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Hetero de aguascalientes con verga grande
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I would like to give credit where credit is due, since this is not a story of my own making. Thank you. It's spring time, for Smurfette, and FFF. Winter, for good taste, and class. Ahem. Sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself. This week's story comes to us from author v-zon20011, who was apparently so excited about the new Smurfs renaissance that he had to write this very particular tale of the classic Smurfs cartoon.

Now, I'm skipping ahead in the story a little bit, but all you need to know is that the picture to the right is weirdly accurate, in that all you need to know to catch up is that Gargamel captures Smurfette. That's it. Oh, Papa Smurf sends all the male Smurfs to some mountain to find some crystal rose so they can have sex with Smurfette, but the rose doesn't exist and Papa Smurf is just being a dick, and it doesn't matter because none of them ever show up again anyways.

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Smurf to it, folks. Gargamel was very pleased with himself. And why wouldn't he be? His life is awesome. The frail looking hunched back sorcerer rushed into his old rotting shack slamming his door shut. He was giddy with excitement, and breathing hard from the run. He could hear his cat Azrael outside meowing, and scratching at the door wanting to be let in. "I'm home, and brought a guest," Gargamel said out loudly.

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Everyone knew he was a confirmed bachelor. Confirmed bachelor" isn't what I would have called him, but all right. So it was strange for him to say that. I was about to point out this isn't that weird, as I talk to Topless Kitty while I work at home, alone, pretty much all the time. And then I realized that's actually weird, too. And then I realized I have something in common with Gargamel. Now I'm sad and kind of skeeved out. Gargamel walked over to his magic lab table where he kept all his magic stuff, and brushed them all off unto the floor.

He gently pulled a white handkerchief out of his pocket placing it on the table. Pulling on one side the cloth.

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The contents slowly rolled out. The sleeping prone form of Smurfette appeared. Gargamel went to grab what could best be described a Smurf size table from a shelf with a small cage on it.

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He placed it next to Smurfette. Then placed her body on top of it. She lost her last shoe in the process. He raised her arms up above her head till her wrists crossed into leather loop straps.

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He tighten the loops down snugly unto her wrists to keep them from being pulled out. Gargamel spread Smurfette's legs apart, and placed each ankle into a separate loop cinching them down too.

Smurfette was spread eagle when done.

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Gargamel raised the table up on end till it was standing on edge. The soles of Smurfette's bare feet could touched the lab table, which would allow her to stand upright when awake.


At the moment, her body was slightly drooping forward with her head down. Blonde hair was covering her face.

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Her little white hat was lost in transport someplace. What's disturbing is not that Gargamel has clearly thought so much about sexually torturing Smurfs that he would build a specific device to facilitate this -- I mean, he's Gargamel, this is pretty much what he does -- but it is disturbing that theauthorhas clearly thought so much about sexually torturing Smurfs that he is able to describe a Smurf rape rack with such precision and detail.

Gargamel sprinkled some magic potion into Smurfette's face. Slowly she came too, seeing his ugly face in front of her's. "AHHHHH!," exclaimed Smurfette trying to run. It took her a few seconds to realize she was attached to something. She could see her wrists tied above her head, and ankles tied below. No way to squirm out. "What's going on!?

Please don't eat me!?," Smurfette pleaded. Gargamel laughed loudly saying," I might eat you eventually, but right now I have plans for you." He had a cruel sneer on his face. I'm 99% certain we're going to wish he just ate her. Gargamel went out of Smurfette's line of vision for a few seconds then returned.

He set down a small cage next o her. Opening the door, he said," Come on out my dear." A nude female Smurf emerged from inside. Both Smurfs mirrored each other's expression of shock. Ithink the shock is less about Gargamel owning Sex Slave Smurf and more about there being another female smurf in Smurf-land. The only difference between them was Smurfette had blonde curly hair.

The new Smurf had jet black straight hair to her waist. The brunette Smurf had a lovely firm shapely body with large breast, and dark blue nipples. Thank god the author described the color of the smurf's nipples, because obviously I was going to assume they were plaid unless specified. Sigh. Her vagina was shaved clean. I just spent two whole minutes wondering what a smurf would shave her tiny genitals with and now I hate myself.

Well, more than usual. " Who are you?," Smurfette asked in a dreamy voice. Not able to take her eyes off the other. Unlike the male Smurfs in her village, who had the bodies of apes. what This female Smurf could have been a goddess.

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I try not to worship things I could accidentally leave in a pants pocket and put in the wash. I've been hurt before. "She is not allowed to talk unless told too," said Gargamel. " I call her Rina. I don't know her real name." I'm going to go out on a limb here, but I bet her last name is Smurf.