Mi esposa con su consolador mientras no estoy

Mi esposa con su consolador mientras no estoy
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The Most Dangerous Thing Clarissa "Carrie" Thompson did not want to go to school. She hated school, it was stupid and she never learned anything there. Except that she never learned anything, which was still sort of learning something…wasn't it?

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She sat up in her bed and rubbed her eyes, yawning and sighing to herself. She climbed out of bed and was quickly greeted by an all-too-familiar chill at the air on her skin. Carrie couldn't remember the last time she'd slept with any clothes on.

Probably when she was six, or something. So, how long had it been now? She was nine, so&hellip."nine minus six is three…" she mumbled to herself. She looked down at her chest where two soft, round lumps of flesh stood out; her B-cup boobs.

She stared at them, not impressed, and wondering why every guy at school tried to touch them sooner or later, and why all the girls glared at her like they hated her. What was the big deal? They were just boobs. Clarissa left her room and walked downstairs, looking around for her mom. Clarissa was the daughter of Jessica Starr-Thompson, the star dancer at the Erotica strip club, head waitress at the local Hooters, and professional lingerie model.

She was also a local celebrity, at least in something called porn. Clarissa didn't know what porn really was, but her mom told her that it involved her being naked and letting guys put these things called dicks, which were between their legs, in her body, and doing something called cumming, which sounded icky to Clarissa.

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Her mom said it just helped pay the bills, which Clarissa was weird, 'cause the only bill she'd ever seen was on a bird. So, her mom let guys put things in her so she could give money to birds?

At least, that's how Clarissa understood it. It sounded like a good thing to be doing, Clarissa liked birds, so she didn't really mind. But she wished her mom was home more often. Like this morning.

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Clarissa didn't like eating breakfast alone. It always meant that the milk she got out of the refrigerator, which her mommy said was milk from her boobs, had to be warmed up otherwise it was too thick for Clarissa to drink.

Clarissa didn't like having to warm it up; she either got it too hot, or too cold. She preferred to drink it fresh, like she did whenever her mommy was home. Her mommy's milk was yummy. Sweet, kinda' like warm ice cream, but thicker. But the milk from the refrigerator wasn't as good. Clarissa got some of the milk out and poured the container into a mug with her favorite fruit, strawberries, on it before putting the mug in their microwave and turning it on.

Then she bent over and opened a cabinet, digging out some strawberry iced Pop-Tarts; her favorite breakfast food, and put them in the toaster. Then she sat down and sighed. She missed her mommy…and her daddy, who her mommy never talked about except to say that he wasn't home, and wouldn't be back. Clarissa overheard her mommy tell a guy she worked with in porn that her daddy had done something called divorced her.

Clarissa didn't know what that was, but she didn't like her dad because of it. It meant he wasn't here, and her mom wasn't here enough, so what was she supposed to do? Most of the time, she just spent time on her own, drawing, or eating. She didn't really have any friends; most of the girls avoided her 'cause of her boobs, and none of the boys wanted to do anything with her except touch her boobs and run away giggling like they were stupid or something. Clarissa was lonely, but school was almost done, and soon it'd be summer, which meant that she and her mommy could go away to the beach.

Clarissa loved the beach. The smell, the sun, the sand, the water, the food! They had some of the best food at the beach. Plus it meant unlimited time with her mommy, and as much fresh milk as she wanted. Clarissa kept thinking about the beach, and her mommy, and her mommy's boobs and the milk they gave, and she started getting hot.

She didn't know why, but for some reason her fingertips started tingling, and her heart beat faster. Her nipples hurt.


She looked down at her nipples. They were poking out from her boobs, and they ached. She touched them and yelped in surprise at the tingle that her fingers caused in her boobs. She touched them again, and did something she'd never done before.

She moaned. It felt&hellip.good. She didn't understand how, or why, but it felt good!

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She liked it! She kept touching her boobs, and before long the touching became squeezing. She pushed her legs together, gasping and whimpering. This felt so good it scared her! Where was her mommy??? But she couldn't stop.

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Something in her demanded that she keep doing it, so she did. Her tummy felt funny, and her legs were all tingly now too. She reached on hand down to rub them, and rubbed up to her&hellip.what had her mommy called it? Her…pussy? Something like that. Her hand touched her pussy and this time she let out a little shriek at the electric tingle that shot through her body.

She couldn't hold back, or stop herself. She grabbed her pussy hard and squeezed her breasts, one breast then the other, with her hand, and kept grabbing and squeezing and rubbing herself faster and faster. Her head was spinning, her body felt like it was on fire. She didn't know what was happening, she didn't understand, and she was scared but she couldn't stop. She had to keep going, until&hellip.she felt something in her tummy, something awful and wonderful at the same time, and she tried to stop herself, but it was too late.

Her eyes rolled back in her head and Clarissa screamed at the top of her 9-year-old voice, her little hips bucked upwards against her hand and without warning something hot and sticky sprayed out of her pussy all over her hand, and kept spraying.

