Fascinating blonde young perfection Carina prepares for blowjob

Fascinating blonde young perfection Carina prepares for blowjob
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Betty is worried about the sex. Not the sex, really, Betty thought as she turns to admire the fit of the pale green gown she'd chosen for the honeymoon. Still, Ed was certainly more experienced and she didn't want to disappoint him. 'Oh yeah', her mind mocked back.

You mean you're worried that he'll disappoint you!' Sighing, Betty stripped off the long, gauzy gown, laying it neatly over a chair to wait for tomorrow night to do its seductive magic and climbing into bed wearing only a pair of black nylon panties.

After switching off the light, she lay there tossing, unable to sleep and still not willing to admit--even to herself--that her subconscious was right.

She'd chosen Ed as her future husband despite the fact that he was 45 to her 34 and had a slightly receding hairline and what could be the beginning of a middle-aged paunch. Oh, he was tall and dark-haired and had beautiful, crystalline blue eyes and a wonderful sense of humor. He did work out a few times a week, so he wasn't really soft, exactly, just not muscle-bound. He was stable--financially, socially, emotionally.

Certainly sexually. Oh, he might not be the roller coaster of sex, but he would at least be the merry-go-round. Dependable. Pleasant. And thinking about the ride didn't make her want to vomit, so that was a plus.

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She never was one for roller coasters anyway. In bed, Ed would be exactly what he was out of bed: kind, considerate and always attentive to her needs. While she was lying here wondering if she was about to make a BIG mistake. Rolling to her side, Betty smiled at the vase of perfect red roses Ed had sent to her first thing this morning.

Red, she knew, represented love, and his note had told her how much he loved her and how difficult it would be for him to not be able to see her all day, as they had agreed to remain apart the day before the wedding. Finally, remembering that one man's love was surely better than a dozen lovers, she fell into a fitful sleep.

She isn't sure what woke her, Betty opens her eyes to a pitch black room. The curtains, which she is certain she'd left open, are not only pulled tight, but something--a blanket, maybe?--must have been thrown over the big window, because not even a sliver of light broke the black void around her.

She finds herself thinking, then, that she must still be asleep, because only dreams are this dark and besides, she didn't think she'd started compulsively covering her windows while sleepwalking. Then she becomes aware of something else. Air from the ac puffed sluggishly into the room and over her breasts, teasing her nipples with a cool sigh.

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Her blankets are gone and she lay in the center of the big bed, wearing only her panties. Her arms, which she thought simply stretched out above her head in sleep, refused to be lowered away from the vicinity of the headboard. She'd been tied to the bed.

Terror slithers through her but Betty holds back a gasp of shocked awareness and the sob waiting to escape her throat. Instead she tries to be smart; tries to listen and determine if the someone who had done this to her is still here. Still a threat. A shadow in the darkness snags the corner of the limits of her vision as she opens her mouth to scream, a large, warm hand slams over her mouth before anything can escape. The scream becomes nothing more than a high-pitched, terrified moan.

" Don't." My voice seems to come out of the darkness itself. My hand over her mouth is my only physical contact with her, despite the fact that she expects much worse--and very quickly. I surprise her by not moving for a long moment; she can hear my slightly ragged breathing, as if I'm warring with myself about whether I should do this.

My hand, she realizes belatedly, is gloved. Not with latex or some other material designed to avoid forensic science, but in some thin, soft material designed to caress. " I won't hurt you, Betty." She jerks in surprise and anger. How the hell did he--" You want to know how I know your name." When I pause, she hears a soft rustle of fabric while I finish my explanation I replace my hand with a silky length of material, effectively gagging her.

" I know you, Betty. I've been your lover for four years." My hands, finish with the gag. Barely touching her, the velvety tease of my gloves skimming over her throat, her shoulders; the sides of her breasts. She jerks again, despite the fact that the touches are hardly touches, and shook her head in mute denial when her nipples tighten; aching.

My hands play feather-light over her hips; her thighs. At the foot of the bed I wrap my fingers around one of her slim ankles fastening a velvet-lined cuff around it. Suddenly understanding that I meant to tie her feet to the bed as well, Betty kicks out at me, managing only to force a broken curse from me as I took one blow in surprise before subduing her.

Spread eagled with only her panties between her and me, Betty hates herself for crying. Still, tears running from her eyes, running down into her hair. She tries to beg but the only sound she made is a pitiful sob behind her gag.

