need is your mother." "No, Jack…we're ten percent of the way. Convincing her will be ninety percent…trust me." "Oh, ye of little faith." I grinned and walked back reminding her about lunch.

I had the rare opportunity to take her out for lunch today and I was going to make the most of it. We went back to the Northern Italian restaurant, but I did not order garlic and oil.

I had a grilled chicken breast on focaccia bread. It came with a huge salad with a light Italian dressing. Marcie had the same thing. When it arrived she gave it one look before telling me it was enough to last for a week. We ate what we could and carried the rest home in a box. Mom was waiting for us after work. I had told her I would grill some burgers for dinner.

While I made the burgers, compressing them tightly and dousing them liberally with salt and pepper I began my spiel.

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"Mom, I invited a friend to dinner with us Saturday." "Oh?" "Yeah, he works with us…managing the mail room. His name is Ben. He's 50 and a bachelor." "WHAT? You think you're fixing me up?" "No, Mom, I'm not fixing you up. Ben has been here a long time and he has a pretty active social life. Marcie and I thought he might have some ideas for you. There's only one problem—he's really shy around strangers and especially with women.

You might have to pull it out of him." "Next thing you'll be telling me he has a great personality, which will mean he's a fat ugly brute." Marcie jumped in right on cue, "No, Mom, he's not a dog.

He's a bit taller than me and slender. I'm pretty sure he's a runner—a serious one. If I remember correctly he ran in the half-marathon last year.

I think I remember seeing his name among the leaders…not bad for a guy his age. He's fairly good looking, too. I think you should give him a chance." "I'll be honest, Mom," I continued, "I'm pretty sure he's submissive. That's why he's never married. He needs someone who's strong…someone who will give him some direction." "And you think that's me?" "Who's stronger than someone who had to struggle as a single parent all those years?" I could see her thinking so I shut my mouth and went outside to turn on the grill.

Saturday came, but slowly. I spent most of the day doing some left over work, finishing around three. Marcie and I had agreed to hire a cleaning service so only some minor tidying was needed.

She prepared some appetizers. We showered and dressed; I put some soft music on the stereo. Even Mom had primped for her date with Ben. Not surprisingly, Ben was punctual, ringing the bell at exactly 6:00. I led him into the living room and made the introductions. "Mom, this is Ben Randolph; Ben, this is Marcie's mother, Sheila Wayne." Ben extended his hand, technically a social faux pas, but Sheila accepted it. I made some drinks and we relaxed…OK, Marcie and I relaxed; Mom was on edge and Ben was sweating profusely.

When in doubt, make some more drinks. After the second Ben began to relax. He was even a bit witty, telling a few jokes that were cute and funny, and, fortunately, clean.

Dinner went well. I had grilled a few steaks and baked potatoes. We chatted amiably, engaging Ben in the conversation. I could see my mother-in-law evaluating him closely.

After dinner we retired to the living room where I directed the conversation to the kind of activities a single person might join even though we all knew it was just a ruse. Ben talked about his exercise and walking activities, about some arts and crafts he had participated in the past, and so on. He spoke for more than five minutes; Marcie snuggled next to me as he did. Mom interrupted Ben, "Ben, this is very interesting, but as you know we're here with two newlyweds.

Let's go into my apartment and let them get down to business." Ben turned bright red, but stood to join her. She led him into the mudroom and away while Marcie and I sat there open mouthed.

"I guess we should take advantage of the situation," Marcie told me as she slipped off the couch, stood and pulled me up. We kissed briefly before she asked me, "How do you think it went?" "Well… she didn't eat him alive…at least not yet.

About that business&hellip." I swept her into my arms and carried her in the opposite direction. I loved when we went to bed early. CHAPTER 15 Sheila led Ben into her apartment. They walked past the kitchen with its granite counter tops and maple cabinets into the sitting area.

The entire open-space room was thirty feet by sixteen. There was a small dining table with seating for four and the living room on the far side. There he saw a comfortable couch and two deeply upholstered arm chairs placed in front of a fireplace and a flat-screen television mounted on the mantle above.

Sheila sat on the couch and bade Ben to join her. "Oh, I knew I shouldn't have worn these new shoes. My feet are killing me." "I'd be glad to rub them for you…Ma'am," Ben replied. "Would you? Oh, that would be wonderful." She lifted her feet, but did not move them toward Ben.

"Ben, I think you would do a better job if you were on the floor. Do you mind?" "Not at all, Ma'am." He sat at her feet and removed her shoes. He rubbed each toe and massaged her soles using both thumbs to ease her pain.

"Oh, Ben, that does feel so good. You have a thing for feet, don't you?" Ben turned red. He loved feet…everything about them, even the tangy odor that resulted from a little sweat. He didn't respond; he didn't know what to say. Sheila took the lead. "You know Ben, if we have a relationship one of us will have to lead and the other follow.

I suspect you'd be happier following. Am I right, Ben?" "Y…yes, Ma'am. I'm really shy around women. I never seem to know what to say or do." "That's OK, Ben. I don't mind being the leader.