Her hips were bucking uncontrollably, and the harder she bucked the harder she squeezed her pussy, trying to stop herself, but she kept spraying and kept spraying for several seconds until her eyes rolled back in her head and blacked out. The last thing she smelled before she passed out was sweet, warm breast milk in the microwave, which quietly dinged before everything went black. Chapter 2 It was a month and a half later when Clarissa and her mom finally got to go on their summer vacation together.

Clarissa still hadn't told her mom about the kitchen incident. She didn't really understand what had happened anyways, all she knew was that it had felt amazing&hellip.and really scary. She'd tried her best to forget about it, but every time her mommy feed her from her boobs, Clarissa's own boobs started hurting, and she remembered that day in the kitchen. Her mom had actually just finished feeding her, and was putting her robe back on as Clarissa watched her, feeling somewhat guilty and kinda' weird, realizing that it made her sad whenever her mommy covered her boobs up again.

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So she said so. "Mom, why do you always put your clothes on when I'm done drinking?" Jessica looked up in surprise and smiled gently, "It's what people do, sweetie. I know, I don't make you wear clothes all the time, but people normally wear clothes." She paused and considered before shrugging out of her robe with a funny expression on her face. "I guess&hellip.I've just never considered being nude around you to be a normal thing, but then you do it&hellip.so…" She smiled and gently flicked a finger across Clarissa's nose, causing the young girl to giggle, "…I guess I can do it too." Clarissa smiled and looked up at her mom adoringly, "I wish you'd leave your clothes off all the time mommy.

Like me." She looked down at herself, noticing that her nipples were rock-hard, before looking back at her mom.

Her mom was also looking at her breasts, and cleared her throat uncomfortably. "Ah, yeah. I guess I'll do it some more." Jessica bent over and kissed the top of Clarissa's head, "Anything for you, my little angel." Clarissa smiled and shut her eyes. In that moment she couldn't be happier. Her body was tingling pleasantly, and she had her mommy all to herself.

All was right in her world. Later that day they were at the beach, Clarissa's mom was in a bikini and Clarissa thought she looked really pretty. Clarissa was wearing a tankini herself; her mommy said she was too young to wear a bikini, which made Clarissa mad but she didn't mind so much. What she didn't like was the boys staring at her. It was weird. Her mom was up on their beach towels, talking with a pair of guys holding some pretty surfboards, which Clarissa played in the sand, building a sand-castle down by the surf.

But she got bored quickly, the sand was hot, and getting so hot made her tummy hurt again. So she got up, not noticing a pair of teenage boys staring down her top when she bent over.

She straightened and walked into the surf, biting her lip when the cold water washed over her feet, sending a thrill up her legs, and causing her pussy to tingle violently. She shivered and tried to ignore the tingling in her pussy as she walked out into the surf, gradually submerging herself up to her shoulders. A ball landed in the water next to her and she jumped, yelping quietly in surprise. She didn't notice immediately, but when she jumped her left boob jerked out of her top and her nipple was visible above the top of her cup.

One of the teenage boys who had been watching her on the beach came into the water, and approached her. She looked at him then looked away again, unaware and uninterested.

He got closer and grabbed the ball, standing; he was only up to his stomach in the water, and Clarissa noticed that his nipples were a lot smaller than hers, and really hard. Then she noticed him staring at her and frowned, "Hi…are you ok?" He blinked in surprise as if he didn't expect her to talk, and nodded, clearing his throat with a cough.

Clarissa just stared at him. "Uh, yeah. Hi. I'm Jake." Clarissa kept staring until he looked away before she said, "I'm Clarissa, or Carrie. I don' t care which." He looked back at her and his eyes dropped to her boobs and she frowned; boys were so typical. "Um…hi. Sorry if our ball hit you…" The tide went out at this time, and Clarissa felt a chill, and only then looked down and saw that her nipple had become uncovered, she folded her arms over her chest and tried not to cry in embarassment, looking for her mom.

Jessica was still up on the beach, oblivious to the whole incident. Another chill went through her body, but this time it felt really good, and Clarissa bit her lip anxiously before looking at the boy again.

In the lower tide, the water now barely came half-way up his thighs, and his shorts were sticking out hard in front of him.

Clarissa gulped and stared, not sure why she was staring. Her tummy quivered and she gulped again, wondering what was causing her to feel like this, or what was making his shorts stand out like that.

The boy looked down at himself and hesitated, but she looked up at him, "Is that a dick?" She didn't know any better than to be anything except blunt, and the boy's eyes bugged out and he gagged, half-falling over himself as he tripped and fell into the water.

It splashed up over his head, and he yelped as the salt water got in his eyes. When he stopped sputting her demanded, "What??? What do you mean?" Clarissa frowned and walked over to him in the water and reached down; he tried to push away before she just looked at him.

She continued feeling around until she felt the hard thing in his shorts, and grabbed it. It felt funny. Big…she could barely fit her around around it. The boy coughed and his face got really red before Clarissa just asked pointedly, "Is THIS a dick?" He nodded and didn't reply, but Clarissa just smiled, continuing to innocently stroke it, amused at the fact that it seemed to get even bigger in her hand as she did so. She dropped her other hand beneath the water and grabbed it around the boy's dick too.