" Don't cry, Betty," I whisper, coming back to her and lying in the bed, stretching alongside her without touching her. " I will give you pleasure. This is our final time together before your married, Betty." When my mouth brushes her ear, Betty jerksanother hard sob catching in her throat. Oh, God, she thought, what was this? Then what? Not lovemaking, certainly. She had no choice.

She should be repulsed. But she wasn't. There is something about the way I'd spoken to her. Something.familiar? No. Something reassuring. Honest. She believes me when I said I wouldn't hurt her.or maybe she is just telling herself that to reduce the terror.

I'm obviously big--she can tell that from the way the bed dipped as I lowered myself next to her--but my hand, which is sliding in its velvety sheath across her belly to lie over her ribs just below her left breast, is sensually caressing. My mouth.oh, god.I'm nipping and nibbling at her ear, teasing her with brief, hot touches of my tongue. Hot, erotic shivers are flowing down her spine. " Yes," I whisper with satisfied male superiority. " You like that. I can't see you, and I'm not touching your breasts, but kissing you here makes your delicate little nipples stiffen.

Doesn't it, Betty?" Yes. But to avoid such admissions; such submission, she made a harsh sound of refusal in her throat twisting as far away from my mouth as the bounds will allow her.

" No!" Moving as quickly and silently as a panther, I caught her by the waist, pulling her back into place with one hard, sharp move and effectively frightening her into silence. " Betty, tonight you're mine for one last time. Don't fight me. By choice or by force, you're going to explode in my arms tonight.

For my hands. My mouth. And my cock. And it's going to happen more than once. You are mine." The force and restrained violence in the words make her shudder. To pull her back into place I move in the bed and now I'm kneeling above her, straddling her right thigh. She feels my body now. My big hands, holding her shoulders down onto the bed; my hair-roughened, muscular thighs chafing her softer one.

She realizes that I'm as naked as she is, wearing only some kind of cotton briefs. As I release her shoulders, bracing myself on my palms at either side of her head, I lean down placing my mouth to her other ear, kissing and nipping her with the same incredible, arousing, awful response in her. As my body came into closer contact with hers, my hard, wide chest pressing crisp male hair against her nipples, a tight shock of pleasure ride from her nipples directly into her pelvis and she feels my arousal.

Oh God, she thought, lightheaded. Gasping behind the gag, she moves in protest again, arching off the bed only brought her body closer to me and she regrets that immediately, I groan moving my cock against her belly in a masturbatory stroke, making her feel suddenly hot and.wet. I'm covered with cotton, but not completely, her action makes me swell and thicken against her until I'm huge and the cotton, which has been doing a poor job of restraining me to begin with, can no longer hold me.

The head of my cock met her belly, skin to skin, she panicks renewing her struggle against her bonds. " Unh.god," I hiss, my mouth against her ear as I fall fully atop her, my arms sliding under her to anchor myself to the bed and her to me. " Stop struggling, Betty. You're going to make me come tonight but if you don't stop I'm going explode right now.

Goddam it, I said stop!" She did. She can't escape; can't make me change my mind. I'm going to.well, she knew. She knew all the names for all the horrible, filthy things I'm going to make her do. Shock settles in her system and the fight leaves her, leaving her body to lie not moving against the bed.

She can't fight me, but she will not help me, either. Let me enjoy raping a limp rag doll. " Don't worry, baby," I croon in her ear before kissing the soft flesh behind it, " You don't have to do anything at all. But don't think you'll be laying there like you're dead to the world for long. I know exactly how to bring you alive." My hands beneath her, I suddenly move down in the bed, my hot, wet mouth opening over one of her contracted nipples and she spasmed, moaning at the feel of me as I take full control of her; she senses my satisfaction as she yields beneath me and that clearly arouses me.

My mouth plays her breast, making her gasp through her silk gag, arching and groaning involuntarily. She fights to remain stiff, but her body is forced to feel pleasure and I know how to give it to her.

I lick pulling, sucking and gently biting her achingly hard nipples, plumping her full breasts together with my hands, aligning them beneath my mouth for my pleasure, and for hers, and she can't stop the wet heat that grows between her thighs at the sounds of pleasure I make, as if I'm feasting and tasting exquisite food. " Fuck," I hiss, the word almost reverent. " Your tits are perfect.

Like I remember them." Then before I finish the thought I'm sucking and licking her again, my mouths greed personified. Betty jerks in pleasure and surprise. Belatedly, she remembers what I had said to her just before sneaking off with her sister at the end of the party. Getting her in an otherwise vacant room, I had backed her up against a wall whispering that I was sorry she hadn't taken her sister up on her generous offer and what a shame it was because she had such fabulous tits.or something to that effect.

