Wicked legal age teenager sucks penis

Wicked legal age teenager sucks penis
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Watching My Neighbor To some guys, my next door neighbor might not catch their eye as being hot, but to me, she is like a fine wine that has gotten better with age.


Myra appears to be in her early fifties and she has a body that makes you want to disregard her age and bend her over. I don't know what she does for a living but she is always wearing really nice dresses and suits. I live in a condo and Myra lives right next to me, and often I am home to see her drive in from work.

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She usually backs into her parking spot and I always watch to see her step out of her SUV because she is usually wearing a skirt that rises up her legs really far. Yes, I know I'm a perv. Myra has beautiful legs which are usually covered in a pair of stockings and tall high heels.

She likes to show off there toned muscular shape and I could always picture them wrapped around me. She was slightly tall but not too much, and she had a nice rack which could also be seen peeking through the buttons on her blouse on more than one occasion.

She had real short graying hair and was always very friendly. When we first met she took me inside her condo to show me the difference between the two of ours and she was very touchy feely and stood really close. One day I saw Myra outside and I went out to say hi to her.

During our conversation I asked her if she could use an office chair. I told her I had an extra one and she could have it if she wanted. She was very thrilled when I told her this and she gladly excepted it but she didn't have time for me to bring it over right that second so she told me to bring it over anytime when she got back from running errands.

I went inside and watched a movie while waiting for Myra to return and I must have fallen asleep.


I woke up to realize that my movie was over and that Myra's car was in her parking spot so I got the office chair to bring it over to her. I knocked on her front door twice but no one came to the door. I reached for the door knob and to my surprise it was unlocked so I opened it.

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Immediately the sound of the television was heard and I pushed the door completely open but still didn't see Myra. I brought the chair into the living room and set it down and as soon as I did I heard a faint moan. I stood up really still to see if I could hear it again and sure enough I did. "Oooh, Oooh yeah," I heard from the direction of her bedroom.

Her door was shut and I knew something was up. "Mmmm!" I heard it again, so I walked as quiet as possible to her bedroom door and the sounds clearly became louder and closer together.

I had to see what was going on although I was quite sure I already knew.

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Slowly I twisted her bedroom door knob as to not make a sound. I opened her door just a crack so I could see in her room and there she was lying spread eagle on top of her bed masturbating.

"Oooh God!" She yelled as she was slipping a vibrating dildo in and out of her pussy. I knew that at any second she could look over towards the door and see me and that I should probably leave right away but I couldn't help but stand there and watch Myra masturbate.

I watched intensely as the dildo penetrated her wet pink lips and played with her hard nipples. Watching her make that dildo enter and disappear inside of her and then reappear coming out of her pussy covered in her juices started giving me a boner. Her body was as nice naked as I had imagined it would be and I stood there with envy towards that lucky dildo.

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"Oh Shit!" I heard her yell as I looked up to see her looking at me and I shut the door and started to panic. Before I could get to her front door to get out she yelled, "Hey stop!" I turned around and looked at her. "What are you doing?" she asked me as she stood there with a blanket wrapped around her body. "I, uhhhh, I was just bringing you the chair," I blurted out nervously. "Well, I guess you had fun watching me!" she said.

"Do you normally make a habit of watching other people masturbate like that?!" I started to stutter and tried to blurt out some kind of excuse but before I could she said, "Did you like what you saw?" I smiled at her as she smiled back at me and I told her, "Yes, I liked it very much." "Well I guess you can come give me a hand," she said to me as she dropped the blanket that was covering her voluptuous body.

I followed her back into the bedroom and she got on the bed and laid on her back. "Since I caught you spying on me you have to do as I say," She said as she spread her legs.

"Eat my pussy!" she demanded as I took off my clothes and jumped onto the bed. Those legs I used to stare at and fantasize about, I was kissing and rubbing them.

They were so soft and smooth and when my mouth reached her vagina she wrapped them around me and shoved me into her body sending my face crashing into her wet sticky pussy. My tongue made its way over every square inch, licking it and sucking on her thick pussy lips.

"Oh baby" she moaned while my tongue flicked over her marble sized, swollen clit. "This is so much better than a vibrator," she said. Her pussy tasted so could and I couldn't wait to put my cock in it. "Don't stop!" she yelled, and as I continued to eat her pussy her moans became louder and louder.

She loved it when I sucked on one of her lips really hard and tugged on it away from her body.

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My tongue was attacking her clit for several minutes when she let out a huge sigh and I could feel her clit twinge as she orgasmed and her juices trickled out of her vagina onto her bed. While she was recuperating I was lying next to her caressing her legs and squeezing her tits.

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She loved it when I circled my tongue around her large, tall nipples. "Um, why don't you fuck me now," Myra said as her hands were swirling around my hard cock.


She pushed me over onto my back and positioned herself on top of me. Slowly she rubbed her soaked pussy over my dick and then all of the sudden she sat down on me sending my cock into her tight hole. I couldn't believe how tight she was. Her tits flopped up and down as she began to ride me like a cowgirl.

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She pinned my hands up behind my head and started fucking me really hard. I reached up and caught one of her tits with my mouth and started sucking on it as she continued bobbing up and down on my cock. "Oh God, it's been so long since I had a young cock inside me!" She said in between moans. "Let me fuck you from behind," I replied.

She got off of me and got on her knees raising her ass up in the air. I got behind her and shoved every inch of my thick cock into her throbbing pussy. "Ooooh, Fuck me!" She yelled. I began pounding away at her body making several loud smacking sounds. "I'm going to fill you up with cum," I told her.

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I smacked her ass several times and Myra continued to moan and cuss even louder. My dick felt so good entering her tight pussy lips from behind. I pumped my cock into her pussy over and over, deeper and deeper and when I was about to blow I put everything I had in me into my thrusts.

"I'm Cumming!!!" I grabbed her hips and fucked her as deep as possible until several streams of my warm cum filled her pussy. "Oh baby, I can fill it. I can feel the heat," She said a few times. I pulled out of her and my cum was already starting to trickle out of her pussy lips.

She layed down for a minute and then went to the bathroom to clean herself up. I started to put my clothes back on and was thanking her for the great sex. "Thank you!" she replied and said next time I don't have to spy on her, but to just come over and fuck her.

She has a boyfriend but he is old and Myra told me she liked my young hard cock inside of her better than her boyfriends Viagra. Every once and a while I'll go over and see her to have a little fun. THE END