You just have to promise to do everything I say. Is that OK with you?" "Oh, yes, Ma'am. Thank you, Ma'am." "Now, I suspect you'd like to do something else with my feet. You would, wouldn't you? Go ahead. Do whatever you like." Ben gulped as he brought Sheila's foot to his face.

He inhaled deeply, savoring the slight odor. He closed his eyes as he gently licked her sole from heel to toe. Sheila could tell he was in heaven as he adored her foot. He put each toe into his mouth and sucked. It was hard to say who enjoyed this more.

Finally, Sheila spoke, "Ben, please stand up and remove your shirt. I want to see you." Ben was shocked, but he did agree to follow Sheila so he stood and slowly removed the shirt, laying it on the arm of the adjacent chair. Sheila rose and took a step to stand by Ben.

She ran her fingers over his chest and shoulders. "You look very nice, Ben. Marcia tells me you're a runner." "Yes, Ma'am.

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I usually run to work two or three days every week. Mr. Wells was kind enough to install a shower in the men's room for me to use." "Well, it shows—you're in excellent condition—not fat at all. Now, please remove your shoes and socks. Roll each sock and place it into the shoe. You can put them by the chair." He was numb, but he did as he was told.

"Excellent, Ben, now let's remove your pants. I'd like to see you naked so I can see what I have to work with." Ben burned with shame as he unsteadily removed his belt and pants. He folded them neatly over the back of the chair. His boxers followed shortly. He stood there, hands in front of his crotch trying unsuccessfully to hide and cover his erection. "Don't be bashful, Ben," Sheila told him kindly, "I'd be insulted if you didn't have an erection.

It's a very nice one—I'm flattered. When was the last time you had sex?" Ben was shaking by the time he responded, "You mean with another person? I…I…uh&hellip." He was so embarrassed he couldn't continue. Sheila realized immediately and held him from behind, her arms reaching around his chest and stomach, her cheek and lips on his back.

"Oh, Ben I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. You're a virgin, aren't you? No reason to be embarrassed. It's a long time since I had sex, too." "I get all tongue tied with women, Ma'am. This is the first time I've ever even been naked with a woman." It's OK…don't worry, I'll take good care of you, Ben." Sheila sat again in front of him. "Kneel for me, Ben…please." She rubbed her foot against his face, opening her legs slightly, knowing that he would invariably look up toward her sex.

After a minute of this she asked, "Are you looking up my skirt, Ben?" "Uh…no, Ma'am." "Why not? Don't you want to see what I have there?" "Uh…no, Ma'am… I mean, uh…yes, I'd like to, but&hellip." "Reach up my legs, Ben, and remove my panty hose…please." She lifted her hips to make his chore easier.

Gently, he slid the nylon garment down her long legs and off her feet. "Now, remove my panties." Ben was almost shaking as his fingers slipped beneath the waistband. It was a minute before he was done. Sheila leaned forward and kissed his forehead then she went back and opened her legs, hiking the front of her skirt up to her hips.

"Now, Ben—what do you see?" "Your…your…your vagina, Ma'am." "I love that you're so polite, Ben. It's my pussy…my pussy, Ben. Lean in closer for a better look. Don't touch it yet—I haven't given permission. OK, now I want you to close your eyes and take a deep breath. Inhale my essence. Tell me what you smell." "It's wonderful…so…musky…so intoxicating!

Is that right?" "Maybe you'd better do it again. Do you think you should taste it?" "Oh…may I?" "Yes, Ben…yes, you may. If you've never had sex I'm guessing that you've never done this either." "No, Ma'am. I hope I get it right." "You will, Ben. I'll direct you so you'll do it exactly as I love." She had him start by kissing her silky white thighs before moving to her labia which he licked for almost fifteen minutes.

All this time Sheila had her eyes on his cock. It was harder than hard, almost steel-like as it bobbed up and down on its own. Ben was obviously as turned on as she was. "Now, Ben, extend your tongue and push it into my tunnel.

That's it, very good. Fuck me, Ben. Fuck me with that wonderful tongue of yours. If you curl your tongue up you'll find a rough patch on the top. That's my G-spot. Rubbing there can make me cum. Oh, good boy, you're doing an excellent job. Are you sure you've never done this before?" She reached down and pulled the hood back from her clit. "Here it is, Ben—my clit; the 'serious business' part of my pussy.

Lick it all around. Just use the tip of your tongue. Oh…Ben…that feels so&hellip. Suck it between your teeth. Oh, Gawd! Oh…Ben." Her body was wracked by her orgasm. She gently rubbed Ben's head, her fingers intertwined in his hair. "Ben, that was wonderful. You're an excellent cunt licker. Come on up here and kiss me." Ben was nervous; his face was covered in Sheila's secretions.

It glistened in the low light. "Don't worry about that, Ben. It's nothing I haven't seen or felt before and it looks marvelous on your face." She took his head in her hands and pulled him in for a long passionate kiss. She pushed her tongue into his mouth. He responded as never before. This night had become so…overwhelming…incredible and it was still young. Suddenly, Sheila stood and pulled him up.

