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I was surprised when Katie accepted my invitation to go 4 wheeling. As I was unloading the Ranger off the trailer and preparing for the ride I still had my doubts that she was going to show up. I was Just topping off the Fuel when her little KIA soul come easing in beside my Pickup. I walked over and opened the door and held my hand out as she stood.

Her hand was a little shaky and I explained the only thing that was going to happen is what she wanted to happen. I admired her form fitting jean shorts and T-shirt. I held her hand as I led her to the passenger side of the Ranger and she place her helmet on and climbed in.

I got behind the wheel and proceeded to travel a trail leading off of the main trail. We had traveled about an hour when I hit the first big mud hole. Causing mud and water to come up over the hood coating both of us the surprise on your face was priceless. You shouted to stop and I thinking the fun was done stopped. You looked at me with mud covering your face and said "my turn to drive" We switched spots and proceeded through many mud holes.

Putting layer after layer of mud onto both of us. Since I had traveled these areas before I knew of a Man made pond that was clear water and secluded I got you turned down the correct trail and then let you make the discovery.

You stopped overlooking the pond about 5 feet below. We exited the ranger and walked to the edge. I wrapped my arms around you and lightly kissed your lips. You respond to my advances, and then standing close to the edge I flung us both over the edge falling into the water. You come up spitting and sputtering telling me you could have given me a warning. I I laughingly said "I thought you needed a bath" You laughed back and said "normally you bath without clothes" and with that you threw a ball of something at me.

I took me a few moments to realize it was your shorts and as I looked up in surprise I was hit by you T- shirt. As you stood there shoulder deep in the water with a smile on you say "So what's taking you so long" I quickly shed my clothing and toss both mine and yours to the shore. I swim out to where you are waiting and wrap my arms around you kissing you and allowing my hands to roam over your body. As my hands slide from your shoulder to your breasts, between my touch and the cool water your nipples are rock hard I roll each one around with my finger and thumb lightly pinching causing a moan to escape your lips.

I break our embrace and taking your hand I lead you from the pool grabbing our clothes as we go up the bank. I go to the ranger and out of a tote I grab a blanket spreading it out I lay you down in the sun. As our bodies is caressed by the sun my hands proceed to continue where I had left off My hands lightly massage your breasts again as our lips meet. my lips leave yours kissing back to your ear sucking your lobe into my mouth and lightly tugging I kiss your neck working down to your shoulder as I move down your body kissing you so do my hands.

They are both resting on your hips as my kisses approach your breasts. My fingers follow the crease of your leg until they reach your beautifully trimmed mound of Pubic area; you inhale sharply as I suck a nipple in and the back of my finger cross your pussy lips at the same time.

Your hands wrap around my head as I roll your nipple between my lips and pull my face to your breast and moan again as I gently slide my hands down your inner legs urging your legs apart exposing your soft lips. I break my kissing you so I can sit back on my knees and admire the sheer beauty lying beneath me.

With your urging I return my attentions to your breasts and as I do my hard cock is pressing against you outer lips. You try to pull my cock in to your warm opening, I fight the urge to slide my cock in I want to taste you. You groan as I kiss my way down across your stomach to your pussy lips and your groans turn to moans as I kiss my way down your pussy lips as I do so placing the balls of your feet on my shoulders causing your lips to part exposing your inner most sensitive areas.

My tongue circles your anus the proceeds to lick your outer pussy lips sliding up and around your clit then back down to my initial starting point, your juices are flowing down your pussy like a little tasty river.

This time I spend a little time circling your anus and lightly tongue fucking it before following it up and sliding my tongue deep into your pussy enticing a squeal as my nose contacted your clit. Your hips start to rock as I start to lick and prod your opening. As my tongue works rapidly on your pussy I place the tip of my middle finger against the base of your vagina opening and slide it in as my tongue slides up and encircles your clit.

After two passed of my finger I ease a second finger in and you squeal and pull my face tight to you as I suck your clit between my lips Your orgasm hits you hard your legs lock around my head and your body convulses as wave after wave hits you.

