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Jessica; "Oh you're just being paranoid why would a ghost want us stuck here." S "Well maybe it isn't a ghost maybe is a monster or something." "A monster really and why is it that it waited till today to trap someone" S "Well I'm just saying look at that tree it's not dead and rotting so there is no reason it should have fallen, and those glowing eyes must have belonged to something." "So you go with monster, ok so some boys from school thought it would be funny to scare us.

Isn't that a better explanation then a monster is after us." This conversation doesn't really get any were for the next 10 minutes with her saying something about claw marks on the tree and me telling her she was crazy. I was starting to get really frustrated with her and said. "Oh shut up already you gullible idiot. I'm surprised you're still a virgin if you'll fall for this. You should have fallen for; I love you and I can't stop thinking about you, now let's have sex." S "That has nothing to do with this and you can't really talk you said Jacob only last for a half a minute that's hardly any experience at all, besides I'm saving myself for marriage." "Yea let's see how long that lasts, and better a little experience then none at all." She was about to say something when Christina came out of nowhere and jumped into the car.

Sarah and I both started asking what was wrong because it looked terrified.

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She just ignored us and tried to start the car. After two or three attempts she stopped and started screaming fuck over and over again until she burst into tears. I grabbed her shoulder and asked her what was wrong and she jumped like she didn't even realize we were in the back. When she looked back at us her eyes started to tear up again and she had this guilty look on her face. That's when it hit me. "Where's Becky" She looked away when I asked this and started to cry again. So I moved to the passenger seat.

I grabbed her and held her while she cried on my shoulder.

It was all I could do not to just shake her and demand to know what happened. With the way she was acting I was about to start freaking out myself.

Once she stopped I lifted her off my shoulder and gently held her face up and said. "Ok now tell us what happened and where Becky is" Her eyes started to tear up again but I said in a firm voice. "Christina what happened to Becky is she ok does she need help?

Is your father on the way?" S "The ghost got her didn't it." "Don't be stupid there is not gho" C " wasn't a ghost" "See Sarah there is no such thing as" C "It was big and hairy, and it was some kind of monster, and Becky saved me when I was just standing there then she saved me again when it tried to attack us while we were running, and…and I just ran away when she fell. She saved me twice then when she was in trouble I just ran away" I sat there listing to Christina's sob filled rant hardly believing what I was hearing.

If she wasn't so hysterical I wouldn't have even given is a second thought. That's it she is hysterical and she just imagined all of this Becky was probable just up the road with a broken leg or something.

I looked back and saw Sarah was on the verge of panic. Hell I was on the verge of panic from just listening to her go on about monsters and Becky getting eaten.

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So I decided to go find out what happened to Becky. "Sarah, Christina is freaking me out I'm going to go see what happened to Becky you should come along to I think some fresh air and some time away from her ranting will do us some good." After I was finish Christina really started freaking out. C "NO, NO you can't get out of the car. Please listen to me." As I opened the door and started to get out she grabbed my arm still screaming.

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C "NO its going to get you don't get out" I pulled my arm free and slammed to door before she could grab me again. When I opened the door to get Sarah out Christina jumped into the back and grabbed her. She was begging her with tears in her eyes. C "Please don't go.

Just stay in the car. Please don't leave me all alone." I could see the look in Sarah eye she felt sorry for her and I figured that maybe leaving her here alone was a bad idea.

"Well if you fine staying with the raving lunatic that's fine by me." I closed the door and made my way around the other side of the car. Christina rolled down the window just enough so I could hear her better. C "Please get back in the car the monster is going to get you!" "Oh shut up about monsters you're just hysterical.

I'm sure Becky is fine." As I started to make my way around the tree; Christina's begging turn into screams. When I look back I couldn't believe what I was seeing. On the other side of the car there was a creature holding Becky's limp form over its shoulder like she was a sack of potatoes. I just stood there frozen while it put Becky on the hood of the car. I finally snapped out of it when I heard Christina yelling.

