Luscious young ladies having some fun in girl on girl action

Luscious young ladies having some fun in girl on girl action
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Sarah expects to have a new man please her in a male, female, male situation at least once a month while I watch and participate. "I am to please and be pleased," she likes to remind me almost every day. "My turn on is your turn on. And your turn on is my turn on." I must admit it is an exciting non-threatening turn on to see her enjoying and pleasuring another man and another man being pleasured by her. We were on holidays and Sarah had not had a third man for six weeks. After lunch relaxing around the pool I could see Sarah ogling any man at least twenty-years younger than her.

I watched her strut over very confidently to one very good looking, well built man in bulging skimpy briefs. As Sarah spoke to him I felt sure the bulge in his skimpy briefs grew. "What did you say to him baby?" I asked when she returned looking pleased with herself. "I asked him if he would like to fuck me while you watch at three o'clock. I gave him our room number. I told him you think I am a really good fuck.

It's two-thirty now, so let's go and prepare." I love a challenge and was not going to let a stranger have my lover without teasing him first. To freshen up we showered together and I teased her nipples and pussy with my fingers and we tongue kissed.

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"Are you excited at the chance to fuck a new man while I watch? What do you want me to do? What are you going to do to him?" By three we were both semi-aroused by an impending new sexual contact. We were both naked under our short black silk dressing gowns and Sarah was wearing high heels. Rolf arrived right on time wearing tight shorts and a t-shirt. "You are a lucky man Rolf. Sarah is very talented," I said as I opened her dressing gown to show him her naked body while she smirked at him.

"But you also get me. I am part of the package," I said as I opened my dressing gown to show both of them my thick semi-erect cock. "Take your clothes off and show Sarah what you have to offer." "Wow, Sarah gasped, love your body, and you are huge.

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I chose well, very well. And your cock is rock hard already. Is that because of me?" "Sarah is without peer at cock sucking. And I know she will enjoy yours Rolf. "But first we want to tease you a little. "Sit and watch me lick and tease Sarah's arse. And watch me tease her nipples and cunt lips while she is looking at your huge cock. "She is a very exciting woman. "Are ready for him baby?" I ask in due course.

"Your new pleasure machine sweetheart. "Run your hands over him. "Sit on that chair. You can suck Rolf while he stands ups. I am going to lick your cunt while you suck him," I instruct as I position myself lifting your arse cheeks with my hands. "But I want you to cum on my tongue twice before you have him.

Rolf can stand behind you and tease your nipples while I make you cum. In what seems like less than two minutes you tense, shudder and cum twice. I watch fascinated as you eagerly take a strangers huge cock into you mouth with the tips of your fingers. You start working on him, sucking on the tip of his cock while you use a thumb and finger on the base of his cock. I lift your arse cheeks even higher as I continue licking you. Your orgasms are coming in rapid succession. After the tenth one I move away so I can watch you sucking Rolf.

I am very turned on. I start to masturbate. I am watching my lover suck a huge cock. She is in her element.

Very exciting woman. She is increasing her intensity. "Baby you are awesome." Rolf is groaning with ecstasy. "Cum for me baby, cum for me," she urges as two men cum simultaneously. "Do you want to fuck me Rolf? I promised you a fuck." The three of us are in the shower together. We have learnt that Rolf is a Swiss engineer here on an assignment.

He tells us that he often poses for gay magazines and has some bi-sexual tendencies. He told us he enjoys posing and having other men lick and suck his cock while being photographed, preferably by a female, he tells us with a smile.

"It's a real buzz having a horny male, sometimes two, sometimes a male and a female, suck my cock, and giving me compliments about my size while a female is taking photos, giving directions and getting off on it. We are enjoying our shower together. Sarah is supporting Rolf's half hard cock in her hand and watching Rolf for a reaction. "Your cock is magnificent Rolf. I want you to fuck me with with it." "I will soon. Very soon. Your man has a very thick cock Sarah," Rolf opines teasing and playing the moment as he takes my cock in his hand.

Sarah is watching intently and can sense my interest. "You want his cock do you Rolf? That turns me on and teases me. Before you fuck me can I watch you suck his cock Rolf." She stands behind me squeezing her naked body into me and starts teasing my nipples.

