Gay male masturbation and ejaculation porn tube first time Jesse

Gay male masturbation and ejaculation porn tube first time Jesse
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"Mom, Dad, um.Can I go to the beach with my friends this summer?" I asked them nervously and fiddled with the spaghetti on my plate. "Where at?" my mom asked me raising an eyebrow. "South Carolina," I mumbled. "With who?" my dad demanded. "Just Kelly and Rachel," I replied.

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"No, there's too many dangerous people out there for a sixteen year old," my dad shook his head no. "Well, let's consider this Bill. Lyla is almost seventeen and we know that Kelly and Rachel are good kids.

Lyla had been working her butt off all year to get good grades because we asked her to and kept pushing her to do better," my mom tried persuading dad. Dad grumbled a yes and I jumped out of my seat and squealed with joy.

"I gotta go pack!" I shouted and ran upstairs. "When are you leaving?" my dad shouted from the dining room. "Tomorrow at 6 in the morning!" I shouted from the banister.

"That's soo early! Who's picking you up?" dad replied. "Rachel is gonna drive both me and Kelly there," I said. "Ugh fine!" my dad said. I ran upstairs and rummaged through my closet to pack all my clothes and bikinis into my blue beat-up luggage.

I laid in bed in a loose white T-shirt and frilly green panties that night not being able to withhold my excitement for tomorrow, I had my alarm ready and everything. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I woke up to the sound of my ringing alarm on my cell phone and I hopped energetically out of bed and got dressed in an airy blue and white striped T-shirt and worn out white shorts along with my blue shades and black flip flops.

Rachel's car honked outside five minutes before 6 and I kissed my mom and waved goodbye to my dad before dashing eagerly out the door.

The drive to South Carolina was a good twelve hours to arrive at the hotel from New York. The hotel was very simplistic for such an affordable rate Rachel told me in the car because she booked a room from the Internet. We gathered our suitcases and went inside to the concierge.

There sitting at the chairs towards the side was Marc, my boyfriend of two years. I dropped all my stuff in hand and ran towards him, "MAAARCCC!!!!" I hugged him tightly, "What are you doing here!?" "Well you told me that you were going to South Carolina with JUST Kelly and Rachel so I thought I'd tag along," he shrugged.

"Oh I'm so happy that you're here!" I jumped up and down happily.

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He pulled my waist towards his and gave me the sweetest of kisses. Marc explained that he already booked a room for me and him so that Kelly and Rachel could have the room to themselves. We stood in the elevator waiting to reach the 13th floor.

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"So Marc.Why didn't you tell us that you were coming?" Kelly asked curiously. "I wanted to surprise you guys," Marc grinned. "You mean just Lyla?" Rachel raised her perfectly tweezed eyebrow. "Yeaaa," Marc smiled and held my hand. "If you could only tell her parent about you guys," Rachel sighed. "Yea, I wish," I replied, "They don't ever really see their 'little girl' with any guy at all." "That's the awful part," Marc frowned, "But we did manage for two years." I nodded furiously, "And many more to come." Marc laughed at my bubbly-ness and kissed my forehead.

Rachel and Kelly left the elevator for the eighth floor while Marc and I waited for the thirteenth. It was about dinner time but I was so worn out from the drive and so was Marc from his drive down, so we both decided on ordering room service. "Why don't you go take a shower before room services arrive," Marc insisted. "Okay," I said and went to the bathroom and shut the door and turned the water on to warm to practically hot.

I stepped inside and shut the curtains. I washed my body with the provided body wash and shampoo. I heard the door open in the midst of scrubbing my legs. "Hey Lyla, baby, you left your clothes outside," Marc stepped in and I saw him place it on the counter. I closed my eyes and scrubbed the bubbles out of my hair. "I see you," I heard Marc. My eyes popped open and saw his head poking through the curtains.

"Get out you perv!" I laughed.

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I didn't hear him leave so I poked my head out of the curtains and looked to see if he was gone and I screamed when I felt a hand slither around my stomach. "Shh, baby, you seemed like you wanted company," Marc kissed my shoulder. "Get out," I laughed and turned around and took in the view of his nakedness and I blushed profusely. He pushed me against the cold yet steamy walls of the shower and I felt his dick firmly pressed against my stomach.

"Mmm, you drive me crazy sweetheart," he groaned in my ear, "Just let me love you for the first time." He looked into my eyes and I nodded. He trailed sweet butterfly kisses all the way down to my waxed pussy. He kissed the tender flesh where my lips parted and flicked my clit with his tongue and made me squeal in surprise.


I closed my eyes and felt the hot steam permeate through my body. He pushed apart my legs and licked my pussy causing me to moan softly. He rubbed his thumb against my clit round and round making my knees begin to quiver. Marc managed one finger inside of me completely and began slowly fingering me rubbing on my gspot.

"You're so tight," he groaned. He fingered me faster and faster and I bit my bottom lip. "Yea baby make me cum," I moaned to him.

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I tried pushing his hand away from all the pressure building up inside me. I moans were becoming louder by the moment and my thoughts were in a whirl. "Omg! Baby!


Yes, make me cum!" I screamed just barely there. In an instant I felt him pull his fingers out, "Not just yet sweetie. I have many more things I want to do to you before I'll let you cum." I groaned in frustration and I whimpered too. Marc reached to turn the water off and yanked the towel from the rack and dried the both of us off before picking me up and out of the shower.

He carried me to the bed and dropped me on the edge. He knelt down on the floor and spread my legs wide open and pulled my ass closer to the edge.

"I love your sweet pussy," He licked his lips. His tongue grazed the folds of my lips and my small body shuddered in utter sensation. He stood up and his body loomed over me.

