Gesicht in cum compilation bedeckt

Gesicht in cum compilation bedeckt
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After the three of us had slept, we started the day again with a bout of sex accompanied by the video shot the night before. There wasn't the intrigue of last night but a more businesslike approach to our pleasures.

Paul loaded the film clip and we chatted about it for a while as Jane held a cock in each hand, stroking them to life. She did most of the commentary on the film and she revelled in the part where Paul fisted her and then I slid my cock in her alongside his hand.

She stopped the film and rewound to watch that section a few times before moving on to where Paul was fucking me. Whilst that was probably the most intense part of the evening, it captured only a small amount of film as Paul had other things on his mind than concentrating on filming!

It was more than a little strange to see a film of me fucking but by now I was getting used to strange things from my neighbours and after we had spent another hour or so with Jane riding my cock as Paul fucked her ass hole we ended our encounter with us both shooting into Jane's hungry mouth and I then headed for home.

Later that day, as the previous week, Sarah appeared at my door.

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"Hi," she said, "saw the film. It was good, very sexy. Are you busy Tom?

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Because I left my coat at Lizzie's this morning and wondered if you would give me a lift over there?" "Sure," I replied, as stuck for a sensible response as usual "is that all you want or do you have other plans for me again?" "Oh, you know me Tom. I'm always making plans.


Would it bother you if I did?" What the hell is she up to now I wondered an I answered with a lame "Probably not, but what about that little stunt out front with Lizzie the other night? Have you told her about us?" "Course I have, she's my best friend and she knows about everything I do.

We share so many secrets you just wouldn't believe!" "Well if she's anything like you, I probably wouldn't believe them. Then again, if she is like you nothing would surprise me." "She's very much like me Tom, only she's older by six months. We swap stories and everything else and I just bet she could surprise you!

So come on, let's go and I'll introduce you. She's dying to meet you too." We got into my car and I knew from what Sarah had said that we were in for an afternoon of mischief but she already had me hooked from our last encounter.

As we got out onto the road she gave me directions and reached over to rest her hand on my thigh and stroke along it until she was just brushing against my cock. "Mmm, just like I remembered," she said, "Lizzie is going to like you too." With that set of information my cock twitched again knowing that something had already been planned by these two and I was the topic of their planning.

If whatever their plan was, involved both these young teens, then so much the better. At least if Lizzie got involved she would be less likely to let the information slip about me having sex with an under aged girl. As we arrived at Lizzie's farm driveway, Sarah asked me to pull over and honk the horn to let Lizzie know we were here and a few seconds later Lizzie was running down the drive towards us with her strawberry blonde hair flowing behind her.

She was also dressed in a short skirt like Sarah but hers was a pleated tartan kilt showing her long legs of to their best advantage.

She wore a loose jacket over her shirt and the cleavage between her breasts was clearly visible and drew my eyes. Sarah leaned back and opened the rear door for Lizzie who gave me a lovely flash of her panties as she climbed in. "Hi Sarah, hi Tom I'm Lizzie Sarah's friend and I've been sooo looking forward to meeting you today.

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Drive on another half mile then turn in when I show you as I've got to tend Samson." "Samson? Who is Samson?" I asked, and they both just giggled and Lizzie said "He's another of my best friends." After a couple of minutes Lizzie pointed to a small gateway and we drove through and down a narrow farm track for about two or three hundred yards to pull up outside a wooden building and a corral.

The car had hardly stopped when they both jumped out and ran towards the building calling for me to follow. I waited a couple of minutes trying to gather my thoughs and then walked after them.

As I drew near the building, the side door opened into the corral and Lizzie appeared leading a chestnut pony.

"Tom, this is Samson. Samson, this is Tom." She introduced us, indicating one then the other with her hand. That's a fine pony there Lizzie, is he yours. "Oh yes, he's mine alright but I sometimes share him with Sarah" and with that she looked across at Sarah in a knowing way and they both giggled again.

"Do you want to ride him, Tom?" Lizzie asked. "No thanks Lizzie, I don't ride so I'd probably break my neck, but I'd love to see you ride him." "I bet you would," she purred, "I don't need a saddle for here, and besides, I like the feel of him bareback" and with that the grasped his mane and swung herself up onto his back and with a light kick of her heels she started him walking around the corral.

After a few minutes she leaned forwards and hugged him around his neck and said "I love to feel him rubbing on me. It makes me hot and wet but the problem with that is I sometimes stain my panties. That's why I slipped them off in the stable." With that she flicked up her kilt to reveal that she had indeed taken off her panties and was riding with her naked pussy against the hair on his back.

