Mommy doesnt realize stepdaughter is servicing daddys dick

Mommy doesnt realize stepdaughter is servicing daddys dick
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Stellaranne Stell grew up in a obscure region of the country living in a community that rarely saw outsiders. By chance the occasional farmer from the next town might turn up but it was pretty much an isolated affair where she was. The bank of Terrence houses that lined the quiet tree filled, hedge rowed streets had most amenities the normal homes of the era had but there was a war on and needless to say fear was always a companion of night and day, week in and week out for the village population.

Fortunately there would have been no military advantage to any invasion or gains in any proportion for anyone if the country had lost its fight to keep freedom.

Stell was in her twenties and just as physically developed as most of the other young women in the village, something which seemed to be a family trait in the region. Her hair was long and Auburn which framed very graceful features in the face. Her skin was sort of pale but not milky white with freckles on her face and shoulders.

The shoulders were graceful and proportionally right for her frame size, slightly broad, but they had to be as they supported firm, well shaped, juicy 36D breast that sat pert above a tight abdomen which curved into a small athletic 32 waist which panned out onto size 34 hips with a bum shaped by years of bicycling perfectly honed into a cute, tight rounded feature any super model or movie star would have sold their soul for but not only had the bicycle played a part in shaping her rear, it had also made the muscles in her long shapely thighs more pronounced in a very feminine manner, this blessing was also shared by her calves which sat above slim ankles and size 6 feet which boasted well shaped long slender toes.

Stellaranne was young, hot, ripe and sexy, hidden in a rural country village. She and her friends never knew or considered that their blessed female forms would change their lives one day for better and or worse. The young men that were still at home, as most had went off to fight for their country looked forward to the day they would be considered old enough to fight for queen and country, but in the meanwhile went about their rural duties of farming and looking after business around the village, not really that interested in the local female populace.

One day the wireless broadcast news that the opposing enemy forces were in retreat and the Americans had just unleashed a new weapon, that was guaranteed to end hostilities, over Hiroshima. Many of the villagers had gathered at the front of the butchersbeing it was the only shop to blast out news from the BBC all day, to listen to reports of this terrible new weapon and how it would affect the war campaign.

They heard that squadrons of American fighters and bombers would be in the air over the island along with the Royal Air Force to ensure the safety of the realm as there were still raids by enemy fighters going on. Stell and her friends would sometimes picnic to take their minds off the war in the fields or on one of the many hills or secret bays. On clear days they could see the com trails of the bombers headed to their targets or the drone of Spitfires, Hurricanes, Mustangs and P-40's screaming by at low level under radar headed for the French coast.

They all would try to imagine what the men flying these machines looked like and more over their physiques.

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Being a young woman during this time was just as hormonal as any other period in history. They never could have imagined though they were about to get first had experience as the war department had threw a dart and identified their village an good place to have a battle ready squadron of American airmen stationed nearby.

The first sniff of what was about to develop was when a military jeep drove through the village high street at a pace just above a fast walking speed with the 4 occupants taking photos and looking around the various nooks and crannies the village layout offered. The jeep stopped just outside the local newsagents and a large man step out onto the paving and just stood looking up and down the street then at all the surrounding shops near.

His driver and two other men, one of whom was an tall well built black man with stars on his collar. Most of the locals that were out shopping that day either stopped or slowed down to have a look at these military figures in just as much curiosity as they had in the village.

After about 10 minutes of silent observation all the men got back in the jeep and drove off toward the outskirts. Stell and two of her friends had left one of their many picnic excursions and started walking back toward the village when the jeep with the Americans passed slowly by them.

All three girls stared at the soldiers and especially the black General. They had seen posters of white soldiers and heard rumours of black men but never seen one in the flesh before and of such high ranking. All three girls giggles once the vehicle had passed but it was Stell who blurted out how handsome and intriguing she had found the black soldier to be.

A month and few weeks passed before the first convoy of military troop carriers arrived and paraded through the village. There was at least 30 big lorries with loads of well built American Air Corp soldiers aboard, equipment and strange looking portable out buildings etc, etc.

Many of the villagers had line the high street to watch as many cheered and waved. Stell and her friends had formed a group nearer the middle of the street and as the vehicles roared past, threw kisses and waved frantically at the soldiers.

The near the end of the procession 3 lorries full of black soldiers came into view of the group of young women. Neither side wasted time in wolf whistles or frantic waving of their arms and hands. All the girls chatted with excitement after the last vehicle had drove past and the last waves and kisses were blown by both groups, each one had chosen at least seven to twelve young soldiers they wanted to see again at some point but Stell and her closest friends had gone one step further and with a twinkle in their eye and a wink at each other they knew the others in their inner circle had also chosen which ones they were going to have orgasms with.