"Let's go, Stud. I have some more plans for you." She led him to the bathroom where she allowed him to undress her. He was so tentative, but she was patient—it was to be expected, after all. He admitted to her that he had no experience with women. "Ben," she told him, "I noticed that you were sweating earlier. Nervous?

You don't have to answer. I was nervous, too. I'm sure you'd love to see your gorgeous cock disappear in my mouth. It will, but first&hellip." She led him into the large shower. Her bathroom was at one side of her bedroom with two doors—one leading to the kitchen and the other to her bedroom. The entire room was twelve feet by ten so there was plenty of room for everything including a shower large enough for two and a big whirlpool tub in addition to dual basins and a small, but convenient, commode room.

"Notice my pubic hair, Ben. See how it's neatly trimmed? I'm planning on wrapping my lips around your erection. I think it will be like sucking a broom stick, it's so hard, but we need a few changes first. I'm going to trim your hair so it's a lot shorter and I'm going to shave your balls and about an inch around your glorious manhood.

You needn't worry; I'll be extremely careful. Do you trust me, Ben?" "Y…yes, Ma'am. I think so. I'm just nervous." She held him against her bare body, pushing his mouth down to her breast—to her swollen nipple.

"Suckle, Ben—it'll help you to relax. I'd never know this was your first time if you hadn't told me. You can tell me anything, Ben, but you must always be honest with me.

I'll never laugh at your feelings or your desires, even if you're totally embarrassed by them. We all have fantasies, Ben." She held his hand as she turned on the water. There were multiple shower heads—six in all—on three walls. When the water was just right she led him in and lifted one of his legs to the small bench on the far wall and squirted some shaving soap into her hand.

He groaned in pleasure as she rubbed it into his balls and around his tortured cock—so needy…so hard it felt it would burst. Sheila kneeled before him, her hair dripping hot water down between her breasts. Carefully, she drew the razor up from his anus to his cock.

She did it several times, cleaning the razor each time. In minutes his sac was as bald and smooth as the day he was born. Sheila now pushed his cock down and out of the way as she shaved an area around his organ. She took a comb and pair of scissors from the bench and neatly trimmed his pubic hair down to about a half-inch. She nodded her approval as she stood. "Ben, you will wash me first. Then I'll wash you. You'll have to touch every part of my body as you wash me and I'll have to touch every part of yours.

That's the whole idea so don't get nervous and don't worry. Here's the soap." Ben began on her back—the safest part in his opinion. He was terrified and excited at the same time. He'd never felt this way—what a night! He hesitated when he reached her butt.

Sheila turned and nodded to encourage him. He traced the soap over her globes, followed by his hands rubbing it in, savoring the firm musculature of her butt. "Don't forget my crack and my asshole.

I want them both washed thoroughly." He complied reluctantly at first, but soon he was lost between her cheeks. He moved down to her legs—what trouble could he get into down here? He soon learned when she turned around and her pussy was right in front of his face. He dove in again, daringly. Sheila smiled, patted his head and spread her legs. That was all the invitation Ben needed. Ben was a smart man—a college graduate.

It was his innate shyness and submissiveness that had led him to the mailroom where he could interact with the letters and packages that would never threaten him.

He had found peace in the mailroom. Now he was finding it between Sheila's legs. He remembered everything she had told him earlier. He began at her thighs and worked his way in, finishing at her clit.

Sheila shook and would have fallen had it not been for Ben's strong arms around her body. He leaned Sheila against the wall as he finished with her breasts. They were beautiful in his opinion. He had enjoyed washing Sheila very much. Now it was Sheila's turn. She also began with his back, but showed no reluctance when she reached his firm butt. She ran her hand up and down his crack, teasing his asshole several times. She washed his legs and feet quickly, but smiled as she kneeled before his manhood.

He had been brick hard for more than an hour and showed no sign of waning. She cleaned him from tip to balls, running her soapy hands over him several times. She knew that continuing like this would make him cum, but she was saving that for later. She ran the soap up to his chest. When she was done she brought him into an embrace and a kiss that lasted for several minutes. Ben was weaving on his feet when she broke it. Sheila gave him a towel once she was out of the shower.

Ben knew what to do—he gently wrapped it around her shoulders and dried her completely. When he reached her feet he gently kissed them and sucked her toes.

Sheila pulled him up for a quick kiss then dried him with the other towel. She dropped both to the floor where they'd stay until tomorrow. She wrapped a smaller one around her damp head as she led him to the bed."Pull down the blankets, Ben.

We won't need them for a while.

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We can get them later when we sleep." Ben gasped, "When…when… we…we… sleep?" "Certainly, Ben. I want you to stay the night. We can have a lot of fun together. Unfortunately we can't have actual sex, not yet, anyway. I'm not on the pill and I'll bet a thousand dollars against a nickel that you didn't bring condoms." Smiling for the first time, Ben replied, "No, Ma'am, I never could have imagined doing what we&hellip." "Neither could I, Ben.

