Italian couple anal sex and facial outdoors

Italian couple anal sex and facial outdoors
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my name is Amanda and this my story how i came to love sex.I was 8 and my brother kevin was 5.We were out playing with the kid next door whos name was Eric he was 16.We didnt have many houses in our neighborhood so there wasnt alot of kids only a few others. So we were playing hide and seek and my brother was it so i went and hid.

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His yard had a house that is delivered in two pieces so its wasnt all put together yet,it was up on bricks and stuff holding it up. so i hid in there and here come Eric next to me.So we are sitting there all of a sudden he grabs me and starts kissing and grouping me.i try and push him off me.but he kept kissing me.He was trying to get under my shirt then we heard kevin coming so he stoped.

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A little latter my brother had to go in and i got to stay out longer.So i played with Eric some more.He asked me if i wanted to see what the new house looked like inside i said we went in there i walked into the room that was near the door and i heard him close and lock the door.I asked him why did you do that for.he said so we wont get interupted.and he starts kissing me again this time he was more gentle so i was getting into it.Then he started putting his hand in my shirt pinching my nipples at fist i tried pushing him away.Then it started feeling real good,then his hand we down my pants and thats scared me so i tried to push him off but he was too strong and i was too little.He yanked down my pants and got between them and started licking me down there i started to really liking it and started moaning.Then i heard a zipper and opened my eyes to him taking out his cock it was about 8 in.

long. I asked him what he was doing he said just lay down this is going to feel good you will love it.I tried to get up and i told him i want to go home but he pinned me down and shoved his dick in me it hurt so so i tried screaming and he put his hand over my mouth.He stayed like that for a minute then started going in and out it did'nt i was'nt in any more pain i was feeling pleasure and was feeling so good i started geting this intense feeling and and i started shaking and and moaning for more and telling him harded.Then he started to shoot his sperm in me i felt so full and tingling down below.I felt so good.He started kissing me.

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Then i heard my mom calling so i threw my pants on and went home.The next day i went back over and we played hide and seek again with my bother but this time he hide and i had to find them.I knew where Eric was so I went to him and we went to our spot.He said he wanted to try something else so i said ok.He told me to take my underwear took them off and gave them to him he told me to bend over and he lifted up my skirt and i felt him spit on my butt I look back and he is spitting on his dick he then pushes his finger in my ass.It hurts and i tell him to stop but he keeps gong little by little he gets it in and just stays and lets me get used to his dick in me.Then he askes if iam ok .i tell him ya so he starts fucking me he reaches around and starts rubbing my clit it was good.I had my orgasm and he followed right behind me shooting his load into my ass.We hurried up and got cleaned up and went and found my brother this went on for like two or three weeks.

Then one time we were fucking my brother came and found us and asked what we were doing.Eric told him and asked him if he wanted to try he said yes.He didnt have much of a dick being only 5 but he tried and after he humped me for a few minutes then let Eric finish.We told him he couldnt tell anybody or he couldnt join us anymore.Well all good things come to an end and we moved and never saw Eric again.

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Me and kevin stopped playing around and then when i was around 12 and Kevin was 8.We started at it again cause we were sharing a room and my mom was working nights so we were left alone.He cought me playing with my self one night.I was horny as hell i was a early bloomer i started my period at 9 years old i had boobs and all the girls were envius of my there i was geting my self off when my brother says what you doing .I tell him playing with my self.He thinks for a few min and askes me you wanna do what we used to do with Eric?I said sure why not iam he takes off his clothes and gets in bed with me and i started to rub his dick i was surprised it was bigger then it was when we played when we were younger it had doubled in size i was probly 5 inches.and it was hard.So i told him to go ahaid and put it in and started pumping in and out as fast as he could.It was feeling so good i started getting into it.He started to moan and shake i guess he was having an orgasm but he didnt shoot anything in me.I came a second later.We did this every night when our mom had to work.Later when he was 13 and i was 16 we started at it again.this time it was better because his dick was bigger he was like 9 inches long and 3 inches around.

It felt so damb good i was coming so much and he just kept pounding me for 20 minutes i was in heaven.He came in me so hard i thought he was never going to stop coming in me.we did this for a few months and i got a boyfriend and we have never spoke of it again its like it never happened we were lucky i didnt get pregnant.But i kind of wish we could do it again.

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