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Part 1 My name is Eli Tonta. My story begins a few years back, it was during summer and I was thirteen years old. We live in a one-story house and it was small, yet cozy. My room was right next to my big brother's room, Jake. He was sixteen years old. Our rooms were right up against each other, our rooms were so close in-fact, Jake could have probably heard me sneeze through the walls.

Our rooms both lead out into the kitchen, it was a small and messy kitchen but we had all the essentials.

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To the left was the living room, there was no door connecting the kitchen and living room. Facing the living room from the kitchen, our parent's room was to the right and behind us was the laundry room and bathroom. It was late into the night and being my thirteen-year-old self, I couldn't sleep because I was afraid of monsters under my bed and whatnot. Of course, I had a night light, but that wouldn't help. I didn't know what to do because my parents hated it when I went into their room in the middle of the night, so I decided to go to my brother's room.

I was in some panties and a larger T-shirt, but my round boobs still poked at my shirt. For a thirteen-year-old, my breasts were rather large. I don't exactly remember how big because I didn't really know what they were for at the time, but they must have been Cs or maybe even larger.

Being at a young age, I never really noticed my body but looking back now, I was pretty busty - not to toot my own horn. I was growing hair in strange places and I had to keep them shaved because I thought it was mortifying.

I was short, I thought having a big butt sucked and my breasts were sore all the time from growing, like they were during that night. Anyway, I slowly opened my brother's room and peeked inside.

It was pitch dark but I've been in his room before. I crept in and quietly shut the door behind myself. Afterwards, I stumbled around in the dark for a few minutes and eventually found my brother's bed. I climbed up onto the side.

I looked around in the dark with my hands, rubbing them against the bed, looking for my brother.

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Eventually, I found him and gently climbed up into the bed with him. His back was facing me, so I scooted up as close as I could, to the point where my boobs were squished against his back, I was super cold. I moved my left arm in a way that supported my breasts, so they weren't as sore, with my shoulder/forearm and I had my head resting on my hand. I wasn't sure what to do with my right arm, so I just wrapped it around my brother, under the blankets. Jake was much taller than me, I remember him being around 6'3.

He was a giant compared to my 4'6 height! This is important because I remember when I wrapped my arm around his - what I thought was his stomach - hips, I felt something strange underneath Jake's underwear. At the time, I wasn't aware of what it was or what I was doing so I explored. It felt soft and long. I played with it for a few seconds before I thought about waking him up, but I had a super weird and new feeling that I've never had before, and it made me think otherwise about waking him.

Instead, I gently slipped my small hands under his underwear. I felt around for the long and soft thing I felt a second ago and I found it again. I felt a warm fuzzy feeling appear. It felt like it was coming from my stomach, but lower.

I felt a faint, warm glow appear in my breasts. It felt good, and the longer I played with his thing, the stronger the warm fuzzy feeling and the glowing would get. Now, at this age, I've never experienced anything like this. I've never masturbated in my life, I didn't even know what masturbation was. I didn't know what a penis was, I've never even seen one, and I didn't know what tits or pussies were or anything.

I only knew them as 'Boobs' and 'Private Parts'. I was extremely innocent at this age, but a lot of that changed quickly after this night. I liked the feeling I got from playing with Jake's 'tail', as I called it for a few weeks because I didn't know what it was. It made me feel good. Later, I learned that this feeling was what being horny was like. After a few minutes, I noticed it moved a little in my hand.

It kept moving and I wasn't sure if Jake was awake or not so I held perfectly still, even holding my breath. It kept growing and I could feel my hand tightening around it as his tail grew bigger. I didn't know what I did or what happened, but now it was harder than a rock and even longer than it was a few seconds ago! It wasn't near as floppy as it was a second ago, now it wouldn't even bend, no matter how hard I tried.

I kept playing with it, bopping it against my hand and sometimes rubbing it unaware of what I was actually doing. I kept playing with it for a few more seconds until I felt his 'tail' pulse in my hands.

