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Gay sex porn in toilets and watch emo free no membership They
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I watch Marci walk into the luxurious bar of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. She pauses in the doorway, uncertain, before continuing into the room. All male eyes turned in her direction as she passed, their lust-filled thoughts plainly visible on the attractive young woman in the room. Ignoring their stares, she heads to the bar. Sitting down on one of the leather stools, she crosses her stocking-clad legs and orders herself a drink, turning slowly to scan the room.

As her eyes took in the other patrons, I studied her from my table, twirling my scotch in my hand. She is tall, with the killer heels she is wearing. Her dark brown hair is shoulder length with long wispy layers that brush her cheeks slightly.

Her full, bright red lips are for nothing but sin. It is her eyes that got my attention. They are a doe-eyed, deep brown, their luminous quality highlighting her perfect features; her naturally long eyelashes, strong jaw, and well arched eyebrows.

I feel my body tighten as I watch her cross and re-cross her legs. Her body is covered up in an expensive looking beige trench coat, judging by her long delicious shapely legs, the rest will be perfectly proportioned. She is looking around the room, as if looking for someone. Suddenly our eyes met. Her eyes widened fractionally before resuming her interested stare. I smile to myself. Pulling my six foot four frame from my chair, I grab my scotch and walk over to the bar.

Noticing the bar tender is at the other end, I lean against the bar, next to her. I tower over her in this position. Slowly, her eyes trail from my legs up over my body, stopping at my groin for a moment before reaching my face, her dark eyes questioning.

Leaning down slightly, I murmur huskily. " Hi, Marci. I take it you're looking for me?" " Yes I was." She replies, reaching out her hand. My deep voice, sends a chill down her spine. God, she love my deep male voice. As I take her hand, Marci gasps at the shock of electricity that flows from my skin to hers.

Her body instantly feels faint and charged, both at the same time. Oh God, thought Marci. " John, I didn't know you were in New York until you called." She said. " I have business issues here, needing my attention.

I knew I must call you to see if you wanted to get together with me." I replied My tall frame is encased in a perfectly fitted dark gray Armani suit, my tie removed and the top two shirt buttons undone. My sculpted face and angular jaw. My eyes, staring down at her, are a striking green that stood out from my softer features. Tonight is going to be so much more than work, she thought, feeling herself get wet at the intense look in my eyes.

She knew she is going to enjoy herself, possibly more than she can imagine. " So Marci, do you want another drink?" I ask politely, both of them knowing it is only a rhetorical question. The electricity charging between them could have set off a firecracker. " No not at all." " Well what do you say we get outta here then?" With a nod, she stood up, I led the way out of the bar into the hotel lobby, ignoring the knowing looks of the other patrons.

With a hand lightly on the small of her back, I led her to the elevators quietly. The doors opened, letting another couple out.

Stepping into the elevator, Marci took in the luxury. Five star all the way. Her cloth-covered body is tingling where my hand touched. I'm taller than she is and I tower over her.

As the doors closed, I step closer and gently push her back against the mahogany wall. Looking into her eyes, I slowly press my body against hers, letting her feel my rock hard cock.

Heart beginning to race, she slowly lifts one leg and runs the heel of her shoe up my leg, letting me get closer. Her juices are starting to flow. She is looking forward to the coming night and reconnecting with me for the tird time. I run my hands up and down her sides before grabbing her hips and pulling her into my groin.

I breathe in sharply at the feel of her perky breasts pressing against my chest. Bending my head, I press my lips against her throat, feeling her pulse racing. I run my tongue from her neck up to her ear, needing to see if she tastes as delicious as she smells. I feel her soft groan " mmmmmm," I smile. Oh yes, I definitely made the right decision hiring her and moving her to New York.The elevator stops, bringing them both back to the present.

