Legal age teenager lady man fucks with stranger

Legal age teenager lady man fucks with stranger
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A few days after my heated afternoon fun with Sam and Julian, Sam anounced that she was going on a camping trip with some friends for a week.Julian was staying home to work and take care of their daughter.Sam was all packed and ready to go. She came next door to say goodbye.I had just gotten out of the shower and instead of knocking on my bedroom door, she just walked in.

I was standing there with one leg up on the bed massaging lotion onto my leg."Sam oh my god cant you knock"?

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She laughed and reminded me that she had not only seen but felt, and tasted my body reciently. She walked over to me, reached between my leggs and started rubbing my smooth mound from the back.She then knelt down and spread my pussy lips apart and began licking and fingering my tight hole.I could feel my juices building up.then she said"Let me taste that sweet cum"!And then fucked my pussy faster and deeper until i gave her what she wanted.

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Sam was obviously in a hurry, because she stood up, wiped her mouth and told me to take care of Julian as she walked out the door.

I needed to get back into the shower and clean up before leaving for work. while sitting at my desk doing some paper work,i got a text from Julian asking me to stop by when i get home.I replyed that i would, and asked if everything was ok.He told me that he needed my help preparring a meal for some friends before 6pm.


3 pm rolled around and it was finally time to leave.I was excited to see Julian.since that evening with him amd Sam, i have been craving his long black cock inside of me. I pulled into the driveway, went into my house to freshen up and say hello to my daughters, and let them know that i wouldnt be home for dinner.


I wasnt sure what type of dinner Julian was preparring, so i wore a comfortable summer dress, and put my apron over it so it would stay clean and i wouldnt get too hot. When Julian answered the door, he looked very sexy,wearring a crispy white tank and shorts that outlined his sweet package.And ofcourse he always smells good too.

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I said"Im all yours Julian, what do you need me to do"? He pointed to some food on the counter and asked me to start chopping for him.

Preparring then cooking the meal took about an hour, and durring this time,when ever Julian would pass behind me, he would rub against my body and whisper in my ear. When Julian put the food into the oven,i went to use the bathroom.I was standing at the bathroom sink washing my hands when the door opened,it was Julian.he came in and closed the door behind him, then began kissing me slowly.His arms reached around my waist then pulled me into his body making sure i could feel his hard cock.He began licking my ear and whispering to me "I've been waiting to fuck this pussy for days"!

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Julian lifted me onto the bathroom counter,pushed my dress up past my thighs and then dropped his shorts to the floor.His dick stood at attention, it looked so perfect.I needed him now!I felt Julian's hands on my ass sliding my panties down, while he kissed and licked my hard nipples.

My pussy was on fire,my moans were getting louder.Julian trailed his tongue down my stomach until he reached my moist cunt.For the next few minutes Julian took his time sucking on my clit and sliding one finger inside of my pussy and another into my ass slowly.

When i anounced that i was about to cum all over his face, he stood up and began to glide his amazing black cock into my soaked snatch.Fucking me slowly at first, and then grabbed my ass and pounded my pussy harder.Making me scream out his name.We both came quickly.And just in time, because we heard footsteps and then a voice calling out for Julian.It was his friends.


I didnt want to walk out looking like a mess, so i quickly cleaned up and fixed my appearance. Julian had already went to greet them and take dinner from the oven. When i walked out into the sitting room there was 3 men lounging,getting ready to watch a game.I introduced myself as the "neibour", and then went to meet Julian in the kitchen.I told him that i would leave him to his night with the guys and talk to him later.He insisted i stay for a while and have a drink with them.I agreed to stay.

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Julain asked me to make some mixed drinks for his company.While making the drinks,i over heard the men asking Julian if he had ever fucked me. When i went to take the drinks in to them,Julian was just finishing his story about the 3 some with me and his wife.Talk about bad timming!

My face turned red,i was so embarrased.

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I turned to walk back into the kitchen,Julian ran up behind me and lifted the back of my dress up exposing my naked ass. When i got back into the kitchen,i was ready for a drink.I dont even remember what i mixed together, but im not a drinker anyway.

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After a few minutes of sipping on my drink,i was a little horny and in a very good mood.So i decieded to play a trick on the guys. I took my thong off and walked into the room where they were sitting, positioning myself directly infront of the television.For the next minute or so all i could hear was"excuse me"!I moved from infront of the T.V.,and proceeded to walk around the room,lifting my dress and putting my ass in all of their faces.It was amazing!The looks on their faces was priceless.

I wasnt ready for what happened next,,,

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