I kept doing what I was doing and it kept pulsing, and I suddenly felt something warm, gooey and sticky get on my hands. I left my hand still for a moment, trying to figure out what just happened. I wasn't sure if what just got on my hands was pee - which would have been disgusting and I would have silently freaked - but I didn't think it was pee.

There wasn't much on my hands because most of 'it' got stuck to Jake's underwear. Eventually, I pulled my hand out from his underwear. I brought the gooey substance to my nose and smelt it, but it didn't smell like anything. I pinched my fingers together and rubbed them back and forth, it was very slippery. I wasn't sure how much was on my hands because it was pitch black, and I didn't want to wipe it all over my brother's bed.

A thought crossed my mind, I should just eat it. At first, I was absolutely disgusted at the thought but I didn't know what else to do. I sighed and brought my hand to my mouth and licked the substance off of my fingers. It didn't taste as bad as I thought it would.

It was actually kind of tasty, it was a little sweet with some other strange - but good - tastes. I wasn't sure what just happened, but that warm glowy feeling I had earlier became much, much more intense and the source came from the pure flower between my legs and, not near as much, the two little roses atop of the hills of my chest, ultimately replacing the sore feeling I had earlier.

I didn't know how to relieve these strange new, sexual feelings and they were growing more and more intense by the second. The feelings felt so intense, and I had this impulse to do something. I wasn't sure what, but my body needed me to do something. I didn't know how to relieve my feelings. I instinctively closed my thighs together, slightly rubbing them back and forth. It felt good and it was relieving some of those sexual tensions, but it wasn't enough.

Not even close. I squeezed my young thirteen year old boobs together using my upper arm. That, too, helped but it was just in the slightest. I needed more. I don't remember what I was thinking, but I remember I instinctively moved my hand down above my delicate gender, I could feel my hand placed gently above my pantie-covered mound, my fingertips resting on various areas upon my young sex.

As I felt around, I realized that the front of my panties were almost soaked. I didn't have an idea where all these liquids came from, but I didn't really think about questioning it. I just wanted to please the feelings I had. Just placing my fingertips upon my vagina felt incredible at the time. It was the best feeling I had ever experienced in my youth. I hesitated before doing anything else, but I had a sudden and incredibly strong impulse to just press down and move my hand back and forth, essentially masturbating through my soaked panties.

It was one of the most excellent feelings I had ever felt. Of course, I was thirteen at the time and had no idea that what I did and what I was doing was a bad thing. I had no clue at all. I gently slipped my hand under my panties, and the excellent feeling I felt before felt two times better when I touched myself bare. I was completely soaked and every time I moved my fingers over my sex, a rather loud squish sound could be heard.

After a few seconds, I figured out an even better spot to rub. It was a little piece that felt extremely good every time I jerked my hand over it. Later, I learned that this was called a clitoris. My thoughts brought me to licking my brother's fluids after I had unknowingly jerked him off, and that thought pushed me over the edge. At the time, I didn't have a clue what was happening. All I knew was that I could only feel extremely intense waves of pleasure coursing through my body.

I remember my whole body shuddering, instinctively pinching my nipples through my shirt, only increasing the intensity of what I was feeling. With every shudder my body produced, a new wave of amazing flowed over me. This. This moment was the best moment of my entire life and it opened my eyes to a new, amazing place. I never thought I would or even could experience so much sexual pleasure. It took me a while to learn, but these were called orgasms.

This night was the best night I had ever experienced, and I don't regret any of it. Even now, I don't. Afterwards, I lied there for a few more moments. I couldn't touch my vagina, it was just so raw. So sensitive, the slightest touch sent such intense waves of pleasure that it was simply too much. I held my hand over every part of my vagina, using it to protect it from touching anything.

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I felt like I was missing something, but I didn't really know what and I didn't have the strength to stay awake and think about it. Part 2 After waking up about twenty-five minutes prior to Jake, I had left Jake's room and quickly went into my room.

I held my hands over my crotch because my panties were still slightly damp, and the air was extremely cold on the thin fabric. I turned the lights on, hopped into my bed after closing the door, and immediately began experimenting with myself. All I remembered from last night was that if I rubbed around my crotch, it felt really freaking good and the fact that I was becoming obsessed over my brother; though, I didn't realize that at the time.