Guiding her to my suite, my mind is racing with possibilities. She is high class. I'm going to absolutely satisfy my lust with her again. She is going to enjoy every minute. We enter my suite, I did not take notice of the fancy surroundings. Marci steps away from me and walks towards the French doors leading to the balcony. I stood in the middle of the room, watching her. " Did you have anything special planned?" She asks.

" No. I figured we just go with the flow?" She smiles and nodding, ignoring the goosebumps running along her arms from hearing my husky voice. I walk over to the large armchair, positioned near a daybed. I sat down and stretching my long legs out. Head resting against the back of the chair, my arms on the armrests, I look like a lord ready to be entertained by my young sex toy.

Giving me a sultry smile, she slowly begins untying her belt. As each button slips its mooring, I feel my body getting more tense. Inch by inch, more is revealed. Marci's hands grip the sides of the trench coat, and slowly pulls them apart, revealing her body. My cock immediately springs to attention as I look at her. Fuck, she is so hot! She has nothing but lace lingerie accentuating her hourglass figure.

It is red and black lace and ribbon. Her mesh balconette bra holds her pert breasts in place, with her dusky nipples just peeking over the top. The black girdle is tied at the sides by red satin ribbon and it emphasizes her small waist and hips. My fingers are itching to untie them. They are teamed with lacy suspenders from her garter belt that hold up her thigh-high sheer black stockings. Her stylish cheetah print pumps completing the classy pin up look.

She is a fucking wet dream come to life. Her body is perfect like I remember. My cock is twitching in anticipation of fucking her senseless again.

Licking her lips, she walks towards me, stopping between my outstretched legs.


My eyes never left her, mesmerized by her beauty. Looking into my piercing eyes, she leans over and pushes my jacket from my shoulders then begins unbuttoning my shirt. Running her small hands over my chest and down my flat stomach, she pulls the shirt from my pants and took them off. I draw in a sharp breath at her touch, my cock harder then a rock in seconds. Her eyes widen at the sight of my monster cock in front of her. " Like what you see?" I smirk. " Mmm. I liked your package the first time." She replies, before leaning forward and licking my hairy nipple.

I hiss in pleasure. Her fingertips trace their way from my broad shoulders, down over my chest, circling my nipples and lightly touching my stomach. My skin quivers under her touch. When she palms my hard thick cock, I grab her shoulders and pull her down to me. I lift my head to capture her full lips with mine, she turns her head and I end up kissing her jaw. " No kissing," she rebukes me. " Why not?" " No kissing," she repeats firmly. " You can kiss and touch and do anything else, not my mouth, got it?" I nod my agreement.

" Anything, then?" " Anything." Sitting nude, Marci kneels down, running her hands up and down my hairy legs, enjoying the feel of my coarse hair. Her hands moving to the inside of my legs, caressing the sensitive skin of my inner thighs. " Oh! You are a big boy, John?" she teases. I'm well hung like a breeding bull.

Her pussy clenches, eager to feel me stroke her inner walls again. She feels her panties drenched with her juices. God, she'd never been this eager with anyone before. Then she meets me over Christmas in Miami.

" But do you know how to use it properly?" she asks saucily. Looking into her eyes, I smirk. " Sweetheart, as you know from the last two times once you start riding me, I promise that you won't get off." Breathing heavily, she takes me in her hands, her fingernails lightly grazing up and down my nine inch length. I grew even harder as she circles me with one hand, the other moving between my legs to cup and fondle my balls. " Fuck, that feels good!" I groan.

" Can't wait to fuck that sexy mouth of yours." Marci leans forward and lightly licks the tip of my cock, licking off the pre-cum.

" Mmm," she croons, moving to lick the rest of me, swirling her tongue around while she squeezes the base. Her other hand is massaging the skin between my balls and my anus, my breath coming in short pants now.

" Take me in your mouth already!" I order while gripping on to one of her shoulders. Doing my bidding, Marci opens her mouth and takes me into it as far as I can go. She begins moving up and down, sucking at the same time to create pressure. My hands fisted in her soft hair, rocking her head back and forth, my hips bucking into her at the same time.