You are such a wonderful kind man. I'm looking forward to learning all about you. Now come here and lie on the bed. That's it…right in the center." Sheila crawled between his legs and spread them. "Now, Ben you have two options. I can give you relief with my hand then clean you up with a towel or I can take care of you with my mouth. If I do I will share your semen with you in our kiss afterwards. Have you ever tasted it before?

Remember, you can tell me anything, but be truthful." "Yes, Ma'am, I do it sometimes when I imagine I am forced by a strong man or even a strong woman. I'm not strong, at least not emotionally. I think I'd like your mouth…Ma'am" Sheila smiled and patted his taut stomach.

She took his straining organ into her hand and stroked gently and slowly. She extended her tongue and, beginning at the base, licked upward toward his glans.

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She tortured him with her licking, but it was the best—the most exquisite—torture he'd ever had. Oh…he needed to cum so badly! After repeating several times she raised her head and, smiling, she lowered her mouth onto his throbbing dick.

Ben gasped and sighed in his rapture. This was a night of so many firsts for him. After being hard for so long he was certain to cum quickly. It was only a minute before he blew his load into Sheila's mouth.

Over and over his cock exploded drowning her throat in his thick white baby cream. Sheila closed her mouth and rose up to kiss him as promised. Ben obediently opened his mouth to receive her gift as her naked body descended upon his. The kiss lasted for several minutes as they swapped his semen between their mouths. At last, Sheila broke the kiss and returned to clean his now flaccid organ.

She rose again and pulled the blankets over them. "Good night, darling," she whispered as she clung to his body in search of sleep.

Ben remained very still as she draped her body over his. He was exhausted, but sleep was elusive—he was too excited. Finally, after several hours, he too succumbed to slumber. CHAPTER 16 Marcie and I made sweet love—slow and patient—for more than an hour, unaware that two new lovers slept less than a hundred feet away. The actual coupling was almost anticlimactic to the touching and skin-to-skin caressing that had preceded. We loved to make love this way---so slow and tender as we explored each other.

Marcie was pure perfection so far as I was concerned. Her skin was soft and smooth, her body so enticing and sexy—and inviting. She loved to climb all over my body, squeezing my muscles and rubbing my cock between our bodies. Naturally, this had the most amazing effect on me—it drove me crazy with lust.

Last night was no exception. I rolled her over and climbed between her legs, exactly as she had planned and hoped. She grinned wildly as I pushed home, my hard cock driving deep into her core. Marcie wrapped those long slender legs around me and returned my thrusts. Her arms went around my neck as she kissed me deep and hard, her tongue sliding between my teeth to encounter mine in a duel of passion…of love.

We met over and over, our bodies a tangled mass of arms and legs and hair all moving in time with each other. Suddenly, I stopped, paused for a second, before arching my back and filling her sweet pussy with my hot white sperm-laden semen. Marcie thrust an additional three times before she too, saw the fireworks of an incredible orgasm. We fell together exhausted and covered in sweat.

We lay there for almost thirty minutes until I felt cold and pulled up the blanket. We fell asleep almost immediately, still clutching each other. I'm an early riser. It's a habit I developed as a kid courtesy of my father who had a long commute to work every day. I relieved myself as Marcie continued to sleep, put on a robe and slippers, and walked out for the Sunday paper.

That's when I noticed Ben's car still in the driveway. Either that or he had gotten up awfully early and returned here while Mom was still asleep. Marcie had told me that she enjoyed sleeping in now that she was officially retired. I almost laughed at the thought of the two of them together, but then I realized that was exactly what Marcie and I had hoped for.

I skipped back into the house and started the coffee. I was seated there reading and enjoying a cup when Marcie wandered out, still half asleep wearing the same thing she wore last night—nothing. "You might want to slip something on," I told her. "Why? My mother has seen me naked thousands of times." "Yeah, but Ben hasn't." "You're kidding!

Ben is still here…in there with my mother?" "Either that or he went home and drove back really early this morning. I wish I could be a fly on the wall this morning." "Omigod, I don't believe it. Shy mild Ben seducing my mother." "I'm guessing, but I'd say it was the other way around—Ben as the deer; Mom as the truck driver." We laughed and chatted for a while until I decided to make breakfast.

I was almost done when my mother-in-law strolled in, a huge smile on her face. "I won't be dining with you today. I'm occupied all day and probably into the night, too." Marcie and I just sat there silently waiting for her to continue. Finally, I spoke up, "Sure you don't want some breakfast? I'm almost done.

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It won't be a bother." "Oh, you think you're so smart. I know you went out for the papers and I'm certain you saw Ben's car so stop beating about the bush. Yes, he did stay the night…in my bed and yes…he is making my breakfast as we speak, and yes…he is a wonderful, kind man, but you were right—he is incredibly submissive. He called me 'Ma'am' all last night. I had to convince him to call me Sheila this morning.

I think it was about three or maybe it was when we woke up again at five. I can't remember much other than it was all pretty wonderful." "Mom," Marcie asked, "You didn't…you know, fuck him?" "No—no condoms, but I'm pretty sure we'll solve that problem by this afternoon. After breakfast he'll go home to run—I want him to continue that.

