Naughty busty blond luxury babe

Naughty busty blond luxury babe
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The Brother and Sister Next Door (12-13) Brad talked to Lisa, and said here, take my camera. Tell Jen to tell Mark she'd love to do his mom, and maybe her friend too, but they want to get off by watching Mark fuck his mom first, then she'll eat his mom's pussy, and try to get his mom to eat her pussy too.

I want you to sneak some no flash pictures. Just one picture of Mark fucking Maggie, and Maggie will never bother Mom again…got it? Lisa giggled and said: "Big brother, you just took my plan right out of my head!"…She kissed him, all excitedly and felt his dick.

Brad lifted her little top and kissed both of her bare tits. They started in with what they both like to do best. Brad then smiled, and picked his sister up and took her in the garage, to the hidden bed. Lisa always wanted to fuck her brother anytime. He turned her over on her front and pulled her shorts down and off. He raised her butt up in the air, laid over her and reached under her and played her clit. She moaned softly and rocked back on him.

He pulled his boner out and slipped it in her pussy from behind. Lisa began to squirm and pushed back harder on him. She whispered: (."brad, have you ever fuck a girl in the ass?".) He paused&hellip.then said: "Yes". ("I want you to do me, please…I've never had it done to me"&hellip.) Brad took the wet from her pussy and rubbed it around her little butt hole until it was lubed real good. (".you have to relax your butt hole so I can get my dick in, sis."…) He stuck an old blanket under her tummy, and began to ease his dick in her&hellip.She was panting hard and tried to not make her butt hole tight.

He eased a little in.she moaned, then relaxed her hole…a little more and she began to rock back with his short strokes moaning and panting more. ("&hellip.oh god brad, it feels so different, I've got new tingles I haven't had before…put it in a little deeper, and make me cum."…) Brad kept putting in more of his dick in deeper.

Lisa is red in the face and starting to push back on his dick and fuck with him. She starts in moaning steady as they both finger her pussy and clit. She start to orgasm and moans real loud "Cum in me Brad I want to feel your cum in my ass!" Brad's finger squeeze's her clit…"Oh my god!…oh oh& she humped back on him.

She jumped, and trembled as she moaned and squeezes Brad's dick with her ass and yells, "Gezzzz! Oh god yesyesyes… He jolts and cum's deep in her ass…she shakes and they feel her pussy squeeze down on their fingers. She can't stop moaning, and moans till she is to weak to moan anymore.

Brad carried her in the house and set her in her bed. She just smiles and closes her eyes. Brad showers and mom is up and making breakfast for all. She sings and prances around like a little girl. He tells her Lisa is in the shower now, but will be down soon.

Mom checks to see if Lisa might be done, and whispers to brad.( "you guys were a little noisy in the garage you naughty kids."…and giggled."…) Brad got red in the face.

He knew now that mom knew they were fooling around. Mom giggled to herself as she smiled at Brad. Brad didn't know what to say to her. Mom checked again for Lisa and whispered: (…"lisa has good taste in men. She's so sexy I can't blame you at all. The time may come when you'll have to wait for your mommy to finish having sex with her little girl, before you can have sex with your sister." ) Brad smiled and kissed his mom.

He had a plan&hellip. He wanted his mom to get with Lisa and have sex with her as was her long time desire. He had to talk to Lisa&hellip.alone. Brad said to himself…perfect!

Mom's birthday is Sunday, I'll give the ultimate present. He had to talk to Lisa first. "Morning everybody…Lisa said as she came to breakfast in her white robe. "Morning sweety, I like that robe on you" mom said. Brad looked at Lisa and licked his lips and ran his tongue in and out, as they all ate. "Mom!…Brad's making faces at me." Lisa said.