It is John! Isn't it? What if it is? She hadn't asked for this. She didn't want to be unfaithful to Ed before she'd even had a chance to marry him. Still, the thought that this is someone she knew.hell, it is possible that.OF COURSE! This is all her sister's doing! This is her sister's idea of the perfect wedding gift--a rape fantasy or some such thing.

She'd heard her sister talk about it, and Betty even recalls having admitted once that the idea was certainly arousing. Her sister asked John to do this! Thus, the velvet gloves, the silk gag and sexy expensive cologne she smells coming from my heated body, along with the heady odor of aroused male, and the gentle restraints lined with velvet.

So now for the question of the day: did she want this, or was it rape? Even more troubling is her honest answer. Why can't it be both? She hears herself moan deep in her throat arching her back off the bed to force her breasts closer to my mouth. I responded by biting her forcefully, at a fleshy spot near her left nipple.

Then my mouth lowers, my tongue darting out to tease her along the sensitive skin beneath her breast. She gasps as her whole body seems to vibrate with heat. " I told you," I growl against her skin. " I know you. I know what you need, Betty. What you want. You're going to come for me now, sweetheart. I want to hear you scream and feel your body spasm when you come hard for me." No, she can't, she shakes her head to let me know that she would never.then I'm gone suddenly and Betty feels the chill of it through her body.

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She didn't know just how hot I was.they were.until I pulled away. She feels me moving in the bed and before one thought had time to flash through her brain, she feels her panties being tugged and then ripped away before my velvet-sheathed hands are on the soft inner sides of her thighs and I'm opening her gently; fully. Then my mouth. Her back arches fully off the bed at the first firm, wet movement of my tongue, and she screams behind her gag, the sound harsh, surprised, impatient and erotic in the silent room.

Her body relaxes only marginally as I deliberately slide my tongue back and around and over her clit, my gloved hands teasing her by tickling the soft edges of the shaved between her thighs and making her think how desperate she is for me to take off the gloves and slide my fingers inside her.Within a minute she is writhing under my mouth, trying to get her heels down into the mattress so that she can force her clit harder against my invading tongue and increase the pressure, but I keep the advantage, pulling back when she strains forward, my masculine growls and moans telling her that I'm not only loving what I'm doing, but I'm loving her frustration as well.

Somehow the fact that I had that advantage and used it to pleasure her until she is insanely hotter. Oh, hell, she thought fuzzily through waves of warm, wet pleasure.she has finally made up her mind.

She wants this. Of course, that can be because she is a couple of hard tongue strokes away from a mind-blowing orgasm and her first with me in a year, and being in this intensely aroused state didn't exactly make for clear thinking, but there it is. I move my hands away as Betty moans, the sound effectively conveying her disappointment.

Still, my mouth never left her, but continues teasing; playing. She feels my hunger and knows that she is being fanciful but imagines that it is all for her; that if this is John, I'm mad for her.for the taste that blooms hot and wet between her thighs and that is uniquely hers.

An instant later, I place my hands back where they had been before and she nearly comes off the bed. Hard, broad, roughly calloused hands that without gloves feels more like heaven than the velvety sheath against her soft inner thighs. She starts pleading without words, making sounds that she hopes I understand. She pleads for me.inside her. I didn't give her any preliminaries. Two of my long, hard, calloused fingers slide inside her before I had taken the time to check her readiness to accept them.

I knew. She listens to my moans melding with hers. Sinking my fingers into her and drawing them out only to push inside again, I begin with a slow, deep stroking but my patience seems only as long as hers and after a few strokes I quicken the tempo of both my tongue and my hand. Replacing my mouth with my free hand, I spoke to her out of the darkness.

" Enough play," I whisper harshly. " Come for me, Betty. I want you exploding in my mouth. Now!" and I put my tongue to her again, this time offering her all the heat and pressure she wants.and in all the right places. Betty feels the fire implode under my hands and mouth and screams again; her orgasm brought her hard off the bed, her hips shoving against my ravenous mouth, her head thrashing; hands in fists around the velvet cords that holds them.

She screams while furious pleasure slams into and through her, forcing her body to spasm wildly while I sink my tongue into her pussy to taste her pleasure, fucking her with hard little thrusts. When she collapses, drained and jerking with tiny spasms of her orgasm, I keep my mouth on her until she is sure I had sipped every drop of the slick liquid between her thighs.