You can't make up your mind on whether you want me to stop or continue as my tongue continues to slide against you clit. I ease long enough for you to release your grip on my head I kiss my way up your body until I reach you nipples then up to your lips kissing you gently.

You roll me off of you thinking I had done something wrong or to hurt you but with a smile on your face you kiss me whispering now it's my turn. You kiss your way down enticing a gasp from me as you suck a nipple in I wrap my fingers in your hair as your tongue slides across it. I watch as you kiss your way down to the base of my cock.

You lick your way to the tip as you would a lollipop or ice cream cone. You kiss the head before the cock slowly slides between your lips and into your mouth all 6 inches glides into your warm wet mouth, You suck my cock until I am about to explode then you kiss your way back to my lips you swing your knees onto either side of my hips and lower yourself down grabbing my cock and directing it into your opening the head parts your lips and you slowly lower yourself until my cock has fully embedded into your pussy I then realize that you are biting your lower lip, I reach up and cup each of your beasts as you begin to rock back and forth, your juices flowing down my cock with each stroke.

As I neared orgasm I rolled you onto your back and start sliding my cock in and out of your pussy in earnest. Your breasts rocked back and forth with each stroke. Your legs locked around me as I release the first ropes of my orgasm deep into your pussy you pull me tight and kiss me as stream after stream is released into you, and your body quivers as your second orgasm co-insides with mine. I collapse on you laying there trying to catch my breath I kiss your neck and nibble at your ear.

I kiss your lips and roll off you holding you we lay facing each other kissing you. My cock still buried in you it softens as we snuggle. The sun beat down on our bodies we lay there for an hour, before you said you needed to head back home. I stood and holding out my hand and assist you to your feet. I watch as you slide on your damp clothing and we walk hand in hand to the Ranger.

We have a slow ride back to your car I walk you to your car kiss you and watched as you left disappearing down the road. We see each other on occasion we see each other in passing through your business. Each time I think of you it brings a pitter patter to my heart and I relive each moment I let you know as much as I can how much I enjoyed the day I got to spend with you. During one of these visits we were discussing work and with my new job I was going to be sent to the cities for training.

As we were talking you were asking questions about where I would be staying and day's common questions. The day came when I had to depart I had to travel 5 hours so I had lots of time to get bored. I checked in and reported for the first day of training at noon along with the rest of the crew. The day ended I was just planning to check my Email and lounge around feeling sorry for myself; when a knock on my door got my attention. I moped my way to the door as I opened the door I was staring at you standing there in a mid-calf length coat.

I smile like the Cheshire cat, I take your hand lightly kiss it and lead you in to my room.

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As the door shuts I turn and wrap my arms around you and Kiss you, as our lips mingle our tongues exploring each-others mouth with urgency. A moan escapes your lips as my hands start to wander over your body; you push me back onto the bed without allowing our lips to separate. You step away from the bed with a smile on your face, I lay there, and I watch as you untie your jacket and open it.

My chin almost hits the floor as you allow your jacket to slide off your shoulders and stand there in a bustier, hip hugger panties and thigh high nylons. You turn and toss your jacket over the chair; you blush when you turn back and find me staring at your beauty, admiring each curve of your body. I must have looked like a hungry animal looking at its prey. As you approach me I reach for you, you smile and bat my hand away with a smile and say "you are a bit over dressed".

You reach out and slowly pull my T-shirt over my head, then pushing back onto the bed; I again try to wrap my arms around you, and again have them pushed away. I frown and say "is Patient". You kiss your way down my chest making little circles around my nipples causing me to inhale sharply.

You proceed to kiss down my body pulling my shorts and briefs down my legs as you do. As my shorts hit the floor you kiss the tip of my very hard cock then proceed to kiss a return path to my lips, at which your knees were straddling my hips. My hands roam over your body releasing your breasts from their confinement my fingers roll your nipples between the tips of finger and thumb, enticing a moan from your lips.

My hands slide down cupping your Silky covered ass, as my hands slide around each cheek my fingers slide past the leg bands. The warmth from your pussy is unbelievable; my fingers slide along the length of your lips, as they cross your pussy opening you bury your face into my chest and moan. I roll you off of me and I say "Your turn". I kiss your lips and pull you to a sitting position, reaching behind you unhooking your bustier.

