Twink video His friends Jayson Steel and Evan Stone are ready to go

Twink video His friends Jayson Steel and Evan Stone are ready to go
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Fbailey story number 206 Fishnet Bodysuit It had been a very hard decision for me to let my fourteen-year-old daughter to go out on her first date but it had been because of my wife constantly bitching at me for two weeks beforehand. Why was I so concerned? Because Tammy had the biggest tits in her school, including all of the teachers that I had seen too. At fourteen years old and only in the eighth grade she was already wearing a 32-C bra.

She was five feet two inches tall and weighted ninety-five pounds and fifteen of those pounds were just her tits. Even grown men would say, "Oh my God" whenever Tammy would come into view. I knew that Tammy was destined to have big tits because her mother had them at her age too. Now at thirty-one years old my wife was wearing 36-DD bras and they were even tight on her. Maybe you caught the fact that my wife was thirty-one and that our daughter was fourteen meaning that she had Tammy when she was just seventeen and that I had gotten her knocked up at sixteen.

We had been very lucky because we had been fucking around since she was thirteen years old and I was sixteen. Guess what, Tammy's fourteen and her date is sixteen years old.

It was like Déjà Vu all over again. That Friday afternoon I was not very happy at all. I came home from work and was told to order a pizza for myself because the girls were getting ready for the big date. I ordered a pizza but I went to pick it up myself. I picked up a case of beer on the way home too. I ate two pieces of pizza and drank three beers by the time my wife came down the stairs to announce to me that my daughter was going to come down the stairs.

Such fanfare for a first date! Then as Cinderella descended the staircase at the ballroom Tammy appeared to me.


She was naked and wearing a tiny skirt that a four-year-old could have worn. She was smiling as she came right down and stood before me as I sat in my favorite chair. She was wearing a fishnet bodysuit that covered absolutely nothing at all. Her breasts were fully visible and her hard nipples were poking out through the holes.

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Her skirt was just about four or five inches long. It was way below her belly button and it just barely covered her crotch. I couldn't help it I just had to reach out and lift her skirt up an inch to see if she was wearing any panties. No she wasn't and her pussy had been shaved. All I could do was wonder what to hell had taken so long to get her ready for her date.

I asked her, "Is this what you are planning to wear out on your date tonight?" Tammy answered, "Yes. I think it's sexy." I asked, "Do you realize that your tits are not covered and that your pussy is mostly visible too?" Tammy replied, "Yes I know.

That was the whole purpose for wearing this outfit." I said, "So you expect me to let you go out of the house naked like that." Tammy said, "Yes." So I looked at my wife and said, "I suppose this is okay with you too then?" My wife replied, "Yes it is." I said, "Well then if she can go out of the house naked like that, then I suppose that she can be naked inside the house as well.

And so can you." Both my wife and my daughter said okay and then the doorbell rang. I answered it and there was Brian her sixteen-year-old date. I watched his eyes pop out of his head when she came into his view. Tammy took his arm, said goodbye, and started out the door. I told him, "You WILL have her home by eleven o'clock and you WILL walk her to the door." The young man said, "Yes, Sir." It was only eight o'clock and I knew full well that I wouldn't be able to calm down until she was back home again in three hours.

My wife went upstairs and came back down in a few minutes. She was naked, as we had agreed. She smiled at me and said, "A deal is a deal. Thank you for letting her go out like that." It had been a long time since my wife had paraded around the house naked for me and I kind of liked it.


I grabbed her big tits, I fingered her wet pussy, and I had her sit on my lap as I watched television. It was just like old times.

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We kissed, we touched, and we even made love on the couch. Time actually flew by, the front doorbell rang, and I went to answer it. There stood Brian's mother, Cynthia, and Tammy. Cynthia said, "We need to talk." Then she barraged by me and went into the living room.

There was my naked wife sitting on the couch. She wasn't even trying to cover herself up.


Cynthia looked at her and said, "Oh my God. How do you keep from falling over with those things? No wonder your daughter has such big tits and wants to show them off." My wife stood up, got in Cynthia's face, and said, "She only dressed like that to please your son. He told her to dress just as daring as she could so that he could impress his friends.

Her tits are that big because my tits are this big. Plus I am naked because that was the price that Tammy and I had to pay to my husband so that he would allow her to leave the house in that outfit tonight." She looked at Tammy and said, "Now strip young lady and start paying your father back." My wife watched as Tammy dropped her skimpy little skirt, removed the fishnet bodysuit, and then sat down on the couch. My wife turned to Cynthia and asked, "So what were you in such a huff about?" Then she sat next to Tammy on the couch.

Cynthia sat in my chair and started, "Well Brian managed to block Tammy from my view as they got in the car and again at the mall when they got out.

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Tammy made sure to keep her back to me too. I hadn't even gotten out of the mall parking lot when I got a call from Brian telling me to come back and get them. Two security guards had stopped them at the entrance and told them to leave. I was going to bring her straight home but then I figured that I would let her spend the three hours with Brian, as she had wanted too. So I took her to my home. My husband and I watched them make out on the couch for over two hours before bringing her here.

