Naughty chick turns into a slut whenever that chick rides dude cock

Naughty chick turns into a slut whenever that chick rides dude cock
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Chapter 2 A Very Penny Moment The towel held tight around her slightly out of shape figure, making her way across the room to the cupboards. "Let's see here." Penny questioned, "A little of this I think." Fetching boxed wine from her plethora of adult drinks… the once upon a time party girl hoped to forget the cringe worthy boss at the cheesecake factory, whom always asked her and Bernadette to take double shifts and stared at them from behind the office's counter.

Penny flipped her wet hair into a towel and wrapped the fabric around her head, tucking a little part under to hold the architecture in. Chugging the boxed wine for a moment before entering the bathroom, suddenly a knock at the door! Knock knock knock, Penny. Knock knock knock, Penny.

And she fell on the bathroom floor, half in the living room; the tub slowly reached the top of the tub and began to trickle down onto the tile below.   Knock knock knock, Penny.

She let out a sudden groan as heavy eyes opened, had I passed out?

She thought, noticing two feet directly to her right peripheral gaze. A know it all voice teased and mocked, "I told you one day drinking would get the best of you, shucks my momma told me to always keep my room clean because Jesus is watching.

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I never quite knew what she meant, more religious stuff." oblivious with her precarious accident. "Damn it Sheldon just help me up!" she yelled, he was hesitant to touch any of the dirty clothes surrounding them, the room looked like a tornado hit.

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He bent down, but the pain was too much. "Ow, ow, it hurts Sheldon, don't move me." The bathtub water reached her cheek. "What should I do?!" Sheldon became more and more worried, dancing around like he had to pee.

"Do you have to pee? Stop jumping like that you are making me queasy." Penny ordered, Sheldon grabbed his crotch, "Yes I do have to pee!" She looked out of the corner of her eye, "Go to your apartment then!" "It's locked," he insisted, "it's why I came over here." "Fine, make it quick." Just realizing her towel had fallen off in the tumble and her breasts pressed against the fabric on the floor, her bottom exposed to the hot air causing beads of condensation trail off her back and butt.

He tiptoed into the bathroom, but his foot caught on a pair of undies half wedged below the entertainment center. He fell, hitting his head on the tub, which in its rickety position, one of those old victorian-esque oval bowls, wavered, then tipped, pouring the hot water all over him, penny and the apartment, the impact made him pass out as a red bruise quickly formed. "Aw what the hell?


Sheldon? Are you all right?" She tried to move but it hurt so much, she managed to wiggle a little so long as her back did not move too much, forgetting for a second about her towel, she was able to move her hand enough to punch him on the foot. He woke up, dreary, "Wha- What happened?

Mema is that you?" he was delirious, "Why am I all wet?


Oh gosh it hurts, I got burned," he took off his drenched shirt, then pants, green lantern underwear contrasting with the flower motif shower curtain. He held his head as he passed out again. Penny wiggled a little more over to him, then a little more.

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Maybe if i press up against him and reach my cell phone on the sink, she thought, a good a plan as any. She was able to use Sheldon as a make shift ladder, trying not to put too much pressure on her back, using his body as support her nude breasts pressed against him. "I bet this is the best action you have ever seen in your life," she joked to herself to compensate for the pain in her back. As she inched her way up his body, Penny took note of his super hero underwear, her breasts pressed again his legs and her face reached his belly button, he was an outey.

"Figures," she whispered and slipped on the wet floor, the steam in the room had grown to such a point that they were just so very very slippery. Penny's face slid down futilely to green lantern, her back spasming, she pressed her face into the cloth and blew outwards, then in and continuing sharp blows in, blows out, quick poof poof poofs, in and out in an out. Sheldon began to grow under the super hero stamped tighty whities, he dreamed of Texas, and the awkward teens he suffered through.

Penny moaned, recovering, using his pelvis as support as she moved her head, using her tongue to prop her face up, Sheldon stirred under the green lantern, whispering.

"My will makes it go down; my will makes it go down." In his dream he was riding a bronco, thrusting left and right and left and forward, back, his hips pivoting forcefully every which way.

The dream manifest and his penis popped out suddenly, Penny accidentally made contact with it, her tongue softly pressing against his growing erection.

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Her hands were exhausted from grabbing on him and pulling her entire weight upwards. So she slid down his body again and her face pinned Sheldon's penis between her cheek and his leg, Penny let out another moan of dissatisfaction, his penis twitched, Penny tried to prop up once more but was interrupted as his penis sprung up and hit her in the eye, "What the fu-" and his penis went into her mouth.

Penny did not finish her sentence as her tired body fell downwards again, this time deep throating him accidentally, she breathed out of her nose sharply but forgot about controlling her tongue and it laid across the tip of Sheldon's penis, it twitched and in his dream the bronco surged back and forth, so did he outside the dream, thrusting down and up into Penny's warm mouth, the feeling was not lost on her as she complained with moans and salivating, an auto response to having something wedged into her mouth.

Penny was starting to get a little too hot from the steam and her whits faltered; she began to bob her head up and down, sucking on Sheldon's penis like a Popsicle, imagining that the welcoming treat cooled her down.

So she tasted the imagination and slurped on the Popsicle, Sheldon's cock throbbed and he bucked left, right, poking the side of her throat, her cheek.

The bobbing was rhythmic, up and down, around, trying to keep the Popsicle in her mouth, slurping and sucking, the force of sucking, gliding up and down, biting, teasing like a snack, wanting it, needing the cool piece of tastiness, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

she laid her tired head on his leg, mmmmmm, sucking, slurping. She loved his penis in her mouth, she did not enjoy the rough thrusting but her sucking encouraged heron as she grew more aroused with the situation, giving head to someone so smart and bafflingly out of the loop, she gagged on his cock and fucked it with her mouth. Narrating the situation with her delusional, imaginative mind, I'm sucking his cock; I'm blowing my friend, giving head to this weirdo, enjoying his penis, licking his shaft, he's wearing green lantern underwear but I don't care, I'm finally sucking Sheldon off.

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Her head bobbed up and down, when. He came in her mouth with a big slip out and thrust in suddenly, white gooey goodness filled her mouth and back of her throat, Penny gurgled on his cum, spitting and gagging and spouting the cum all over the place like she tasted the medicine like filling inside of a Popsicle, she spit it out all over his penis and stomach and her bare breasts, like she had a mouth full of water and she played a contest with it, seeing if she could spit it forcefully wherever, it made a phhhht sound as she did so, phhht on his chest, phhht on his penis, phhhht on herself, and she lay there, satisfied as she moved her toes and feet a little more.

Apparently she had rested enough to let her feet join the struggle up Sheldon's slippery body, which had become increasingly more challenging with cum all over the place, all that pent up sexual frustration was everywhere in the room. Penny's shoulder pressed against his leg and her challenged breath's in and out blew on his penis which reacted with a final twitch, cum flew across the room and partly on her face, it startled her for a moment and she cleaned his cock one last time.

Her head reached his left shoulder and she rested a moment, forgetting that green lantern was stained, Penny blushed as she felt him beneath her. Her Cellphone vibrated on the sink.