"That just means he loves you dear, don't pay any attention to him." They all busted up laughing even mom. Mom was in a good mood and she began to pick on Brad in fun. "Brad dear, would you check in the garage, I thought I heard some cat's fighting out there this morning." She grinned and looked right him. "Oh sure mom, I'll check it out." Lisa began to get red in the face and got up to get some more milk. "Whew, this robe sure is hot." Lisa said. "Go put on your little bikini, sweety, you always look so good in that." Mom said.

Brad smiled at mom, she winked at him. Mom was slowly getting a little bolder with Lisa, and Lisa liked it, she had thought her mom was hot and sexy for a long time now. Lisa at 17, was getting bolder too, touching mom, and feeling her legs and saying she had hot legs. Watching her shave her legs, changing clothes and even went in and showed with her one day, just to her naked. She remembers mom washing herself so carefully and rubbing the wash cloth gently across her tits, and vagina as Lisa watched.

Then she washed Lisa. Taking her time washing her body slowly and spending so much time washing her vagina and her tits. It made Lisa hot. Lisa didn't realize it but it made mom hotter. When she finished she hugged Lisa front to front, and felt her butt. When they dried off, mom dried off Lisa's back, and between her legs over and over.

Lisa again, got hot, as did mom. Lisa remembered that night, just a few months ago, because as mom was drying her off, mom looked at her vagina and said: "Oh, I see a little red spot down there, let mom take a look at it. She placed Lisa on the toilet seat, and got on her knees. She had Lisa spread her legs wide apart and her rest one on the counter and the other on the towel rack, opening Lisa's pussy wide open. Mom came in close and looked an inch from Lisa's wet pussy and started breathing hard for a long time.

Her face felt red, and it was. She felt trembling in her stomach and fingers. Finally Lisa said: "See anything mom?" She snapped out of it and blinked from her hot fantasy and said .oh it's nothing. Lisa thought then&hellip.I bet she wanted to lick my pussy, but didn't have the nerve. Lisa was right. That day mom kept seeing Lisa's pussy in her mind, and how much she wanted to just close her eyes and lick it and taste her. She had just been an inch from Lisa's wet clit, and got so hot inside her body, she just wanted to suck on it and make Lisa orgasm.

Lisa talked to Brad. He told her that mom had the hots for her. She said, "I just knew it!, how did you find out Brad?" He said you didn't hear it from me, and to just let happen naturally, mom will like that. "Lisa will like that too, I've wanted to have sex with mom for along time, she HOT, Brad!" Lisa said. "I have a plan."…Brad said. "Her birthday is Sunday, and let's give her what she wants&hellip.a "Lisa" to play with that night." Lisa put her hands down over her pussy and said: "Oh&hellip.

My&hellip. God…I think I just had an orgasm!" "I'll go somewhere, so you two can have the house to your selves, Sunday night. I have a little present for you too. Brad went in his bedroom and brought out a box. He opened it, and there was a sleep mask, red with black trim for Lisa. Now you both have sleep masks to play with.

Lisa hugged him around the neck and kissed him deeply&hellip."Oh, there is one other thing, this we'll call a 'Maggie' mask. Look. He took the mask and it had a hidden removable inner pad. He removed it. He said, now look through it…Lisa held it up to her eyes and she could see thru it, but you couldn't see in.

"I wonder if Maggie has one of these?" Brad said. Friday night Jen talked to Mark and he said it's a go. He'd fuck his mom tonight, while Jen and Lisa watched, he liked that.

Then he wanted to watch her eat his mom and try to get his mom to eat Jen. All went according to plan as they quietly walked into Maggie's well lit bedroom. Mark slowly got up, and fucked his mom and came in her. All she did was moan. He didn't even see Lisa's camera taking shots secretly. Jen and Lisa got hot watching and rubbed each others pussy in the back ground.

Jen then took off her shorts and slowly got up to lick Maggie's pussy. As she licked herMaggie moaned real good and squirmed, by did nothing else. Then came the big moment. Jen carefully turned and slowly put her pussy down on Maggie's face.

Maggie could still smell and slowly up came her arms and held Jen's hips and began to lick her. She moaned more now as Jen licked her clit. Maggie's tongue felt Jen's big clit and she really start to suck and lick now.