With each kiss another hook is released, as the final hook is released, your breasts freed to the air, your nipples hardening. I flung your bustier over to the corner onto your jacket. I then slide your panties over your hips and down your legs with your assistance we remove them.


My fingers again follow the contour of your body so that the tips of my fingers are just tickling your outer lips. I re-adjust my body to allow my fingers better access to your pussy, one hand follows your pussy down past your neatly trimmed mound until it is massaging the hood area of your clit. My hands continue past your vagina and follow your leg slowly removing you stocking, as the last bit of fabric leaves your toe, I pull your hands above your head tying both your hands together at your wrists.

As the knot snugs into your wrists you moan and giggle "I guess I am in big trouble ".

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I secure your hands to the rustic headboard, then I proceed to kiss your palms of your hands, and leaving a trail of kisses I work my way down each of your arms until I get to your shoulder. I kiss up one side of your neck and nibble on your ear. I then kiss a path to you pink hue lips, as our lips touch our tongues again entwined. I break the kiss only to proceed with kissed to your other ear nibbling on your ear you giggle.

The trail of kisses leads me back to your shoulder. I kiss a path to the perfect shaped breasts; I cup your breasts in my hands as I kiss around the base of your breast working to your nipple. I slide my tongue across your nipple causing you to moan and twist against your bonds. You moan again as I lightly blow across the damp nipple causing it to harden even more.

As my lips worked on one nipple my hand massaged the other with the palm and my thumb and fingers rolled your nipple around. I proceed down your body kissing each delicious inch of your body proceeding to my ultimate destination. I kiss my way down to your neatly trimmed pubic area, kissing each corner of your small triangle shaped patch of pubic hair.

I work my way down to the top of your outer lips, you instinctively part your legs. I whisper "so are we a bit turned on?" You respond " Mm mm huummm, been that way for the last 5 hours." You groan and call me a bastard as I bypass your pussy and kiss a path down to your knees. I took my thumbs in your knees and gently urge your legs into the air.

I kiss your legs behind your knees and kissed the back of each leg all the way back to your hips. Kissing your lower buttocks I slowly kiss your my way to you little puckered opening.

With each kiss the little opening reacts. I slowly slide my tongue around the opening enticing that cute little moan again; I can taste the juices that have flowed from your pussy thus far. Your feet are now on my shoulders splaying your outer and inner lips.

The taste of the flow the texture of the liquid is almost too much for me to bear. My tongue follows one side of the lips to your clit. I circle your clit several times before sliding my tongue along the other side back to the beginning. My tongue slides across your rectum as I precede my return trip to your clit, entering your vagina sliding deep inside, I lap the juices that flow from you. As your hips rock back and forth you beg for me to untie you. I smile and continue to lick your pussy, my nose pressing against your clit.

The more I lick the more you're the faster you rock with your legs wrapped over my shoulders you are trying to pull me deeper into you. My lips latch onto your clit, at the same time I slide my fingers into your vulva following the natural path of your opening until my fingers were fully inserted.

I rotate my fingers slightly spreading my them as I do. You moan in a raspy voice "yyyyyyeeeeesssss". With my thumb made small circles around your anus. My thumb eases into your most private area; you moan and open your eyes.

You smile as I slide my thumb in until I can feel my fingers through your inner walls. You again moan and eyes go closed. Your pleasure was building as your hips rocked back and forth, rocking back my thumb would come out and my fingers would go deep and then rocking forward the reverse would happen. I rolled your clit in my lips which pushed all the right buttons.

Your body stiffens locking my head between your legs and shakes as your first orgasmic wave hits, I continue to roll your clit between my lips as your juices flowed down my fingers. Your body would not release my head or my fingers so I continued licking.

You squeal as another wave hits you your body rolls from side to side. You are panting and telling "you need to stop please, please stop." I stop long enough for you to catch your breath and for your spasms to ease. I kiss my way up your body until I am able to kiss your lips as I do so I release you from your bonds. You wrap your arms around me pulling me tightly; my cock slowly slides past your outer lips your eyes light up.

