Sadie West Gives A Hot Foot Job

Sadie West Gives A Hot Foot Job
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It was late now in the office as David looked over to the clock on the wall, he was not surprised to see it read 10.16 pm.

He was a little relieved though, as he had managed to finish the work he was doing on the Preston Project which had to be tabled the next day. David had worked as a financial advisor and at 41 years old he was well and truly sold to his career and handling some of his company's biggest projects.

This meant he was usually at the office late most evenings.

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It didn't matter much to David, after all it had advanced him well in his career and there was a good promotion on its way. Besides, life on the outside of work wasn't doing him any favors either. Mostly through the week he would grab a quick bite to eat and a take-away bottle of wine on his way out from work, ride the train home where he lived alone, and have a few glasses of wine where his weary eyes would soon drag him off to bed.

It was almost four years since David was in a relationship and after the turmoil he went through, he wasn't that keen on getting involved again. Some nights the loneliness was worse than others so David would head down to the local for a few cleansing ales and try to pickup for the night. On most occasions he lucked out so sometimes he would go to the local brothel.

On this particular night David was particularly happy after finishing the Preston Project. It had been a very long couple of weeks and he had put in a lot of hours.

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So after leaving work at around 10.30pm, he called into a nearby bar and treated himself to some ice cold lagers before heading off to catch his train.

When his train arrived at 11.42pm he was one of only three people that got on. There was an old woman with ratty grey hair towing a shopping cart and a young guy dressed in business attire like David that seemed to be quite drunk.

David avoided them and entered the train via another carriage. When he sat down, he notice it was empty except for a young couple up the other end snuggling on a seat laughing with each other. This took David into deep thought, one of those rare occasions where he remembered how it felt to be laughing with a woman and enjoying each others company.

The train started to slow down and the wheels whistled to a halt.


David was still in deep thought when the doors flung open and the young couple exited and an elderly lady and a woman entered his carriage. The elderly woman sat in the next row without David noticing and the younger woman sat opposite.

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The moment she sat down David was startled as he hadn't noticed her enter the train. Looking at her he noticed she was quite an attractive woman in her mid to late thirties.

She had long wavy brown hair and striking blue eyes that caught David's as he was stealing a look. He looked away casually and returned his look when he noticed she was watching something out the window. He saw that she was wearing a simple white gold chain with a nice topaz stone surrounded by small diamonds.

The chain hung low on her exposed cleavage under her silk white blouse that was unbuttoned almost to her bra.

On her slim hips she wore a little floral skirt that finished slightly above the knee line. David was captivated by her looks and the professionalism in the way she dressed. His eyes continued their way down to her slender legs and to her feet that were clad in a pair of elegant black heels that had straps snaking up her ankles.

While David was in this mesmerized state, he didn't notice that she was now looking back at him. His eyes were slowly rising back up her sensual body when he caught her inquisitive glance and froze.

He wanted to look away but it didn't seem right. He wanted to smile but could only manage a minor grin. It wasn't long before she noticed his half grin and smiled back. David was a little shocked by this and couldn't help but smile back.


He could now see her pearly white teeth surrounded by her full red lips. He was starting to soften and he knew that he had little control over himself already.

Time seemed a blur as the train slowed to another station and then took off to the next. She liked the way he was looking at her and how it made her smile without thinking. Her hand went up to her hair as she hooked a finger through it and started to lightly curl it around. She was showing her shyness to him and at the same time taking advantage of the opportunity to tease him a little.

He felt a twitching in his loins and prayed hard for it not to get to the embarrassment stage and ruin everything. He tried to shake it off and it cause him to shudder inside, not that she noticed as she was still fixed on his eyes. He want to touch her he was dreaming of the softness of her skin, it's sweet aroma and what it might feel like brushing his lips. He was about to speak as he parted his lips with a quiver. The words were not there, but in his mine he knew what he wanted to say. Your name What is your name?

The train jerked suddenly and they twisted in there seats, reach out to grab hold as it rocked and slowed. The lights flickered and then they were gone.

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It was dark almost completely black except for a tiny piece of moonlight that shone on the opposite side of the train. David's heart felt heavy for no longer could he look into her eyes or even gaze upon her beauty. He wanted to get on his feet and find her, go over and comfort her, but his feet were numb.

The reality of the moment started to grip him and smother him.

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He was no longer able to move so he waited…&hellip. The train final came to a halt at a station and the doors whipped open. The lights were still out and because it was late and a minor stop, it shed little light through the carriages.

He heard footsteps shuffle toward the door and as he turned to look, he felt a gentle touch upon his leg. David gasped as he felt the hand on his upper thigh. It felt warm and soothing and seemed to almost relax him instantly. He had not noticed the doors close and the train lunge forward again into its journey. He felt the fingers move and then the whole hand glide up his thigh gently caressing him.

It reached the top only inches from his coiled mound. Another hand appeared on the other thigh and he felt a gentle touch on the end of his rod, which made it jump.

He was burning down there and it was growing in rapid proportions. Without realizing his zip was down and the hand was snaking to release his tension. He hadn't moved an inch when all of a sudden it was free.

He felt fingers begin to wrap his now solid shaft and work it up and down. A bolt shot through him as he felt her lips touch his tip and start to softly nibble the end. Her tongue glided out and around under the rim of his helmet. He was now hers. Lost in her grip trying to hold down his seed, but the sensation was rising as she licked and sucked it now like she was possessed.

He was fighting it hard, not wanting this moment to end, but gates of the Nile opened and he spurted his hot juice like a fountain.

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With out a flinch she kept on sucking for all that it was worth. He could hear her slurping and gulping it down as his body bounced from the impact of his orgasm. He was spent of all his energy as if she milked him dry.

The train's brakes were screeching in the background as he his head rolled back on his shoulders.


A moment passed and he then realized that she was no longer there in front of him. He could feel her no more. The train rolled to a stop at the next station and David did his best to stash his flaccid soaked member back into his pants and zip up. The doors had already opened and in the darkness he lunged to his feet and headed for the exit. He leaped out in hope to catch her again but she wasn't there.

There was no one there. He looked all the way down the train to the front and saw no one. As he looked a flicker of light came from the front carriage.

In a split second it raced down the train and the lights were on again.

David froze when he suddenly realized that he had never actually seen her leave, he had only presumed it. He slowly turned around and re-entered the train. When inside he immediately scanned the carriage for her again but she wasn't there.

She had already left. Just the little old lady in the seat behind him. His head dropped as he turned to leave For not only was it his stop. But she was gone, long gone. And he was sure he knew Yes dead certain Without a mistake That the drop on the little old lady's chin Was his cum!!!!!!