It's good for him and he enjoys it. Then he'll come back and I'm going to fuck his brains out. I'm going to have to see your doctor for some birth control pills, Marcie. He has a wonderful thick&hellip." "MOTHER!" Marcie was turning red, but I just laughed.

"I only have one request, Mom. Please don't hurt him—not physically, and especially not emotionally.


We both like Ben. That's why we picked him for you." "Well, it goes against my grain, but…thank you both. As I said, he is a wonderful kind and caring man. I really like him, and I'd better get back before he decides to run away." She turned back to the mud room and left. We looked at each other and laughed. "As long as she's occupied, why don't we go out to dinner, OK?" Marcie nodded her approval as I got up to make breakfast.

I would phone for reservations just after eleven when they opened for the day. At the same time Ben was just finishing their breakfast. He scooped the scrambled eggs into a bowl and brought it to Sheila at the table. She reached up and brought his lips to hers for a loving kiss. Ben was in a daze when she broke it. "Thank you so much for making the breakfast, Ben. I'm no good in the morning. I think you owe it to me after all those awful things you did to me last night." At another time Ben might have cringed, but he knew she was teasing him.

Both times she had awakened it was she that had ravaged him, not the other way around. Sheila reached across the table to stroke his face. "Don't forget—when you leave go home for some clothes and your toiletries then straight to Walmart for&hellip." "I know, how could I forget…the condoms.

I've never bought any I don't really know what to buy." "OK, forget anything that says 'for her pleasure.' I'll get plenty of that from you. Get the thinnest.the most sensitive—at least a dozen. I want you to feel as much as possible until I can get on birth control. Then we'll really have fun. Bring back something for dinner, too…maybe some fried chicken from KFC or something like that. Neither of us will want to cook—trust me." "I do…Sheila.

I trust you completely." Sheila leaned across the table and kissed him. It was the best kiss of Ben's life, especially when Sheila used her toe to rub his erection. "Hmmm," she whispered, "we must definitely do something about that before you leave. I'm sure I can think of something." She kissed him again before they continued with their breakfast.

Ben passed her the crisp bacon cooked just the way she liked it. She also marveled at the biscuits he'd made from scratch for her.

They ate the rest of the meal in silence as Ben's pre-cum dripped onto her toes. Sheila picked up the dishes and dumped them in the sink before leading Ben back to the bedroom. The bed was a mess, a testament to their frequent lovemaking during the night.

Sheila was almost rough as she seated him on the bed. She kneeled between his legs and took him into her mouth for the third time in less than twelve hours. She was amazed at Ben's staying power. When she blew him it would be four times that he had cum since last night. That included the time she had jerked his cock into brief submission, not realizing that he would be ready for another round in only hours.

Sheila gently licked the pre-cum from his tip. Looking up she pulled back a bit, "One of these days we'll have to try a 69, don't you think?" "You're the leader, Sheila." Ben had a big smile, the biggest he could remember, and to think he had almost turned down Jack's request for a favor.

He'd do favors like this any time. So far in his fifty years his sex life had been nothing more than masturbation and fantasies. Now he lay back on the bed as Sheila took his thick erection into her mouth. She licked as she sucked, teasing his helmet as she cupped his naked hairless ball sac. With her other hand she rubbed his asshole, eliciting a deep groan from his lips.

She pulled back a bit. "I'm going to stick my finger in there, Ben. I think you will enjoy it." She brought her finger to her mouth, covered it with saliva, and returned it to his ass. Slowly, but firmly, she pushed it in as she returned to her task. She sought and found his prostate and massaged as she continued to suck him off.

From the combination of her suction, the ball massage and the friction on his prostate it wasn't long before he came, and oh, how he came. He came in buckets, literally. He came so much that Sheila couldn't hold it all in her mouth.

She swallowed some; some ran down her cheeks to her breasts. The experience was as overwhelming to her as it was to him. She waited until she had caught her breath and then rose for their kiss. The hot semen swirled between their mouths as their tongues danced with desire.

Finally, she came to rest, lying on his chest. He reached up in an uncharacteristically aggressive move to caress her head and run his hands down over her butt. Sheila looked up briefly and smiled, "There may be hope for you yet, my dear submissive lover." Together they fell asleep.

They awoke an hour later, showered, and dressed. Ben and Sheila kissed briefly and he drove home. Sheila walked in to see her daughter. Jack was working at something on the computer. It would be a surprise, she told her. Sheila and Marcie sat in the living room. "Do you recall when you were younger and I used to date?" "I think so, but I never saw anybody steady, did I?" "No…because I'm kind of dominant. Men would run like hell when they found out. That's why I'm so thrilled with Ben.

He not only let's me lead him, he wants it. Of course, this isn't some ridiculous mistress-slave fiction. I'm not cruel and I'm not going to deny him, just the opposite. I'm planning on giving him all the wonderful sex he can handle. He really is a find. Any woman would be proud to have him." "I'm glad for you, Mom.

I just hope it works out for both of you. You know that Jack and I both love you and we love Ben, too. We agree with your assessment—he is a wonderful person. If he had only a tiny amount of aggressiveness he would have been off the market years ago." "Well, I have to tell you—he does have some aggression. He took some liberties with my body once he got comfortable with me.