Stell's inner circle consisted of four out of the nine girls that always hung out together and had grew up on the eastern side of the village. After perhaps a few weeks of setting outside the village and sporadic meetings with the population the leaders of the soldiers decided the best way to break the ice would be to throw a dance and invite the entire village along.

This was exciting news for the female population, they could not of been hornier for the men in uniforms. Most of the other villagers looked forward to the free food which included booze and something call Barbeque. Either case it was free, it was American and there was a promise of plenty.

The party started early afternoon with the sweet enticing smell of the Barbeque being cooked and music being blasted all over the camp.

Stell and her friends turned up 2 hours after it started and immediately started checking out the male populace of young fit virile men with a really nice accent and a intriguing way of talking about things. One of Stell's friends was the first to notice the black air corps men walking to the big tent and nudged all the other girls around her.

They were gorgeously tall and their bodies were very fit as one could see the bulging muscles under their uniforms but more to the point&hellip.the huge bulges in their trousers All the girls could manage were excited glances at one another and giggles, some licked their lips whilst many of the others suddenly had a issue with wet crouches in their knickers.

The party lasted well into the early hours of the next day and many friendships were made. Even the black soldiers had manage to woe some of the women and made plans to meet again. Steel had met Damian. He was ground crew and had been in the military some 3 years. At 25 years old he was her senior by 5 years…Perfect Stell had thought. He was 6'3" and weighed in at a muscular 20st, with the hardest 6 pact abdomen she had had the pleasure to dance leaning against.

She had purposely danced slightly dirty with him even though he had been the perfect gentleman all evening despite her inner thighs rubbing hard against his bulging cock tucked away in his trousers. She had done all she could to get some kind of sexual response from the handsome black man from the Midwest of the United States but his cool distemper and calm, laid back style had caused her two earth shattering orgasms in his arms whilst they danced.

She had never felt anything like it in her life and now knew she had to loose her virginity at all cost to this black god. Over the following weeks many things came to past both good and bad. None of it seem to include the black soldiers who for some reason never strayed far off the camp site. The would be seen in the village time to time, never by themselves, always in groups of three or more and always far more polite and helpful than any of the other white soldiers.

Many of the villagers liked them better than their white counter parts. Stelleranne and Damian were fast becoming an item but not openly. One evening at the weekend some many moons since their arrival Stell decided that she was ready to blossom into fully fledged womanhood and Damian was going to be the man to take her there. It all started with an invite to a picnic in one of Stell's secret places were she and her friends would sometimes go to picnic, think and enjoy being girlie with one another.

Stellaranne Elliot-Hughes had made her mind up and her plans were in full swing.


Poor Damian knew nothing of how lucky he was about to become tonight but fortunately he had a two day pass out of camp. Stell took Damian to the private little bay nearer the seaside of the village. They had been walking and talking so much that Damian never noticed how far they had walked and how isolated they were. Stell had told her parents she was staying over a friends house that weekend.

They trusted her and never questioned their daughters movements. She had taken extra blankets and had told Damian to bring his sleeping bag with over night goodies as she was going to take him to one of her friends home were they could stay until the next day.

There was a abandoned farm bungalow in the bay, left there when old man Henry passed on without any relatives to inherit the place. Stellaranne opened the door and the stale smell of a house unused waffled throughout the air.

Stell set about building a fire in the disused fireplace to keep them warm. No one would even see the smoke from the chimney as the place was too far off the beaten track and sat too far away from anything to be noticed&hellip.even with a smoking chimney. She took some food out of her bag and unrolled the blankets from her other bag she had made Damian carry.

As soon as the fire was going strong and the warmth from the flames started to heat up the room she took off her cardigan and went over to Damian to straddle his lap.

This took him by surprise especially when this gorgeous flamed haired woman with those huge boobs, which were now pressing against his muscular chest, planted a big wet kiss full on his lips. She sucked on his bottom lip before nibbling at his upper whilst his moustache tickled her nose. His breath was minty, he thought hers was sweet and fresh as well. She pressed her lips against his and he parted hers letting his tongue taste as it invaded her mouth gently.

His hands now came up to hold her waist and she responded by slowly and deliberately grinding her hips on his ever increasing bulge in his trousers. The same bulge that made her shiver all over the very first time was now making her vagina so wet and hungry that she really was not sure what she was suppose to do next to quench that burning desire, that hunger, that wanton need that consumed her groin.