Sarah was laughing out loud now and said to Lizzie, "I bet you've cum already haven't you. Just look at Tom's cock, he looks ready to cum too." It was true, they both looked at me and laughed out loud as I stood there with my cock straining against my jeans. Lizzie pulled Samson up alongside me and cocked her leg over his neck to slide from him to face me.


Her face was flushed and I could see the damp patch where she had been sitting on Samson's back. "Now you can have a go Sarah?

Help her up Tom, she's not as tall as me so she can't get up without a boost." Sarah grasped Samson's mane, as Lizzie had done and when I held round her waist and heaved she swung herself onto his back to land as equally panty less as Lizzie had been and settle in Lizzie's wet patch. "Hey Liz, I can feel your juices here already. Think I'll rub some of mine onto yours as well" and with that she set off at a slow trot around the corral only she was clearly sliding herself backwards and forwards to rub against Samson's back.

"How do you like our little games Tom?" Lizzie asked as Sarah rode around. "I like them very much," I replied, "but I'm waiting for what you two have planned for next." With that, Lizzie laughed and called to Sarah who reined Samson in as she had, just in front of me, and she slid off him in the same fashion as Lizzie. Lizzie took his lead and walked him back into the barn with us following. "That's so good, we can cum every time riding bareback on Samson," said Sarah as we walked, "his hair just feels so good and gives us a nice little prickly sensation on our pussies that we can't help it." By now I was finding walking difficult with this raging hard-on jammed in my jeans and I was wondering what was coming next from these two.

Lizzie had taken Samson back into his stall and was brushing his back with some hay as Sarah climbed up the side rails. "Do you remember when I stood on your fence last week Tom, and you couldn't take your eyes of my panties? You were so embarrassed it was hysterical but now you know you don't need to be worried and you can have a look anytime without being bothered," and with that she lifted her skirt and eased her legs apart to reveal her moist pussy to me.

"You really are a slut," giggled Lizzie as she climbed up alongside Sarah and did the same, "Which is the nicest?" she asked as they both used two fingers to peel apart their lips and present me with their little pink openings. I stood there with my eyes flitting from one little teen pussy to the other and couldn't speak. It was so good just to take in that sight with Sarah's dark but fine hair and Lizzie's brighter red hair both trimmed to highlight the shape of their pussies.

"Well Tom?" she asked again and nudged Sarah so that they both began to slip their fingers into their little tight crevices right in front of my eyes and they looked equally so inviting. "I like them both." I replied in a croaked voice. "Good", she said and giggled again, "that's what we hoped you'd say." With that she jumped down from the rail and came over to me and took hold of my cock through my jeans. "Wow Sarah, you weren't kidding when you said he had a big cock.

I want to feel this one for myself" and she unhitched my belt and opened my jeans in a few swift movement and then lowered them and my shorts to my knees.

I was so hard by now that as she pulled them over my cock it slapped up with the sudden freedom and smacked against my belly with a loud 'Thwack'. Lizzie clasped her hands to her mouth in suppressed laughter and soon Sarah and I had joined her and we all stood round, me with my cock pointing up towards the roof of the building, and we convulsed laughing at the sight of the situation.

Just then there was a splashing sound behind them and Samson was emptying his bladder. "Look at his lovely long cock Sarah, bigger even than yours Tom" said Lizzie, "how could I not love that animal?" and she jumped down from the side rails and went alongside Samson and reached beneath him to grasp his huge cock.

"He's so lovely and warm and his piss smells so good too" she said as she swished his cock around to direct his piss into a broad circle on the stable floor. "I need to take a pee now as well" she said suddenly, and she crouched down alongside his cock and began to pee with him. Two little plumes of steam rose from the stall from Samson's gushing piss and from Lizzie's lesser tinkle.

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I watched with fascination and became aware of Sarah, in turn, watching me with a fixed stare on her face. "Me too," responded Sarah, lifting her skirt and with a slight bend of her knees she began to pee from a standing position. "We sometimes pee on each other," she said, "but we usually get undressed first for that. Come on Tom, you take a pee with us too. You must be ready for one." She was probably right but there was no way I could have taken a piss then with my cock as hard as it was.

If I didn't get some relief pretty soon then I doubted whether I'd ever be able to piss again, "Sorry girls but I'm too hard to piss just now." "Ok, lets get you soft then" Said Lizzie without pause, as she let go of Samson's cock and came towards me.

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"You've already had this Sarah, so now it's my turn and you can stroke Samson if you like." With that, she wrapped her hands around my cock and began to stroke it with a teenaged naivety as Sarah replaced her and took Samson's cock in her hand.