"I am to please you baby. And it will please me to see Rolf suck you." I am instantly rock hard and Rolf's technique is very exciting, especially with Sarah watching, teasing my nipples and enjoying. "Your pleasure is my pleasure baby, enjoy. Is he better than me?" Sarah asks watching my cock slide in and out of his mouth.

"Let's have a three-way," Rolf says breaking the spell, leading us to the bed. He lays on his back, his magnificent rock hard cock pointing to the ceiling. "Sit on my cock Sarah and fuck me," he instructs as he motions for me to stand alongside.

Sarah holds his cock with one hand and eases herself onto his erection. "I am going to suck your man's thick cock while you fuck me." To heighten my pleasure I have strapped on my cock ring. "Love your man's cock ring. Wish I had mine with me." Sarah is easing her cunt lips up and down Rolf's erection as she watches Rolf suck me with one hand on my arse pulling me into his strong mouth.

The sexual tension is palpable as Sarah and I exchange glances and ask almost as one, "Like that baby. Enjoy. Your pleasure is my pleasure." Rolf alternates sucking me and stroking his hand along my erection while Sarah takes her pleasure by sliding her cunt up and down on Rolf's cock and watching intently.

He scratches and teases my balls with his fingernails. "Love your cock ring," he tells me again, "makes you even thicker. "Do you like me fucking you and your man at the same time Sarah?" "Yes I do, very much," she responds as she teases the tips of Rolf's nipples with her fingernails.

"I want to watch you bring my man to orgasm. Then you can really fuck me and show both of us how good you are. And I will show you how good I am." Watching Sarah riding and enjoying his big cock with my cock in his mouth already has me on the brink. As Rolf increased his tempo and squeezed my balls with Sarah whispering, "Cum for me baby, cum, cum," I was teasing my nipples.

"Watch this Sarah. I want to show you and your man how good I am." Rolf alternately blew on my cock and increased the tempo and pressure with his mouth and tongue as he tickled my balls.

I had an incredibly intense orgasm heightened by my cock ring, teasing my nipples and Sarah watching and enjoying another man pleasure me while sitting on his huge cock. "Enjoy that baby? I think Rolf has set a new benchmark for me.

"Come and kiss me and tell me about it." Sarah then rolled over so Rolf was on top of her and positioned her arse on a pillow with her legs wrapped around his back. "Slide your full length in and out of me. All of it. Up to your balls. Slowly. Show us both what you can do. Now faster, faster, faster. I am standing behind her holding her head enjoying her pleasure.

"Fuck me harder. Harder, harder," she urged as she raked her fingernails along his shoulders then into his arse. "Like that Rolf? Thought you would. "Now give it to me. Don't hold back. "Like watching another man fuck me baby?

"You are fucking me to please three people. "And you are almost as good as my man," Sarah teased, which sent Rolf into a frenzy.

"Now you can really give it to me. Don't hold back," she urged as she raked her fingernails into his arse even harder to leave a mark, hurt him and heighten the sexual pleasure of three people.

I watched fascinated as both of their bodies tensed as one and they had simultaneous orgasms. "Worth waiting six weeks for baby?" I asked with a smirk. "You are a stellar performer baby.

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You have taken two men to orgasm twice in one short afternoon. A week later we are nearing the end of our holiday. No sign at all of Rolf. Then one morning at the pool a chocolate coloured man approached us.

"You must be Sarah. Rolf told me all about you. He had to leave for a work assignment the next day. I am his partner." He had our attention now and I could see Sarah ogling his Adonis style body covered only by a loose pair of shorts.

"My name is Rudi. I am a black African from a former French colony. I had a black mother and a French father so I have many French aspects to me. Especially the French penchant for kinky sex. I have lived in Switzerland for many years. I am at your disposal if you so desire. I am better than Rolf at many things," he ventured arrogantly.

Or was he teasing us? Without even asking Sarah looked at me for tacit approval, gave him our room number and said, "Two-thirty, and don't be late." "This man promises to be even better and more exciting than Rolf," Sarah told me.

"What sort of greeting should we provide for him? The thought of having three men at once twice within a week excites me. Very much. How about you?" "We could offer him a cup of tea. Or perhaps we could both be naked with you standing in front of the wall length mirror?