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Fingers played with my pussy lips and i let a soft moan escape my mouth. "Do you like that baby?" he whispered seductively in my ear. I nodded my head slowly with my eyes closed. One finger found my clit and furiously began moving it left and right. My body lurched in all different directions from the intense pleasure he provided with the swift movements of a single finger. My mouth was formed in a scream but no sound could escape because it was simply so intense.

"Good thing I was prepared for this," he said. "Hmm?" I questioned. "Stay there," he demanded and I obediently stayed lying on the bed with my legs spread open like the wings of an eagle. Marc walked away and unzipped his suitcase before pulling out a pair of silver cuffs. He lifted me higher up on the bed and then cuffed one hand, slipped the other cuff behind a bar of the headboard and then cuffed my other hand, making me all his. Marc fondled my breasts and massaged them gently with his left hand and then with his right, he skillfully slid a thick finger into my pussy.

He finger-fucked me faster than the speed of light. My hips squirmed for freedom under his large built body.

"MARC! OMG YES! MAKE ME CUM! I'M SO CLOSE! YESS!" I was on the verge of cumming, and suddenly he pulled his fingers away. "No," I whimpered. "I didn't tell you to cum just yet sweetheart.

And call me master, I like that better," he smiled and kissed me full on the lips as I tasted some of myself in his mouth. "Yes, master," I giggled. "Good girl," he smiled then went to his suit case and pulled out a blue dildo long as nine inches and my eyes went wide.

"I don't think that'll fit," I spoke. "Why don't you let me decide that," he said sternly. He took one of the hospital bed pillows and put it under my butt for lift and the he licked my asshole and then prodded the dildo into my ass making me groan at the small feeling of pain. He pushed it in further about an inch at a time until the whole length of the dildo was hidden in my ass.

He gently pulled it out almost completely, just before slamming it quickly back inside my ass. This caused me to scream in pain and pleasure. He uncuffed me from the headboard but then recuffed one hand and pulled me until my head dangled over the edge of the bed. He took his dick in hand and slid it in my mouth, Marc was thick and soft.

He pushed himself further down my throat causing me to gag a bit but he still pushed in even further. I was choking on his great eight inches and then he finally pulled out after a while.

"Lick me," he ordered. I took my two cuffed hands and lifted his dick before licking the length from the head all the way down to his balls, which I kissed and massaged.

After pleasing him for a good amount of time, Marc recuffed me to the headboard, with dildo still in ass. He pulled the dildo out of my ass and went back to his suit case before pulling out an orange dildo that was much thicker and a tad longer too. My eyes bulged. "This seems better," he mumbled and then prodded it in my ass and the head fit inside me with a quiet pop, with a fast motion he thrusted the whole dildo into my ass and I screamed louder than never before, A knock came from the door, "Room service." "Oh shit," Marc muttered and grabbed his boxers before putting them on.

He opened the door and the room service guy glanced inside then looked back at Marc and them looked back at me as if in disbelief. Marc took the cart into the room and quickly shut the door.

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We resumed right where we were before. "How does that feel, Lyla?" Marc asked me and kissed me sweetly on my cheek. "Good, master, Thank you," I responded. "How about this?" he asked and took a hold of his dick and ran it up and down my pussy, teasing me unlike ever before. I let out a gasp of surprise. He ran it in circled around my clit and then the initial moment he entered my pussy with great ease, because of how wet I was. He slowly pulled out and slowly went back in.

This continued for a while at a very slow rate, not ever becoming faster. If anything it was slower, and in a moment's notice he thrusted deeply into my tight pussy and pulled out quickly then slammed right back in causing me to scream and try releasing my wrists from its confinements. He took a hold of my hips with his hands and thrusted in faster and complete motions, not missing a beat.

He pulled out almost completely before slamming back in completely, It was like heaven, and also like hell. I felt the pressure building up inside me and my body was going crazy moving ths way and that. "OMG! I'M GONNA CUMM!!!" I shouted out for the heavens to hear. Cruelly teasing me, he pulled out literally completely and gently slamed my tit.

"No, only when I tell you to or if you ask for permission and I say yes. You hear me?" he said.


I nodded obediently and I panted, "Yes master, I'm sorry master." "Good girl," he said and put his dick back into my pussy and it began all over again. He slammed in and out of me like a machine, barely breaking a sweat while I was panting like crazy. Suddenly he stopped, pulled out and went to his suitcase.

I saw him plug something in the wall and he turned around holding a microphone looking thing. He switched it on and I heard the machine humming quietly. He smirked and then pressed it against my clit and it was like I was out of control. With the thick nine inch dildo shoved far up my ass and now this vibrating machine was enough to make me want to explode, but no.

He slid his dick inside my oh-so-tight pussy and slammed me faster than before. My body couldn't handle the pleasure. My back arched and my hips canted in so many directions. It was like I was seizing with pleasure. "MASTER! PLEASE LET ME CUMM! OH PLEASE! i BEG OF YOU!!" I shouted at him. "Nooot just yet," he said and I whimpered and grunted in a few more seconds before he said, "Cum for me slave!

Cum now!" Those were the only words I wanted to hear. I came so hard I squirted when his dick slipped out of my pussy and my body couldn't stop moving in every direction.

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A few seconds later my body felt weak and tired from the intense evening. Marc uncuffed me and kissed me on my shoulder. He made me give him head and he came in my mouth intenslt. I felt his cum slid down my throat. "Mmm baby, you're so perfect. I love you," he whispered in my ear as he laid behind me, spooning while naked.

"I love you too," I smiled and we fell asleep almost instantly, not even caring about our room service.