Puppenhaus 7 schwarz angelika

Puppenhaus 7 schwarz angelika
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I first found out i was gay around grade nine. Girls just didn't seem to interest me.


I found myself turning to guys and just staring at them in class, undressing them in my head. I was a bit big for the age of 15, with about a 5" cock. But i never pictured myself getinng sucked by a guy, or fucking a guy in the ass, i always fantasized about being the bitch, sucking a guy until he came in my mouth, or taking it up the ass.

Entering grade 10 my fantasies became more than that, I was desperate for a man, I began to become depressed, i just never thought it would happen, Until i saw Chris. He was a typical guy, unlike me. He was athletic, had lots of friends, and a girlfriend, so obviously, there was no hope.

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I had like 5 other physical crushes on guys, all of them from my gym class. In the locker room i always hoped to seen somthing exposed, an ass, some chest, Anything!! I even once saw a guy naked from behind, believe me, that ass was all i thought about for a while. But nothing could take my mind off of Chris, he was absolutley stunning! Blonde hair, usually spiked, Bright blue eyes, a chest that could kill, but sadly, that was all i saw of him for a while.

This one gym class, he wore a sleeveless shirt and shorts above the knee, and thats when my lust turned into desperation, I needed Chris, I needed to feel his cock, I needed him inside me. But again, my thoughts travelled from fantasy to depression about how i would never get him. Coming upstairs from the changing room that day i heard voices. "So, how much money would it take for you to suck a guys cock?" One voice said, i immeadiatly recognized it as Chris's.

The other guy laughed, "About a million!" Chris laughed too, surely this was just stupid 15 year old boys joking around, but i decided to try my luck.

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I waited at the bottom of the stairs, and lucky for me the other guy left first, thats when i started up the stairs to make my move. When i got to the top i said, "I'd suck your cock for free." and then started to walk away, but he grabbed my shoulder and turned me around.

"You a fucking fag man?" he said. I struggled to get away but he held me by my shoulders. "Answer my damned question!" he yelled. I was freaking out, if i said yes, he would probably beat me up, but if i said no he'd probably go and do it anyway, so i decided to be honest.

"Y-yes." i whispered, and looked down, I couldn't help but take a glance at his chest before i did.

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"Well well well, i always thought you were a fucking fag. what kind of guy sits and reads all day? So, you want to suck my cock? Get to it you fucking faggot or i'll tell everyone your little secret!" After saying this he led me back down into the semi-dark locker room and we went into a dry shower room.

He pushed me to my knees and pulled down his pants.

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At that moment all my prayers and fantasies were answered. Ontop of his amazing upperbody, he had an amazing cock, about 8" inches and pretty thick, it wasn't shaven, but it wasn't a big messy patch of hair either, his balls were tight against his dick and his ass, well it was the nicest ass i bet i would ever see!

Smooth, and nicely shaped, i was in awe, he looked like a god. "Well?" he looked down at me and said, Breaking my stunned silence. I instantly took his cock into my hand, it was rock hard already, throbbing, and warm. All my dreams had finally come to this! His cock slid into my mouth naturally, it was like i've done it all my life, My head bobbed up and down, my tounge working furiously on his shaft, he began to moan.


My dick had become rock hard and i could feel the precum gathering on my underwear. I unzipped my jeans and started stroking my dick while i was sucking him off, it was incredible! He grabbed my head and started pushing his cock deeper into my mouth.

It was so pleasant i didn't even gag. "Fuck you slut, you're good!" he moaned. I took this compliment with pride and started moving faster, he began to buck his hips and i knew what was coming. "Shit!" he moaned and shot a huge load down my throat. It tasted so good!

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I licked his softening cock until i couldn't find another trace of cum and I fell back, panting from the experience. "Damn you fag, you're good." He started to pull up his shorts but i stopped him halfway. "Wait!" I exclaimed. "What?" he said, confused.


"I need you inside me! I've been wanting this for so long, I just, I just. I Just need you to be inside me!!" I screamed. "Alright alright, jeeze.

If you want an ass fucking that bad, i guess i'll have to give you one. But i won't be gentle!" he said. I was so relieved! My ultimate fantasy had become a reality and i was going to take it a step further! I started to lube up his cock with saliva and i took off my jeans and underwear. I spit on my fingers and started to finger my ass. This i had practiced many times, anticpating this moment. Once he was hard and sufficiently lubed i started to liftt my legs up, lying on my back, until he said, "Nope, Not like that fag, on your hands and knees." I obeyed and crawled onto my hands and knees, waiting for the blissful moment of penatration.

As he said, he wasn't gentle, but i didn't care. He thrust in so quickly i saw stars, it hurt a lot but after a minute my pain was replaced by pure ecstasy.

My cock was begging for attention so i used one of my hands to stroke it. Chris was like a jackhammer! In and out, In and out. To fast for me to moan! "Get ready bitch, here it comes!" he said after about a minute of this intense hammering. I was ready to cum to, a years worth of fantasy built up in my cock. "Fuck!" he exclaimed and shot a huge load into my ass.

At that same moment i released the biggest load i have ever shot allover the floor.

Chris pulled away and i fell to the floor, exhausted. He walked in front of me and crouched down, waving his cock in my face. "Clean it bitch." he said, and i took his soft cock into my mouth, letting my tongue run allover it. When i was done he got up, "Well.

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You are great, i'm going to have to tell my friends, they have been dying for some sex, i don't think they'll care if its a guy." My cock pulsed in excitement at the mention of more guys. "Meet here tommorow, same time.

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We'll see if we can make a real whore out of you." That ended my first experience, and i was so relieved to have a fantasy off my chest! The next day he brought all 5 of my other guy crushes, and well, Thats another story!