Thoughts of the events that occurred last night surged throughout my mind, it was the only thing I could think about. I could feel my liquids seeping out onto my panties again, making them more wet. I decided to take them off to make things easier. I rubbed around my crotch, randomly guessing and trying to figure out which part feels the best.

I quickly found it, it was a little nub towards my mound. Every time I brushed my hand over it, it sent a slight shudder of pleasure throughout my body with the waves being most intense towards my breasts and my pussy. Without really thinking about it, I bit my lip and began to learn how to properly masturbate.

I just rubbed my fingers back and forth over my clit, speeding up overtime. Combined with the memories of last night, I didn't last long at all. It took me about two minutes to start feeling the orgasm rapidly building up. I knew what was about to happen, now.

And I knew it was going to be fucking amazing. I felt the intense waves of pleasure surge out through my body in rapid successions, causing my whole body to shake and shudder. I wanted to scream, but I bit my lip and held it in. The orgasm lasted for so long, I can't even remember. As I was nearing the end, I heard a knock on the door and the knob turned. I quickly pulled my blankets over myself, still shuddering slightly because I could still feel the waves of pleasure, just not as intense as earlier.

"Hey sis," I heard my brother say as he opened the door. Still shuddering a little, I replied with a weak "Hey." He hesitated before saying anything, "You want some breakfast?" I felt a bit of joy enter my heart as he asked that, feeling special. "Yeah," I responded with a voice crack and a shudder. "You okay?" He asked as he started to walk over, "You seem a bit cold." I felt my heart begin to race as he walked towards my bed, "Uh.

y-yeah, I guess I am a little cold," I stuttered my way through the sentence. He sat down next to me, I could feel my heart practically pounding at my throat.

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I never felt this nervous around Jake before. Something from last night had given me a whole new feeling that I'd never felt before. "Oh, well alright. What'd you want to eat?" He laid his hand down, on what he thought was my shoulder, on my right breast and pat it a few times in a comforting manner.

What he didn't know was that every time he pat my breast, the lower palm of his hand was causing the fabric of the blanket to rub against my nipple and would cause a ripple of pleasure to disperse throughout my body. By now, my heart was pounding so hard, I was certain Jake could hear it but I couldn't ever tell for sure. "Um… bacon and eggs?" I asked shyly. I wasn't sure why I was feeling nervous and a little shy in front of my older brother, but I didn't like it.

He flashed me a warm smile before saying, "Alright little sis, I'll come get you when they're ready." He leaned over and pecked my forehead with a kiss and left the room. I felt my face grow hot and red as he kissed my forehead and left. After he closed the door, I let out a huge sigh of relief and I felt my heartbeat slowly fade away.

I sighed and reached over and grabbed my phone to look at the time: 5:49 AM. It didn't have Wi-Fi or any internet access and it didn't have the ability to call or send text messages, but it was still useful for entertainment. My parents, before giving me the phone, put some apps that I asked them to add.

They'd go over it and allow it. Sometimes they'd disallow it, maybe because of the content. Most of the apps were games, though. I sat there for a few minutes and played games on my phone, trying to get my mind off of Jake, but to no avail. In the middle of my game, my 6:00 AM alarm went off. I jumped in fright and dropped it onto my lap, sideways and in between my legs.

I sat there for a few minutes to allow myself to recover from the fright while listening to the alarm tune. As I was recovering, I felt the vibrations of the phone vibrating against the fabric of the blanket that was resting directly above my vagina. The feelings that the vibrations gave me painted an almost perfect picture in my mind of what happened last night.

The tastes, the smells, the emotional and physical feelings and sensations I felt all came back to me in that moment and made me have a 3-4 second spasm of pleasure. Not exactly an orgasm, but I could feel that it wouldn't take long to get one! Just a few more seconds and I would have gotten my orgasm, but a knock on the door made me jump and I quickly yanked my phone away from my crotch and pretended I was playing on it.