You moan as my cock slides into your moist vagina, I proceed to slide in and out of you slowly not wanting to cum too soon. I kiss your lips and breasts as I fucked you, the sensation of your warm pussy wrapped around my cock and the view of your naked form laying there was too much. I started speeding up until I was hammering your opening. You were matching stroke for stroke when the first ropes of cum hit deep inside you. I grasp your hips and pull you tight to my groin and you wrap your beautiful legs around me as each rope released over and over again.

Your body shakes as a minor spasms pass through your body. We collapse in each-other's arms we lay there lightly kissing. As we finally are breathing normally, I was able to ascertain that you were the cities for a suppliers meeting and planned it to coincide with while I was down there. I asked if you were hungry and you giggled and said you could use something.

I retrieved your bags from your car and then we jumped in the shower, I scrubbed you back and washed your body from head to toe. I massaged your scalp while I washed your hair, just as you always did mine in your shop. I believe we almost turned into prunes before we exited the shower. My phone was ringing, as I picked it up my boss wanted to meet up with me to review a few Items.

I kissed you, pat your bare butt and excused myself. It wasn't long with my boss and as I was returning to the room I quickly shot you a text that I was on my way. I open the door to find you standing in the middle of the room with your coat on and ready to leave. With a short ride down town to a little restaurant that I knew of that offered a secluded candle lit dinner.

As I assisted in removing your coat I when you turned to face me my eyes almost popped out of my head. Your dress gave a new meaning to "little black dress". I had a hard time keeping my mind on our conversation. I was admiring every curve, neckline and seam of the dress; you giggled knowing what you were doing to me. We dined and we left arm in arm walking down the street visiting and discussing the skyline nature and life in general.

As we walked I almost missed the adult store we passed< I look at you and ask "Have you ever been in an Adult store?" You shake your head and tell me that the only vibrator you ever purchase was purchased on line. I smiled and said "This will be my treat, anything you want. Also you will enjoy just watching people as they shop." We enter the store and as we do I can see that your stimulation is almost immediate.

Your eyes scan the store going from one person at the lingerie to the couple standing near the videos and another couple near the dildos and vibrators. The store was busy so we just idly strolled around the store looking at people and items.

You were flush as we came to the vibrators and dildos; your eyes were going from item to item. You came to a vibe and dildo combination and your gaze locked on the pair.

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They were about 7 inches long and about 2 inches across at the base. The dildo looked like a real cock but the vibrator was smooth and had a hook on the end, and was labeled as a G-SPOT vibrator.

I laughed when I asked if you wanted it and you said "No" and shook your head yes at the same time. You caught yourself in mid motion and blushed. I said it's yours and purchased it.

We walked arm in arm to the car and deposited the items there, then strolled through a few local establishments. I purchased some Baileys and after a few more places we decide to return to the motel. The ride seemed to take forever but it couldn't have anything to do with your hand sliding up and down the inside of my leg. We entered the elevator along with a few others and even though it was a short ride to our floor you sure made it difficult to keep from reaching out and cupping your breasts.

You had pressed yourself to me and allowed your hands to very carefully as not to be seen stroke my cock through my pants. We all got off on the same floor with us being the last; you took my hand and led me to our room. The door no sooner than closed when you turned and she graciously asked again " bag". I Take your hand and pull you towards me. You were right against me. Staring up into my eyes I dropped the bag.

You look down at the bag and when you look back up I kiss you. You were caught in a flood of emotion. I reach around you and put my hands around the small of your back. You are tingling with nerves and excitement. My hands were strong and while I kiss you, I lift you up and set her onto the entrance table. I walk into you and this causing you spread your legs apart. You instinctively put your hands down to keep your skirt from unveiling your womanhood but I take your hands and hold them above your head.

I kiss you again. You find your body alive with a sense of excitement that you haven't felt in a while. With your hands still above her head, I let go with one hand and forced her legs even farther apart.causing the slit in your skirt to open all the way.exposing your thighs.