In all the moving of Jen's body on Maggie's lips, Maggie's mask started to slip down. Maggie just reach up and put it back and continued licking Jen's pussy. Now Maggie was really starting to squirm and moan. She licked Jen's big clit faster and faster as Jen lick her clit fast also. Soon Maggie held Jen's head and pushed her pussy up to Jen and moaned loud and shook hard.

Jen got so excited she squirted on Maggie. Maggie just moaned and licked her lips over and over, then lay quietly, and was silent again. Mark was smiling and gave Jen the thumbs up. Jen and Lisa smiled and tip toed out. They checked the pictures in Jen's car, perfect!

One was Mark's face clearly fucking his mom, with his mom's scar on her side showing. Lisa got a shot of Jen squirting on Maggie's face. They couldn't wait to show Brad. Brad was molesting his mom, as she giggled and tried to run away. She said: "You naughty little boy, you can't feel up your mommy! What's that in your pants! &hellip. Oh my, 'I see a boner-I see a boner' and ran up stairs. Brad chased her and trapped her in Lisa's bedroom.


She said Lisa will be home soon and we have to cool it. I just know I'm safe from you in here. She had on a see thru night gown, no bra, no panties, just to tease Brad. He said: "Mom, I just killed Lisa a few minutes ago, so your not safe! I'm a com'in at get ya!" She giggled and got in Lisa bed, and pulled the covers up over her.

Brad made like a monster, slowly coming to her. She squealed, a giggled while pulling covers over her head. He growled and pulled at the covers. She squealed more.

They didn't hear Lisa and Jen come home. They went up stairs to find Brad. That when they heard Brad and mom laughing and squealing in Lisa's room. The listened quietly&hellip.'.now brad, don't feel mommy up like that. You make mommy all hot&hellip.brad.stop …let's do this later, Lisa is due home&hellip.oh baby…don't touch mommy there, it's makes mommy have the chills&hellip. Lisa and Jen covered their mouths and ran in Brads room, and hid. They heard mom and Brad leave and go down stairs laughing and giggling all the way.

Lisa and Jen checked, mom and Brad were in the kitchen playing grab ass. They snuck down the stairs and went to the front door and opened it, went out then right back in and Lisa yelled.'Mom, I'm home." Brad went in the living room while mom tried to fix her messy hair and night gown. Lisa pointed to the camera and gave it a thumbs up! Brad smiled big and kissed them both very hotly. They both were very horny after what they had just did and wanted to attack him right there.

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They both grabbed at his dick, as the scooted away back in the kitchen. Later Lisa showed him the pictures she got. Brads eyes went wide open in shock. He whispered: (".wow, great job, you two! Now ol' Maggie will never give mom a hard time ever again, once she gets a look at this. Jen spent the night with Lisa and they tried to be quiet as they had a lick fest and climaxed hard.

Lisa was in heaven, licking on Jen's big clit. --------- Brad went to moms room later when Lisa and Jen had gone to sleep. She sat up in bed reading that same porno book.

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She had on a white robe, with nothing on underneath it. Brad took his clothes off and laid down. He reached over her and got the sleep mask and looked at it. He didn't tell mom, but it too had a removable inner pad. He put it on and said: "Who's there? Is there someone there?" Mom started to giggle…then started laughing and laughing. "Who is laughing?…who's there." Finally mom said still chucking in a high voice: …"It's me Maggie, son.

Now you just go too sleep and don't talk or anything." Brad just smiled. Mom talked in a high voice again&hellip.

'oh son, mommy just had a bad dream, could I sleep with you tonight son?'&hellip.Brad just smiled and nodded his head. She laid beside him and laid her arm over his lower tummy, just touching his dick. She whispered&hellip.gee my son has a nice penis, I would love to touch it, but he would freak out if his mommy touched his penis, and get mad at me.