My eyes are shut, mouth open as my breath comes out in spurts. When she begins humming, I groan out loud.

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" Fuck me, that's good." I feel the pressure mount, my balls tightening as my cock begins throbbing in her mouth. " Ohh.fuck.I'm going to come-," I moan, hips bucking frantically. " Your mouth is too fucking hot for me to last long." Marci, juices drenching her panties, begins sucking and nibbling on my cock, rubbing the base at the same time. Sucking deeply, she holds my balls and massages them, the friction sending me wild. " Fuuuckk." I grunt, my cock throbbing violently in her mouth before a warm squirt of liquid hits the back of her throat, my cum sliding down her throat easily.

Marci is so turned on, she almost comes right then and there. As my orgasm fades, she pulls her mouth away, a drop of my cum spilling on her lip. Marci stood up, and deliberately licks it off slowly with her tongue, my eyes avidly following her movement. My cock, slightly flaccid now, begins to harden again. Taking a step back, Marci begins playing with her breasts.

Taking her breasts in her hands, she massages them and pulls the bra cups down enough to free her puffy nipples. Licking her fingers, she begins rolling them. Her other hand slowly caresses her stomach and lower, then edges itself into her high-waist panties. Watching my face, she rubs her clit with her finger, moaning aloud. " OOOOOhhhhhh. MMMMMMmmmmmmmmm." I groan " AAAhhhhh," pushing her hand away from her breast. My fingers tugging her nipples, drawing a gasp from her.

Pulling her back between my legs I lean forward and take a dark nipple in my mouth, sucking hard. My other hand takes her hand from her pussy, lifting it to my mouth sucking her juices off it. " Aaahh." She moans. Her pussy is throbbing with her upcoming orgasm. When my hand moves between her legs to feel how wet she is, my touch on her pussy is enough to bring her to her first release of the night.

Moaning softly " ooooohhhhh.mmmmmm," she grabs my hair for support as her climax shoots through her. " You're so drenched babe. My cock is just going to slide right in your tight pussy, won't it?" I murmur against her nipple. " Yes," she breathes. " God I want that fucking cock of yours inside me so much!" " Oh don't worry, it will be.and then I'm going to fuck you so hard, you're never going to forget it.

You'll dream about my cock fucking your sopping wet pussy." As I spoke, my finger inches under her panties finding her over-sensitive nub, eliciting another moan. " ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." I rub over and around her clit, my finger slipping easily into her. My thumb rubs around and over her clit, my fingers massaging her entrance and her second climax begins. Marci whimpes as the sensation flows through her. " oh hhhhh.mmmmmmmm." Taking my hand from her clit, I reach up and undid her bra, pulling it off her, letting it fall into my hands.

Her delicious natural small breasts were taut and firm, hardly needing the aid of a bra. My hand moves to the ribbons at her hips. Kissing the silky skin of her stomach, I slowly undid the ties and pull the large panties towards me. The material moves over her clit as I pull, making Marci shiver. When it is free, I take her panties raising them to my face, smelling her arousal. Looking into her eyes, I rub them over my now hard cock, simulating sex.

Marci didn't think she can stand much longer. She moves to start removing the garter belt, but my hand stops her. " No. Leave them. And leave your stockings and shoes on too." I gently push Marci backwards until the backs of her knees touch the lounge bed. Motioning for her to sit down on it, I kneel down in front of her. Rubbing my hand over her thighs, I lift her left leg onto the seat, her foot propped on the seat. Her right leg is still on the floor. Marci's glistening pussy is on display to me.

I lick my lips and leaning forward to kiss it. At her sharp intake of breath, I stuck my tongue deeply into her. " Aaahh sh-shit." she moans, head thrown back, her arms spread out over the back of the daybed.