It felt like I was going to have a heart attack! My heart was beating so fast again. Jake pushed open the door and just saw me on my phone. I looked up at him and smiled, "Is it ready?" He flashed me a cute grin and replied, "Yeah, I made them how you liked. Come on and have a seat." He turned around and walked out, leaving the door open.

I remembered that I never got dressed and the door was halfway open. I sat there for a second, slightly panicking about the situation. I stared at the crack in the door for a few minutes, looking for Jake but I never saw him. I leaned over to my side, making sure to hold the blanket over my chest, to look for some sort of clothing.

I saw the panties and shirt that I wore last night. I didn't have anything else, so I guess that would have to do temporarily. I leaned over and picked them up and inspected them.

The front of the panties was still slightly damp, but it wasn't noticeable so I put them on under the blanket anyway. I looked at the T-Shirt, but it was surprisingly clean and it smelt okay, so I went ahead and threw it on and got out of bed. The T-Shirt was a rather large shirt, it went down to my thighs, about an inch or two just above the knee.

The shirt showed off a bit of cleavage, but I shrugged it off and went on. I opened my door all the way and walked into the kitchen and saw my brother eating his breakfast while he was on his phone. He had some sausages instead of bacon and three or four fried eggs. On my plate were some scrambled eggs and four strips of bacon with a glass of milk next to the plate. I couldn't help but smile, I guess he's in a good mood today! He rarely makes breakfast.

I went ahead and sat down, "Hey, Eli." Jake said from across the circular table. After sitting down, I was kind of wishing I was sitting next to him instead of across the table. I realized how weird I sounded and tried to push the thought away, but the constant horniness I was feeling from not being able to finish my business just kept bringing in thoughts about Jake.

I tried my best to suppress the thoughts and responded, "Hey, Jake," I took a bite of the eggs, "You did a really good job on these eggs." He flashed me a smile, "Thanks. So, I was thinking, do you wanna go camping with some of my friends later today? We'll be staying the night and coming back home tomorrow. We found a really nice spot called Sunset and it's right next to a little river. So, what do you say?" I thought for a moment.

I did want to go swim because I love swimming. But I didn't know any of his friends at all. Buut I would see Jake without a shirt. My mind was made. "Yeah, sounds fun!" I replied excitedly.

Later that day, I was loading up into Jake's friend's car. It was a white car, a little busted up but it worked. There were three seats taken, so I took the only vacant one which was in the back. I had a tank top and some short shorts with a black bathing suit underneath that was kind of tight and rather uncomfortable around me.

At least the breast-pieces were. Jake was in the front passenger seat with a red shirt that had nothing but a black little icon on the chest. He was wearing some swimming shorts and some sandals. Jake introduced me to Katrina, or Kat. She was the driver, "Hey, Eli! I'm Kat, your driver for today!" she said with a smile. She spoke kind of slow and pretty soft, but she looked very pretty!

She was wearing a tank top too, but it had really big sleeve holes that went all the way from the top of the shirt to nearly the bottom. You could see the breast piece of her bathing suit easily. She was wearing a pitch-white bathing suit. She was also wearing some shorts that didn't even go halfway down her thigh, but they were cute. I smiled at her through the rear-view mirror and said, "Thanks, Kat. Nice to meet you." Jake then introduced Luuk. His name is spelt really weird but it just sounds like Luke.

"This is Luuk, Eli." Jake said. Luuk was tall with blond hair and blue eyes. He was pretty cute, I thought but my eyes were still on Jake.

"Hi, Luuk," I said. He replied with a grin, "Heyy, you're really small." I didn't really know what else to do so I just smirked, "Uhh. thanks?" He blew a little more air out of his nostrils than normal and his grin got even wider, "I'm just playin' with you.

Nice to meet you, Eli." I smiled at him, "Nice to meet you too, Luuk." I got along well with Jake's friend on the ride to Sunset. It was about ten - fifteen minutes out so I got to know his friends a little better. Katrina is 19 and seems to be a sweet person and I think she kinda likes me. Not like. In that way, I don't think, but more like a friend and that made me feel really comfortable. She was a really cute girl. About a foot and a few inches taller than me, brown luscious hair, freckles along her cheeks, blue eyes and a nice body.

