Se pajea para natalia de isett

Se pajea para natalia de isett
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The Following Story Is Fictional.

Her name was Natalie, she moved in next door about three months prior. Remembering that on it's own got me hard, I mean how could it not? the perky tits under her tight pink crop top just teasing all who look? Or how about the short.Oh how I loved the shorts, short tight denim daisies that gripped her ass in all the right spots, and when she pulled them up high enough her bare ass peeked out the bottom.

But, the outfit she wore wasn't my favorite part of her moving in, it was the placement of her window to mine. the fact that I could peek into her bedroom was, It excited me.

Sometimes I'd even set my alarm and wait like a child to watch her undress for bed. Most nights it was a t-shirt and lace panties, but tonight was different. I sat in my usual chair, watching through her pink curtains expecting her to take her top off, un-clip her bra and pick out a old ratty t-shirt. Instead she bent over and opened a drawer in her dresser pulling out a short but Lacey bright red baby doll, my eyes focused on the material and I couldn't stop watching.

Who bought her that? Who was it for? The watching suddenly turns to extreme, music begins to play and I watch her small tanned frame sway to the seductive tone now filling her room.

After watching for what seems like forever I get up out of the lawn chair I've set up just for this event, and head to kitchen to grab a beer, " Damn." I huff. Finding what I want wasn't hard, the regular blue moon with a slice of orange. By the time I got back to my seat with my drink her lights were dimmed and she was in her usual attire, a t-shirt and panties. I took that as the end of the show, watching her get into bed made me yawn. So I decide to do the same. " Goodnight, beautiful." I whisper to myself, knowing she couldn't hear me.

I climb into bed and drift to the visions of her tight body wrapped in lace. Waking up with morning wood was typical, since the wet dreams through the night didn't really come to an end. I begin my daily routine, brushing my teeth,showering,getting the mail.

I start to stare at myself in the mirror, I was a good looking guy i thought. Tall about 6'3 with dark brown hair and bright green eyes. You could even ask the lucky ladies who ended up in my sheets for hours on lonely nights what thought about me, Although, I really could care less.The only girl I really care about is Natalie.

Spitting out the toothpaste and rinsing the sink I pull on a t shirt and question whether pants are a needed thing to go get the mail.

The concrete is hotter than I expect, trying to quickly grab my mail at the end of the sidewalk, a door opens and then she walks out, tied up in a pretty pink robe, I'm starting to think pink is her favorite color.but then again, part of me is thinking it's red. Ignoring the burn at my feet, seeing her this close was a rare occasion.

She catches me and waves continuing to the brick mail box holding the family mail. After last night, I can't see her in anything but that red baby-doll I loved so much.


The burning finally gets to me, " Fuck!" I say louder than expected, she giggles from her front porch and walks back inside, trying to save the nerves in my heels I rush inside. Throwing the pile of random letters and magazine ad's onto the counter as the coffee maker starts to brew my daily cup. Thinking about her again, wondering if her skin is as soft as I dream it is." Stop it.

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" Shaking my head I try to get the image out of my head, " Your twice her age!" the voice in my head screams, " well 18 times two is 36, I'm not that old!" I fight against my own Inner self for what seems like forever, trying to weigh the options there are. before I can finish my fight with myself the doorbell rings, yawning still half asleep I walk to the door. " Who is it." I say before fully opening the door, " Uhm, it's me?" I hear an unknown voice say, it's soft and sweet, very that's what she sounds like I ponder in my head.

" I came over to ask for a couple eggs, my mom sent me over. If you don't have any that's okay." Looking her up and down, I've never been this close to her frame before.she's a lot shorter than I thought she would standing next to me.

I like that. "Yeah, I can check, come in" I say almost too fast, Leaving the door open for her to follow me into my kitchen. " does it matter what kinda of eggs? Farm Eggs?" She's not even paying attention merely looking at the decor of my home.

Moving the box of eggs over and trying to find another carton to look through, she ends up on my counter, her ass against the granite counter. " I don't think it matters" she chirps back, the sound of moving paper fills the room, I assume she just accidentally sat on my mail, not over looking it my hands grip the carton of eggs and give them to her, closing the fridge.

" I hope those suffice." I say trying to generate some form of small talk, any talk at this point is good enough for me, " I'll tell my mom you said Hi." she hops off my counter, making her chest give out a slight bounce. Trying not to focus on the small frame she owns we walk to the front door.


" Well, there are the eggs." I spit out, you're an idiot. " Yeah, here they are." she giggles lifting the carton smiling up at me. " thank you." is the last thing she says before leaving, I exhale. Closing the door and standing in my walk way trying to collect myself. I decide to go through my mail, in a attempt to get the vision of her bouncing on my lap out of my mind. Flipping through the envelopes with mostly bills inside a small piece of paper falls out of the stack, Picking it up realizing it's not paper, but a Polaroid photo.

reading the back before turning it over, " xoxo, thanks for the Eggs. " flipping it over, knowing it's from her. My jaw drops, looking over the small square of glossy material over and over, it's Natalie sprawled out on her bed, on her knees holding the bright red lace.