The sight of Sarah's little hands stroking that monster cock set my balls on fire and feeling Lizzie rubbing my cock with her two hands was almost too much to bear. "Oh my Sarah, you were right when you said Tom had a great cock. This is beautiful" she muttered as she slowly stroked its length.

I don't know which was the more erotic sight to watch, Sarah stroking the horse or Lizzie watching the tip of my cock with a fixed stare as she slowly wanked me in front of her. Then she placed the tip on her lips and slid her mouth over it. The warmth of her tongue flicked over me and she began to suck on my cock in light little nibbles as she 'mmmmed' to herself in pleasure. Now Sarah pulled Samson's cock towards her and she licked the tip and sank her tongue into the piss hole at the end and wiggled it around as she looked over and stared intently at me.

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I couldn't hold any more and I raised Lizzie from the floor and turned her so that she was facing the stall with her buttocks pushed out behind her and her hands holding the middle rail. I lifter her kilt and slid my finger into her sopping wet slit and then guided my cock inside her. I knew I wouldn't last long and made no real effort to try and I pumped into her as we both watched Sarah sucking the horse cock before us.

Then I exploded into her and shot stream after thick stream of sperm inside her with my legs trembling at the intensity of the experience. Lizzie yelled out as she orgasmed on me and her spasms of passion grasped my cock like a fist. Sarah took the cock from her mouth but continued to stroke it as she looked round at us, knowing we had both just cum. "Save me some Tom," she smiled, "I want to feel you inside me again as well." I rubbed my cock in and out a few more times and bathed it in the warmth of my cum and then I slowly I eased myself from Lizzie and watched the stream of our mixed juices trickle from her open cunt mouth onto the straw beneath us.

My flaccid cock hung there with a thin stream dangling from it and Lizzie turned with a broad grin on her face to take hold of me again.


"See Tom, I said I'd make you soft so that you could pee!" she said in a simple matter-of-fact way, "but I want to hold it as you do." I bore down and began to piss in a thin stream at first but strengthening as I went on. Lizzie and Sarah both knelt alongside me watching it at close quarters and Lizzie directed the flow up and down the rail post with a smile on her face and her tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth.

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As my piss neared the end she gently milked my cock to help the final drips free and then leaned forward and swept her tongue across the tip to catch a few drops. "Nice and salty," she said as she released me, "like Samson's cock" and she crawled forwards into Samson's stall and taking hold of his cock again she placed the end in her mouth and sucked on it. She was mumbling to herself and beckoned Sarah over so that Sarah then began to pump on Samson's cock. This was obviously something they had done before and Lizzie held his cock head in her as Sarah wanked the length into her mouth.

I stood next to them and began to stroke my cock as I watched this spectacle unfold. Sarah would stroke him into Lizzies mouth and Lizzie would open every now and again to take him out and catch a gulp of breath. As she did this, beads of his precum dribbled down her chin and onto her chest. "Open my shirt Tom" she said "or he'll cum all over it." I reached out and peeled back her shirt from her and then unclipped her bra and let that fall to the straw behind us.

She had beautiful pert conical breasts with little pink rosebud nipples and they bobbed with the movements as she rocked her head on Samson's cock. Sarah's rhythm intensified and suddenly Lizzies cheeks swelled as Samson emptied his load into her mouth. It was too much for her to hold and she opened her mouth to let the mass of horse spunk pour out and down her chin onto the floor. Sarah carried on stroking him and squeezed out his final spurting as she too put her mouth over the tip of his cock and drank down her share of this horse cum.

After a minute or so Sarah turned to me and said "Cum into my mouth Tom, let me taste your spunk" and she opened her mouth before me and reached down to stroke herself to orgasm. Lizzie lay back on the straw watching this new scene with a sleepy smile on her face and she too began to stroke and finger herself. I completed this circle of masturbation and with a half dozen furious strokes of my cock I shot onto Sarah's waiting tongue. I was leaning against Samson with my left hand as I finished jerking my cock with my right and when I had finished and flicked my final drop of cum onto Sarah's tongue, she turned to Lizzie and kissed her hard on the mouth.

I could see they were wrapping each others tongues around and dribbles of my spunk mixed with Samson's seeped from the corners of their mouths. They stroked each others breasts as they did this and then, in unison reached down to finger each other to one more orgasm.

After a few minutes they separated and, still hugging each other, turned to face me with huge grins on their faces. "See Tom," said Sarah, "I told you I had plans for this afternoon and I told you that I shared everything with Lizzie. Now you can see why we are best of friends."