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My tongue swirls inside her as my thumb flicks over her clit. I take my tongue out of her, only to lick her entire pussy, from top to bottom.

" Oh God. that feels incredible!" she utters, as I begin nibbling on her clit, my fingers tugging on her nipple at the same time. My head moves to her upraised leg.

Caressing it with my hand, I start nibbling on her skin, moving from her ankle up over her knee, then to the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. Marci sighs in pleasure. My God, I hadn't even fucked her yet and she'd already come twice, a third time not far off. This night will definitely stick in her mind.

She watches as my fingers begin teasing her pussy again, tickling lightly around her entrance. My tongue sucks her nub, bringing her to the brink before stopping. " No! Don't stop!" she urges, the tension unbearable. She needs release. I chuckle wickedly. Over and over, I bring her to the brink of her orgasm before stopping, leaving her frustrated. " Do you want to come?" I mocked lightly. " Yes! Oh God, yes please, I want to come!" she pants.

" How do you want to come then? Do want my finger or my cock inside you?" " Your cock, please. Oh God, oh-god, I need your cock inside me now." I move my mouth from nipple to nipple biting and licking and sucking her aching nipples, driving her mad with my teasing, her main focus is on the two fingers sliding in and out of her cunt at a furious rate again. My fingers are slick with the juice pouring out of her as my fingers continue to ream her pussy. Her hips are flipping at my hand trying to drive my fingers deeper into her famished cunt.

She is shaking and writhing as I drive my fingers into her, so when I feel she is on the edge; I slip my thumb up her tight asshole. Marci's vibrating pussy went off like a roman candle as she explodes on my thrusting fingers. She screams out loud as I drive her through her climax. " OOOOOHHHHH.YYYYYEEEESSSS!!!!!!!" As her orgasm crests, I pull my fingers out of her smoking cunt, the smell of her hot pussy is delicious as it fills the air around me.

I kiss her inner thighs slowly working my way back up toward her pussy. Her pussy is red, juicy and puffy. I begin to lick the wet lips of her cunt. Slowly, I part her cunt lips with my tongue. Her taste sweei nectar, as I push my tongue deeper into her boiling cunt, she spreads her legs slightly and holds my head tight against her burning snatch. " OOOHHH, God.

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Fuck yes.Fuck yes.ohhhh, eat me," she moans again and again. I use my hands to caress her legs and thighs as I lick deep into her cunt. I bring my hands up to her ass and holding a cheek in each hand; I pull her cunt to my mouth and begin sucking her clit. She raises one leg and wraps it around my neck pulling me tighter to her creaming pussy. I work her clit with my lips and tongue. I move my hands from her ass and slid two fingers into her tight pussy again and begin to stroke her g-spot.

"" Marci groans as she thrusts her juicing pussy against my fingers and mouth. When I slid a finger from my other hand up her asshole, she explodes into another mind-blowing climax. "OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!! FFFFUUUCCCKKK!!! OOOHHH GODDDD!!!" Marci pushes me away, standing up staggering backwards against the wall dazed from her over-powering climax.

She slowly slids down the wall to the floor. Her breathing is shallow and labored as she tries to catch her breathe. She is in another world as she sat there with her eyes closed.

I stand over her, my huge cock bouncing in front of me. " Marci," I whisper. She opens her eyes and sees my huge cock swinging in front of her face. She can't believe how huge it is.

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It is 9 inches of wrist-thick cock and the giant mushroom head is pointed right at her face. " Oh my God John," she mumbles. " You're so fucking big." I smile down at Marci. She is nervous as I reach for her and pull her to her feet. My giant cock points out in front of me like a flagpole.

She is scared of the thick veined column of flesh that sways in front of her for the third time. " Turn around and lean against the wall," I command.

Marci stood frozen in front of me, eyes wide and stuck on my massive cock again. Her hands nervously cover her mouth. " Turn around and lean against the wall," I command again. She slowly turns and leans against the wall. She spreads her legs and looks over her shoulder as I step behind her. She is breathing slowly with her eyes closed as I line my cock up to her juicy cunt.