Damian on the other hand knew exactly what she needed and was determined to ride this sexy little vixen to the early morning light. His hands slowly moved from her waist up her body causing goose pimples to cover every expose inch of her milky skin, sending earth shattering waves of pleasure shooting throughout her body from head to toe.

The effects were electrifying and Stelleranne came hard and long whilst the man she desired more than anything led her on a journey of no return&hellip.

She was on her way to becoming a woman… fully fledged and deeply in love. This was her future she was in the arms of and she realised that the moment her third orgasm nearly ended as the fourth took hold and exploded like a Atomic bomb.

His hands were now massaging her swollen boobs and masterfully undoing her blouse. Stellaranne breathing was heavy, short panting by now.

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The fire roared and its warming radiant heat poured out into the room causing shadows from the furniture to dance like ballerinas against the walls. Damian's hands were strong, large and warm to her cool soft flesh.

Her head was spinning with thoughts far away floating on Xanadu. His lips touched her soft neck with a gentle kiss and she nuzzled her head close to his&hellip. Her love ever growing for her black American god. She stood up and undone the buttons at the back of her knee length patterned dress allowing it to fall gracefully to the floor. She started to step out of her cotton slip when Damian leaned forward and took it by the helm, slowly letting his hands move underneath to touch her legs just below the back of her knees and gently move upward to her thighs.

She was a standing lump of wobbly jelly by the time his warm hands reached her knickers which were now drenched and sopping wet in the crouch with expectation. He looked deep into her 3D blue eyes as he hooked a finger inside the top of her cotton knickers each side and slowly began to pull them down.

Stelleranne closed her eyes and savoured the feeling of her smalls being removed by this man. She definitely had never experienced this and it was the most liberating and exhilarating moment she could have imagined up to this point in her country life. Her nipples strained against the bra she wore and her firm juicy boobs begged to be released and sucked on&hellip.

She wanted Damian to take all of her in every way she had always dreamed of. As her knickers fell to her ankles and the cool rush of air hit her exposed vaginal lips the fifth Orgasm ranged out from deep within her.

Her knees buckled and she was headed for the floor had it not been for Damian scooping her in his muscular arms and carrying her to the bed where his sleeping bag lay ready. Gently he lay her on the sleeping bag as he positioned himself one leg between hers.

Her petty coat was pushed up around her waist and added to the magnitude of sensations now flooding her mind but when Damian's tongue reached her naval as he kissed her body from her neck southward and swirled around the outside of it before pushing in and wiggling…she nearly jumped off the bed had he had not been half on top of her.

She screamed with pleasure and in the throws of number 6. Each orgasm longer and stronger than the last yet different Her breathing turned to panting.

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His tongue now invaded the hairs above her most secret place as his strong hands held her thighs open. This was new… she knew nothing of this type of behaviour but lust made her want more… much more. His tongue slide between her vaginal lips and he blew warm breathes all around her pussy, the effects were amazing and immediate, number 7 hit her like a freight train at full pelt&hellip. Thunderously strong and longer than any previous but that was before he started sucking and pulling on her clitoris which his tongue now danced around in small circles with ever increasing pressure.

Number 8 was volatile cause as each pubic hair gave way to his movements…each one sending vibrations deep within her throbbing pussy.


Stellaranne's mouth was dry but she never noticed as Damian now began to kiss a path back up her body until he reached her bra. He softly slid his hand under and around her back until he reached the clasp holding it fastened and in one snap of his fingers her breast were liberated, the nipples immediately stood at attention and went hard, just as his mouth covered the left one.

Damian took his time and savoured this vixens charm whilst his hands gently rubbed and massaged up and down her arms, over her shoulders, up the side of her face and pulled her hair to one side causing her head to turn into the mattress where he held it just like his muscular body held hers down as he positioned his 12 inch rock hard throbbing dick against the entrance to her honey pot. She beggingly whispered to his ear to be gentle… telling him she was now frightened but wanted him so much.

She winced and screamed as he pushed into her virgin hole.

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The massive girth of his member easily tearing her hymen and stretching it all in one. His massive 20st body held her whilst one of his strong large hands hold both her arms outstretched and wrist together above her head as the other held one of her thighs open and down as he ploughed his throbbing monstrous member with intent deeper.

Number 9 rocketed through her entire frame like machine gun fire through a paper target. Their bodies rocked in rhythm as sweat poured from every pore of both creating a unique blend of musky perfumed chemistry bespoke to Damian and Stellaranne. It was heady and highly intoxicating which drove Damian all night non stop as Stellaranne began to ride her man back after getting over the initial shock of womanhood.