Bust puffy and filling the cups to the teddy perfectly. Biting my lip, tucking the photo into my robe. Continuing my day, trying to fight how hard I am when I think about her beautiful legs wrapped around my hips at work, ignoring it typing up the reports that were supposed to be turned in a week ago, stopping mid paper and leaning back in my office chair. Closing my eyes and giving into my day dreams, slapping her round ass over my desk fills my mind.

Holding her by the hips and not caring if the whole office heard her moan my name. Before I can finish my afternoon fantasy the clock beeps and pulls me back to reality. Catching my breath as I pack up my things and being to travel home. My pants tight with how she makes me feel. It's too early to head home right now, plus i'm sure she's dancing around her room in just panties, I need to find something to do, surveying what was around town and finally deciding to go work out, stopping at my house to only quickly change into a pair of gym shorts with one of the last clean under armor shirts I own, hopefully the gym isn't too busy.

Carrying my bag and my headphones back to my car, making my way to the weights at the gym, I have have steam to blow off. Plugging in my headphones, pulling a pair of lift gloves, blaring music. Clapping my hands together to spread the powder, as I squat down I pick up the metal bar, focusing on lifting.

Curling the bar up and repeating over and over till i'm dripping in sweat, adding weight with each curl. Finishing my set and doing a couple laps on the "Virtual Track." Machine.

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Deciding that i'm done working out, I pick up my bag and head home, dripping sweat. Heavy breathing and I reek of male musk. The dark night is brought to a hault by my porch lights, searching my bag for house keys.

Pushing them into the door and turning the small golden key, pushing it open setting my work bag down before walking into the kitchen for a beer. Twisting the cap off and finding my spot on the couch, Flipping through Tv channels.

Checking my watch, " 5:00PM" I huff, hearing my stomach growl. Ignoring it, I take a sip of my beer. Settling on the Sports channel, which isn't typical. Due to it's beach volley ball week I make a small exception.


The flags of different countries plastered across goddess like bodies makes it easy to pay attention, sand covered asses and several grunts coming from the players fill up my Tv. By the end of the game I don't even care who won, my mind is occupied by the american flag wrapped around Natalie's chest with sand rubbing off her bubbly ass. God, I wish she played volleyball now. When the last round of the game ends my eyes get sleepy as my hand barely grips the neck of the bottle.

Clicking the Tv off and leaving my bottle half empty on the coffee table. I'll deal with that tomorrow morning. Making my way up to my room, almost climbing the stairs i'm so sleepy. Reaching my bed, climbing in and pulling my gym shorts off, I'll shower tomorrow. Cuddling into the warm sheets I'd bought two week prior, wrapping my arms around a pillow and drifting to sleep thinking about my tight young neighbor, Natalie.

The night was calming and I slept well until I heard a slight knocking at my window, the only weird part about this is my bedroom is on the second floor. I dismiss it as a small bird loosing it's way. I was proved wrong in about ten minuets, " Pssst." it's a familiar voice, I must be dreaming. I pull the sheets off and Open my window. Natalie smiles wide and greets me crawling in through my window, " How the hell did you get up there?" she shushes me, " That's for me to know and for you to forget about." I'm shocked by her confidence, i'm sure she was always a confident girl.

But i've never seen this side of her, I was enjoying it heavily. I thought it couldn't get any better, untill she slowly unzipped her thick winter coat. " Can I get you anything." I stutter, trying not to blush wildly. " What I want, is for you to do what you've always wanted to." I gulp, knowing exactly what she meant but " What I've wanted??" She lets out a playful yet sinful giggle.

the jacket falls off her tanned soft perfect shoulders. " to ravish me, make love to every part of me." the red lace is un-veil'd to my eyes, only the moon light outlining her perfect figure.

" Once I start I can't stop." she looks at me with the most lustful eyes i've ever seen. " I want it, don't worry." Taking no time to question it, my arms wrap around her tiny frame, picking her up and clearing my dresser of it's clutter. Laying her down and running my lips down her body slowly. "mm." She gives out a slight purr, dragging my fingers over the lace, finally rubbing it between my thumbs, Not caring anymore I rip the fabric.

It's only holding me back, biting and kissing her chest to her shoulders, She reaches for me. In just the pale red thong hugging her hips. letting her wrap her lags around me I push us up against the wall, holding her frame close to mine. My hands gripping her ass now, squeezing each round cheek as we kiss, biting her lip and letting her taste my tongue.