Taking my huge cock in hand, I slid the giant head along her slick cunt lips and nudge against her rock hard clit. " Oh Jesus, John," she squeals as I push the head against the mouth of her steaming cunt.

" Please go slow." I lean against her harder and the mouth of her cunt starts to open under the tremendous pressure of my steel rod of cock. Slowly, the giant head eases past the tight muscles of her cunt and pops inside.

" OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!" she whimpers. With just the head lodged in her over-whelmed cunt, I start to slowly fuck her. Moving slowly, I manage to work in the first three inches of my giant cock into her tight, pulsating cunt.

She feels like a tree trunk is being crammed up her pussy. She has never had anything this big inside of her until she meant me.


The sides of her pussy feels like they are being stretched beyond the limits. I continue to slowly shove my cock deep into her wet burning cunt. " OH.MY.GOD." she cries again and again as I push deeper and deeper. I met my first resistances at six inches, that isn't going to stop me. I'm going to get all 9 inches crammed up her hot tight cunt if it takes all night. " Rub your clit for me baby," I growl. Marci slids her hand down between her thighs and slowly begin to rub her clit.

As she works herself toward an orgasm, her pussy begins to relax and I'm able to push deeper into her tight pussy. The pressure is building both on her clit as she rubs it furiously and deep inside her burning, aching cunt I continue my assault on her defenseless pussy.

She starts to have orgasms every few thrusts as the great head nudges forward deeper inside her stretched channel. Some are small, others mind-numbing. Her body is shaking from the strain, after twenty minutes, I'm buried to the hilt. All 9 inches is buried in her hot wet pussy and the fun is about to begin. " OH.MY.GOD." she cries again and again. I grab her hips and pull slowly all the way out. I watch as the lips of her pussy stretch tight like a seal around my giant cock.

Then suddenly, I ram my fat, hard cock back inside her wet sleeve and the head bounces off her cervix. " UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!" she cries in surprise.

I start to slam her pussy with everything I had. I hold on to her waist and drill 9 inches of iron hard cock into her juicy cunt again and again. She starts to cum on the fifth thrust, and her orgasms continue non-stop for the next thirty minutes.

I'm hitting her in places that no cock has ever been before, and she has fucked a few guys in college. I'm like a machine. In and out, in and out, in and out as I relentlessly drive my giant cock up her flaming cunt sending her from one cum to another in a long stream of orgasms that never seems to end. " OH GOD. FUCK ME WITH YOUR GIANT COCK.OH GOD JOHN!!!!!!!!" I drill into her time after time, over and over. Marci screams and I continuing fucking her tight cunt.

She swore at me and I continue to drill deep into her inner core. She begs me to stop, I continue impaling her creaming pussy with my giant cock.

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When she begs me to fuck her harder, I grab her hair and thrust faster and harder into her hot exploding pussy. "OH GOD. FUCK.ME.HARD.FUCK ME .GIANT COCK.OH GOD!!!!!!!!" As I fuck her, I reach under her to grab her tits. Taking one in each hand I use them like handles and pull her onto my cock as I thrust deep into her molten center. I pinch and twist her hard swollen nipples. She explodes around my cock, her cunt rippling and clutching at my invading member.

Then I stick two fingers into her cunt, wetting them with her flowing juices and thrust them into her tight ass and begin to time my finger thrusts with my plunging cock. Again her creaming slit explodes from the dual stimulation, sending shocks waves out from her cunt to every part of her.

She is exhausted from end to end orgasms, and the relentless pounding of my savage thrusts as I drive my plunging thick monster deep into her seething, churning cunt. She can't stop cumming, I manage to keep her on the edge when her pussy is creaming and flowing like a faucet.

