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Sex filipino china gay boy cute free movie Strap yourselves in for
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Robin Rhodes felt her pussy tighten ever so slightly as she neared the nondescript brick house on Chicago's near north side. She found a parking place about a block away, and after checking her makeup in the rear view mirror exited her car and headed down the street on foot. She shivered as the cold wind whipped off of Lake Michigan not more than three blocks away.

She pulled her coat tighter around her full figured body and mumbled to herself, "Now I know why I hate Chicago in the winter." It was short trip, however, and in less than two minutes she was standing on the front stoop and ringing the door bell.

A feminine voice came over the intercom and asked, "May I help you?" "Uh, yes, I'm Robin Rhodes and I have a 1:00 o'clock appointment." "Of course, Mrs. Rhodes," the voice replied, "I'll buzz you in." Once inside, Robin went directly to the reception desk to sign in.

A pretty young woman of about twenty five or so gave her a pleasant smile and said, "Have you done the medical exam fantasy before?" "No," Robin answered softly, "I usually take the dungeon." "Okay," the young woman replied, "the whole thing is set up like a real doctor's office, complete with a nurse and all the necessary medical equipment to make it seem authentic." "I'll buzz for the nurse and she can take it from there." "Do you have any questions?" "Uh, no," Robin replied. "Good, then have a good time, I'll summon the nurse!" "My name is Melody Ames and I'll be assisting Dr.

Hawkins," a young dark haired woman dressed in a nurses uniform said casually. "Please go behind the screen and remove all of your clothing," the nurse ordered while handing Robin a paper dressing gown. "When you're all ready, just have a seat next to the examining table and the doctor will be with you shortly.


After giving Robin a curt nod Melody Ames left the room, leaving Robin all alone. She hung her coat on a hook on the wall and slowly began slipping out of her clothing.

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She was a little embarrassed when she got down to her bra and panties, because all of her life she had been in such good physical condition. But once she reached fifty five it seemed that no matter how hard she tried she had taken on a decidedly round figure! Her breasts had always been large, but now they were actually huge, as was her bottom which stretched her oversized bikini panties to the limit.

A full length mirror gave her a good look at all that flesh, and as she dropped her bra and slipped out of her panties, she shivered again, more from anticipation that the cool air. After putting on the flimsy paper gown, she sat down on the padded folding chair to wait for Dr. Hawkins. Even though she was nervous and excited, Robin actually nodded off for a few moments and was snapped back to reality by a deep masculine voice that boomed, "I'm Dr. Hawkins, and you must be Robin!" "Uh, yes," she replied softly.

"I'm glad to meet you, Robin," he said while extending his hand. "Now, how may I help you?!?" "Uh, I'm here for a regular check up," she replied a little red faced. "I see," he said while picking up her chart. "It says here that you're due for a pelvic and breast exam," he said almost absentmindedly. "Is that right?" "Yes," she said with a small moan. "Okay," he replied with a killer smile, "then let's get to it." Just then nurse Ames entered the room, and with a nod form Dr.

Hawkins, helped Robin up onto the examining table. "Put each foot into a stirrup, please," she said in a workman like manner. "She's all ready, doctor," Melody Ames said softly.

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"Thank you," he replied while sitting down on a stool at the foot of the table. "Please pull back the robe," he said to the nurse. Almost immediately Robin's vagina drenched itself at the very though of having a strange man and woman looking at her most private of parts. "Most physicians wear latex gloves during the examination," Dr. Hawkins said a matter of factly.

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"But I feel that a lot can be missed that way, so if you don't mind I'll forgo the gloves and use my bare hands." "I-I don't mind at all," Robin stammered. "Good, then let's get started!" he quickly replied. Robin sucked in a lung full of air and waited tensely for the exam to begin. "Okay, Robin," he said softly, "the first thing I'm going to do is probe your vagina with my finger." Robin held her breath for only a moment before she felt a wonderfully warm finger entering her dripping vagina.

"Ohhhhhhh, myyyyyyy!" she sighed quietly. "Everything seems to be in order," he said casually while fingering the drooling cunt. "If you don't mind, however, I think that I should make sure that your clitoris is in good condition?!?" "G-go ahead!" she gasped.

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"Very good," he said while the nurse held open the folds of her labia. "I can tell right away that you have an incredibly large clitoris, and I think that only way to make sure is to use my tongue on it." "Is that all right with you?" "Oh god!" she moaned.

"Yessssssss, do it!!!" The next thing she felt was Dr. Hawkins' tongue flicking ever so softly over the head of her incredibly engorged clit! After only several seconds of licking Robin was thrusting her hips forward in an attempt to get the doctor to apply more friction to her suddenly very needy little organ!

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"Ohhhh, doctor!" she sighed as her orgasm built deep inside of her. "T-that feels wonderful!" The doctor continued his sucking and licking for several more seconds before pulling away and announcing, "I think that Miss Ames should examine your vagina with her tongue, she's very adept at making sure that everything is in tip top condition!" With her legs splayed wide apart Robin was unable to see what was going on between her legs, but she could here people moving about and then a much softer tongue pressing against her bulging clit!