She was petite with breasts that were about the same size as mine. Her butt was small but it was really cute. Luuk is a really cool guy, too! He's 17, friendly, nice and one of the funniest people I've met. He does these funny little play-by-plays of a conversation or something and he'll do all these little gestures with his body and make little voices for the people he's imitating.

He also smokes a lot of marijuana, just like Katrina. Luuk is about 6' I'd imagine, huge compared to me! His hair was blonde and on the sides of his head were cut but, on the top, it was longer.

His face was smooth, so he didn't have freckles or anything. He had brown eyes. I didn't know this until meeting Luuk and Katrina, but Jake also smokes marijuana. When I met them, I thought it was crazy at first but they all started talking about it and they were talking about how it isn't bad at all and how it actually helps people. Once we got to Sunset, it was around 5:20 PM. We had to walk a little to actually get to the spot, but once we got there, it was really nice! Trees lined up against the bank and further down the small river was a man-made bridge.

It was pretty tall, and it was kinda far away but still in a walkable distance. The sun was low in the sky, making the clouds turn into a beautiful golden/red/purple. The lights reflected off the shimmering water and it just looked gorgeous. Before getting into the water, we set three tents up. One for Katrina, one for Luuk, and one for me and Jake. We didn't get a fourth tent because I came into the picture at the last second.

We grabbed some chairs and I sat on a tree stump that was smoothly cut on both edges. I rolled it over to where we were setting up the fire and placed it next to the fire. As we were all sitting around the rather shitty fire, Katrina suggested, "So, do y'all wanna go swim before it gets too dark?" Jake replied, "Yeah, I do." Luuk lifted a glass pipe to show us, "Y'all wanna smoke first?" Katrina and Jake looked at each other and then to me.

"You want to try it?" I looked back to Jake, then to Luuk, and then to Katrina as if expecting someone to say something for some reason. "Uh. yeah, I guess I'll try it," I announced. Luuk looked to Jake and smiled, "Hell yeah, we got a champ!" Luuk exclaimed as he handed the pipe and a red lighter to me. The glass pipe's main color was dark and light blue with a stripped pattern. The inside of the pipe bowl was packed in with something that didn't smell too particularly nice, but it was green, and it was grinded down.

I wanted to touch it but I thought against it because I didn't want to mess anything up. The inside of the pipe bowl, from what I could tell, was covered in black. I could only assume that's how much they've used it. Upon further examination, I found two holes. One that went into the pipe's bowl, and one that ran along the length of the pipe body from the bowl to the exit. "That's where you put your mouth," Jake said as he gestured toward the hole that ran along the length of the pipe, "and that is where you put your thumb," he said as he gestured toward the other hole.

"Hold the lighter in your right and light it upside down, so like this," he showed me to hold the lighter sideways, so the lighter's red button faced me.

"When you want to inhale, inhale it into your mouth first and then breath in. You'll cough like hell, so take this water," he handed me a plastic water bottle. I took it and set it between my feet. I did as he said and put the pipe's entrance in my mouth and held the lighter backwards, so the flame went up and burnt my thumb.

I winced in pain, but I didn't want anyone to notice so I just flipped the lighter around. I propped the lighter's ignition on the side of the bowl, taking a lot of time to prepare and light the weed.

After a lot of hesitation and looking at my friends, I lit the weed for a few seconds. I inhaled it through the pipe into my mouth, let it set for a second and took a breath in.


Almost immediately, I practically began to cough my lungs out. I dropped the lighter and handed the pipe off to someone, it took a second for someone to take it.

I was coughing so hard that I couldn't even say anything! I reached down and began to down the water bottle, occasionally coughing into the water bottle and having some water spew off onto the side. I could only hope that it didn't land on anybody! I occasionally heard someone say, "Are you okay, Eli?" I shook my head, 'no' with a forced smile and stuck my index finger up to gesture, "give me a minute" After calming my lungs down by forcing myself to gulp air down, everyone was looking at me.