Streams of juice runs down her thighs to her ankles. My big thrusting cock and large swinging balls are covered with her juice. I continue to nail her with my endless thrusts. Underneath all the electric currents flowing thru and around her, she feels deep inside building and building, and with every thrust of my massive cock that drives up her overworked cunt with pressure building. It is going to be massive.

It is going to rock her world. She feels that she may not survive what is cumming, she can't stop it and she didn't want too. I continue to fuck her rough and hard sending my cock deep into her juicy pussy as I bottom out on each thrust. I'm impaling her on my giant spear with each thrust into her tight, clutching cunt. "OH PLEASE. OH PLEASE. LET ME CUM. FUCK ME.OH GOD .!!!" Suddenly, the pressure explodes throughout her body in a giant blast of color and light. Her pussy clamps down on my plunging cock like a vise.

The entire length of her rippling cunt grabs at my thrusting cock and tries to milk all the sperm from it. Her sleeve tightens on my iron hard tool as I push in and pull out, demanding my cum. She hears a far off scream of orgasmic ecstasy and slowly realizes it is herself crying out in final release. "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH.MMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY.FFFUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK.MMMMMMEEEEEEEEE. UUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" She bucks thrusts and rocks underneath me in a screaming, thundering climax that seems to go, on for ever.


I plunge deep into her exploding cunt one final time and begin to fire rope after rope of burning hot cum into her climaxing womb. It is like a geyser going off in her cunt. My cum pours out of me in eruption after eruption coating the inside of her burning pussy and then squeezing out around the base of my rampaging cock as I continue to thrust into her pussy again and again. Our co-mingled juices flow down her legs in rivers of white sticky strands and pools on the floor at her feet.

Finally, he stopped thrusting into her battered cunt. She slumps in my arms passing out from the exertion and the endless climaxes. I gently lower her to the floor with trembling arms and stagger to the nearby couch and collapse. I woke up and the lights in the room are still on.

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I had no idea how long I had been asleep. The couch underneath me is covered with dried cum that has leaked off my cock. I look for Marci and she is not where I left her. I got up and went into the bedroom.

She is sprawled out on the bed face up and her legs wide apart. She is asleep and her breathing is deep and slow. Just looking at her wondrous body, a surge of blood runs to my cock and it begins to swell and grow. She makes me horny and I see no reason not to follow thru with my desire. I cross to the bed and kneel between her wide spread thighs. Cum is still seeping slowly out of her dilated cunt. Carefully, raising her legs over my shoulders I line my cock up and enter her with one piercing thrust.

" UUUUUNNNNNNHHHHHHH," the sleeping woman groans at the sudden intrusion into her warm tender cunt. I look down into the sleepy and surprised face of my newest conquest. Marci who is impaled on my giant cock, and is now my total slave in New York. "Are you ready to be fucked?" I ask Marci. " Oh.God.," moaning as she threw her arms around my neck. " Please Fuck.Me.Hard." I pull my long fat cock out of her trembling vagina and slid back in. I start a slow deep fuck as I pull and gently push back in.

God, she is so fucking tight. I suck a nipple into my mouth and work her full, round tits as I fuck her. I had just cum so I'm going to be able to last for a while with my hot new lover. Slowly, the pace picks up and the thrusting becomes harder as the lovers become more excited. As he thrust deeper and deeper and her cunt became wetter and wetter, he took hold of her ankles and bent her over so that her feet were on either side of her head.

She was spread completely open to his assault and he really started to fuck her with long strokes that used the full length of his 11 inch cock.

Driving in and out of her. Thrusting deep into her juicing cunt. Sending her over the top with almost every other thrust, he fucked her like a machine for over 45 minutes. She was delirious from the endless climaxes, and almost insane with the intense pleasure that he had brought to her. Intense pleasure that seemed to have no end. "PLEASE.PLEASE.PLEASE.JUST CUM.OH GOD!!!" " Here it cums now, baby." I drive my giant rod into her to the hilt holding it there. I groan " UUUUhhhhhhhhhh.UUUUhhhhhhhh.AAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh," as my cock throbs and jerks wildly deep inside her, sending streams of hot sticky cum filling her.