She allowed her black soldier to show her positions she had never ever heard of, enjoying every inch of his black steel and musky odour, even the feel of his skin was totally different than anything she had ever known. He was hers and no war was going to change that and as the night turned to blue early morning light and the fire began to die in the fireplace she lay in Damian's arms recounting her childhood and how in the night she had transform to woman with purpose.

She knew two of her other friends had taken the plunge that very night too with black American soldiers they had fallen for but she knew none of their experiences would exactly the same although they would have joined an elite club of white foreign women with one thing in common. Sleep came quickly just as the morning. Both woke to the drone of bombers flying toward France over head. Stellaranne went to the fireplace and stoked the coals throwing more kindling and logs on as Damian wrapped himself in the sleeping bag and went outside to fetch water from the well.

They enjoyed a fine English breakfast put together by Stell but provided by Damian. The Coffee was a welcomed luxury although he had bought enough for her to take back to her folks as well as other provisions. She was grateful he was so thoughtful. They spent the rest of the morning sitting relaxing on a hill near the bungalow looking out over the channel side by side with her head resting on his shoulder.

Stellaranne was a full fledged woman now. He raised up and took her by the hand leading her back into the bungalow and onto the bed after throwing a large log on the fire. He kissed her lips, she could not remember where she had lost count but another orgasm electrified and tore through her body from head to toe… his dick stood at attention under the cover of the bag which he had unzipped to make a blanket of sorts. She was fascinated by his manhood and amazed at its size and girth.

This thing had made her a woman, it had been inside her for the greater portion of the night past… It was amazingly long and stood up with a slight curvature and even though it was foreign to her knowledge of things…she knew it well. Well enough for her to stare at it…well enough to reach out without fear with trembling hands and touch it. Damian leaned back on his elbows as Steallanne touched his throbbing dick.

He knew this country girl had never seen a dick before except probably on some new born baby which might have been community news as she may have been lucky enough to change it's nappy by knowing it's mother. Her head leant forward so she could get a better look a closer look at this object but Damians manly musk intoxicated her senses and she found herself wanting to lick on it.

Damian gently put his hand on the back of her head which made her lean forward closer to his huge dick until she was close enough to reach out with her tongue and gently flick it across the pulsating head which was barely touching her lips. It tasted manly she thought, wanting to explore his member even more now but she was surprised when he flopped back on the bed and let out a deep and sort of satisfying groan as her tongue ran across it over and over again.

This pleased Stelleranne beyond belief so she then opened her mouth and engulfed the entire head licking and naturally sucking. The effect was immediate, Damian moaned loudly and threw his head from side to side. Stelleranne felt a weird kind of control over her black lover but more than that another intensifying orgasm released itself from deep in her body and rocketed forward.

She now suck harder and her head with Damian's guidance bobbed up and down taking more and more of his dick into her mouth each time until she could smell his balls and their sack touched the tip of her nose each time. She increased her speed and soon she could taste his pre-cum leaking. It seemed the right thing to do but she she held his throbbing hard dick in one hand and wanked at it until Damian was moaning like he had been shot.

Then without warning she felt his hot seed shoot down her throat as his dick exploded in a massive orgasm of it's own. His seed was salty and sweet all at once but she like it and swallow as fast as she could as his member throbbed and shot copious amounts of hot jism down her throat whilst he held her head and forcing his dick to stay in her mouth which was hurting from accommodating this monstrous phallus.

His dick pulsated for what seemed an eternity thought Stelleranne and added to her amazement it stayed hard after the last drop was suck down her eager throat. Immediately Damian rolled her onto the bed onto her belly and mounted her from behind. He drove his dick hard and deep this time making her grasp the bed and dig her nails in as her body exploded with it's first ever multiple orgasms. She could feel every vein, every muscle, every hot breathe on the back of her neck but things went from amazing to phenomenal when Damian reached round her waist and his fingers found her clitoris and the other hand grabbed a breast and started tweaking it's nipple.

She could not help herself when her body began to buck and rock like a made bull bronco. She was truly under his spell and he under hers.

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A greater portion of the even passed whilst they made love, fucked and sucked. It was late evening before Stelleranne was able to move and get up. She was sore and very tired, drained of energy beyond belief but totally in love and more woman than she could have possibly imagined. In those hours that passed whilst she loved her future husband to be, she conceived his seed and when the war would eventually end, Damian would come for his family and settle into the small community as a respected member.

They would live happy for many years to come and see the world change and their family grow but most of all Stelleranne would not be able to get enough of fucking her American.