Katrina asked, "What do you think?" I smiled, already feeling the effects, "Um… I dunno, really. I think I feel it already though." Jake said, "I dunno how you'll feel, but for me, it makes me really sleepy." I wasn't really feeling sleepy at all, but I was actually feeling pretty hyper.

I don't know if it was because of the marijuana or because of how the day's been going, but I didn't think marijuana was that bad of a thing anymore. After passing the pipe around a few more times and coughing my lungs up, we eventually finished it off.

Everyone kept asking if I was blazed, but I didn't even know what that meant. But yeah, I was blazed. High off my ass. Higher than the fucking moon. I remember that it was hard to remember things, like it was really bad short-term memory loss. My eyes did feel a little heavy, but I didn't feel tired at all. I felt like getting up and doing stuff! My mind was racing with thoughts. So many, in-fact, that I'd go off-topic on a thought and completely forget the original thought.


Then that happens to the thought that went off-topic because that topic made me think about something else. And, well, it's rather a vicious cycle.

I just sat there as everyone else stripped their clothes except their bathing suits. Katrina's breast piece looked uncomfortable because it was squishing her boobs all together and stuff. "You comin'?" Jake asked with a smile. It took me a moment to process what he just said, "Oh. uhhhh, yeah I am." I stood up with a slight stumble. Jake stared at me for a few more moments before shrugging and turning around to pull his shirt off.

He looked fucking gorgeous! He was kind of muscular, but not really. He had some noticeable muscles on his arms and a few abs. You could tell he works out.

After he got in the water, I began to strip as well. I pulled my shirt off to reveal my breast-piece. It was just the regular padded breast pieces held together only by some strings. It didn't push my boobs together or make them feel uncomfortable or anything.

I pulled my short shorts off. While I was leaning down to pull my short shorts off, I looked up in time just to see Jake out in the water, staring at me.

At my boobs! I quickly looked away from him, hoping he didn't catch me looking at him. I felt nervous and I felt my heart beating harder than normal in my chest. But on top of the nervousness, I felt… aroused. It made me feel good that he was checking me out.

The feeling of arousal gave me flashbacks to last night and I began to feel a glow appear in crotch. It made me feel the need to do something, and that something was masturbate. That got me thinking about later tonight. Since I was brought in at the last moment, I'd be sleeping with Jake in his tent.

I wanted to see his 'tail' this time, not just touch it. Just thinking about what I was planning to do later tonight started to make me wet down below. I quickly got into the water before my juices started to drip down my leg.

I tried to ignore the feelings, but it was difficult. Especially when he was practically standing right in-front of me and without a shirt. Nothing too interesting happened while swimming; however, I think I might have caught Jake looking at my breasts a few times. I don't think he noticed that I noticed. When I caught him glancing at my breasts, it made me happy. I could feel my heart beat faster and my face grew hot every time I caught him. I'm not too sure why it made me feel that way, but it did.

I couldn't help but smile every time I caught him checking me out! It was around 6:50 PM by the time we got out and changed, the sun had set about twenty minutes ago.

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We stayed out for a few more hours, talking and getting to know each other while getting higher than balloons. Luuk kept packing and passing the bowl to me and I never denied his offers. Every time I took a hit of the bowl, I could feel my lungs grow hot. The sensation made me cough my lungs up each time.

As I kept hitting it, I did get better and began coughing less. I looked at my phone's clock and it read 8:53 PM. As I was checking the phone, I heard Jake yawn, "Well guys, I'm pretty tired. Probably gonna crash now, see you guys in the morning," he said as he sat up from his chair and went into his tent.

"Goodnight," we all called out as he was getting in the tent. I heard him shuffling around inside for a few minutes until he went silent.

Luuk sighed and said, "Well, I guess I'm gonna do the same. You ladies enjoy yourselves." He got up from his seat and went in his tent. Me and Katrina called out, "Night," as he went into his tent. Katrina looked at me, "Well, I think I'm gonna go into my tent too. You wanna come?" I thought for a moment. What if she knows that I like my brother? If I say no and just go into my brother's tent, will she think I do? "Yeah, sure." I finally decided.

