Hardcore outdoor nailing of my busty gf brunette

Hardcore outdoor nailing of my busty gf brunette
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This is my first story so if you have any tips/comments help me out :p. "Ughh." I moaned as I crawled out of bed to turn off the alarm clock. I didn't realize how tired I was until I reached the bathroom.

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"Fuck." I cussed under my breath as I looked in the mirror. I looked like a mess my black choppy hair was all fucked up, my black wife-beater was all wrinkly, and my spider bites were missing thier tips. I hopped in the shower and admired myself as I cleaned myself up. A built tan body nice abs and pecs, a nice dick about seven inches when hard and a little more then two inches thick, I was about 6 ft" with light brown eyes. As I got out the shower I dried off, did my hair, and went to my room throw on a Alesana shirt, black skinnies, white vans, and my band bracelets.

I screwed in some new tips to my lip piercings, picked up my backpack and other shit I needed then took one last look in the mirror before heading off to school. "Hey loser!" Someone called out as I was crossing the street. I turned and smiled "Whats up bro?" I replied to my bestfriend Logan. He had light blue eyes, was wearing a sleeve-less slipknot shirt and some black torn up pants.

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He was about 6.3 ft" but his black mohawk with blonde tips and his black spiked boots made him look a couple inches taller. "Not much fucking hungry.

Ready for our morning smoke?" he asked as he handed me a cigarette. " Fuck yes it's the only thing that's gonna get me through this fucking morning." I said as I lit up both cigs and chuckled. "Now all we need is music" I said pulling out my ipod stero and blasting some slayer. After we were a few feet away from we school we put out our smokes and kept walking turning up the music more. "Hopefully it annoys the preppy bitches" he said pointing at some chicks around the school entrance.

"Dosen't it always?" I jokingly replied.


As we passed through school getting the usual awkward stares and looks of disgust we met up with our group. There was quite a few of us goths, emos, stoners, skaters, punks all that shit we were labled with.

After saying hi everyone me and Logan sat down at the tables where everyone was around "Alex!" Dawn squeaked as she plopped down on my lap throwing her arms around me.

I smiled as I hugged her "I missed you Dawn" I said looking at her body. She was wearing a tight black avenged seven fold shirt that showed off her C cup tits,and white skinnies that fit nice around her perky ass.


" I can tell. by the way my eyes are up here" she grinned pointing at her gorgeous green eyes and moving her short jet blue hair out of her face. "Shut up!" I laughed pushing her off me and standing up. As the bell rang I picked her up and said " Come on I'll walk you to class shrimp. I don't want you being trampled in the morning crowd." She punched my arm and rolled her eyes as we said our good-byes to our friends.

As I walked her to class we talked about bands and other things until we got to her classroom. " Hey Alex me and some friends are gonna sneak in afterschool and go for a late night swim.you down?" She asked.

" Sure. Sounds fun" I smirked. "Great! It's around 11. See you there." She happily said as she walked into class her black thong showing and her sexy ass swaying from side to side. I started feeling the blood go to my dick imagining how it would feel to press my dick inbetween her ass or feeling her hot mouth on my he-*tiiiiinnnggg* The bell rang interrupting my thoughts as I walked to first period.

The day went on uneventful until third period. I dreaded this class full of stupid jocks and preppy bitches asking me retarded questions. I sat down at my desk as my teacher told everyone to settle down and then continued talking on and on about shakespeare or some boring shit.

Out of boredom I looked around the classroom at least these preps had big tits I thought to myself as someone behind me angrily said " checking out my girl dawg!?" I turned staring at the guy.

A typical wanna be gangsta long shirt with YOLO scrawled across it, jeans sagging a few inches above his knees and snap back hat. "Shut the fuck up." I said turning. His appearance irritated me especially his YOLO shirt. " What the fuck you say nigga?!" he said getting louder. "Are you deaf or just stupid?" I replied tensing up my fist. "Fucking bitch can you even see with all that hair in your eyes?" He said. That was one thing that pissed me off extremly and with some BFMV blasting in my ear it was enough to set me off.

I got up mad as fuck and so did he with the whole class staring at us I punched him as hard as I could in the gut making him grab his stomach In pain.

I smiled as I heard the wind being knocked out of him and I quickly grabbed his head and drove it to my knee making him fall on the ground. Seeing my chance I got on to of him and started swinging blow after blow on his face getting blood splatteted me until someone pulled me off. Angrily I tried breaking free and WHAM! I felt a hard punch to the cheek making me bleed a bit.

I looked up and saw the guy coming at me do I jumped up pushing back on the kid holding me and slammed both feet straight into the guys nose probably breaking it. I fell on the guy holding me and quickly got up grabbing my shit and bolting out the door not bothering to look back. I ran until I wasn't on school property and touched my lip. "FUCK!" I cursed feeling blood on fingers. I sat on the curb and looked around. "Where am I gonna go."I thought to myself feeling my phone blow up with texts and calls.