I saw just about all of her naked ass that I cared too. My husband certainly enjoyed her big tits though. That's for sure. My son on the other hand couldn't keep his hands or lips off from her.

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I would not let Brian come with us because I figured that he would fuck her in the car given half a chance. Tammy has both my son and my husband so worked up that I doubt that either one of them will get rid of their erections before I get back home." Cynthia smiled at Tammy and said, "Please don't misunderstand me dear I hope my husband does to me tonight that he really wants to do to you." Then Cynthia smiled at my wife and said, "If it works out the way I hope it will, would you mind if I borrow her again sometime?" She then turned toward me and said, "You certainly have two very beautiful and very well endowed women in your wife.

It must be hard to deny them anything. I came over here tonight to see what kind of a man would allow his daughter to go out of the house naked like that. Then as I was driving over here I couldn't help but think about the loving that I was going to get when I got back home." I offered her a beer and then I had my wife go fetch us a couple. Cynthia must have noticed the cum dripping down my wife's leg because she turned to me and said, "I have bisexual tendencies and I just spent the last two hours watching my son making out with your daughter.

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The whole time I wished that it were me. Then I saw your magnificent wife. Would you mind if I licked your cum from her inner thighs?" It was a dream come true. I replied, "No. Not at all. Help yourself." When my wife returned with our beers I watched as she opened up her knees even before Cynthia got to her.

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Cynthia knelt down on the rug and licked along her inner thighs as if it were an all-day sucker. Soon her face was buried in my wife's pussy gobbling up the real stuff that I had deposited in there. I watched Cynthia wiggle her ass around in her tight miniskirt as she ate my wife. I don't know what came over me but my pants came off and I was kneeling between Cynthia's legs lowering her panties so that I could slip my cock into her.

Tammy reached over to lift Cynthia's skirt up for me.

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My cock slipped into her so easily that I thought she had been recently fucked too however I knew that it had just been the excitement of her staring at my naked wife as we had talked. Wow! She sure could get excited. I was giving her exactly what she was craving, a hard cock.

Cynthia pushed her ass back at me hard and pulled my wife's ass to the very edge of the couch at the same time opening her up even wider. Cynthia used her fingers, her lips, and her tongue on my wife's pussy as I fucked her.

I was pleased that I had cum in my wife earlier because I would hate to cum too quickly in this woman. Not to be left out Tammy started playing with her mother's tits and sucking on her nipples like she used to when she was a baby.

Tammy reached down to play with Cynthia's tits too through her blouse and her bra. Tammy was playing around. She was unbuttoning Cynthia's blouse and removing it then unhooking her bra and removing that too. Soon my daughter was on the floor under Cynthia's breasts going at it strongly. I smiled thinking that Cynthia was pleasing my whole family sexually at the same time. As my wife hit her second orgasm I filled Cynthia with my cum.

Tammy got on the edge of the couch and pulled Cynthia's face into her pussy next. Tammy told her that she needed some relief too. After all she was the one that had gone to the mall topless and made out with her son the whole night while her husband had stared at her. Then at home she was now required to be naked in front of me. Of course she was horny. As Cynthia was satisfying my daughter my wife got down on the floor behind her and started to lick Cynthia's pussy.

She gave it a taste and then she smiled at me before going back at it. What a sight to behold. Soon my wife rolled onto her back, Cynthia squatted down onto her face, and Tammy scooted forwards some more. When Tammy looked at my erection she said, "Daddy if you stand up here on the couch I can suck that for you." Cynthia lifted her head and asked, "Tammy are you a virgin?" Tammy answered, "I was until I went over to your house Tuesday when you weren't there." Cynthia sat back on my wife's face and said, "Tell me all about it." Tammy said, "Well like I said you weren't there.

Your husband dared me to let Brian fuck me while he watched. He wanted me to get down like a dog with Brian behind me and then he got under my tits and sucked them just like I did to you while daddy was fucking you from behind. Then since he wouldn't fuck me he asked me to give him a blowjob so I did.

That's when he dared me to go out tonight naked." Cynthia said, "I figured something was wrong when I got home that night. That's why I wouldn't let him drive you and Brian to the mall tonight. So it was my husband's idea for you go out like that. I'll kill him." I pushed Cynthia's face back into Tammy's pussy and said, "Why not do to Tammy what your husband wants to do to her?" My wife came up for air and said, "Better yet, spend the night with us and tell him all about it when you get home tomorrow night.

That way you can spend the whole day with us too." I patted Cynthia on her ass and said, "I hope you like to be naked. It's a new house rule." Cynthia asked, "Where do I get to sleep?" Tammy replied, "With mommy. I think daddy wants to sleep with me tonight." Then Tammy pulled my cock closer until it was in her mouth and she was sucking on it.

I smiled thinking of what I was going to do to Tammy and Cynthia that weekend. Cynthia wasn't going home Saturday night either. She just didn't know it yet. The End Fishnet Bodysuit 206