She tried not to giggle…I'll just lay my hand on it and see what happens&hellip.oh my…it's growing bigger…I like big penis's &hellip.I sure would to lick it…mmmm…I like his penis&hellip.I like the feel of it on my tongue…mmmmm&hellip. She held back a giggle as did Brad. &'s so cold, I sure would like to warm it up…let's see, where can I put it to warm it up&hellip.oh.I know a place where it's warm and wet so it can slide right in…I'll put it there.

She carefully mounted Brad's dick, and put it in her. She gasp, as it went in deep. She was panting as she began to ride Brad. He just laid there at first. Mom leaned over and kissed him hot, He felt her on him, her body heat, and could feel her breath in between her kisses.

She started a slide on him, causing his dick to go back and forth in her. She found she could regulate the depth so his dick just touching her cervix with each stroke. They had never done this way, and it was exciting her, in a new way. Her tits glided over his chest, exciting her nipples more and more. She started moaning and build up to more moans…then louder moans. Brad knew his mom was building up to a very big climax. His arms came up slowly and he placed them on her sweet butt cheeks and joined in with her motion.

She pick up the pace, her eyes closed like his so they only could feel their body's. She was headed there to a super climax and she and he knew it&hellip.his hands squeezed firmer on her butt…she began to shake…'oh&hellip.oh…oh yes baby&hellip.Brad!…I'm gonna&hellip.oh god oh baby mommy's cuming &hellip.fuck mommy&hellip.fuck me baby&hellip.Oh Gezzzzzz Brad!, and she let out a yell&hellip.that caused her to stop breathing and hold it…that's when Brad exploded in her and he yelled&hellip.Oh god&hellip.

MOM!, and a flood of his cum came squirting deep in her&hellip.pumping and pumping…oh god mom.she then screamed as loud as she could.AA AAAH AHHHHHHHHH!&hellip.OH GOD!!&hellip.and her climax came…and she shook hard. oh god…brad baby&hellip.yes…it's so good. …oh god and she slowly went weak and collapsed on him&hellip.His dick still pumping cum, and her pussy still squeezing his dick…… Sunday morning Mom woke up paused, then began to smile remembering last night.

Lisa peeked in and said to stay in bed please. Soon Lisa and Brad came in with a tray with her breakfast. They sang."Happy Birthday part one&hellip.

They both jumped in bed with her and talked and laughed. Later on Brad said he had a surprise for her that night. She was still glowing from last night and wondered if she could take more super good feelings. Lisa said it's 'spoil mom' day and led her to her shower.

Lisa got naked with mom and began to wash her. The warm soapy water started getting mom excited as Lisa took her time washing her mom. Mom leaned against the shower wall and closed her eyes and let Lisa hands glide over her. Lisa was getting really hot feeling her mom's body, her tits, her ass and began slowly washing her pussy. Mom was losing her breath as the slick warm soapy suds covered her body. She felt her legs quiver and spread her legs apart to steady herself.

Lisa slowly put her hands between mom's legs and massaged her pussy&'s arms came up and started soaping up Lisa also. They both enjoyed feeling their slick body's and the warm water.

Lisa let mom feel her pussy as they leaned in to each other moaning a little. Mom's warm hand knew just where to go on her little girl, and soon Lisa clit was tingling as Lisa squirmed. Lisa knew that tonight she was going to have sex with her mom, after wanting it for a long time. She stopped and whispered to mom…(".we gotta do this more sometime"&hellip.) mom whispered back: (".I know I missed a spot, I'll just have start over."…) Lisa washed her and mom off with the warm wand, but she just had to put the wand up to mom's clit and watch her jump.

They both giggled as the shower was over&hellip. for now that is. Mom and Lisa were semi-wet all day. Lisa excited about tonight thinking about the sex she was going to have with her mom. Mom was thinking about last night and the great shaking climax she had on top of Brad. Jen was still there and Lisa felt her clit every chance she got, making Jen jump, and then smile.