She grinned at me, "Alright little one, let's go." She said as she walked over to her tent. I followed her. On the walk to her tent, I couldn't help but stare at her butt. It looked so cute on her petite body. I felt the urge to reach out and grab it, but I decided against it. She zipped open her tent and stepped in side and I followed, zipping it closed afterwards.

She began pulling her tank top and shorts off, putting them off in the corner. She'd just be in her underwear, a cute dark blue bra and black lingerie panties. She flicked a battery-powered light on that illuminated the tent. She had blankets on the ground for a mattress and two fluffy pillows that looked comfortable. She laid down on the mattress, bending her left leg and propping her right leg on the knee on the left leg and pulled her phone out.

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She glanced at me with a smile, "Go ahead and make yourself comfortable, girl! Strip down to the nude if that's what makes you comfortable." I smiled, thinking she was just playing around. I went ahead and stripped, but not down to the nude.

I left my shirt on, but I undid my swimming bra and tossed it into the corner. I pulled my short shorts off and tossed it next to my swimming bra, only being in a shirt and a bikini bottom.

"Oooh, so you're one of those girls, huh?" She said with a smile. I must have had looked confused because she studied my facial expression for a few seconds before saying, "A girl who doesn't wear bras?" I laughed at myself and said, "Ohh, yeah, no I don't wear bras. They're kinda uncomfortable, like the swimming bra I just had on was super uncomfortable but I didn't feel like taking it off." She chuckled, "Well alright then.

You can lay down, girl. Mi casa su casa, huh?" I nodded with a smile and went ahead and laid down next to her, looking at her phone. "You have data?" I asked She nodded, "Yep, I do, but it kinda sucks out here." "Right," I said, "I don't have Wi-Fi or data on my phone. The only thing I do on it is play offline games or look at the time." "Wait, so you can't even google things?" Katrina asked I thought for a second, "Google?" "Yeah, Google." "I dunno what Google is," I said.

"Wait, so you've never been on the internet?" she asked me in surprise. "Uh. no," I said slowly. She sat up and grabbed my shoulders and lightly shook me in a playful way, "Ohhh my gosh, you have no idea what you're missing." Laughing as she shook me around, I lightly pushed her on her breast back and she sat back down, "So you haven't even seen porn?" She said in a slightly hushed voice.

"Ew, no." I said. She immediately picked her phone up and began opening something up and began typing, "". "Oh, come on, there's no need for that." I said, uncomfortably chuckling. "Ohhhh don't worry, it'll be okay!

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They're just some images, what's the worst it's gonna do to you, huh?" she said. I thought for a moment and sighed, "Alright.

go ahead then." She smiled and pressed the search button. It took a few minutes for it to load up, but it eventually did. I seen thumbnails of naked close ups of ladies, some with men and some with other girls. "Ooh, they're cute, huh?" She tapped on a thumbnail that had two younger girls, one was petite with smaller breasts and a nice butt with black hair and blue eyes and the other one was slightly bigger, she had more curves with bigger breasts.

She had blonde hair and blue eyes, too. "Yeah, I guess. why lesbian?" I asked, reading from the tags. She shrugged, "I dunno, I'm just showing you this." The video began to play, it started out slow. The two in the video were just kissing each other on the lips, French kissing and the such. The blonde one was clearly the dominant one between the two as she crawled on top of the girl with black hair.

The black-haired girl had one hand full of the blonde's boob and the other hand stroking her vagina. The blonde-haired girl was using one arm to support herself, the other to caress the black haired girl's boob. She leaned over and began kissing her significant other. I felt myself becoming aroused as I watched the video.

I felt the need to touch myself, but I couldn't with Katrina. "Here," she said as she scooted closer, "So you can see better." She was on her side; her right leg was on me.

I didn't mind, I actually kind of liked it. It made me feel comfortable with her. She laid the phone down using my leg to keep it propped up, she'd rest her hand on top of my belly. I continued to watch the porn. The need to touch myself kept growing and it kept making me think about Katrina. "You okay?" She asked, rubbing her fingers around on my belly. As she rubbed my belly, she'd occasionally see how far down she can go until I'd say something, which I never did.