"Sweet mother of god!" Robin gasped as Melody Ames tongue wrapped itself around her hard little clit.

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Dr. Hawkins then slid a stool up next to Robin, and after sitting down said casually, "You don't mind if I examine your breasts, do you?" With her head rolling from side to side on the pillow, Robin stared blankly at the doctor while stammering, "N-no, I don't mind at all." "Good," he replied while pulling back the top of her gown.

"Oh my!" he commented softly. "You have very large breasts!" "Do you enjoy having them sucked?" he asked while gently kneading the fleshy orbs. "Oh god!" Robin moaned. "I-I'm going to cum!" "Not yet, dear," the doctor admonished while pinching her pink nipples. "I have several more questions that need answering first!" Robin's head was spinning like a top as she tried to comprehend all that was going on around her!

Nurse Ames was busily sucking her pussy, while the good Dr. Hawkins was doing a number on her fat tits while he seemed to prattle on with an endless stream of inane questions! She was so close to cumming that she could almost taste it, but by pinching her nipples, the doctor pulled her back from the verge of her climax! "Now, where was I?" he asked casually while still feeling up her tits.

"Oh, I remember," he opined, "I have some questions that need answering!" "So if you're quite ready, we can begin!" Realizing that it was useless to argue with the young "doctor", Robin nodded dumbly while waiting for him to begin. "All right," he said softly. "If you had your choice, what size cock would you like fucking your vagina?" "I-I don't know!" she moaned.

"Come now, Mrs. Rhodes," he chided. "I'm sure that you must have fantasized about the perfect cock!" She desperately tried to clear her head as twenty something nurse worked her tongue up and down the length of her crack! Finally she shook her head and replied, "I guess about eight inches!" "Okay," he offered while writing down her answer.

"Next question, "Do you like watching young men masturbate?" "Oh god!" she moaned. "I love watching them masturbate!" "Do you like sucking large peckers?" he pressed on. "I-I'm a fucking cocksucker!" she gasped.

"I love sucking young men to completion!" "Of course you do," he replied in a soothing voice. "Would you like to suck this pecker?" In her extreme state of sexual excitement Robin had failed to notice that Dr. Hawkins had unzipped his pants and pulled out a truly incredibly large erection!

When her eyes finally focused on the brutal looking monster, her cunt boiled over as an orgasm of immense proportions slammed into her helpless box! Melody Ames mouth was literally bucked off the hairy muffy as Robin's cunt involuntarily lurched forward as the devastating climax wrenched her poor pussy almost to death.

"My fucking god in heaven!" the older woman gasped. "Never in my entire life……&hellip." Dr. Hawkins calmly fisted his massive organ only inches from the stunned woman's face while asking softly.


"Do you know the most important word in the English language?" Her mind was now completely focused on her still twitching cunt, but she managed to babble, "No, what is the most important word in the English language?" "Penetration," he replied softly. "Oh my god!" she moaned as he took his place between her heavy thighs. "A-are you going to penetrate me with your huge pecker?!?" "Do you want me to?" he asked gently.

"Oh fuck!" she moaned. "I-it's so fucking big, it'll rip me apart!" "I thought you liked big cocks," he quickly answered. "I-I do!" she gasped.

"But you're so fucking big!" "Only eleven inches," he replied. "Now, you really don't have any choice, do you?" By now nurse Ames had taken her place on the stool next to Robin's chest. She leaned over and took a hard nub into her mouth just as Dr. Hawkins slid the head of his cock into her gaping slit. She had often fantasized about being taken by a truly massive organ, and now as the hot mouthed nurse worked over her hot nipple, a freight train like pecker was slowly but surely sliding into her cunt!

Almost immediately Robin's pussy collapsed around the thick invader in a vain attempt to control its entry, but it was a hopeless task as the good doctor all at once shoved his hips forward to start a brutal assault! Robin literally came up off the examining table as the two inch thick piece of cock meat buried itself balls deep inside of her straining vagina!

In what can only be called a total surrender, her pussy began convulsing wildly as Dr. Hawkins' ferocious member hammered in and out of her with almost vicious ferocity, while Melody Ames let the huge nipple drop from her lips as she exhorted the excited woman to stronger and stronger orgasms! Then just when she didn't think she could cum even once more, Dr. Hawkins' entire body stiffened as load after load of hot spunk rocketed deep into Robin's over heated pussy, inducing the shell shocked cunt into one last earth shattering climax!

When he was finally regained his lost breath, the doctor smiled at his "patient" and announced, "Well, Mrs. Rhodes, I think we can safely say that everything is in perfect working order!" "Wouldn't you agree, Miss Ames?" The nurse cupped Robin's huge chest and replied, "Just perfectly doctor, just perfectly!" THE END