Though you have high heels and a g-string to accentuate your legs and arse. You have your arms above your head and your hands on the mirror. And I am kneeling behind you licking and kissing your arse cheeks.

That should help sort out his preferences? Also keeps the best for later." We readied ourselves for Rudi by showering together and teasing each other with our fingers. "This all about your pleasure baby. You have two men at your command." With Swiss precision Rudi arrived right on time. "Come in Rudi and lock the door behind you," I shouted. Exactly as we planned we are both naked with Sarah standing in front of the wall length mirror, with nothing but high heels and a g-string to accentuate her legs and arse.

She has her arms above her head and her hands on the mirror frame. And I am kneeling behind her licking and kissing Sarah's arse cheeks. And enjoying it. "Wow," is all Rudi can say as we both look at him for a reaction. He is dressed in loose shorts and a t-shirt.

"I love what you are doing. Can I sit and watch?" "Please do. This is especially for you," Sarah flirts. I keep licking and kissing Sarah's arse cheeks as she holds his gaze in the mirror. "We invited you here to please me Rudi, and maybe my man also depending on your preferences. "Do you like watching my man licking my arse cheeks?

What would you like to do to me? What would you like me to do to you?" "Watching your man kiss your arse has turned me on. I would love you to suck my cock. Rolf told me how good you were at it. Have you ever had a black man?" "Is it true what they say about black men?" Sarah teased as she walked up to him and ran her hand over his shorts.

"Show both of us what you have to offer." We both watched mesmerised as Rudi took off his shirt to show his Adonis style body. Then his shorts. Sarah and I both gasped. "Ten inches in case you were wondering," he boasted, "and six and a half inches in circumference." Sarah loves a challenge and I could tell this one had her very excited. "Can I sit in that chair while you suck my cock?

And can your man stand behind me and tease my nipples?


He will be able to see my cock in your mouth. Even better I want your man to tease my cock with his hands first while you watch. That will get me really hard for you. I love a man and woman working on me at the same time. And your man seems to like my cock, very much, looking at his hard on." "Before we do, you need to please me. I love being licked. I am multi-orgasmic. Fuck me with your tongue. Give me six orgasms and I will start on you. It shouldn't take you long.

And it will be worth the short wait," Sarah promised. I stand behind Sarah sitting in a carver chair and tease her nipples while Rudi licks her cunt. My cock is rock hard as I watch my lady being pleasured by another man's tongue with a huge cock. "My first ever black tongue and cock.


You are very good," she groans as she tenses and orgasms, followed by two more and then two more. "Make the sixth one really special, then I will start on you," Sarah promises as she puts her legs over his shoulders and pulls his lips hard into her cunt. "Put your hands under my arse and lift me higher, higher." To heighten her sixth orgasm I tease her nipples with the just the tips of the fingernails of my little fingers. "Is he good baby," I ask as Sarah tenses and shudders to orgasm. "My cock is aching for you Sarah, please, please fuck me with your tongue and lips." They swap places in the chair and to heighten Rudi's pleasure I start teasing his nipples while standing behind him as Sarah watches intently.

"Rolf told me how good you were Sarah. So show me how good you are."
I watch as Sarah kneels before him and starts by teasing his cock and balls with her fingers. She places her arm on his huge cock for comparison. His cock is thicker than Sarah's wrist. "Your cock is very exciting for both of us.

I am going to enjoy fucking it with my lips, tongue and mouth. So are you I think. And so is my man." She teases the tip of his cock with her lips and licks all along the side of it.

Slowly she takes a third of his cock into her mouth while she uses her thumb and forefinger to massage the other end. I can feel Rudi having his pleasure heightened by me teasing his nipples which are like bullets now as Sarah sucks his cock.

I pinch his nipples and he winces with pleasure. "Your huge cock is very exciting for both of us," I repeat for Rudi. My compliment has hit home as he Rudi tells me to stand in front of him so he can see my cock.

"Rolf told me you had a cock ring.

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Put it on for me."
I do and it heightens my erection and my turn on as I watch Sarah working on and obviously enjoying his huge cock. Rolf puts a hand on my arse and pulls me towards him so he can touch my cock. "Can I suck your man's cock while you are blowing me Sarah?" Without waiting for an answer he has my cock in his mouth.

