Olha o tamanho do rabo dessa morena gostosa

Olha o tamanho do rabo dessa morena gostosa
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The night was silent as I aimlessly roamed through the cemetery. I spent every night in the cemetery. In fact, I spent so much time there, it seemed like I never left. Who could blame me? This cemetery wasn't like your typical, average cemetery. No. This cemetery rested near the shore of a beach. It was absolutely beautiful. You could see and hear the waves rolling up on the shore. The smell of salt water was always thick in the air.

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By far my most favorite place to be, especially when the moon was full. Most people would probably say there are other beaches without a cemetery on them if I just wanted to walk along the beach at night.

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But there's something about the combination of the cemetery and the beach that soothes me. I chose a spot to relax for the night. A place where I could enjoy and genuinely appreciate the scenery that was around me.

>From there, I cast my gaze out towards the seamless, dark horizon that lay beyond the many tranquilizing waves which tumbled mournfully onto the shore. Suddenly, I heard two loud voices, laughter filled the air. It startled me as these nights were usually quiet and uninterrupted. I straightened myself out as my eyes searched frantically for the source of disruption. I quickly spotted a couple. They seemed to be intoxicated.

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They stumbled along until they finally collapsed onto one another. My eyes widened as they began kissing and ripping each other's clothes off.


I couldn't stop myself from staring at them. Didn't they notice me?! Apparently they hadn't because they continued to ravish each other as if no one were there. The man pulled the woman's jeans off and then traced her inner leg with his tongue. I licked my lips, this was a rare treat I fully intended to enjoy and if they didn't seem to care that I was standing right there, then I sure the hell wasn't going to miss out!

The woman began to moan as his hands roamed all over her body. His mouth was now all over her bare breasts, pampering them with erotic kisses. I felt myself become wet, my pussy tingled and I felt the urge to slide my hand between my legs to rub my outer lips wantonly. Just then, he glided his hand between her legs, and she moaned with delight.

I bit my lower lip lightly. My nipples became hard. As one of my hands continued to rub at my twat, the other rose up to allow my thumb to glide back and forth against my nipple. I moaned softly as my pussy became wetter.


As he continued to finger fuck her juicy, wet pussy, she began to buck her hips against his fingers. With his tongue, he licked his way up to her mouth and then shoved it sensuously between her lips.


She accepted and returned his kiss hungrily. Suddenly, he popped up, slid his fingers out of her, placed his hands on both sides of her hips, and flipped her over. On her hands and knees she stuck her pussy out for him, teasingly moving it back and forth. He smacked her ass and grabbed it with a firm grip. She moaned louder and pushed back against him, begging for more without speaking a single word. He lowered his mouth to her exposed pussy, spread her lips, and gave her a long lick.

She squirmed, quivered, and moaned as he followed with a few more licks, each deeper than the next. I couldn't handle much more of this! I shoved three fingers into my dripping cunt and forcefully finger fucked myself.

He lifted his head and kneeled behind her, placed both of his hands on her hips, and pulled her back almost as forcefully as I had shoved my fingers into my pussy. She slid right onto his erect cock and moaned even louder than she had all night! He fucked her good and hard. His hand came down onto her ass occasionally as he continued to thrust in and out of her gushing, wet pussy.

I grabbed at one of my breasts and finger fucked myself harder. Absent mindedly, I moaned loudly as I came all over my fingers.

I thought for sure they would notice me then! But they didn't. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as he continued to pump in and out of her no doubt aching pussy with everything he had!

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He gasped, nearly collapsing onto her as he came. She moaned as she came in unison with him. Both of them panting and gasping for air. He slid his cock out of her and they intertwined their, sweaty, naked bodies together to tremble with orgasmic pleasure in each other's arms.

As things had calmed down, I began to think of how odd it was that they hadn't seem to notice me at all. I was so close to them. I decided to keep watching them for a few moments more. Maybe since they weren't as enthralled with each other now, they would be more aware of my presence. They began to put their clothes back on. Laughter filled the air again as they turned to each other and smiled.

"Hey, do you want to go search for that ghost that roams the cemetery??" The man teased. "Don't be ridiculous!" The woman laughed. "Come on, it'll be fun!!" The man said as he helped the woman to her feet and they began to stumble off. Ghost? In this cemetery?? That was the first time I had ever heard of that! And I spent every night here! I began to wander off myself, still wondering what the two had been talking about.

I came to a stop, resting next to a head stone. After a few moments I turned to run my fingers along the name, just as I had usually done out of respect. As my fingers glided roughly across the engraved name my eyes followed after it.

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I stopped mid-stroke as I read the name, my eyes widened in horror. I stumbled back in disbelief. The name on the headstone was MINE!! I had been the ghost the man spoke about! THAT'S why they couldn't see me! It all began to make perfect sense to me now, although denial still swept through me. I was overwhelmed by what I had just found to be true.

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It would probably take me many nights to come to terms with this, but deep down, I knew eventually I would. When that day would come, I wasn't sure. What I was sure of was that I now knew I had the advantage to peer in on couples having sex without them aware of it and I fully intended to use it!

This was my cemetery now, my territory to roam and anyone who steps foot in it had better be prepared to come face to face with me.