She hadn't known such pleasure in over a year. Lying in the warm aftermath of the orgasmic tidal wave I had just put her through, Betty wonders with no small amount of dismay if it is over. God, she hopes not. I slip away from her and out of the bed as she made a keening sound of need in her throat. Though she knows I'm a big man, I move with silence in the room and she waits for the door to open and close, then thought crazily, since I hadn't fucked her or forced her to perform oral sex, that I wouldn't leave until I had at least one orgasm as well.

This is insane. That thought registered in her brain, pulling her back toward rationality. She is hoping to be raped? Well, no, of course not.but this isn't really rape, is it?

A woman didn't have an orgasm unless her brain is as involved in the process as her body, so she'd just proved it by leaps and bounds that she is willing. Being tied to the bed took away her decision capabilities about whether to participate physically, but now the orgasm-induced insanity is over and she wanted more. A warm, silent touch on her delicate skin beneath her right breast startles her, she jumps in her bonds and squeaks in surprise. " What's wrong, baby?" My voice whispered softly in the darkness.

" Were you hoping I'd gone?" I skim one hot palm over her breast, cupping its fullness; purposefully rasping my thumb over the nipple, which has relaxed and softened.

At the renewed attention it tightens for me, sending another surge of electric pleasure down to her pelvis. " Or were you afraid that I'd leave you?" My hand left her breast, only to be replaced by my mouth, as I lick her slowly; deliberately, making her shudder. " Don't worry, sweetheart," I assured her. " I haven't finished with you yet." Betty moans softly when I lay on the bed again, stretched out alongside her. This time, however, she can feel the length and breadth of my cock throbbing against her hip.

She pictures me in her mind's eye, my left elbow propped on the bed and my head in my hand, seeing her in the darkness, and the image made her wet again. Then I move, shifting slightly, and she realizes when she feels my knuckles brush her thigh that I had wrapped my right hand around my cock and is stroking myself slowly.

That picture rode through her mind like heated lightning. She'd never realized just how incredibly erotic a man masturbating in front of her might be, even if she couldn't see me, and she mewed in protest against the darkness and her inability to beg me for.anything.

Everything. I bent to her ear to speak, sending hot prickles down her spine. " What's wrong, baby?" I whispered.

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"Are you afraid I might want to fuck you?" I waited a moment, obviously intrigued by the response she made. "Or maybe you think I'd rather force my prick into that hot little mouth of yours and fuck your throat. Would you like that, Betty?" In a harsh, low grumble full of restrained lust I asked, " Do you want to suck my cock?" The sound of my voice, tense with desire, and the feel of me masturbating made her squirm.

Betty made a soft, pleading sound of need. " Mmm," I agreed, obviously pleased with the answer. " I want that, too." This time when I moved, I didn't leave her alone on the bed. Betty writhed softly, twisting impatiently as I move up to the headboard. The king-sized hotel bed left me plenty of space to maneuver between her outstretched arms and her head.

After a moment, Betty found herself feeling more exposed and vulnerable than when I had my mouth between her thighs. I'm kneeling above her, my thighs bracketing her head so that what little sound there is came to her muffled. She feels like some kind of offering to me, the pagan priest who would decide if she is acceptable. From my position above, she lay spread out, completely at my mercy. But more powerful than all of that is the feel of my heavy thighs flexing as I shifted, then the brush of something heavy.something warm, flesh and swollen.over her forehead, her nose.

Her silk-bound lips. Oh sweet heaven, she thought silently. Something wild and untamed inside her broke loose, making her tremble. My balls. The erotic, spicy smell of aroused male mixed more heavily with my cologne now and she pulls a long, deep breath through her nose, her nostrils flaring like those of an animal scenting its mate. Arching her neck, she tries desperately to get more than a fleeting brush of contact with my body.

Teasing her unmercifully, I moan softly at her eager response but refuse to allow her anything but the brush of my inner thigh; my heavy sacs against her bound lips. " I've imagined this," I said, as my voice seems to float to her from far away, dreamlike. " Of having you desperate to take my cock." Without warning, she feels me shift then feels my knuckles again, this time brushing her cheek, and she knew that my hard cock is jutting out over her face and I'm masturbating myself again.

