Black boys on white gay sex movies and big hot good Dude squeals like

Black boys on white gay sex movies and big hot good Dude squeals like
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This place was driving you crazy. Your head was spinning. "Are you ok?" My God that voice. One of the main reason your head was spinning. This woman. The bartender. You look deep into her eyes. Lost in a mindful of dirty thoughts. Her gaze never leaving yours and for the short seconds before you spoke, it felt like hours.

"I'm good," you said sternly. She walked close to you. "You can stop at anytime," Mila said. Her soft lips inches from yours. Why was she doing this? She had to know she was driving you crazy. You push a small strand of hair out of her face.

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Her hand grabbed yours. It was like electricity going through your body. She slid your hand down.your fingers grazing her sweet lips. You could've sworn you felt her tongue tease your passing fingers. She put your hand on her chest. You could feel how hard her heart was beating.

You couldn't take anymore. You moved your hand quickly to her throat and pushed her against the wall. You could see fire and lust burning in her eyes. You use your other hand to rip open her top then kiss her hard. Your tongue sliding between her lips. Her moan was more than you could take.

You pick her up.her legs wrapped around your waist. Your mouths devouring each other. Your Cock felt like it would rip through your pants. You squeezed her ass tight and kissed down her throat. Fuck your mind was intoxicated with her. "We have to stop," she said breathlessly.


"Why?" Grinding up into her. "Because&hellip.there oh fuckkkkkkkkkk" your hands had found their way inside her panties.

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The heat coming from between her legs could've melted ice. You finger parted her wet lips. Your eyes locked you slid your finger deep inside. She looked like she was ready to pass out from erotic bliss. Your dick was needed inside of her. Another moan and you kissed her softly. You feel her bite your lip as your finger feels her pussy start to orgasm. Fuck!!

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She is tight then out of nowhere you feel your Cock start throbbing gobs of cum into your pants. Her pussy convulsing to each of your throbs. Your own moan was loud like a wild beast. Your dick still rock hard. "There's another room." Her breathing was hard. You undid your pants and pinned her against the wall again. Her eyes driving you insane.

You rub your Cock against her. Her eyes shut. Was she going just as crazy? You took a step back. Her eyes confused. If she was going to make you lose you mind you were going to make her suffer the same. "Lead the way." You watched her inhale deeply. You knew she regretted telling you to stop. It took every ounce of willpower not to re-pick her up and slam your Cock up into her. Her eyes were begging you to stay right there. When you didn't move she sighed deeply and led you to the next room.

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This room was dark. A chair a bed. Loud music. Mila had you sit in the chair. She climbed on your lap avoiding eye contact. She leaned down to whisper in your ear. "Are you sure this is what you want?" You nodded. "Ok" she kissed you softly on the cheek.

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Two men entered the room and strapped your arms to the chair. "Hey what the hell is going on?" You yelled. Mila was standing in front of you.

Her eyes still not looking directly into yours. She Bends down this time her eyes staring deeply into yours. She unbuttoned your pants. Her hands so soft. You feel her pull your Cock out. You could feel her breath hit your Cock. She moaned and squeezed your Cock with her hand. "MILA!" A voice you had her before. You feel a set of very sexy hands wrap around your shoulders.

It was the owner. 2 of the most exotic sexual beings you had ever seen. She walked up to Mila. She slid her tongue along her lips. Mila moaned.

Mila slowly undressed while teasing the owner.


Your Cock still hard as a rock throbbed. Mila unbuttoned the owners bra. She backed the owner over to your lap.

She undid the button on her pants and slid them down sliding her tongue along the owners stomach. The owner straddled your lap. reverse cowgirl style. She moved her wet pussy lips on your dick like a taco. You were oozing precum.

Your eyes found Mila's. The owner teesed Mila's nipples bitting them.sucking them. Mila moaned louder. You wanted to move your hips.

You wanted Mila on your lap. Mila squatted down. Her hands on yours. You moaned. Her touch was truly killing you. Then you feel Mila's tongue on the head of your Cock while it slid through the owner's pussy.

You gasped. Mila's hands grabbed yours tightly. Her nails dug Into the top of your hands. Her mouth was almost too much as she began sucking you and licking the owners clit at the same time. You could feel her pussy juice flowing out onto your balls. The owner was close to cumming. The smell of sex filled the air.

Your Cock wasn't going to last much longer. Just then the owner climbed off your lap. She undid the straps holding you down. Your eyes still locked with Mila's. She leaned down whispered in your ear. You groaned. Then she left. You were in a room alone with the one woman who had driven you crazy all night. You stood and pulled her up off the floor.

You kissed her neck her wanted every inch of her. You walked her over to the bed and pushed her down. You spread her legs&hellip.your eyes on hers. Your tongue slid across her clit.

Her hands grabbed your head. She pulled you closer. Her sweet pussy juice covered your mouth as you spread her lips to taste every inch of her. Your dick throbbed.more precum. You could feel Mila's body start to tense but you wanted her to ride the edge awhile longer.

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You stood up and scooted her on the bed fully. Before she could sit up your body covered hers. You dick so hard it found her sweet hole and slid right in. "Oh my God" is all you heard her say before you kissed her deep. You slid in and out of her perfect pussy. As deep as you could go. Your balls slapping her ass. It was too much. You felt her pussy squeeze you.milk you. You moaned loud. "Mila you're making me cum!!!!!!!!!" Then you heard her yell your name.

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As her body spasmed in orgasm. You kissed her hard and then looked at her oddly. Did she just say your name?

You never told her your name. "How do you know my name?" Mila's eyes looked at the door then back at you. This was all too much. You climbed off her. Her eyes starting to fill with tears. You didn't know if you wanted to kiss her again or just leave. How do you walk away from something as amazing as her? You clenched your jaw and left.

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You needed air. You needed to leave.