I pull my giant rod from her seeping battered cunt with a loud slurp sound. I am going to fuck you that tight ass next. Be ready, Marci." She whimpers at my words. I flip her over pulling her to her knees and spread her legs, I slide between her legs on my knees. I reach under the matress and pull out K Y Jelly. I smear it all over the crack of her ass and on her pretty pink asshole.

As I'm rubbing it in, I'm telling her what a good girl she is and how beautiful she is when she came. She never notices what I did to her ass. I lube my cock with the K Y Jelly and smile.

I said to Marci, " Have you ever been fucked in your tight ass? Marci replied, " No." I smile and said, " Tonight you're not leaving this bed with that virgin ass, baby doll." She tried to pull away I held her hips tight. I ask her, " Are you scared, Marci?" She laughs and said, " I don't think so. Once I tighten my ass cheeks, you'll never get in there." That's when I laugh and replied, " You're right, Marci, but while you came I lubed your ass up with K Y Jelly and my cock is lubed too.

It may be a tight fit but I will know your ass tonight." Marci panicked. " You fucker, let me go! I mean it, let me go!" I grab her hair pulling her head back and slip my cock into her virgin asshole. Marci cries out in pain. " STOP.YOUR TO BIG.IT HURTS.PULL IT OUT." God, her asshole is so tight and warm. She is a perfect piece of ass. I begin to ride her slowly.

She begins to cry, tears running down her face. Marci begs, " Please pull it out! It hurts, it hurts so bad!" I tell her to relax her ass and it will get better.

Then I said, "Shhh," as I continue my ride. Marci gives soft cries and moans of pain as I slowly continue to pop her cherry asshole. I reach underneath and begin to stroke her clit. I want her to relax and get pleasure for the pleasure she is giving me. It works. Her cries of pain turn slowly into moans of pleasure. " ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh.aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh." I begin to pump harder into her tight asshole. Marci didn't seem to mind. She relaxes her ass giving into her pain and pleasure.

I stop stroking her clit grabbing her hips and told her I'm going to pound my meat into her asshole. Marci surprises me by saying, " Do it, do it hard!" I slam into her ass over and over. Marci cries with pleasure and pain. I begin to pull out of her and then ram it back inside of her. She cries, " Oh God it hurts! Hurt me good!" I look down at my cock passing in and out of her ass. There is a little blood. That makes me fuck her harder.

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I put all of my weight behind every thrust into her ass. I told her I broke the cherry in her ass and can see the blood. She arches her head back and screams, " I'm yours John." She sounds like she is out of control, like an animal in heat. I grab her hair pulling her head back and said, " Tell me to cream your ass, Marci!" I feel the cum building inside my balls. I scream, " Say itMarci! Say cream my ass!" Marci moans then cries out, " Cream my ass!

Do it, fill my ass with cum." I grab onto her hips and thrust deep in her ass. I pump my cum way up her tender, stretched out, tight beautiful ass. When I came, I told her what a sweet ass she is and how much I love her. I don't think she hears me because she is coming too. Her ass is moving up and down and her body is shaking. All she says is, " Oh, oh, oh, " over and over until her orgasm passes. I pull out of her abused asshole and spread her ass wide open. My cum drips out of her bright red asshole along with some blood.

Marci collapses on the bed passing out after her orgasm. so I turned off the light and cuddled up next to her and fell asleep. The next morning I'm up early. I'm a very satisfied man. I walk out into the living room, my giant cock swinging between my legs. Picking up my coat I pull a cigar out of my pocket and lit it. I thought about my plans for today.

I'm going to fuck her this afternoon and tonight. I'm going to fill her up with so much of my cum, she will remember me till my next visit to New York.