I get an idea, carrying her to my bed, I slowly drop her down below me, Pulling my top off from the hem to my shoulders, showing her my tone older body. She moans in approval, Placing her tiny hands on my abs, she takes it as time to explore. Kissing around my waist band and looking up into my eyes, god I love her eyes.the prettiest green. Standing at the edge of the bed while she teases me, looping my hand into her hair.Growling.

I've never wanted something so bad. Holding the long strands of hair in a fist I let her do her own thing watching her lips lift and run over my skin, feeling my shorts being pulled down My cock springs out, throbbing painfully, every vein in my thick cock is visible, Followed by a very audible Natalie.

" Holy shit you're huge." She says full of sinful thoughts, wrapping her tiny hand around my cock she starts to roll her wrist making every part of my body go numb in appreciation. Closing my eyes, " God that feels amazing." Biting my lip as she starts to tease and work my body, cupping my balls in one hand, squeezing them." Who taught you that?" I smirk down at her." You don't need to know" She purrs back.

I watch her lips part and welcome my thick member to her tongue. The soft sucking makes me reach full erection, I've never been this hard. Saliva dripping off her lips as she start bobbing her head, my hand still gripping her hair helping her by thrusting my hips forward making her take more of my cock. " That's a good girl, take that cock.take all of it." she moans, gagging as I watch her eyes being to water.I let her go, she pulls off my shaft and tries to catch her breath still stroking my sopping wet cock, she does something un-expected, instead of going back to sucking, she dips her head down, still letting me pull her hair slightly.

UnCupping my balls and licking between them. I gasp." Oh that feels nice." she soon wraps her pretty young lips around each ball and shows them heavy attention. Soon her lips are red raw, puffy from letting me shove my cock in her tight throat. She looks up at me giggling, covered in saliva and pre cum already. " Lay back, baby." She's shocked at her new nickname but isn't denying it. " Okay, daddy." she purrs back at me, Now i'm not one to be into the whole daddy kink but the way she says it drives me wild, hearing such sinful things escape that young mouth excites me.

I quickly slap her ass, grabbing it digging my nails into the cheek before letting go. " Bend over for Daddy." I growl. She complies, eagerly shoving her tight ass up into the air, I grip my cock trying to keep it from going limp, "like it would right now" I think Sarcastically.

Pulling the thong around her hips down to her bent knees, I being to slowly lick her teen pussy from behind. rubbing her asshole with my thumb and teasing her clit with the tip of my tongue, she moans, rocking her hips against my face, dripping onto my brand new sheets. I've never had a woman stain my bed sheets, but i'm sure after we're done, i'm gonna need to buy new ones.

" god, if I'd known that your tongue felt this fucking good I would of come over weeks ago," she purrs, Reaching a hand back and gripping my hair as my lips run over and over her folds treating her pussy like desert. She lets me have full control, pushing her hips into my face as I wrap my arms around her hips, holding her to my mouth. Letting go of my hard cock and focusing on the body of the goddess in front of me. After coating my tongue in her sweet fluid she turns around, ditching the red thong and letting it land on the floor next to my bed.

I sit up, crawling into the bed with her, she spreads her legs sitting against my headboard rubbing slow soft circles into her own body.

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teasing me. God she's so fucking hot. I grab her soft thighs and pull her to the middle of the bed until her hips meet mine, wrapping her long luxurious legs around my body, I slowly tease her folds with the tip of my cock, her arms wrapped around my never ever so softly.

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as she moans hot breaths against my lips, not quite touching our lips are inches apart. but she closes the gap as I push her hips down onto my cock.

growling for her as she moans, " Fuck, I can't do it." she says talking about what I can only describe as taking my length fully, " Shhh, yes you can baby." I comfort her as we sit naked wrapped together in the heat of my room.

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I slowly push up as I pull her hips down, once my cock is fully invested into her tight body she moans the loudest i've heard her moan since she got in here. " See baby.You did it." I say gripping her ass and massaging the cheeks as I watched her eyes roll back into her head while I picked up my non-movement bringing it to a slow thrust, holding her to my chest as she digs her nails into my back.

Making love to her was what I dreamed about, and now that it was finally happening I was beyond happy, her slight purrs and moans brought me over the edge as her chest bounced and the slight burn from her nails. My heart is pounding by now and I hope hers is too, we are both sweating and panting as I explode, cumming deep inside her.

She cums right after me, coating my shaft and giving me a kiss, biting my lip. " Mmm.That was amazing." she giggles. I lay in bed with her for the next hour, just talking about almost everything, Once we finish our chat she kisses my cheek, " Can I come over again, sometime?" I nod," Any time you'd like." and with that she grabbed her ripped up garment along with her jacket and climbed out my window.

I then pulled on my shorts and walked up to the open window, watching the most beautiful woman i've ever been with sneak back into her house next-door. I walk back to my bed and realize she'd left her panties on the floor, I smile to myself and stuff them into my bedside table.

She'll be back to get them tomorrow. THE END.