Sexy ebony bitch sucking cock and fucked anal

Sexy ebony bitch sucking cock and fucked anal
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I see you every evening on the train home, secretly I watch you throughout the journey, wondering if you've noticed me and what you think about. tonight is different. you got on later than I did, and you looked round the carriage, I'm the only other person in it. you surprise me by coming and sitting opposite me. as I look up at you, you glance at me and smile.

even trying to concentrate on my book I can feel your presence.Smell your perfume. you cross your legs and I can see your skirt slide up your thigh.

I can't take my eyes off your legs, and I can see your wearing stockings and suspenders!! The train is moving now and we're still the only ones in the carriage. your foot touches the side of my calf and I almost jump!! I think you're gonna move your foot away but you don't. you just let it rest there lightly and with every move of the carriage your foot rubs up and down my leg. I glance at you quickly to see if you realize what you're doing. you look like your reading your book and you're running the tip of your tongue over your lips slowly.

I want to move over to you and kiss you hard, sucking your tongue in my mouth.the carriage jolts suddenly and you drop your book.

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You look at me and smile saying 'sorry. I wish this train ride was smoother, don't you?' as you lean down to pick your book up you put your hand on my thigh and squeeze.

looking at me all the time, I realize I can see right down your blouse and you're not wearing a bra. Your nipples are hard and erect. Suddenly you swap seat so you're sitting beside me. 'You don't mind if I sit here do you?' you ask. still your hand is on my thigh. I look at you and manage a husky 'no please do' .suddenly I don't care if you slap me I can't resist.

I keep looking at you and slowly move my hand to your hard nipple. your blouse isn't hiding how hard it is. I gently flick my finger tip across it and stroke it through your blouse. you let out a small gasp and pull away slightly.

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first I think your angry but as I glance again at you I see the smile on your lips. I move again to tease your nipple and again you pull I know you want me to continue, quickly I move my hand so you don't have time to pull away, I grasp your nipple and tease it flicking and pinching it through the thin material.

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your slowly reach up and undo each button until I can slip it open and touch your bare skin. you gasp as you feel the rough skin of my thumb rub over you nipples.

Slipping my other hand slowly up your thigh I move it under your skirt. as I reach your stocking top I stop.

Your eyes are half closed and you're biting your bottom lip. You look at me from under lowered eye lashes and I feel you slowly open your legs inviting me to go further.

I start to move my hand again and as I do I lower my head to your breast kissing round it and close to your nipple but never right on it. I can feel you breath quicken and your hands reach to the back of my head as you guide my lips to your nipple and you pull them on to it. My other hand has reached the top of your thigh. and the rocking of the train makes it slip over the top easily.

I slide my hand round slightly and feel your silk clad mound touch the tips of my fingers. I can feel the heat through your panties.and I can feel how damp they are. I rub over your mound with my fingers caressing and teasing through the material. You open your legs wider. and I slip my fingers round the edge of your panties. on to your exposed pussy.


I feel your juices coating your pussy lips and feel my cock start to throb in my trousers. all the time I'm kissing and sucking your nipples. again the train rocks and I catch my teeth on your nipple.' you cry out.

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OH GOD YES!! That's it. bite them harder!!!' I take your nipples between my teeth and let the rocking of the train move them between my teeth.


pulling them backwards and forwards. I feel your hand moving down my chest and as it reaches my trousers you gasp at how hard I am. quickly you undo them and slip your hand inside. feeling my cock through my shorts.

again you slip your hand inside and now you feel its heat and the throbbing on your bare hand. I look at you to see an animal lust come into your eyes. you're almost saying .' I am going to have your cock. don't try and stop me!!' you move round so you can lower your head.

as I slip my hand to your pussy from behind. I slip your panties to one side and push a finger inside your soaking wet hot pussy I find your hole almost immediately and plunge my finger inside. you gasp and suddenly lower your mouth right over my cock. you take it deep into your mouth I can feel your tongue moving round and round licking my shaft as you suck it and move your head faster and faster up and down it.

I'm moving my fingers in and out and round and round your pussy and hole faster and faster. my thumb finds your clit and I start to fuck you with 2 fingers as I flick and rub your clit with my thumb. we're both panting and moaning now.gasps and whimpers of pleasure escape you as I push harder and harder with my fingers. I can feel my cock throbbing harder and harder with each suck you give. suddenly I stiffen and can't stop myself any longer I cum long and hard into your mouth.

you don't stop sucking and I feel you swallow every drop. Still you suck and I can't stop Cumming. finally when your satisfied you let my cock fall back out of your mouth. and push your pussy back and look at me. 'Finish me now!!' you whisper.

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I now have 3 fingers inside and fuck you faster and harder than before almost abusing your clit and hole with the pressure of my rubbing and movement.

Within seconds you start to cum. and as you do you cry out.' oh god yes!! harder. don't you dare stop!!!' .'Keep going !!!!!' suddenly you collapse and your shaking uncontrollably I can see your pussy lips quivering as your orgasm keeps on even after I've pulled my fingers out. Almost together we realize the train is slowing and suddenly your dressed and sitting opposite me again. I quickly dress and look at you as the train stops at your station. you stand and look at me with a slight smile on your lips.'so nice to have met you' you say and turn and walk off the train.


just before you step off you run your tongue over your lips and say.'We must do it again soon sometime!'. And then I realize. I don't even know your name!!

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