She looked up at him, and his eyes were bugged out still, but they weren't focused on her, he was just staring straight ahead and breathing really hard. Clarissa dimly remembered how she'd felt that day in the kitchen, and without warning her pussy spasmed and she whimpered in surprise. The boy stared at her, "W-what.are you doing.???" Clarissa stopped, still holding his big dick between her hands and frowned, "I'm not sure…but can I keep doing it?" She looked at him and smiled innocently.

He nodded eagerly, "Oh yeah, you totally can kid." She smiled and kept moving her hands on his dick, enjoying the feeling. But the more she did it, the more her pussy quivered, until she couldn't take it anymore. She remembered her mom telling her how guys had to put their dicks in her, in her pussy, and as the thought ran through her head her whole body tingled and she bit her lip so hard it hurt.

What should she do? She couldn't stop now, her body wouldn't let her&hellip.in spite of the cold water she felt like she was burning up inside? But should she keep going? She didn't even know this boy! But…wasn't that a good thing? She'd never have to see him again…not at school, not in the library, not in her neighborhood.

So, just this once&hellip.would it be ok? Very hesitantly, Clarissa scooted forwards in her water, for some reason suddenly grateful that she and the boy were hidden just under the edge of a tall concrete dock. Her mommy couldn't see her, and right now Clarissa was glad for that, though she wasn't sure why she was. The next few minutes passed in a haze as she moved forwards and reached down with one hand, pulling the bottom of her swimsuit down as the boy watched her with huge eyes and an eager expression.

Then she reached up and pulled his own shorts down; he gasped and looked like he was in pain as she tried to get his dick out. Then finally her prize was free, big and standing there like a stick in his pants.

She smiled and stared at it, "Oh…ok." Was all she said. The boy put his hands on her arms, and for some reason it felt right to do the same thing, so she put her hands on his arms and lowered herself down, down, down until she felt her pussy throb when the end of his dick touched her.

She whimpered and dropped down hard as her knees buckled, she felt the dick enter her and cried out, but the boy slapped a hand over her mouth and held it there tightly. The pain was unimaginable as his dick entered her body.

She felt something break inside her tummy, and tears rolled down her cheeks, but the pain was quickly replaced by a fire more wonderful than anything she had ever felt before. She pushed down into the sand with her feet and felt herself move up on his dick, then her body protested and her knees buckled again, causing her to drop down hard again, and the length drove back into her tiny body.

Clarissa repeated this several times, her mind reeling with pleasure; it felt so good! It only took her a matter of minutes before she was going up and down on his dick really hard. Her legs were burning and her pussy felt like somebody was rubbing sandpaper all over the inside, but she couldn't stop even if she'd wanted to.

The boy leaned up and took one of her boobs in his mouth and her eyes bugged out as she felt him bit her nipple. She yelped and grabbed his head, wanting to pull him off before he did it again, and reflixely she pushed his head into her breast, wanting him to do it again but not knowing why.

She kept bouncing on his dick for several more minutes before he made a funny sound beneath him, and she felt her pussy stretch as his dick got even bigger inside her. She paused, wondering what was happening, before the boy sort-of yelled into her breast and she felt his dick start shaking inside her, sending her over the edge.

She started bouncing on his dick with mindless abandon, desperate now, and with a few bounces, the boy yelled into her breast, and she giggled, then moaned loudly as she started cumming.

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Her tummy tightened and her body shook, but somehow she managed to hold on and keep riding him. Somewhere during the course of her cumming, while the world spun around her head, she felt his dick throbbing inside her and felt something heavy and hot in her belly. Was this cum? Or…no, what was it that her mommy had called it?

Sperm? She didn't know, or care, she just wanted it inside her! It felt amazing every time his dick throbbed and more of his hot stuff filled her tummy. Clarissa had no idea how long it lasted, but eventually it finally ended and the boy fell backwards into the shallow surf, exhausted and unconscious.

But his dick was still hard. Clarissa didn't know what to do. So she just got up, then moaned and grabbed her tummy, which felt full and hard, like it did when she ate too much. Her knees buckled and she let herself fall into the surf, trembling as the cool, wonderful water washed over her young, exhausted body. It was several more minutes before she could move again, and when she did she just quietly put her boobs back in her swimsuit, feeling at once both numb and more amazing than she ever had, and pulled her bottoms back up to cover her pussy.

When she was pulling her bottoms back up, she looked down as something thick and white dripped out of her pussy, leaving a gooey string, before it hit her bottoms. She frowned, confused. Was that his sperm? It looked…weird. But then she heard her mom calling for her, and pulled her bottoms on quickly before her mommy could see her.

She still felt weird, and her legs didn't want to work right as she walked out of the water and rejoined her mommy on the towels. Within ten minutes she was nursing heavily from her mommy's left boob while covered by their second beach towel. While she was drinking her mother's sweet, warm milk, she gradually felt a deep exhaustion fall over her, and even though her pussy still throbbed and ached painfully, she soon fell asleep, still nursing her mother's rich milk.


If she'd been able to see her swimsuit bottoms then, she would've seen white, creamy sperm smeared all over them, along with drops of red blood from her now long-gone virginity.