You stare into my eyes as I began to rub from your knee all the way up to your crotch. I could feel your warmth.I could feel you tremble.

I rub the cotton gusset of your pantyhose until I could feel the wet spot start to from. "See, you like that." I say. A quiet almost inaudible "Yes" was all you could muster. I rub your crotch harder and harder until you were being forcibly moved back and forth on the table. You were almost going to have an orgasm at the hand of your attacker. You were disappointed and could not believe it when.I stopped.

I let your hands go and they fell to your sides. Your crotch was wet and you are panting heavily.


I smiled at you, as I looked down and unzip my pants. In no time they were around my ankles and you moan at the sight of my cock. I did nothing more than to pull your blouse up out of your skirt, unbutton it and smile. I then leaned in to kiss you and you kiss me back with all the fire that you had building up inside of you.

While kissing you I slid one hand down into your skirt and under your pantyhose to her wet neatly trimmed mound. You gasp. I look into your eyes as I push my fingers through the nylons with a loud rip. You look up at me as if to say "Now what?" and I could see the questioning your eyes.

I stand straight up and again lift you, your legs wrapped around my hips I carry you over to the bed. I gently lay you down and pushed you softly back onto the bed. As you lay flat, I take hold of your right heel and lift your right leg onto my shoulder. I take my manhood in my other hand and held it at the moist opening of your soul.

I leaned in to kiss you and as I did my cock started to slide into and past your lips. It felt sooooo good as I slowly slide my cock deeper inside you. By the time we were done kissing I was buried to the base of my pole.

I stood back up and started to slowly, methodically fuck you. It was only a matter of moments that you came to full orgasm and squirted all over this tender attacker. I smile as gush after gush after gush pulsated from your g-spot and soaked the two of us and everything on the bed.

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I pumped and pumped until you could not take any more. I helped you to stand up and turn you around to face away from me. I retrieve the bag we purchased and retrieve the vibrator; I lift your left leg up onto the bed and penetrated you from behind.

As I fuck you from behind, it hurt sooo well and when I touched her clit with the new toy you almost blacked out.

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I did you like this for what seemed forever when I pulled out with a plop. I took you by the hand and lead you to a chair. I sat down and motioned for you to sit on me. You were still fully dressed so you willingly pulled your skirt up and mounted me. My pole slid in easy you massage my cock with the inner walls of your vagina. It had been a while since you had had a satisfying sexual experience in any way.

Your vagina was tight and firm and the feeling of this against my cock was almost overwhelming. I slipped my hands up under your bra and found two of the hardest nipples I had ever held, I pinched and roll them between my fingers, you moaned.

You stayed on top of me. You slowed down and just kind of sat there moving your hips. You sensed that I was about to cum so you tried to get up but you could not.

I held you with both hands around the waist. You were trapped by my grip. I start to thrust up into you causing you to incredibly sensitive. You could feel the head of my penis sliding in and out of you when you felt it. With a loud grunt, I emptied my semen into your vagina.

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You felt ever last pump and throb of my load you collapsed into my chest and sat there with my penis acting as a plug for all of the semen I just put inside of you. We catch our breath; with my cock still inside you I carry you to the bed and as I lay you on the bed my penis finally dislodges from your opening. I retrieve a towel and clean up both you and me.

I snuggle in next to you and kiss you gently before we both fall into a deep slumber. I woke the next morning, it was still dimly light in our room but I could make out you naked form lying on your stomach next to me.

I started tracing your naked body with my fingertips; this continues for some time until you whisper "please let your lips finish what your fingers started." I kiss a trail of kisses from you're the top of your butt until I was kissing your neck and my hard cock was pressing against your butt. I grab 2 pillows and propping your sweet ass in the air I slowly enter your wet pussy.

You comment "This is the best way to wake up", you smile and then moan as I slide my cock to the base deep in your vagina over and over again. You had an orgasm and bit into the bedding to fight back the squeals as you came, with me grunting shortly thereafter depositing my load deep into you. With the activities that were planned for the day we showered and sadly parted way until a future Rendezvous.