I loved it. I'd better get going—my bed's a mess. I need to change it. I think I might need some more sheets." "Now you sound like me. Ours were a mess this morning, too, but I guess that's to be expected." Marcie kissed and hugged her mother and went to find Jack.

I had some reports from Mary Lou—including our profit and loss statement. Things were going better than I had anticipated—much better. I would be able to implement phase two of my long range plan. I typed out a rough outline of what I wanted to do then dictated the memos on the Dictaphone for Marcie to type in the morning when we returned to work.

If I had more weekends like this one I might spend the weekend at the office. Marcie found me just as I was finishing up. "Remind me tomorrow to have Stewart see me early, OK?" "Of course, but I suggest we write a note so neither of us forgets." She picked up the folder and attached a post-it. She went to put it in the car, but stopped at the door, "Speaking of reminders—Redskins game at one." I grilled some hot dogs for lunch and we sat down to watch the game.

Marcie lifted my legs onto the couch and pulled me down so my head rested on the arm. Then she climbed on top of me, laying her head on my chest.

I ran my hand over her back; she ran her pubic bone over my cock. "I'm sure you recall that I'm a big fan. The game will end around 4:30. That will give us more than an hour before we go out to eat." "OK…I get it. The bloom is off the rose. Football is more important than I am." "Get up." She looked confused.

"Just get up for a minute, will you?" Marcie pulled herself off my body. Once she was standing I opened my belt and pulled my pants down exposing my big hard dick. "OK, you can lie down again." "Oh, goody," she exclaimed as she dropped her Capri's. She climbed back aboard and gently lowered herself onto me. I had hoped to watch the game, but Marcie was better, and much more important.

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I pretended to be annoyed—I lay still and unresponsive. She went crazy on my cock—up and down, back and forth, around in circles…anything to arouse me. Of course, my ruse lasted for all of thirty seconds, if that long. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to me.

"Oh God, you are so incredible. How did I ever get so lucky to land you?" "You had to get unlucky first," she replied, a mere millisecond before pressing her sweet lips to mine. She was right—I had been one of the unluckiest; now I was probably the luckiest man alive. I began to move with her; as I increased she decreased. I didn't understand. I was about to question her, but before I could get even a single word out she explained, "I want this to last, Jack—at least until halftime." Oh God, I didn't think I'd last anywhere near that long.

Marcie's pussy was so tight and so hot and so tight. Oh damn, I was babbling again. Marcie did that to me. I could barely follow the game. Hell, I barely even knew it was on. This is what Marcie always did to me. I found the remote somehow and turned the TV off. "I don't think I can last that long. You know what you always do to me." "Oh, shut up and fuck me. Then I'll let you get back to the game.

You always do it to me, too." She resumed her frantic motions, bending my poor cock into positions it was never intended to take. I couldn't keep up with her no matter how hard I tried. I could tell from her eyes that she was getting close. Her eyelids always fluttered when she came. I drove her hard and she arched her back, screamed, and fell forward onto my chest.

I drove into her a few more times and blew my load into her womb. Now I was just as wasted as she was. "I need a nap. How about you?" I asked. Marcie nodded and lowered her head to my chest. In seconds she was asleep. I joined her a few minutes later as my semen oozed out of her all over my abdomen. CHAPTER 17 Ben drove straight to Walmart. He walked into the pharmacy and strolled through the aisles in search of the family planning section.

It took a while, but he finally found it tucked way into the back corner. He remembered what Sheila had told him—thinnest and most sensitive. He had no experience so it was going to be a guess at best. He was just about to make a selection when a young guy, a kid actually, walked up.

'Do you know anything about condoms? I just got a girlfriend and…well, you know." "Hell, yeah man. I always use these. They're not like using nothing, but they're pretty close, plus Durex is a hell of a lot cheaper than Trojan." Ben was embarrassed, but appreciative.

He thanked the young man and pulled a dozen off the shelf. He was just about to leave when he turned back for another. "Awright, man. You got the right idea.

Fuck that bitch silly." Ben just nodded silently and walked to check out. Ben was nervous, but luckily he was able to go directly to the self-service lane. He quickly scanned the first package, dumping it into the bag as he prayed that nobody would see him or his purchases. The second followed shortly thereafter. He used his debit card and waited for the receipt.

He was relieved that this ordeal was over. He drove quickly to his apartment. It was small—a studio similar to Marcie's old one—but it met his needs. He had always lived alone and his needs were simple. He never entertained. His submissiveness had made him a hermit. He was afraid of most people. Only Mr. Wells had understood and hired him for a job that was well below his capabilities, but was exactly what he needed and wanted—little if any direct contact with the people who scared him.

Over the years at Wells he had met a number of the secretaries and liked them, but he was still too shy and too submissive to socialize with them. Now he felt like the luckiest man on earth. He changed his clothes quickly and stretched as he always did before a run. Sheila had told him to run at least ten miles so that was what he would do. He started at a jog, but soon picked up the pace to a six minute mile. He felt comfortable at this pace; it was what he had done in last year's half marathon, finishing in less than seventy minutes, fastest for his age group.