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"Heh I guess shit spreads fast." I thought while I stood up. I started walking to the park thinking it was the only place I wasn't gonna get bothered. As soon as I reached the park I dumped my shit on the ground and layed down on the grass putting in my earphones and playing some Chelsea Grin. After a while I finally relaxed and drifted to sleep. "Alllleeeeex" I heard someone say as my earphones were removed. " Hmm?." I replied still groggy opening my eyes.

" Wow your lip is busted" s he said a bit shocked. "Brooke.?" I instantly recognized her from our group. Bright red hair with part of it shaved, a tongue and nose piercing, she wore a tight Misfits shirt with Double D tits, and a skirt. " In the flesh." She flashed a smile sitting next to me.

"I heard you got your ass kicked in english" she teased poking my sides. " BULLSHIT!" I yelled " I kicked his ass!" I said. "Easy there killer.

I'm kidding. Everyone has seen the video. props by the way. " she said. I burried my head in my hands saying" ughh.I have such a killer headache.". She started massaging my shoulders softly easing my stress. "You know sex is the best cure for a headache" she jokingly teased."Hah cute. But it isn't going to help right now.I need to relax and think." I said. "Hmm." I heard her say as she digged through her backpack and pulled out a white pipe with a dub sack."God I love you" I smiled as she filled the bowl and took a huge hit and passed it to me.

"Think of this as a favor.you'll pay me back later" she winked. After smoking a few bowls we laid down listening to The Causalities and I zoned out staring at clouds. "Time to pay me back" I heard as I opened my eyes ."Huh?." I replied feeling Brooke straddling my hips and grinding on me.

"W-what are y-" I was cut off by her shoving her tongue in my mouth and I moaned gently feeling her wet pussy rubbing on my growing hard on."No panties?" I grinned puling her away from my mouth by the back of her hair making her gasp. "Mmmmm no"she moaned. I reached up and kissed her roughly digging my nails into the back of her thighs and dragging down.

She moaned into my mouth rubbing against my dick harder. " Ughhh this feels so good baby" she whimpered. I rolled over and pushed her down on the ground pinning her arms above her head making her tits look huge.

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"Please . Please eat me out" she whinned as I pressed my hard on against her clit. I smiled and said" Beg for it.". I softly kissed down her neck and lifted her shirt over her tits and sliding my tongue lightly across her waist line and running my fingertips up her inner thighs. She moaned louder "Pleaasseee.babeeee". I tore off her bra and teased her nipples swirling my tongue gently around them while I ran my finger up and down her pussy brushing up against her clit making her squirm. " Ughhh!" She moaned struggling against my hand that was pinning her down.

I did the same to the other nipple and slowly slid a finger inside her making her gasp. I started thrusting my finger in and out her gently adding another one while taking her nipple in my mouth sucking it and swirling my tongue around it.

"Babe eat me!"she demanded getting a bit angry. So I let her hands go and grabbed her neck taking my dick out and rubbing it against her clit "Excuse me?." I said. "Mmmm baby I want you bad!."she cooed. I let her neck go and slowly kissed down her stomach and spread her pussy lightly flicking my tongue up and down her pussy tasting her juices.

Not bad I thought tastes sweet. I forcefully shoved my tongue into her pussy making her grab on to my head and push me deeper inside."Alex!" She moaned as I plunged my tongue deeper inside her moving it in and out quickly.

Her hips bucked against my face as she pinched and played with her nipples. I took my tongue out and flicked it against her clit a few times before shoving it back in causing her to grind against my face moaning louder and louder. I felt her pussy starting to tighten so I pulled out my tongue "W-why did you s-sto." she was cut off by me shoving all 7 inches of my cock inside her making her whine and dig her nails into my back."ALEX!" She screamed as I plowed my dick in and out her soaking pussy.

"God shes so tight and wet!" Was all that was going through my head as I shoved my cock deeper and harder inside her. "I-IM CLOOOSE!" she gasped between hi. I picked her legs up and put them on my shoulders making my dick go deeper inside her.

She started matching my thrusts slamming herself against my dick faster and harder. I started rubbing her clit and she yelled " Ughh MMM IM CUUUUMING!!!" Her pussy tightened around my dick and I drove my cock faster and harder inside her feeling her squirt her juices all around my cock "UGGHH!" She screamed as she came and layed back tired. I felt my balls tighten up so I quickly pulled out and jacked off my dick and moaned "AAAARRGGGHHH" as I emptied my load on her tits shot after shot coming out of my dick.

"Ugh" I said and laid down next to her watching her pick up my cum with her finger and licking it off. "Yum" she giggled and smiled at me. "Debt repaid?" I grinned. "Not by a long shot" she teased. Part one end. (Remember this is my first story >.< soo.help me out ?)

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