Before she left for home, Jen whispered: ("& clit will be waiting for you, anytime. Let's us get some sleep masks and play .'eat your girlfriend' soon."…) Lisa got chills when she said that and a jolt in her pussy. Jen grabbed Lisa's hand and ran it over Jen's protruding clit, and then went home.

Lisa shuttered as she watch her walk away. Brad talked to Lisa about tonight, Lisa heart was beating fast as he talked. He said mom's bathroom has an extra door at back. It leads to the empty spare bedroom. Brad fixed the door so that appears to be locked but isn't. Because he wants to watch her and mom have sex for the first time. Lisa smiled big and whispered: ("you're a peeping brad, you bad boy"…, & and I decided to just cuddle and no sex, brad bad boy."&hellip.) She pinched his butt hard and took off running down stairs with Brad chasing her.

"MOM…Brad's chasing me"…Mom giggled and said: "Now you two 5 year olds play nice." Brad and Lisa took mom out to a nice dinner.

They all played 'feel the legs under the table' and had a good time. They brought out a 1 candle cup cake for mom when they got home. Brad said he had to go somewhere at 9pm for a hour. Brad said: "Lisa, you take care of mom while I'm gone, OK???" Lisa said: "Oh .I will big brother, this is 'pamper mom night." Mom blushed and hugged her two kids.

At 8pm Lisa yelled at Brad up stairs: "Ok Brad, where having a 'girls night tonight', so you can go away, and stay away, bad boy." Brad giggled and said he had a date tonight with JEN…and she said to tell you that she hate's your guts, your ugly and your feet stink.

Lisa took off up stairs to get Brad. He was waiting in his room for her. She stalked him slowly and pounced on him on his bed. He grabbed her tits and started kissing them. She whispered quiet:…(.mom.brad's kissing my titties…mom…come save me…mom…brads touching my little pee pee.) They giggled and started kissing and feeling their body's.They got excited fast and wrapped their legs around each other and felt each other up… Lisa giggled and said he better not touch jen's clit, the rest of her, she didn't care about…he tickled her and swatted her on the butt, and pushed her away.

She gave him the finger, turned, shook her ass and left.


Brad left. Lisa said to mom."Come with me, birthday girl." She led her mom out of the kitchen by the hand. They went up stairs and Lisa proceeded to undress her mom. She got behind mom and reached around her. Mom felt tingles everywhere. Lisa slowly unbuttoned her blouse, mom felt Lisa's hands rub across her tits. Lisa slowly removed it, sending a hot flash across her mom's nipples.

Mom could feel Lisa's warm breath on the back of her neck She felt the heat from Lisa's body behind her, and Lisa's front, brushing across her butt cheeks. Lisa felt for mom's button and zipper and undid her red skirt, and let drop to the floor. Mom stepped out of it and her hi heels. Lisa slowly un- hooked her bra, and smelled moms perfume.

All that was left was her red panties. Lisa was behind her still and inched the silky red panties slowly down her legs and off. She watched as the chill bumps traveled up mom's legs. Lisa didn't realize how undressing her mom was such a turn on to her. Lisa's pussy was dripping wet. Mom was really getting off on this undressing by the daughter, who she had sexual desires for a long time. Lisa whispered to her: ("now, undress me.") Mom's hand trembled as she got behind Lisa.

She pulled Lisa's top off over her head, taking a second to take in the smell of Lisa's sweet body. Lisa had no bra on. Mom peeked over her, to look at her young firm titties. Now for her little blue shorts. She reached around the panting Lisa and undid them at the front. Slowly unzipped them and let them fall to the floor. Now Lisa felt the chill bumps run up her legs stopping at her wet pussy.

Mom's warm hands glided over her hips and felt the final item of clothing. She felt mom's warm body and her breath on the side of her neck. Being mother and daughter they liked the same things touched on their body's Now for her little bright pink bikini panties.