He hoped that Sheila would come to see him this year. Ben had always found that running cleared his mind, but not today. He couldn't get the events of last night out of his brain. He had never felt anything as smooth or as soft as Sheila's thighs. The smell and taste of her pussy was something he could never forget. Even now, hours later, he could taste her and smell her. He had always thought that putting one's mouth on a sex organ would be disgusting, but he was obviously wrong.

It seemed so natural with Sheila, even when she fed him his own cum. Now, when he returned he would actually be able to fuck her. He was so occupied with Sheila that he almost ran into a parked car. Laughing at his stupidity he changed course, picking up the bike path through the woods. Sometimes he would pass a bike, but this track was almost always deserted as it passed through what was once a sprawling farm, but was now a major housing development. Constructing the park—a greenbelt—was a condition the county had placed on the contractor.

He loved running here through the natural surroundings. It reminded him of his high school and college days as a cross country runner. Ben had been an outstanding student. He never dated and rarely socialized so he spent his time in two pursuits—studying and running. He ran to clear his mind and after running his brain was ready for the rigors of academia. It was a recipe he used throughout his school years.

His life had become predictable—sane—safe—boring. He knew somehow that those days were behind him. Sheila knew he was submissive and accepted him.

He knew he could tell her anything, but he must be honest. He knew he'd be embarrassed, but somehow that no longer seemed to matter. He was suddenly aware of his surroundings and knew from experience that he had run more than six miles. He turned for home. Following Sheila's instructions to the letter he packed a small bag including his clothes for work tomorrow and his toiletries. He debated whether he should bring some casual clothes, but decided against it; he would probably be naked the entire time he was with Sheila, just as he had been almost all of last night.

He hurried out, just remembering to lock the door, drove to KFC for some chicken and sides. He phoned when he was ten minutes away then returned to Sheila just after one in the afternoon. She welcomed him at the door wearing only a short filmy black robe with some kind of sexy black lingerie beneath.

"I went shopping while you were running. Do you like it, Ben?" "It's…it's…you're gorgeous…beautiful. You'd be beautiful in a sack." "Not really, at least not anymore, but it's still nice to hear you say it, Ben." "I think you're beautiful, Sheila.

I think you'll always be beautiful…even when you're eighty." Sheila stroked his face and held him close. She noticed his bags. "Let's put this in the refrigerator. Ben. We can eat later…after." She gave him a sly knowing grin. Ben blushed. "What's in your other bag, Ben?" She knew, of course, but wanted to tease Ben.

Taking the bag from him she opened it. "Oh my, Ben, does this mean you plan to fuck me?" Ben turned red; he didn't know how to answer so Sheila went on. "I certainly hope so, Ben. I'm looking forward to having your big thick cock inside me. Let's go shower." She reached up to kiss him then led him across the living room. Sheila removed his clothes and stripped out of her skimpy revealing outfit. Together they entered the shower. She adjusted the water and began to wash him.

Ben was nervous—that was to be expected—but he was also surprisingly playful. He squeezed Sheila's butt and played with her breasts, massaging and kissing them as she washed him from head to toe. She got her revenge by sticking a soapy finger into his asshole. She fucked him with it a few times; they stared into each other's eyes for almost a minute before she came to him for a long wet kiss as the fixtures sprayed them with steamy hot water.

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In the end, the water lost out—the kiss was steamier and hotter than any water in any shower they had ever experienced. Ben broke the kiss, "I love…" Sheila stopped him before he could finish, "Don't…not yet…I know how you feel. I feel the same way, but it's too soon." "It's not too soon for me, Sheila. I've been waiting for you my entire life.

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I know it could just be the sex, but I don't think so. I've never met anyone like you, except maybe for Mr. Wells, and he doesn't count. How many women accept me for what I am? Hardly any…except for you. You did accept me and I will always love you for that." "Enough talking—let's go fuck!" Sheila led him from the shower and dried him.

She allowed him to dry her before grabbing his cock and leading him to the room. She rolled onto the bed pulling Ben after her. They rolled against each other kissing and playing with each other.

Ben noticed how soft her skin was. He'd never given even a second's thought to a woman's skin. Now he thought he could easily spend the entire day like this, rubbing against his lover.

Despite his rapture Sheila had something else on her mind. "I hate to tell you to get up, but you need to get the condoms." Ben jumped up and ran out the door, returning only seconds later with his Wal-Mart bag. He reached into it and fumbled with the box, first with the cellophane and then with the seal. Patiently, Sheila took it from him.

Using her fingernail she slit the seal and opened the box. Reaching in, she removed several condoms in a strip. She handed one to him and put the others on her night table. The box she threw on the floor. Sheila went onto her back and spread her legs, knees high.

She wiggled her finger signaling Ben to move between them. Despite his anticipation Ben found he was terrified—terrified of failure. Sheila looked into his eyes and saw his difficulty.

