Russische Mutter lehrt Babysitter

Russische Mutter lehrt Babysitter
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Jessica's Fantasy Roast Story: #26 Copyright ©2005 Written: February 22 2005 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: Piasa_Troll Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected]) ********************************************************************** Part 1 - The Meeting Jessica was not sure what to make of her encounter with the strange old woman during her jungle vacation, Jessica was very upset having gone to the jungle in search of a real cannibal chefs to make her Dolcett fantasy's come true only to return still alive her dream still unfulfilled.

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Lying on her bed after a very long plane trip without even enough strength left to undress Jessica began remember the strange words the old woman had spoken to her the several times they had run into each other the day she decided to give up her jungle cannibal search, "I know that of witch you seek" the old woman had said, taking her for what she appeared to be an old woman clearly out of it she was ignored and Jessica continued her trek through the jungle, "What you seek can not be found here" was heard some time later as Jessica saw the strange old woman again.

"Go home, you shall never find rest in death" the old woman spoke again, it was then Jessica decided to leave but that was not the last time she saw the strange old woman. The last visit from the old woman came just before Jessica got on the plane to return home she saw the old woman off in the distance and heard her voice in her head, "Give the remains back to mother earth, to receive her gift" and then she was gone.

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Waking from her day dream still lying on the bed Jessica kicked off her shoe's "What had they old bat meant?" she thought to herself, "Ohh well, I guess ill try the internet again" she sighed as she stripped off all her clothes and sat at her computer in the nude. Flipping it on she quickly logged on to the net in search of a Dolcett chef, she was a member of several groups, forums and communities, She hoped to find that perfect man or woman, because she was ready to take a ride on a steel lover.

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After several hours of talking to men and woman who all seemed right for her, she finally found the perfect man who promised to make her passing as pleasurable as possible, several weeks later she agreed to meet with the man who would only identify himself as Chef Trolloc, agreeing on a place to meet she set off once again hoping this time she would not return alive.

Jessica was waiting at the designated meeting place as a car pulled up the man inside gave Jessica a good looking over with his eye's and called out to her, "Nice weather we are having today isn't it?" he said waiting for a response, Jessica moved closer to the car, "Nice day for a spit roast!" she replied with a smile on her face as she opened the door and jumped into the passenger seat, "The name is Gene" he said to Jessica as the car drove off, "I'm Jessica, but you already knew that" she replied.

Leaving the city far behind, Jessica and Gene talked about all the things that he had planned for her and all the pleasure she was going to get from her read Dolcett experience, after several hours the car pulled up to a nice little log cabin on a beautyfull lake, Jessica and Gene got out of the car and entered the cabin.

Once inside Jessica began ripping her clothes off, Gene just stood there staring at her, "Ohh sorry I hope you don't mind but I prefer to be nude" she said as he continued to stare and eventually replied "No problem, I prefer my meat nude as well" he said as Jessica walked around the cabin, "So where are we going to do this?, id like to see the setup before you spit me" Jessica said, Gene put his hand on her shoulder, "this way" he said leading her out the back of the cabin.

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What she saw next made her so happy she was standing less then 5 feet away from a real fire pit and spit used for spit roasting girls, she couldn't wait to get that thing inside her and feel the ultimate fuck.

"When will you do me?" she asked with hopeful eyes, "Tomorrow, I was hoping to have to for a little fun tonight before you go" Gene replied returning her hopeful gaze.

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Jessica looked into Gene's eyes and without saying a word took his hand into her own and they walked to the bedroom in silence, once inside Jessica jumped onto the bed and spread her legs wide, "Impale me with your cock and ready my pussy for the spit" Jessica said as her fingers dipped into her pussy and went to work while Gene undressed. Moving on to the bed between Jessica's legs Gene began to kiss her deeply while she wrapped her legs around his back and threw her arms around his neck, "Fuck me now" she whispered into his ear, Gene first began to suck on Jessica's nipples causing her to moan loudly, "Got to make you wet first" Gene replied as he lowered himself down to eye level with her pussy, "Umm your already wet, if you juice up like this tomorrow the spit will just slide right through you" he said, "I need a taste, I can't resist" he added as his tongue dove into her pussy and began to drink all of her sweet juice.

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After getting his fill of her raw pussy he moved up again and looked deep into her eye's pussy juice dripping from his lips, Gene then began to kiss Jessica deeply, Jessica could taste herself on his lips while he positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy and slowly pushed himself into her, Jessica yelped in pain as Gene's cock hit her protective hymen, "Humm a virgin" he whispered into her ear, "Its been along time since I had a sweet virgin to play with" he added as he slowly forced his way through her hymen, blood dripping from her newly opened pussy.

Jessica yelped again as Gene slowly started pumping into her faster then slower then harder then softer, "Pant, Pant, Pant" was heard from both of them as Jessica's pain was quickly replaced by pure pleasure, she was soon riding one wave of organism after another, just when Jessica thought she couldn't take much more of his pounding she heard him scream, "IM GOING TO CUM!!" as Gene's ball's exploded inside her.

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As most men often do Gene quickly feel asleep while Jessica still lay there under him dreaming of what tomorrow will bring. END PART 1