Mom gently leaned Lisa back against her, feeling Lisa warm body on her tits and her little cute butt against moms pubic hair. Slowly mom's warm hands slipped down the front of Lisa's panties, and slid them off, letting her hands glide over Lisa's patch of pubic hair. Lisa moaned a little. She just held Lisa against her and enjoyed the feel of her warm body's back side against her front. She put her arms around her and just let her hands squeeze Lisa titties.

Mom was getting really turned on, and gasp big, for air. She had thought of Lisa body against hers many many times, now it was real. Lisa reached back and rubbed her mom's hips and waist. Mom gasp, and got chills at Lisa's touch.

Lisa led mom to the shower while mom still was holding her. Lisa set the water to very warm and they stepped in. Lisa did all the work, soaping mom all over with scented soap. She washed mom's hair, and massaged her head as mom got dizzy from it. Now, Lisa brought in a shower table, and gently laid mom on it face up. Lisa took the warm wand and slowly let the warm water flow over her mom. Lisa got a special bottle of scented soap that smelled like a garden of flowers, and soaped her mom down.

Feeling every part of moms body with her hands. They both were panting and so turned on now.


Lisa hands felt her mom's tits and pussy all slick with the scented soap, and rubbed her mom's nipples and her pussy over and over again. Mom strained for breath over and over again. Lisa washed every part of her mom's body, by having her roll one way and then the other. When mom was on her front, Lisa soaped up mom's butt cheeks, and let her fingers slowly slide in and massage her little butt hole a little. Mom moaned and puckered her butt cheeks hard and shivered. Mom was weak with pleasure.

Lisa rinsed her mom off with warm water. Then she carefully stood mom against the shower wall and slowly dried her off, and helped her to mom's bed. Lisa dried herself off and put her mom's arms out, and her legs wide open. She turned the lights low. Lisa laid down on mom but on Lisa's back. She pulled mom's hands up and on her titties. Mom moaned and her hands trembled on Lisa tits. Lisa guided mom's hands over her tits and let mom squeeze them while she put her hand down thru to mom's clit.

Mom's legs came up and she locked them over Lisa's. She pushed her pussy up against Lisa's butt crack firm in a slow fucking motion. Lisa squirmed her butt against her mom's bush, Lisa heart beat hard and fast. Lisa thought back&hellip.about how she liked it when she was about 11, and mom would always get in the shower with her, and wash her.

She started admiring her mom's body back then. Mom had sexy curves, long hair, nice tits that jiggled when she washed Lisa. Mom had pubic hair, a full bush, when little Lisa had none. The way mom washed her, with such care…and carefully rubbed her little pussy, making her tingle and giggle. Mom got big tingles in her pussy and fought back the thoughts of wanting so bad to finger little Lisa's pussy. Mom was slowly getting the hots for her own daughter bad, about that time.

She pushed the thoughts away, but they never left, but only got stronger. When she washed her, she felt her own pussy get wet and tingle. Little Lisa loved it and let mom do the touching all she wanted.

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Little Lisa did a little touching herself, and would ask to wash mom, and mom gladly let her. She remembers washing mom's tits, and watching them sway back and forth as she soaped them up good and felt them.

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Playing with mom's nipples with her tiny fingers, and giggling. Mom would get so excited she could hardly stand up.

One time she sat down on the shower floor with mom's legs together and let little Lisa stand over her with her legs apart and wash her.

She watched Lisa's little wet slit move back and forth right in front of her eyes. She wanted to kiss and lick it even then, but just tried real hard to keep it to herself. The taboo of it all was making her wet, more and more. When dad was gone, mom would masturbate in the locked bathroom. She would sit on the toilet seat, open up her legs wide and rub her pussy, thinking about how she wanted to lick little Lisa's slit.

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She pictured licking her little pink clit and her tiny pussy, faster and faster she would rub her clit…and then……&hellip. She would raise her pussy up high with her tip toes, and shudder hard!… and have a wonderful body shaking climax, that would leave her in ecstasy…… She never ever got that from her husband. (continued)