Bella belz sister hindi dirty caption

Bella belz sister hindi dirty caption
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Before Steve goes to the airport to catch his plane back to the USA Omar stops by his bedroom to talk to him.


They talk about what happened to Jane, how she could change her mind and turn into a hot sexy thing. Omar said she was drugged and her mind reprogrammed, she is now open to anything Sasha and I want her to be.

The good thing is that she loves it and has no idea it is going on. She just loves her life! Omar tell Steve that he has 4 brother,some cousins and some friends, all of them want American wives to add to their harems.

I think you can make some good money supplying woman to us. Steve says he could not do that, it is just wrong! Omar pick up his cell phone, calls his wife tells her to come over to Steve's bedroom.


A few minutes there is a knock on the door, Sasha comes in with Jane in their burkas. Omar tells Steve to talk to Jane for a while we will be back in an hour and see what you think. Omar and Sasha leave and Jane and Steve are alone. Jane starts taking off her burka, stand there in front of Steve completely nude. She starts with thanking him for bring her here.

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she can not believe how great she feels, sex is now great and nothing is held back. She drops to her knees opens his fly, pulls out his cock and start sucking it. Steve can not believe this, she would never do this before. God she is a good cock sucker now! In a little while Steve is coming, coming and coming. She cleans his cock off, looks up at him, says she is so happy. Omar and Sasha come back, Jane is still nude and is doing nothing to cover herself. Omar asks Jane if she is happy!

She says you do not know how happy I am! She put her burka back on, Sasha and her leave. Omar says that every girl that Steve deliver to him would be the same, happy with her life.

1 million dollars each! Steve say but how would I get more girls? Omar reaches into a bag, brings out a bottle and hands it to Steve.

What is this?

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This is a tea similar to the tea we used on Jane, but not as strong. You let a girl drink some, you tell her how great she looks and how you would love to date her, she is in love with you will do what you want. You then bring her here, my wife will work on her, then she will go to one of my brothers. Steve says he is not sure! Omar says here take this bottle and just think about. Weeks later back in the USA Steve is out bar hopping one night, 3 pretty girls there drinking but one of them is full of herself she thinks her shit doesn't stink.

Steve is thinking if she only knew he could control her, make her do what he wanted. He then remembers that he has the bottle in his car.

He goes out with a empty glass and bring some of the tea back in. now how to get her to drink it. He asks the bar tender to give him 4 shots, he pours one shot out, fill that glass up with the tea.

He goes over to their tabletells them he bought them a shot, then makes a toast to having a great day. They all toast, say thanks for the shots. Steve watches the one girl that has the tea, her eyes close then open and looks a little glassy. He goes over to her, tells her how pretty she is and he is glad he has met her. Her hand goes over, touches his hand and says so is she. He goes over to the bar, pour some more tea into a glass and gives it to her.

She drinks it down and says how great it is, how great she feels. They talk, drink and have fun all night long. The next day they go out on a date, she is completely different that she was before. She says yes to anything Steve says and wants to please him. At Steve's house he asks her if he could get some picture of her, she says sure. Steve then asks if she could take her cloths off, again she says sure. She takes all of her cloths off, says what do you think?

Steve says you are very pretty, she start to advance on Steve wanting to screw him. He backs off a little, she then says ( are you afraid of a virgin) he says no but he would want to save it until the time is right. She looks mad but then says she understands.

He then says that she could suck is cock! She says she has never done that before but she would try. She gets down on her knees, opens his fly, pulls his cock out, kisses the end then looks at it, she opens her mouth, take his cock in her mouth and starts sucking it.

He is thinking he might like being a slaver! Later on after she goes home, Steve sends her picture over to Omar, he likes them, then when Steve tell him she is a virgin Omar really likes her. He say she would be great for his brother.

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Now how to get her to Dubai. Steve dates her for 2 weeks then tells her that he has to go and check on his system in Dubai and asks if she would like to go. She looks at him and says she is not sure, he says she would have lots of fun. She then says ok. Weeks later they are on a plane, she is so happy, she is hugging Steve, smiling and is so excited. The plane lands, the limo picks them up, in an hour they are at the palace. Omar comes out, escorts them into the living room, there sits 3 women in there burkas, Omar says this is Sasha, Hanna and Jane.

He says that Sasha is his wife and tomorrow she is going to take you out to do some shopping and see the country. They start pouring some drinks and hand her a tea, she takes a big sip and says her name is Helen, she is so happy to be here. They drink, talk and drink some more.

Helen think it is funny that the only one talking is her, Steve and Omar. The 3 ladies are just sitting there. Omar says you must be tired so he tell Hanna to show them their bedroom. Down the long hall to the bedroom that Steve knows so well. When they get in the room Steve goes into the bath room, Hanna hand Helen another drink,she sit down sip,sip and sips. In a little while Helen passes out, Hanna takes off her burka goes into the bath room, pulls Steve into the show, washes him then starts to play with his cock, then inserts it into her pussy.

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Moves up and down,up and down, until he is shooting his sperm into her cervix. She then pulls his cock out gets down on her knees and sucks him dry. They leave the bathroom, she goes out, takes Helen over to the bed, undresses her, kisses Steve good night, puts her burka back on and leaves. The next day Helen awakes up to find that she is in bed with Steve and both of them are nude.

Steve has a hard on, Helen puts her hand down starts to rub it, it is getting bigger. She goes down and starts to suck on it, before she hated doing this now she loved it. In a few minutes Steve was shooting into her mouth, she is swallowing every drop. A few hours later there is a knock on the door, Steve gets up to answer it.

It is Sasha, Hanna and Jane.

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Steve says that he thought it was just Sasha taking Helen out. Sasha said that they had talked it over and the 3 of them decided to go. Out they go to the limo, they hand Helen a cup of tea, off they go. Omar and Steve are talking about Helen! She is great looking! Is she still a virgin? Steve says yes she is but it has been hard not fucking her. I showed her picture to my brother, he can't wait to have her! It should take me 2 months to get her converted.

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Good job Steve! Here is another check. Steve do you need anything? Well yes!

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Can I have Hanna tonight? You can have her for all the time you are here.