C "Get back to the car!" As I started to sprint back to the car it leaped over the car putting any of our track team to shame. I slid to a stop right in front of it barely keeping my balance.

I was frozen as I looked up at this monster as it loomed over me. M "I suppose you're not going to take your clothes off willingly ether hmm" "W…What" It's talking. When I didn't respond it grabbed me and turned around pining me to the car. M "Take off your clothes" "Please don't" Before I could finish he grabbed me by the throat.

M "Take off your clothes NOW" "Ok just don't kill me" I was practically crying when I said it and once I had he smirked. "Deeeal" Drawing it out with that sick looking smirk on its face. He let me go and motion for me to start. As I started to take my clothes off. I tried to think of a way out. If I tried to open the door he would give pin me to the car again a close it.

I had trouble with my shirt my arms couldn't stop shaking and I couldn't get them through the arm holes at first. I finally managed and once it was off I threw my shirt on the ground.

If I tried to jump over the car he would just leap over and beat me to the other side. Again I had trouble because I was shaking I couldn't get my shorts unbuttoned and the more I tried the more frustrated I got and I was about to be killed what am I going to do.

Just as I was about to start panicking I looked up and he was right in my face. I jump back hitting the car, and froze. He moved up into my face again and I turned away not wanting to see him rip out my throat. M "Here let me help you" I didn't look to see what he was doing so when he caressed by stomach with the back of his claw.

I tensed up and held my breath. I felt a tug on my jeans and then nothing. When I looked back at him he had that smirk on his face again.

Then he looked down, and I look down to see what he had done. My button was gone. He cut it off with his claw. When I looked back up he had backed off and he motioned for me to start again. As I worked my shorts off I hear Sarah in the car say. "Becky won't answer but I think she's breathing." As my jeans fell to the ground I started to cover myself with my hands.

M "You're not finish" "But but I" I trailed off as he moved up to me. I looked up at him and I though he was going to kill me so I closed my eyes, he lifted my head up and I looked up at him. M "Don't worry I can do the rest." "Please don't do this" M "Shhh relax the less you fight the more you will enjoy this." "Please I don't want to do this." He looked me in the eyes and I shrank down as he caressed my face with the back of his claw again.

He started moving down my neck, then my shoulder, and arm. He switched directions and moved up my side and when he got to my bra he hooked his claw underneath and sliced it.

A few more slices and my bra fell to the ground in pieces. I tried not to think about the situation I was in and imagine I was somewhere else with someone I chose to be with but that only got me more excited.

My head was swirling my own arousal and the fact that this monster was treating me like a gentle lover would was confusing me how could this be happening. Then his claw moved over my clit and it was like electricity shooting through my body.

My knees went weak and he caught me, lifted me up and pinned me to the car with my legs around his waist. I felt his dick rubbing up against my pussy through my panties and I couldn't take it anymore.

"No stop please don't do this that thing will tear me apart" M "Hahaha I can see you tried your best to relax and give in. So I will do my best to be gentle. No promises though." As he talked he lifted me up and laid me down on the rear end of the car.

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I tried to get loose but his grip was like iron, and it didn't take him long to pin my arms above my head. With his free hand he started to caress me again.


He started to explore with his mouth, or snout, as well. Licking and even nipping me. His touch was like fire and I was warming up to him. I started squirming in his grip trying to get in a better position that might give me some leverage. He started grinding his dick over my pussy in a slow fucking motion. I hadn't notice how much my pussy ached until he started grinding. Everything he was doing was driving me crazy the situation, how gentle he was being, that huge thing rubbing my pussy. Hell even his musky scent was turning my on now.

I look away ashamed of what I was feeling and saw Christina and Sarah staring at me writhing in pleasure from the attention I was getting. The shame started to build even more as they watch me. They were watching me enjoy getting molested by this monster. Then he pinched my nipple twisting it.

I half screamed half moaned from the attention. He had broken my silence. I was trying not to but I even started to grind up again him. I was determined not to let him win. If I can't keep from getting aroused this way I'll just get mad. How dare you rape me, and how dare you embrace me in front of my friends.