He is very good, tongue and very strong lips. I watch as Sarah continues sucking him. An absolute turn on having a man suck your cock while your lady is sucking his. He has one hand on my arse pulling my cock into his mouth. His technique is something I have never had before. Blow, suck, lick.

Strong lips. Tease, blow, suck, lick. Even stronger lips. I can't hold out. I tense and have a very strong orgasm, hoping that Sarah can see and appreciate my pleasure. I recover, then I stand behind Sarah, hold her head and direct her mouth along Rudi's raging hard on. "Are you enjoying this baby? I am.

I love you sucking this huge cock for the pleasure of two men. You are very exciting. Very!" "What can we do to get you there Rudi?" I ask. "You must be close with what Sarah is doing to you?

"Very close," he replies. Stand behind me and tweak my nipples. Hard. Harder, harder, hurt me." Sarah is enjoying his pleas and increases her tempo. "Your cock is magnificent." She takes his balls into one hand teases, then squeezes very hard. "Harder Sarah, harder," he screams as he tenses and shudders to a huge orgasm. "Can I visit again tomorrow," Rudi asks.

"I would love to watch your man lick and tease you to orgasm Sarah. I like to watch. And I love to masturbate while I watch. I want both of you to watch me masturbate. I usually get paid for doing that. Would you like that?" "Yes we would, very much," Sarah smiled at both of us.

"Same time." Rudi arrived right on time and this time we were determined to please and pleasure him.

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We were both naked under short black silk dressing gowns. "Take your clothes off Rudi and turn us both on with your huge cock," Sarah ordered she as opened her dressing gown to show Rudi her body. "You are not hard yet. Get hard and we will perform for you. I love being licked and teased, especially with a very well hung man watching and masturbating. "Sit in that chair opposite and watch, and we will watch you," Sarah instructed as she rubbed oil into the full length of his cock. "Like that Rudi?

I do. I can feel your cock growing in my hand. Sarah sat with her legs open for Rudi's benefit and motioned for me to start licking her cunt." "Love your trimmed pussy." Rudi smiles, now fully erect. To heighten her pleasure I tease her nipples with the tips of two fingers as I tease her cunt lips with my tongue.

"You are rock hard now Rudi. Do you like watching my man sucking my cunt? Tease your cock while I watch. I love watching a very well hung man masturbate while my man is licking me. He loves licking me. You are not just well hung, you are magnificent.

"I love watching you masturbate your magnificent cock while my man is licking my cunt to orgasm. Absolutely love it." Sarah's turn on and pleasure is my turn on and pleasure as I lift up her arse in my hands to increase the pressure of my tongue on her clit.

I am very turned on at the thought of a man with a 'magnificent' cock masturbating for Sarah and me. "Hold out for me Rudi, I want to have at least ten orgasms before you cum. One for every inch of you. You are an exciting man. Very exciting with that magnificent cock you are masturbating for us. I might even help to get you there." I can feel Sarah tensing as she nears her first orgasm. "Watch me Rudi, this for you," she groans as shakes.

To heighten her pleasure I dig my fingernails into her arse cheeks. I can feel Sarah's excitement as she wants to perform for and impress Rudi as well as me. "That cock of yours is an absolute turn on for me. Watch me cum some more especially for you. "Two&hellip. Three&hellip. Four&hellip. Five&hellip. Six&hellip. Seven&hellip. Eight&hellip. Nine." Rudi counts as he pleasures himself with two oily hands.

"You are a star performer Sarah. Watching you two perform while I masturbate is very exciting. "Hurry Sarah, I can't hold out much longer."
And Sarah does, turned on by the thought of helping Rudi to cum and especially watching him stroke his 'magnificent' cock.

"This one is especially for you Rudi," Sarah tells him as she tenses and her whole body shakes for her tenth orgasm. "Stand behind him and work on his nipples," she tells me. "He liked that yesterday." I do. I have a raging hard on. I start by teasing his nipples and then pinch them as Sarah asks him, "What would you like me to do to get you over the top?" "Suck your mans cock.

I love to watch." Sarah does, kneeling, with me standing up. I am rock hard and ready to cum immediately after fucking Sarah with my tongue and watching Rudi masturbate. "Cum for me, cum for me," Sarah is urging two men. And we do simultaneously.