She tries to get her mouth higher, but found herself frustrated in the tight lock between my knees. " Maybe I should just drive you insane for a little while, hmm?" I murmur thoughtfully. " Or maybe I should jerk myself off, letting you ache for a taste, until I shoot my cum all over those perfect tits." I draw in a hiss of air, as if by imagining the picture I'd come too close to my own orgasm, and she feels my fist slow its stroking.

" Do you want to suck my cock, Betty?" She nods and made a eager sound in the back of her throat, which she would have gladly replaced with the hard flesh between my thighs, knowing that I can't mistake her intention. Lying there with my cock and balls ripe and nearly bursting over her mouth, she realizes that she must be experiencing what I'd felt with my mouth at her clit.

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The feel and smell and temptation of me so close to her mouth is making her insane. She wants me against her tongue; sliding past her lips to fuck her throat with slow, hard thrusts. " I'm going to let you suck me, Betty," I rasp, adjusting positions again, this time to put my hands to her gag.

But before untying her, I finish my instructions. " But only on one condition. Do you understand?" She nods. " To get my dick in your mouth, I'm going to have to take this off.

But if you want a taste, you have to be absolutely silent," I said firmly. " You may not say anything except what I tell you to and when I tell you to. Do you understand?" She nods again, furiously. Anything to have me in her mouth. I pause a moment, as if deciding whether to trust her. " If you're a very good girl, Betty, I promise you that we'll play again.soon.

I'll give you every erotic fantasy you can imagine, and a hell of a lot more that you could never dream up in your sweet little mind. But now I'm giving you the choice. When I take the gag away, you are to say one word and one word only. What that word is will be up to you." Taking a deep breath, I brush my thumb over the silk of her cheek.

" If you say 'no', I'll go, Betty. I'll remove the cuffs and leave you with the memory of your pleasure. But if you want me to stay.if you want to give me the same pleasure and take my cum into your hot little mouth, then just say one word for me. Say please." Time stops as the knot I'd made in the silk slips out under the clever twists of my fingers.

Betty feels the slack, then the silk dipping between her barely parted lips, touching her tongue as if in a final kiss before being lifted away. Then the material is gone, vanishing into the black nothingness of the room. Silence booms like the deafening roar of a waterfall around them. For an instant Betty isn't certain she can speak at all; her mouth is a little dry and she has to swallow and lick her lips to rid them of the feel of the gag. She feels me over her, my body tempered by patience.

Turning her head to the left, she presses her mouth to my thigh, opening it tasting my skin; letting her tongue rid itself of its lethargy by playing it over me. I groan at the gesture, then she tilts her face back into position and arches her neck up and breathes, " Please," with a hunger in her voice. I swore viciously above her and framed her face in my hands. Please!" she repeats, impatient. I fed her. With one hand wrapped around my cock, I touch her mouth with the fingers of the other, testing the shape and feel of her lips.

Betty slides the tip of her tongue out to wet them, catching the calloused pads of my fingers in the moist bath, making me groan at the same moment I put the ripe head of my cock on her lips. " Suck me." I whispered. Betty knows that, despite the fact that she is tied and I'm unbound, she now has the control. Remembering my command that she is not to speak beyond the word she has already uttered, she made a purr of pleasure taking her first taste of me, licking the underside of my head and shaft in one long, warm stroke of her tongue.

I jerk and groan for her. She bathes me with her tongue, my head, shaft and balls, when I rose up on my knees as if I can read the unspoken demand from her, the sensitive skin between my balls and asshole, making me squirm as impatiently as she has for my mouth. After long minutes of oral play with me, she places her mouth under the ripe, swollen head of my cock, opening her lips, wrapping her tongue up around it, and pulling it into her mouth.

" UNH.Fuck!" I hiss, body spasming. " Betty.yesss!" She moans again, the sound muffled by my cock, closing her eyes sucking delicately at just the head and the first inch of my shaft, stroking the flesh-covered steel with her tongue to make me insane and make eager sounds in her hungry throat. While I shiver and jerk at the feel of her mouth on me, she arches her neck, taking another inch. I move again, mindless in my need to have her take all of my meat.

Leaning forward, I brace myself with my hands on the mattress at either side of her waist. When Betty relaxes and opens to pull the rest of me down into her throat, I collapse onto my elbows, weak with pleasure. And when she moves her mouth up and back, I bury my head between her thighs and begin pumping my hips, fucking her mouth and throat, allowing her only an instant between deep thrusts for her to gasp in breaths before plunging down again.