"Come up here with me, Ben. Lie on top of me. That's it; now I want you to suckle. Remember how that helped to calm you yesterday? Now, listen closely. When we do it for the first time I expect you to cum almost immediately. Virtually all men do their first time.

It will be all the more likely because you've waited so long for it. It's not a failure, Ben; it's just a first step. By the time you go to work tomorrow you'll be fucking like a pro. Do you want me to teach you like I did yesterday with the oral sex?" Ben looked up, his lips locked onto her teat and nodded before he resumed suckling.

Sheila was right; he felt much better now and was even better still when she caressed his head and ran her fingers through his salt-and-pepper hair. "I think I'm ready now. Thanks for being so understanding. It's almost as though you can read my mind." "I can read your mind, Ben and in time you'll be able to read mine. In fact, I think you can read mine right now. What do I want?" Ben gulped.

He did that a lot recently. "Uh…my cock in your vag…uh, your pussy?" "See, Ben, I told you. Now slip that condom over your cock and get into me." Ben knelt and tore the package open. He rolled it in his hands to find the right side and held it over his cock head. Using one hand he slid the condom down the shaft of his erection. Sheila nodded her approval as he moved forward. "Rub the head into my slit to make sure I'm wet. Good, that's perfect. Ready? Push it in slowly. I'll need a while to adjust before you actually fuck me.

Oh, God, that's so good, Ben. You're stretching my pussy…a little bit more now. Great, Ben, you're all the way in me. How does it feel for you?" If Sheila expected an answer she was disappointed. Ben's eyes had rolled back and he was hyperventilating.

She chuckled, but to herself, as she pulled him back to her body, his mouth to her nipple. Instinctively, his mouth sought it, found it, and began the infantile action. In minutes his breathing slowed and he was calm again. "It's OK, Ben. We can practice all day if necessary. Don't be afraid. I told you I would never laugh at you and I won't. You tell me when you're ready, OK?" Ben waited a few minutes, "OK, I think I'm all right now." "Good, I'm beginning to think you're getting attached to my tit." "I am…I love your breasts.

They're perfect," he said as he moved down between her legs again. He had a look of determination—what he called his 'runner's face'—as he once again rubbed his big hard cock into her wet slit.

He pushed and watched in amazement as his cock disappeared into her. He wondered how it could all fit into her slender frame. Ben had watched porn so he knew what to do; he just never thought he would actually do it.

He pulled back and slowly pushed back in. Gaining confidence he continued, but as soon as he picked up his pace he blew his load into the condom. He was embarrassed in spite of Sheila's earlier remarks. "Pretty good for a first time, Ben; I remember a few guys from when I was younger who came the second they entered me. Now that was embarrassing! Unfortunately, I didn't get a second chance with them like I'm going to have with you.

Pull out and hold the condom. You can put it into the trash in the bathroom and use one of the washcloths to clean your cock. Then come back here with me." "Yes, Ma'am…I mean…Sheila." He returned a few minutes later to find that Sheila had turned on the TV to the football game. She pulled him close then laid her head on his chest.

"Are you a football fan, Sheila?" "Yup, but don't tell Jack…I'm a Giants fan--have been ever since they walloped the Patriots in the Super Bowl. I can't stand the Patriots—mostly because of some of my ex-friends. All I ever heard from them was, "Patriots this…Patriots that." I was glad to see them have to shut up about the damned Patriots." They lay there for a few hours until Sheila found herself playing with Ben's nipple.

She wasn't surprised to see his cock react. She already knew several of his buttons; soon she'd know them all. She reached up to lick his ear, soliciting a low groan from his lips.

A few seconds later her hand was on his growing cock. She grabbed a condom once he was hard and rolled between his legs. She unrolled the condom over him and slowly lowered herself onto his erection. Her face told the story—she was ecstatic as her pussy was stretched and filled by his firm cock meat. "Watch and learn, Ben. Watch how I grind my clit into you." She rode him for several minutes. Looking down she saw him concentrating on her motions.

"You can move with me, Ben. Rise up when I move forward. Now more—that turns me on so much." They fucked for the first time; Sheila was in control as she would always be as she built Ben's confidence. It was more than eight minutes when he began to squirm. By then Sheila was well on her way to her orgasm.

Now she wanted to see if she could just hold it a bit. It would be so great for Ben if they could come together. She would have to time it perfectly. She knew she had it when he began to pant. She let herself go and was glad she did when he grunted and lifted her a foot off the bed as he came; five times he shot into the latex shield. His eyes were glued on Sheila's as she came with him. Her body shuddered and shook or several seconds as it rolled through her body unimpeded. She collapsed onto his chest.

She rose a few minutes later, Ben's cock still embedded within her, and kissed him with everything she had. Ben was literally a deer in the headlights as she raped his mouth with hers. "You were fantastic, Ben. You gave me the best orgasm I've ever had. I can't wait to do it again.

You're such a considerate lover." Ben was silent because he didn't know how to answer, but he beamed from her compliments. Sheila returned her head to his chest.they rested together as Ben ran his hands over her body. Later they would fuck again in a different position—doggie—as Ben began to find himself with Sheila's help.

She was well satisfied by the time they retired for the evening.