I could feel the strength returning to muscles that had been turned to mush from his attention. I started to struggle and fight against his grip. "Stop, let me go damn it. Stop" He did stop but he didn't let me go. He got right in my face and looked me in the eyes and when I look right back at him he roared.

Then locked onto my throat with his mouth and squeezed; Just enough to get my attention but not break the skin. I could also feel his claw digging into my side. Was this it was I about to die? I closed my eyes and waited for the pain. I didn't even notice that his hand had moved until it was ripping off my panties. He released my throat only to grab it with his hand. He released my hands and lined himself up with my still drenched pussy.

M "you might want to try to relax." I tried and fail as he slowly buried himself in my pussy. With my adrenalin spent and my anger gone the arousal took full affect again. I clenched my pussy when I felt him entering.

Making his size even more painful as he slowly and steadily claimed me. His slow build up to this point and even my own anger were my down fall I was so hot from the attention and the anger only add fuel to the fire, and now this slow stead violation. The damn finally broke when he hit bottom and the orgasm made me buck and thrash the only thing keeping me in place were the hand he had on my throat and his cock in my pussy.

As my orgasm finally died down I laid there twitching. I looked over into the car. The look on Sarah's face was what I had expected shock; Shock that I could be enjoying this. It was the look in Christina's face that concerned me; her face was practical burning with lust, and her eyes were slits like a cat and a yellow hue. They were just like his eyes. I looked up at the monster as he slowly continued fucking me and it was just like I thought they were exactly the same.

How could this be she was so scared I'd know her all my life she couldn't be a werewolf like this guy. Wait, she went missing this guy must have taken her, but why is she helping him. I have to warn Sarah. I was about to say something but something was wrong. He wasn't fucking me anymore.

I looked at him and saw that same grin the hand around my neck tightened. I couldn't breathe let alone speak so I hit the glass and pointed at Christina but by the time Sarah looked at her; her eyes were back to normal and she had a shocked look on her face even a little confused. Damn it she did get an A in drama class that little bitch. Even in this situation I found the literal nature of that insult amusing.

I didn't have time to crack more than a smile as the big brute still buried inside of me lifted me up again. He brought me right up to his face and said.

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M "you've had your fun now it's time for mind." He pulled me off of him and laid me stomach down on the rear end. I hadn't even realized how sore my pussy was until it was void of his girth. He easily slip back into me as my pussy was still well lubricated from my cum, not to mention the fact that the slow fuck I was doing while I was coming down from my orgasm kept me aroused.

He'd taken his hand off my throat. "Sarah Christina is h…he" He brought his hand around my side and between my breasts and again had me by the throat. He whispered into my ear. M "Bad girl don't ruin our little surprise for her." He used his free hand to get leverage for pounding into me. Shit if he wasn't choking me I'd be screaming my lung out.

It didn't take long for another orgasm to start building. He loosened his grip on my throat, but I was too far gone.


I'm sorry Sarah. He let go of my throat completely grabbed my hair and started to pick up his pace even more. I was screaming almost continually now. I was putty in his hand, and as I reach my peak and felt that first crack in the damn. "I GUNNA CU" I felt him cum inside of me I could hear his roar but I didn't register; because the damn hadn't broken it had exploded. Again I lost all muscle control only this time I didn't have his hand to steady me so I was flopping around on the rear end of the car lost in bliss.

When I finally came to I didn't know where I was or what was going I heard cry and then a low throated growl. I opened my eyes and saw I was on the hood with Becky.

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I tried to say something but my voice was hoarse from screaming I looked through the shattered glass and could just make out Sarah and Christina huddle together on the opposite side of the car that that big brute was growling from.

I tried to speak again but it was quiet and broke. I don't think if I was shouting Sarah would have taken her eyes off that monster she was terrified. I tried to hit the glass but I could barely lift my arm. Soon thing started to get fuzzy and I passed out. Conquered but not broken, just like Becky.