" Yes.oh, fuck," I moan, my balls tightening at the sounds she made--wet, hungry, animal sounds as she ate every inch of me and my sacs slamming against her face with each stroke. " Don't stop, baby," I beg. " Please." My body jerking and shuddering, racked by spikes of deep, driving pleasure so intense it is all I can do not to throw back my head and howl like an animal. Betty can't take me deep enough; my strokes hard and forceful.

She has all of me and wants more, feeling a rush of incredible feminine satisfaction at my pleasure. But there is something else she wants. Parting her thighs wider, she growls like a wild animal beneath me when I immediately place my mouth to her, my groans adding a delicious vibration that rocks through her cunt.

She is desperate. Like an animal, she devours me; driving me toward release while she sucks unmercifully taking me deeper than her own breath. I ate at her pussy, ravenous, and both of them made a concert of lust with every moan; every wet sound of hunger and flesh against flesh.

With my hands sliding under and between her thighs I pull her open to feast more fully, exposing the beautifully swollen, dark pink bud of her clitoris to my eyes before laving it with my tongue. Betty makes little high-pitched screams and guttural groans around my pounding shaft. As my mouth brought her quickly near to another shattering orgasm, she feels me begin to shake above her, my mouth grinding down onto her clit, my thighs tightening as my thrusts come faster; harder.

She is about to make me cum with her mouth. That thought brought her helplessly over the edge as she jerks hard beneath me, her feet digging into the bed and her fists clenching as she came for me--deliriously; willingly again.

Her hips spasm over and over, thrusting at my hot, stabbing tongue, until she can take no more pleasure and she forces my mouth away by closing her legs as much as she can manage. Taking my mouth from her pussy, I focus on my own impending orgasm as I begin whispering roughly to her, closing my eyes in the darkness and fucking her without thought of anything else.

" Unh.yes, Betty," I growl, my voice shaking as badly as my thighs. " You love it, don't you, baby?

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Suck it.harder. HARDER!" I demand, lost in mindless lust. " Fuck.yes!


Like that, baby. Move your tongue just like that. Oh shit.you're gonna make me cum so hard.so good. UNH!" Throwing back my head, I slam my hips into her face, my cock going deep and everything in me jerking and shaking as though I'd been hit with ten thousand volts.

" FUCK!" I shout. " Eat it, Betty! Eat every fucking drop!" Hot cream shot hard into her mouth and down her throat as I came, my body jerking; incoherent sounds of rough, masculine pleasure coming from my throat. I spent myself in her hot, eager mouth, letting her swallow every delicious drop of my cum, finally pulling myself away from her until only the head of my cock remained in her mouth and she pulls at it, sucking the last drops from the slit and making soft, satisfied sounds at having tasted me fully.

Leaning all my weight on my left arm, I place my right hand around my cock milking the last remaining drops into her mouth, then told her quietly to lick me clean, moaning softly while she obeys. " I'm going to take my cock out of your sweet little mouth now, baby," I whisper. " But the rules haven't changed. You are to say nothing unless I tell you." She made a quiet sound that is both disappointment and acquiescence.

My hand around my shaft, I draw my cock fully from her mouth and is equally disappointed. I easily could have let her suck me all night, but it isn't possible. I left the gag off.

Silently moving away, I went to the foot of the bed to release her ankles, then came back to lie beside her. " I'm going to release you now, sweetheart," I whisper roughly. " And when I do, I want you to turn onto your side, facing away from me. Do you understand?" She whispers, ' yes' in a voice that trembles with uncertainty. What is to come now? Reaching up, I unfasten her hands and immediately she turns to lie on her left side. Behind her, I press our bodies together, her bare ass pressing intimately into my groin.

Then I pull the covers over them both, wrapping my arm around her waist, and whisper into her ear, " You are delicious, Betty. Sweeter than I remember.


I wanted so badly to fuck you tonight but.I know you're getting married tomorrow." " Y.yes," she whispers back, trembling. " Don't be afraid, baby," I assured her, my hand caressing at her waist. " But.I don't know what to do," she admits.

" I was having doubts and now." " You'll make the right decision." Oh, sure. She'd just fucked.well, okay not fucked, really, but had sex with a former lover--a man that aroused her-- Maybe she should have been more experienced before making such a decision as marriage." I can't believe I just.oh, sweet heaven," she moans pitifully, glad I couldn't see the shame burning in her face.

" I've never." "I know," I whisper hoarsely, comforting her with my rough hands. " Don't worry, baby. Sleep now. Go to sleep, Betty."