The closer she got, the harder my heart started to beat and the hotter my face got. It kind of tickled, but in a sexual way. It took me a minute to process what she just asked, "Uh.

y-yeah I am," I said, hating myself for stammering. "You sure?" She asked slowly, moving her fingers over my waistband for a brief moment. I couldn't speak for some reason. I wanted to say "Yes," but something was holding me back. All that came out was a very light moan. I felt more air exit her nostrils than normal and I could see from the corner of my eye that she had a slight grin.

She laid her head on my right shoulder, still watching the porn. She slowly slid the tips of her fingers under the waistband of the bottom half of my bikini and left it there for a few moments. My mouth went dry as I sat there expecting her to go further. I could feel my juices flowing down my butt, and the urge to touch myself was so strong that I felt like doing it myself instead of going through the anticipation. Eventually, Katrina slowly slid her hands down my abdomen, and eventually my groin.

I felt the pressure of her hand everywhere she touched. It was so sensitive but in such an amazing way. "You ready?" she snickered. All I did was nod with my jaw open because I was more than ready for whatever she was planning to do. She smiled and proceeded further down, painfully slowly. Eventually, the tips of her fingers reached my clitoris and sat still for a few more moments.

Despite her not doing anything, it still felt really freaking good! I just wish that she'd go faster because I can't wait. She began twiddling with it. Every time her fingers brushed over me, I felt my body slightly shudder. She began to move her fingers back and forth over my clitoris, overtime, gaining speed. The more speed she gained, the tighter my eyes were shut and the further open my mouth was. To help Katrina, I spread my legs nice and wide so she could maneuver herself easier.

"You enjoying yourself, Eli?" She said in a sexual tone which only turned me on further. "Please. don't stop, Katrina," I mustered up. She smirked and stopped. "Here, I got something even better." I didn't say anything, but I wasn't sure what could be better. She got up and turned the porn off. She placed herself between my legs and pulled my bikini bottom off, watching me watch her.

"Ready?" She said with a sexual grin. I nodded in anticipation, ready for whatever she was about to do.

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I watched as she lowered her head towards my clitoris. I thought it was weird at first, but once her tongue touched anything anywhere down there, I felt my entire body tense up and my legs squeeze together and my toes and fingers curl up and my eyes shut tight as the orgasm washed over me.

I felt such intense, but good, feelings that I was struggling to hold myself back from screaming at the top of my lungs! I felt the sensation of pleasure in every cell of my body from the tips of my toes to the top of my head and all she did was keep going and it only made it that much better. The pleasure was so intense, in fact, that it was almost too much to handle. My orgasm lasted for such a long time that I lost track, but it must have been a good 20 30 seconds.

Once my body had settled down, I realized that Katrina's head was trapped between my thighs because I was squeezing her head with them. I was sweating, and my breathing was at a faster pace than normal. My mouth was dry, and my eyes were heavy with weariness but the warm tinge the orgasm had left was still there and assisted me into my quick slumber. "Eli?" I heard Katrina call faintly. "Gosh, I must be good, she was sooo wet… too bad she can't return the favor." She mumbled to herself.

I heard her faintly sigh and reach up to pull my bikini bottom back up. While she was doing so, her hand brushed up against my soaked clit. Everything down there, after the orgasm, was so raw. The slightest touch from anything down there felt so intense in a good way that it wasn't okay. Her touch made my body involuntarily shudder, so I quickly yanked my hand down under my soaked bikini bottom to protect my now raw and extremely sensitive parts. "Eli?" She asked.

No response because I just didn't have the strength. I felt her staring at me for a few moments before I heard her shuffling around and a 'click,' which I could only assume was the lights. Afterwards, I could feel her lie down next to me.

She scooted closer and wrapped her arm around me, her hand resting atop my breasts. I felt Katrina begin to lightly fondle them, her focus were my nipples. She rubbed them through the thin fabric of my shirt and it felt good. It felt really good, but I was so drowsy from earlier that I couldn't stay awake.